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Faery Falls hike near Mount Shasta dimensional noise Images

The Hike – Sunday May 14, 2023 – Faery Falls near Mount Shasta Click here to link to the video on my YouTube channel Thanks to Dave Wallace, we have some screenshots of a dimensional being in the footage I captured. Dave has a lot more experience with unusual phenomena and knows what to look […]

Faery Falls hike near Mount Shasta dimensional noise 230514

Faery Falls near Mount Shasta

The Hike – Sunday May 14, 2023 – Faery Falls near Mount Shasta Click here to link to the video on my YouTube channel It’s been a few weeks now since my last visit to the Mt Shasta area and there was going to be some evidence I’d be able to share with others of […]

Peter Roth: Power vs Force, David Wallace, Berlin

Energetic spiral at the Lemurian vortex: Mount Shasta, CA

Another compelling resource was placed in my path and … I learned a little more about myself Peter Roth: “you are 725”. Last September during a transmission from guides with Yedyamya, I was told in no uncertain terms “You must embody more”. Not fully comprehending what that meant at the time, I assumed in time […]

Hiking to energetic portals with me at Mt Shasta

Hiking to energetic portals in Mt Shasta

Private energetic vortex hike to the Telos portal on Shastina with Lowell Johnson These 4-hour events are scheduled from 8:30A – 12:30P and is limited in number of participants to no more than 4. 6-hour hikes: 8:30A – 2:30P.  Click here to book your appointment – My plans are to be there around July […]

New Gallery of Middle Earth, Telos and Energetic Light Portals

Telos beneath Mount Shasta

Illustrations of Inner Earth, Telos and Energetic Light Portals As you probably know several days ago I was part of a podcast that was going to trigger the creative side of things. For a long time now I’ve wanted to find a way to share my visions of what I saw in Telos – Inner […]

BOOK: Starbuck’s Dimensional Adventures

Starbuck’s Dimensional Adventures

BOOK: Starbuck’s Dimensional Adventures is available now You can stop asking me when a book may be coming … it’s here. Telos, the Lemurians, Mt Shasta’s magic, Light Beings, and more are included in this work of non-fiction. Lots of images showing proof of my experiences are in the book as well. I chose to […]

The Protector of Gaia has Awakened

  “How can you be so sure, how do you know what the earth will endure? How can you be so sure … that the wonders you’ve made in your life will be seen by the millions who follow to visit the site of your dream?” What Goes Up … Alan Parsons Project.   The […]

Mount Shasta and the Skull Squad

Starbuck’s Sedona – Mount Shasta activations & the Skull Squad These were notes from my June 2020 Past Life Regression session: “I have incarnated in this life (yes, I’ve had others and so have you) from a future version of myself from the Pleiades, humanoids with advanced capabilities and 5th Dimension awareness. My soul agreement with […]

Do you wish to see Telos?

Do you wish to see Telos? Friday, July 24, 2020 Today, it was my plan to start early and visit Gateway Peace garden, then revisit Red Fir Flat as there was an elevated part of the forest I found out about after my first hike in that area.  I wanted to find it as there […]

Lightworkers and Anchoring to Gaia

Lightworkers I’ve been at Mount Shasta for the past two weeks soaking up high vibration energies. When a thought came to mind dear Lightworkers. Do you visit these places hoping to find a connection to those energies? Forgive the 3rd Dimensional thought form in my response …   you’re doing it wrong. 🫨 A true Lightworker […]