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ShiftWatch 240627 Sheila Mount Shasta prep , record seismic activity, Dave Wallace BES contact prep, LP-40

ShiftWatch with Starbuck 240627

V.240627 – Episode 13

ShiftWatch 240627 Sheila Mount Shasta prep , record seismic activity, Dave Wallace BES contact prep, LP-40

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Starbuck’s Mystery School presents: ShiftWatch with Starbuck

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Neo Dreams, The Big Let Down

240627 – Episode 13


A recap of current multidimensional conditions

2:30 News

Sheila Tillich invited me to sit down with her this week while we are making preparations for July in Mt Shasta. I begin by reflecting on the realization of Past lives being triggered by energetic shifts taking place. I go on to describe Experiencing Mount Shasta physical energies and how I ended up staying 5 weeks the first visit. I also mention the ease of finding these higher vibration areas year over year.

6:53 Space weather effects

The EarthMaster brings us an update of increasing swarms of daily tremor activity along the west coast – reaching record levels with hundreds per day – day after day. And an undersea volcano is gearing up to erupt off the Oregon coast.

The EarthMaster

11:37 Vibration matching

Dave Wallace

I pulled this earlier episode with Dave Wallace educating us on protocols for communicating with beyond earth sentients because more and more contact is being reported within our Tribe.

16:23 P.S. Yedyamya

I’m sharing a bit more of the Aug 2022 transmission with Yeya for a few synchronistic reasons that should get your attention. At the time, we were reestablishing energies between Mount Shasta and Lake Titicaca when this took place. It’s another clearing example in preparation for the Shift in Earth’s consciousness which will be more appropriate to refer to as Light Principle-40 moving forward. What’s also interesting about this transmissions message is the timing of it. It clearly spells out a two year window to accomplish what we can.

That was two years ago.

Golden Taya allotments

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