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Mount Shasta and the Skull Squad

Starbuck’s Sedona – Mount Shasta activations & the Skull Squad

These were notes from my June 2020 Past Life Regression session:

“I have incarnated in this life (yes, I’ve had others and so have you) from a future version of myself from the Pleiades, humanoids with advanced capabilities and 5th Dimension awareness. My soul agreement with our Creator was to choose parents, live amongst humans with no memory of past lives, in order to awaken at a predetermined time for a specific purpose. The purpose stems from an even earlier incarnation – I was a Mer Elder during the time of Atlantis. I was considered a priest but a better description would be to say that I was a master of magick, a Sorcerer of sorts with the ability to manifest anything immediately. All 12 strands of my human DNA at that time were fully active, which is where my abilities came from.  I was also a master Alchemist, capable of transforming negative energy into Light.  I served the Atlantians by healing and helping them perfect their awareness of the Law of One.  Helping others find themselves is my greatest reward.

Prior to the fall of Atlantis, while we were aware that the end was coming soon, a group of elders with dimensional awareness suitable for the task, embedded their 12-strand DNA codex into their soul’s Akash where it would lie dormant until it was reactivated with a trigger they would know upon awakening.  Universal perfect timing would dictate the people, circumstances and events that would come together in order to synchronize and posture these souls to coincide with the cosmic ascension unfolding now.  That same DNA codex for 5th Dimension awareness was also stored in specific crystals in the Earth that was capable of matching that frequency / vibration.”

I have been here before

As for my experience with engaging the skull – there was a reason that I sat with the crystal 3 times during the Mount Shasta skull squad adventure. I have seen this Crystal Skull before, I’ve had my energy exchanged with this magical relic. It was this crystal skull and the other 12 that were imbued with an archive of cosmic Akash as well as the 12-strand DNA codex, stored in the crystal that would assist in the activation of dormant DNA strands until such time that humanity (ready for ascension) would be triggered and your awareness would blossom.  I’ve had my hands around this crystal skull in Atlantis, we used it’s energy then to assist others in perfecting their awareness of 5th dimensional consciousness and our connection to All.  Once your DNA is restored to 12 active strands, you will recall all your memories and powers that are waiting to be awakened. The Skull is a magnifier as well as a generator of energy.  It carries Akashic codes and its aura is perpetually affecting everything in its orbit.  Whether it was the Skull Keeper’s intention to drop DNA activation codex behind everywhere the skull has been given intention or maybe he didn’t know what it was carrying – either way the result is the same.  These codex are being readied for activation for the unawakened.  So consider the energetic power behind consciously calling upon the energy of the skull – magnified by a special setting – and multiplied times the combined intent of those souls nearby … OMG it would bury the needle on any meter capable of registering such a surge.  The ethereal residue left behind by this exercise plants itself to wait for the next sentient being to bathe in its energy and awaken that which is stored in your dormant DNA.  When your DNA is activated, your awareness will expand at a rapid rate.  You will just “know”.  Your mind will be sharper, your senses more acute.

I don’t know about you … but it takes me awhile for information to assimilate. I’ve learned over time that our profound truths come after considerable discernment. Then I can consider them “hard earned”.  It’s said that “when you are ready the Universe will show you what you believe to be miraculous”.  I have somehow found my way there (guided all along the way, of course).  I’ve been reflecting on where I find myself (and the Collective) after much preparation over some time now, but last summer (in the midst of the p-demic) things were being revealed to me fast & furious.

In June 2020, I had an opportunity to do some past life regression work with a guide who I trusted.  She revealed my Atlantian experience down to the details of the Mer Elder, priest, magician, wizard, sorcerer, alchemist, higher dimensional being that I was then.  That dive explained how some with higher dimensional awareness were not only aware of the consequences of the oncoming “Fall”, they were already in preparation for that moment down the road, when the earth experiment was finished and when awareness would be restored through activation of “junk” DNA.  That regression revealed that not only did those higher beings store their DNA codex in their own Akash for their individual awakening, the same codex was also imbued in crystals.

Jump ahead to April 2021 where the Crystal Skull (re-)enters into my physical awareness. Truthfully, before actually seeing it on that Monday, my knowledge of Crystal Skulls was flat.  I have a natural affinity for crystals but this form was unfamiliar to me.

To set the stage for what happened on Mount Shasta and give you some context on expectation vs. going with the flow … check this out:

Bill Homann, Keeper of the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

I was about to be introduced to Bill Homann and the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull, neither of which I could say I had any familiarity with.  But on that Monday, I was going to be brought back to a very familiar scene in my Akash – the Sorcerer once again would have his hands around this Crystal Skull sharing the energy of this wonderful artifact with others for the highest good.

In July 2020, I had a miraculous physical interaction with the Lemurians in Telos.  As per the two wishes I had regarding this visit ( – will I be allowed to return?, – can I share my experience with others?) I can share with anyone and everyone.  In my cautiously guarded way, I found soul family members who were waiting to resonate with such news and opportunities to share began to manifest.  Eventually news reached Reuben while he was in Shasta just after I had left … and sparked a curiosity between the two of us to explore what happened, then perhaps document it.  Of course all this was occurring during lockdown and much of the preparations were being done on Zoom with no real idea of when production would resume.  As time progressed another Reuben project I heard bits and pieces of had to do with Bill Homann and a Crystal Skull … well it appeared as though that road show planned to pass through Mount Shasta around April 11th, so we coordinated logistics to meet up there for a few days together.  And there we would film content for an episode of Season 3 – Interview with E.D.

That’s what I thought we were going to do …

Here’s what the Universe really had in mind:

Enter the Skull Squad:  Say Hello to Seven Masters who showed up for metaphysical work last week.  I can’t wait for the day when your awareness can comprehend that we are playing a physical role here now, but who you are at your core is a magnificent being capable of miraculous things.  I was introduced to my inner squad of Masters who showed up for me. That may sound rather self-centered and perhaps arrogant but I was given back two of the abilities I wished to restore from my Akash, and each one of these beautiful souls showed up to help ME and had a specific role to play.  You would see them as shopkeepers, a martial artist, a stunt man, an actress, a tour guide, a photographer, a real estate agent … they actually have countless labels pronouncing their abilities.  Who they really are – my cosmic tribe are as follows:

Reuben Langdon – Cosmic Producer and Guardian of the Halls of Amenti

Finding the right angles

Reuben is the catalyst behind this cosmic symphony, he has a vision of what his role and gifts were and he leaned into it.  His archive of interactions with soooo many gifted beings provide the foundations of the truth behind all of it. Match his stunning visual mastery of the elements with his passion for seeking out that which is within him and we get to see beautiful, inspired creations meant to elevate everyone.  What a story this one is.  Reuben is a Master of Vision.





Bill Homann – Shamanic Sacred Skull Keeper

Bill getting in the zone

Bill was meant to be the Steward of this particular Crystal Skull.  But the care of the skull is actually the easier part of directing its energy.  This is a priceless artifact with history that’s just coming into focus, there is honor in the privilege of having it.  There also comes with it an obligation to put it to its highest use for the benefit of all. Bill was the perfect Shaman to reacquaint me with this Skull.  He knows how to allow others to connect themselves to the energy of the Skull and that is not an easy thing to do while remaining detached. He was (is) an Empathic Master for me.




Emily Harrison – Akashic High Master

Emily in meditative sync

Emily is a close soul tribe member of mine.  It turns out that unbeknownst to me,  we have always shared Akashic access and heart space. The combination of the two is a powerful source of inspiration and when two beings (or more) connect at that co-creative level – watch out for magic. I am quite comfortable as who I am and my awareness of thought patterns.  Emily was there with right on cue advice for what is to come.  I respect and welcome her visions because she is a Master.  Her physical presence is like having a super charger at your disposal. I’m elated we vibrate at the same frequency.  Emily is a Master (and Teacher) of Methodology.


Heather Bueno – Druid High Priestess

Heather Master of Elements

Heather is unconditional, elemental level love incarnate. Her command of the natural elements to heal is remarkable.  Her heart space grows in every interaction she has, but so does whoever is in her slipstream.  You cannot help but be lovingly influenced when she is present. I am knowingly drawn to her love of Gaia because it mirrors mine.  At my core, I love nature, travel and the oneness with Source that those experiences give me. I love Gaia and those who share that sentiment.  Heather gave me advice on surrender which made perfect sense after leaving Ascension Rock. It was amazing to experience nature respond to Heather’s intentions to fill me (us) with what awareness I needed for the next stage of what’s to come.  She is a Master of the Elements.


Matthew Bueno – Native Shamanic Medicine Elder

Mateo inviting ancestoral connections

Matthew was the wild card in a group of souls I had yet to meet along my journey. He is a big bear of a man who introduced himself as George (You will never live that down now brother).  We met at The Crystal Room for the first time Monday night where the Skull Squad was about to come together with a few new members.  Bill, Reuben and Steve had already been active squad members prior to coming to Mt Shasta, but this was leading up to something more than any of us expected.  Matthew sat across from me and I was totally comfortable in the collective energy in that space but where I can normally read people easily, Matthew was a wall.  That was – until his moment with/for me would come.  You see it was Matthew’s intuition that told him to take me and place me against the center of Ascension Rock and work his magic.  He sang a song that went through me as I surrendered to what was unfolding, he activated my ability to master bilocation and opened my heart core with the ability to experience other sentient empathic feelings.  I know within me that it was Gaia who granted me the restoration of these gifts and Matthew was my conduit to Mount Shasta’s natural forces.  He is a Shaman Master and treasured soul brother for everything Mount Shasta.  He is also responsible for connecting the dots to unblock my recall and remind me:

I AM a Telosian.  That is why it was me that was granted access.

Paul of Venus – Venusian Cosmic Emissary

Feel the energy already ?

Paul was supposed to be there.  It was certainly Emily’s inspiration to contact Paul because of his familiarity with the mountain and his spiritual measure. He brought his pure Venusian love energy to contribute but he also connected the star beings watching us play out the beautiful gesture we were all assembled to dedicate to Gaia and humanity. His loving spirit is infectious in the most delightful way and Paul was my first “opportunity” in monitoring someone else’s feelings while he was being interviewed and I was able to skip around to a few places on his timeline together. He is a Master of Law of Love – the 5th dimensional law.  He is known as a Cosmic Emissary to all the Universe.



Steve Copeland – Cosmic Producer of all Things Majestic

Steve lining up the right shot

Steve has the gift to be able to see the uniqueness in the moment and capture its image. His vast command of technologies and his comprehension of how to leverage the most out of every opportunity is fascinating to witness. His unspoken gift to me was his wonderful demeanor and his vibrant spirit.  You want to be behind Steve to witness what creation he’s lining up next.  He is a Master of realizing Beauty.





Barbara Sol – Atlantian Princess and Citizen of Telos

Barbara’s turn

Barbara was supposed to be there.  Yes she is Steve’s beautiful partner and an absolute delight.  You should know that I only saw her briefly on Monday while we were setting up.  But she looked familiar.  Jump ahead to the moment Mateo informed me I was a Telosian and that’s why I was invited in.  Right there, the familiarity of one of the faces I mentioned I connected with while in Telos was coming into sharp focus and it was – wait for it – Barbara.  She looks exactly like one of them. Blonde hair, butterfly shaped eyes and all.   I had an opportunity to validate some of my intuitions while connecting to others and Barbara resonated with visions of Atlantis we need to explore further.


Lowell Johnson – Protector of Gaia and Emissary of Telos

My way of grounding my Light here

Then there’s me. How did I find myself in this squad with these people around me? It’s what my perplexed 3rd dimensional self kept wondering.  A week after the adventure in Mount Shasta, my awakened self had assimilated what had happened and I had my answer:

I asked them.  You see my higher self (inner being) had posed to me: if you could have anything you wanted Lowell, what would it be?  I responded with the thought that I want my 5th dimensional abilities restored.  There’s lots of magic there and I want to play with it, now that I remember it’s there. Rather – I asked the Universe, Source, the Angelic Realms, the Ascended Masters and my guides to restore my 5th dimensional abilities.  Please activate my dormant DNA and reveal my Akash waiting behind it so that I may be of greater service.

So stop for a moment to consider all the alignments of people, places, circumstances and events that came together to answer my call?  It is miraculous in itself.

It turned out that – as incredible as the possibility of filming an episode of Interview with E.D. with Reuben to talk about Telos is … (amazing, who gets to do that!?), but my activations were about to come back to me … in this place … with these people … at this moment.

The location of the activation in Sedona at Cathedral Rock, thank you Yuki for sending me there

This energy upgrade phenomenon did not come online without consequence. The physical part of the activations actually happened at the Sedona Ascension Retreat – March 20-22nd.  It was the first time for me to share my Telos experience before a live group and that was the reason for me being there (or so I thought).  Turns out – I was there for Stage One of this activation. Over the course of this weekend, bathed in Sedona energy – there were many activations offered, by many gifted beings so which one may have triggered me is unclear however, I began to sense a frequency when my neck is extended in a particular direction – which I now know is a source of connection.  It is the mechanism by which I receive downloads and hence, connects with other sentient life on the same vibration (if I open myself up to the experience).

It would be Matthew who would help set things in motion on their proper course.  There are many details to the Squad’s visit to Ascension Rock that were key pieces of what was supposed to unfold there (and did). I certainly didn’t know what to expect nor did I fully understand at that moment what I was doing there, but I was definitely going along with whatever I can be a part of.  I’m skipping over the beautiful minutiae to get to the point. After hiking through beautifully unspoiled snow covered ground we gathered around Bill, placing the crystal skull in front of the rock with us around it.  We found places that spoke to each of us to take in the energy of Ascension Rock, amplified by the crystal, compounded by the Masters and their intent around it.  “High vibration” is a huge understatement.  The Druid High Priestess had chosen an elevated post, just to the right on the end and slightly back.  I followed her path, but turned left behind the main rock to a perch I’ve been to once before and settled in to take it all in.  The energy was almost immediately overwhelming, filling me with a bliss-fest of Gaia’s spirit and my posse’s energies.  I started to purge (cry), but that was pure joy and delight leaking out.  Knowing I am energy, I see my being as that of a capacitor … similar to a battery but takes in and releases energy as a device.  Our bodies are like capacitors when we take in and release energy – what was happening in that environment was off the charts for me.  After being “emptied”, I felt as though it was time to rejoin the group, I gathered up my crystals and made my way around to the front of the rock again.  As I came from around the back, Matthew is standing up and it’s his face I see first.  He immediately looks me in the eye and crooks his finger as though to invite “come here”.  The Druid High Priestess had given me a smoky quartz point earlier to help with grounding – now was the time to pull that out of my pocket.  Matthew instructs me to stand up in front of the rock and place my entire being against it and Heather smudged me with sage again.  Matthew and Heather are singing a song while drumming – on my behalf to the spirits. His persona has now elevated to “Mateo” the Native Shamanic Medicine Elder with his command of generations of connection to the mountain at his disposal. When he finishes singing he readies me with his eagle feathers for what is to come.  I close my eyes and he has me lean back.  He has one hand behind my head and one over my core area.  I’m reluctant to let the entire weight of my head go into his hands and I’m aware I’m probably thinking about it too much.  So I surrender.  Mateo is directing energy (ON Ascension Rock, magnified by the crystal skull and compounded by the Masters present) into my core and I feel a jolt of ethereal warmth.  Any blockages or obstacles between me and my empathic nature have dissolved and I am resonating in complete harmony with Mateo’s soul. Oh … but he’s not finished.  His hand moves from my core and up over my 3rd eye and the color frequency turns a brilliant violet.  It emanates inside out in torus-like fashion, but my whole being is what feels like it is pulsing.  I sense I am here in this moment while at the same time, I am back at the site of the Sedona Ascension Retreat at Lomacasi Cottages along Oak Creek Canyon.  I realize I am bilocating and it continues until he moves his hand away and the torus is now orange.  The connection was broken but I now know I can do this given the right setting any time I choose. When I returned from Sedona after having had a profound visit while there, it took me a few weeks to understand the whole neck thing and my deep meditations can take me to other places on my timelines.  Now I KNOW I can bi-locate (my body remains in this place while my consciousness splits between here and somewhere else).  I previously wrote them off as dreams I would have while napping … nooooo … they were journeys I was taking while in a meditative state.  Now at this point, I am aware I can do it, but I lacked a mastery of it.  In order for me to fully engage I have to surrender to let it flow. I can achieve it when in a comfortable state of meditative relaxation, but my being wants to measure the time of an episode.  I know it’s best to let whatever happens happen.   In my case, I could be in that state of bliss for 20 minutes or much longer and so when I was in the group setting, I didn’t want to drift off and not know when I’d return and inconvenience the others.

Starbuck’s perch backside of Ascension Rock

If that last statement implied I had a mastery at that moment of anything … LOL … I was not in control of anything.  I was in a daze as we made our way back to the area we parked, aware of the love of my tribe around me – but aware of something much greater. The only outlet that served me to stay focused was watching Reuben trying some drone footage before we left, only to see that every time he pointed it toward the mountain, it would drop battery power rapidly and then recover as soon as its direction changed.  Energy is crazy!



On to the Star of David.

We made our way to the Star of David location and parked our vehicles along Everitt Highway.  The star is across the street and the hike there took maybe 15-20 minutes over snow covered ground.  While gearing up, Heather shared some concoction that she was burning as incense that was like nothing I had ever sensed before … I just wanted to take more of it in. It was sweet and musky at the same time.  Now I made sure everyone enjoyed it, but somehow I got to hold the abalone shell it was burning in.  Apparently, this is not an item Heather carries in her shop regularly, but I made sure that I was near the top of the waiting list when it became available.  It is called “Shaman” … anyone surprised by that?!?

Mateo was in his element. I was walking next to him and he began to point out things to me.  He stopped to tell us about a plant called “buckbrush”.  It’s leaves curl as they grow which seems to indicate that its buckbrush.  He explained that many of the animals (elk, deer) live on this plant and it was Bigfoot medicine.  Those familiar with it, dry it and then burn it … it is a subtlely sweet fragrance even when on the branch.  This brought back childhood memories that I’m going to have to research deeper.

Twin Flame Tree on the way to the Star of David, Mount Shasta, CA

As I was still taking it the buckbrush sensation, the group stopped to make note of the Twin Flame Tree just ahead of us. When you look closely, you can’t help but appreciate its balance. Note how one tree splits into two seemly mirrored versions of themselves.  Magical.  But some other energy was waiting for us to experience it.  Notice the fallen log at the end of the snow line?  As we crossed over the log, we all sensed something different.  For me, I experienced a sudden bout of lightheadedness.  Normally I wouldn’t have said anything about it, chalking it up to hiking fatigue that comes and goes … but as soon as I felt it, I was compelled to ask “I’m feeling lightheaded, does anyone else feel that?”  Reuben, who was right behind me replied “I felt something and I wondered who would say something first”.  It wasn’t until I got home and replayed the trip through the pictures I took, that I noticed conditions I missed while hiking through, but look at the ground beyond the log – there’s no snow.  There was definitely higher vibration energy in that space.  Now I had never been to this part of the mountain before, but you can be assured, I’m going to return to that spot to see if the energy remains there.  Perhaps the snow was showing us an ethereal energy boundary that wouldn’t be as recognizable without it.

It was the Crystal Skull’s consciousness that I was following back to Atlantis and now I know why.  I’ve had my hands around this very Crystal Skull in Atlantis during healing sessions that were very similar scenarios to the private sessions Bill conducts for us, only in Atlantis, they are held in nature to amplify Earth’s energy, that way the connection to Gaia and All are profound.  I can get the skull to sync with my intent to transmute negative energy into Light and when our vibrations align there is a violet aura around everything.  Any sentient being within it’s orbit can’t help but be affected by it’s high frequency and see the truth of it All.  Just about the time I had collapsed into this timeline, I heard a sound like a stick striking a tree … it repeated and repeated again.  Experience told me this was an anomaly in the forest and after a few sensations the noises would stop.  When the strikes were done, I had counted either 8 or 9 “noises”.  Once my focus was drawn to the noises I was back in this moment.  The group was beginning to all individually stir, some from meditative states, some because it was cold.  Mateo advised us that those noises were indications from Bigfoot that we were welcome and they celebrated our intent of unconditional love.  He said that they always show their favor by hitting a tree eight times.  Mateo also shared his sightings of another being present – an Arcturian hovering over the skull that he felt favored our intentions.

Paul locating the energetic center of the Star

When we reached the location of the Star, it was completely covered by the snow.  Paul had been here many times and was guiding us today.  He could use his crystal pendulum to find the energetic center of the Star and plot out the location of the points.  Then Bill would place the skull in the center of the Star and we would be positioned on the points.  Bill asked for compass readings to place the skull aligned North and South.  Once the skull was in place, everyone just kind of ended up where they were supposed to be posted.  Except instead of the six points, we posted on the north, east, west and south points.  Emily and Paul took west, Heather and Matthew took east, Bill took north and I stayed where I was which happened to be south.  We were sitting on some canvas chairs Paul had provided but we were still in the snow.  As it was getting later and the weather changed, everyone was getting cold.  I was in layers but I wasn’t wearing a hat or gloves.  And yet I was not cold sitting on the ground in the vortex of some very tangible energy.  The skull, in that place, with the Masters around it channeling its energy was physically and cosmically powerful. Then I noticed: the skull was facing ME – and it was inviting me to take it’s power out for a spin.  So I did.  This was my 3rd (!) opportunity to be in front of the skull, but it was the first time I decided to surrender to what it was going to share energetically with me.  I had had instances of bilocation in the past I finally learned to recognize, but they happen when I am in deep states of meditation.  If I am to really let go and see where a bilocation journey could take me … I had to be willing to ignore time and space.  I had no idea when my consciousness would return, but I was going to let go and see where I could travel.

Looking down the barrel of multidimensionality

So I stared right into the eyes of the skull and slipped into multidimensionality.  When I closed my eyes, a vision started to form and details started to fill in.  Atlantis was coming into focus, as was who I was (am).  The details of the past life regression I had in June 2020 were playing out in my consciousness.  Atlantian Priest (wizard, sorcerer, magician, alchemist), Crystals that were amplifiers and generators of energy, and also store information like computers.

Nature was certainly talking to us and among the things I noticed were two ravens that kept flying in and out, stopping to perch in the trees as though they were monitoring our activities.  Then I recalled something I read saying that countless cultures point to the raven as a harbinger of powerful secrets. Moreover, the raven is a messenger too, so its business is in both keeping and communicating deep mysteries.

We were all more quiet and introspective on the hike back to the cars.  The Universe gave me the Masters help I had asked for and then went on to activate me in this magical place: Mount Shasta.  I am supposed to be here.  I’ve fully awakened to the steps that connected me back to Telos and my life there.  I chose to return to earth and reincarnate with full knowledge of DNA activation for everyone.  I had to come through the hard way and remember.  But remembering I am now – and I’m compelled to serve others to help them be ready for ascension.

It took me all this time since arriving back home from our adventure to integrate what you just read.  And that is but a snapshot of the overwhelming energy we brought, shared and took away from the mountain.  As I’ve said before, looking outside ourselves for a sacred place to dedicate our intent is not really your role as a Lightworker.  Lightworkers are expected to anchor THEIR light connection between source and Earth wherever they go, to bring their unique Light to dark places and leave that light’s residue behind for others to find.  Your magnificence sets the example.

I am forever grateful for each one of you and for finally showing up in my reality.

You contribute to its beauty.

You can count on my unconditional Love for you.

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

P.S. After I had my revelations about the Crystal Skull I thought “I definitely need to get to know Bill better, before I presume to tell him anything about the Skull!”

(Yeah … what did you know about Crystal Skulls last week and what do you KNOW now, Lowell? )

One last thing inner circle Masters … when the time for me to revisit Telos comes along, it’s only right that the Skull Squad goes with me. 🤗  Stand back and watch me work my magic. 😎


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