Ready to see things from a higher perspective?

“I can cut the ties that bind me to horoscopes and fate.” 

Simple Life, Elton John

The Ascension Handbook

Section Six: The Personal Ascension Program - Adults

The target audience for the personal ascension program was developed for the public or people with no prior knowledge and experience about ascension techniques and chakra healing / balancing. It is recommended that any person over 12 years of age be given the right to exercise his or her own freewill and decide to participate in the ascension program. However, every participant must fully understand the ascension process beforehand and have both the intellectual maturity and state of mind to (a) independently make a decision about participating in ascension, (b) manage their own ascension program and (c) take full responsibility for monitoring and adjusting their progress. Some teenagers may need to be assigned a mentor who can provide assistance and support during the ascension process. 

The program is designed to help you gradually raise your vibrational frequency, which begins by healing and balancing the lower chakras, then taking steps to open the heart chakra, and lastly balancing the overall chakra system and auric field. Healing simply means clearing away unwanted energy or frequency not belonging, which will help amplify your energy signature. Do not be eager or tempted to work on immediately opening the upper chakras, this will cause major energy imbalance. More importantly, the program aims to expand your consciousness. This is a two fold process. First, you must consciously work on demonstrating and holding your heart-based qualities to keep your frequency spiraling higher, and second, you need to work on changing your attitude and embrace world unity, by removing old 3D patterns of thinking, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior.

There are NO time limits. You cannot rush the program, but the outcome of your ascension does fall on your shoulders to complete everything that is needed. Do not think you messed up, do what feels right to you and baby steps are just fine. Do not let your ego get in the way. You cannot measure your ascension process against another person. Ascension is personal and not everyone goes through the process the same way and at the same time. Each person may be dealing with different issues to your own, such as the status of their health, family life, emotional problems, level of commitment, degree of resistance or grievance from family and friends not participating in ascension, etc. Show your love and compassion and offer your assistance. Lastly, the conundrum with freewill means that you have chosen to undertake personal ascension for a reason, but you have the divine right not to complete any of the activities detailed in the program, which obviously influences your higher purpose. 

The following table provides  a summary of the various strategies for healing the primary chakras, which can be used to develop, modify, and customize the structure of the personal ascension program.


The aim of this ascension activity involves expanding your spiritual knowledge. You may wish to research and learn more about some of the concepts covered in this document. This task is simply designed to help you begin the path of expanding your consciousness. This self-exploration should help your realize that you are more than just a human being, but a soul having a physical experience on Earth. As you begin to expand your spiritual knowledge and start researching information on a wide range of topics, you start to reconnect with your true spiritual identity. This personal growth is accompanied with a shift in your perception about who you really are, and you attain a higher level of consciousness.

The purpose of the “Ascension Journal” will help you develop a better understanding of your spiritual self. Your aim is to develop your own spiritual consciousness and find your God spark, your soul self, or the Buddha that lies hidden within you. This activity only requires you to research, regularly write down, and record any relevant information in a notebook, which relates to different spiritual topics or themes that appeal to you.

All forms of higher learning actually expand your consciousness. This is the purpose of the ascension journal. When you expand your consciousness, you generate a higher frequency. Remember, you need to consciously detach yourself from your current 3D mindset, views, opinions, beliefs, and old ways of thinking and shift your mind to embrace an entirely new set of beliefs and attitudes. Once you start understanding the various principles that relate to Law of One, it is only then that you will accept and begin to practice and live by them. You must stop thinking of yourself as just a human being with a distinct personality, hopes, dreams, and accomplishments. To understand this, you must tear down the false and artificial boundaries that have been put up around you by your world. It is an illusion, because your reality was created for learning duality and exploring the ego, therefore you are not bound to accept or live anymore by your old 3D principles and beliefs. However, only you can make the inner connection and truly accept that you are a spiritual being and have a divine mission to complete.


1.1 - The Ascension Journal

This activity asks you to keep an ascension journal such as a written notebook or electronic journal, etc. Perhaps you may wish to research topics contained in this material, or spiritual topics that may appeal to you. In your journal, summarize the key points, draw diagrams, use mind maps, criticize, argue, describe, etc.

Meditation techniques, the human energy body, and the chakra system are suggested topics to begin your research. Revisit the Section titled “Chakra Consciousness” for some ideas. Knowledge of the primary chakras and associated healing strategies will empower you to substitute and customize the activities outlined in their ascension program, or feel free to develop a program for targeted groups or individuals, such as younger children.

You may want to revisit the Section covering “False Ascension Information”. Remember the rule – use your discernment.

Feel free to attend any courses and workshops that teach meditation technique and/or chakra healing. The simple objective to this activity is to help you expand your knowledge. 

1.2 - Personal Ascension Goals

This activity has been designed to help your mind (conscious energy) start thinking about the big picture. These tasks directly relate to your personal reasons for participating in ascension, and help you remain motivated during the ascension program. First, revisit the Section “Glimpse into Life on new Earth” and then consider the meaning of “Service to Others” and Unity Consciousness”. Spend some time thinking about your reasons for undertaking ascension. Your conscious intent will create the outcome you want.

Task 1:  Use an Internet search engine to research and download photos / images that relate to the principles of the 3rd dimension (duality and ego). For example, poverty, homelessness, greed, fear, starvation / famine, millionaires, third world vs private schools, deforestation, whaling, ghetto housing, child trafficking, animal cruelty, war, nuclear weapons and so on. Reflect on those images and take note of your thoughts & feelings. Now think about these hard questions: Is this really how I want my world to function? Do I like what humanity has created? Do I like my current life? Could I live in a united world? Am I prepared to do what is necessary and change my mindset from Service to Self (3D) and embrace a new way of living and accept the principles of Service to Others (4D)?

The reasons to ascend will mean something different for each one of you. Some people will choose to ascend, because they wish to advance their spiritual being by exploring 5D consciousness on new Earth. The majority of you will hopefully choose to ascend, because you do not want to be burdened anymore with your current way of living and are prepared to do what is necessary to experience life on a new peaceful and united Earth operating under the Law of One. 

Now ask yourself this question: What will new Earth mean to me?

The question is important for your ascension, because it will help you start expanding your consciousness. The greatest lesson here is for each one of you to begin accepting and adopting a new belief structure and attitude that is aligned with new Earth. Remember the main rule for ascension: Conscious energy (your thoughts & feelings) has direct influence over the frequency of matter (your body). When you start thinking differently, and adopt a new attitude, you will manifest your new frequency.

Consider the following examples:

  • World unity
  • A new social value system (based on love, harmony, and compassion)
  • Free food, housing, clothing, and education 
  • No currency system, debts, and taxes
  • New technology 
  • The abolishment of common and secular laws
  • People can live anywhere on the planet without restriction 
  • No corruption, greed, and wealth
  • No wars, poverty, and homelessness 
  • No ecological destruction
  • No world religions 
  • All land and property is owned and the common property of all
  • A longer life span

Understand that a positively oriented society operates on the principles of  “Service to Others”. All of new humanity will equally live and experience the same positive frequency or reality (Harmony, unity, love & compassion).

Task 2:  Reflect on the question “What will new Earth mean to me?” Now use your ascension journal to write a list that identifies all the positive things you are looking forward to experiencing on new Earth and/or what is your version of unity consciousness? The above list relates to your personal reasons and motivations for undertaking ascension, but it will also keep your mind focused on the final reward – the version of new Earth that you and new humanity are going to create together.

How Often:

In regard to your ascension journal, establish a regular study pattern that works best for you and develop your “new Earth” list as soon as possible.


The first chakra that we need to heal is the Base Chakra (spine / rump), which means the “physical body must have a direct connection to the planet” (land / nature). This activity requires you to undertake any type of physical exercise in the great outdoors or just simple spend time in nature and connect with the planet. During ascension, you will receive astral / cosmic energies through your crown chakra, which will travel down the spine and will exit through the soles of our feet into your earth star chakra, which ethereally connects you to the planet. Your ethereal body is connected to the planet’s ethereal body via the base chakra. This is why it is very important to heal the base chakra, because it is the process of energetically strengthening the connection of your ethereal body with the planet’s ethereal body (also known as grounding – anchoring your magnetic feet to the Earth).


The ascension process does not require you to have perfect health and fitness, and nor will ascension give you perfect health. As previously stated, when you commence your personal ascension, you are going to release old, negative, and toxic energy from the body, which will often manifest in a range of different symptoms. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to undertake any kind of outdoor exercise. Your human body was designed for physical movement and exercise. Without exercising, your body and human energy system are dulled down. You must reconnect your body with nature. Create an exercise routine that is compatible with the condition of your physical body, age, and state of health. Do anything that makes you feel personally comfortable. Walking, gardening, running, yoga, are some examples. The primary lesson here is the need to establish a direct connection with Earth. This is not about the use of exercise equipment. Those things only help with weight maintenance and maintaining your fitness. This ascension activity does not apply to the people that already have occupations or work regularly on the land / nature, or undertake frequent recreational activities in the great outdoors.

Exercising assists in oxygenating and toning the body and will help transport Kundalini energy around the body. In the early stages of the ascension process, the release of Kundalini energy should come naturally. Kundalini yoga and meditation is not recommended for newbies. Swimming is also very useful. Water is an excellent tool for increasing the flow of Kundalini energy around the body’s chakras, but it is a powerful agent for releasing emotional energy and discharging electromagnetic energy, which has been absorbed into the body from household electrical products.

Alternatively, you can connect your body to the land by simply sitting or lying on the ground or walking barefooted on the grass – choose any activity that can connect your physical body to Earth.

Remember to drink plenty of fresh water, because this will assist to “detox” the body, which is necessary for the transfer of electromagnetic energy around the body. It is highly recommended that you discontinue from drinking alcohol during the initial stages of the ascension program. In regard to your diet, consider the following: your ethereal body radiates a magnetic energy field. Therefore, the stronger the energy body, the more frequency it can hold. A diet high in low vibrational foods and other lifestyle habits such as junk food, red meat, alcohol, heavy drugs, etc will prevent your ethereal body from holding the higher frequency. As you progress through your ascension, this will manifest as physical aches and pains and emotional outbursts (highs & lows). When your physical body and mental state is dulled down, your energy body will suffer. High vibrational foods have higher water content, they are raw, and unprocessed.

How Often:

This activity should be undertaken four (4) days a week for the first two (2) weeks, and then feel free to establish a regular pattern that works best for your life.


Now that you have made your conscious decision to undertake the ascension program, this is the time to call your spiritual team to support and assist you during the ascension process. Before you begin this activity you may want to revisit the information in the Section titled “Understanding the Nature of Angels”. Ascension begins with a basic affirmation that you are willing to accept the help and light energy into your body from the higher dimensions. Freewill prevents them from helping you, until you ask them to assist with your ascension. When you declare your spiritual intent, you instantly attract the divine support and guidance of many spiritual beings from the “Family of Light”.

Your own spiritual team consists of your “Master” (or Primary Guide). Your Master is your very best friend in the spiritual hierarchy, who you selected to manage your incarnational contract before you came to Earth. Your Master has been with you since birth and they are always with you night and day. They have many roles, but they mainly guide you throughout your life to make sure you accomplish your incarnational lessons that you agreed to complete and act as “Spirit Protectors” (known as “Guardian Angels”). Your “Secondary Guides” include both specialist spiritual beings (what you may call Angelic), and/or departed family / friends who work along side your Master to mainly assist with healing (to give love & support). Every single one of you has several guides that work with you day and night. Your guides or spiritual beings come from both the spiritual hierarchy and from the higher dimensions. Never feel that you are alone. They are waiting for you to simply reach out and say hello.

This activity requires you to establish a regular spiritual discipline where you express your love and devotion to the Creator / Master / Angels, etc. This can be done through a simple affirmation, mantra, prayer, or meditation. The true purpose of prayer is adoration, so feel free to use your imagination or use other words to design your own script. It must be enjoyable to you and must come from your heart. Every time you meditate, pray, etc, you raise the frequency of your energy. The more you demonstrate your commitment, trust, and faith, more cosmic light will transfer from the astral planes into your auric field. This energy will help heal and raise your frequency. You have a powerful team of divine spiritual beings surrounding you at all times, so never think you are alone. All angels are interconnected, they operate like a group consciousness. If you are unsure what angel to call upon, just know that they are all listening and will come to your side when invoked and trust me, everyone is very eager to help you, but they are waiting for you to connect and ask them for their assistance. The greatest gift you can give your brothers and sisters from the Family of Light, is your constant personal acknowledgment and awareness of their presence. When you need to connect with your master, guardian angel, or archangel, find a quiet place, invoke them by name, and make a request (guidance, healing, energy balancing, protection etc). Remember this rule when requesting any divine assistance: “prayer plus conscious intent” (the thing you really want help with), must truly come from your heart. As a new Lightworker, this is the most powerful tool you need to use on a regular basis, but your team will always answer you.


Here is an example of a simple  affirmation that you can use at anytime:

In the name of the Creator, Universe, my Master, Guides and beautiful Angels, I call upon you to surround me with a protective shield of white light, heal my aura and body as I sleep tonight, I ask you to send me the highest vibration, which will help complete my personal ascension. Thank you Master and all my beloved brothers & sisters for your wonderful assistance. God Bless.

How Often:

This activity should be undertaken every night for the first two (2) weeks, and then feel free to establish a ritual that works best for you.


This activity involves healing the Sacral Plexus Chakra. Before you begin this activity, you may want to revisit the information in the Section titled “Chakras and Emotional Healing”. You need to repolarize the negative energy in this chakra with positive energy (unconditional love). You need to clear away emotional wounds, including old grudges that you are still holding onto against people and the people you caused pain and grief. Karma is easy to identify. Think about someone that was previously in your life, and ask yourself this question – what feelings do I still have about _______? Negative feelings are karma, which can only be healed by forgiveness. You must be willing to release your prejudices and heal your emotional wounds by undertaking “Karma Cord Cutting”.


  1. Do not undertake this exercise when you are tired, fatigued, or exhausted 
  2. To heal emotionally, you must be prepared to forgive and release bad & painful memories
  3. You will need to do a little soul searching before starting this activity. Use your ascension journal to create a list that identifies the following: (a) the people you physically and verbally harmed or hurt (alive and deceased), (b) the people who physically and verbally harmed you (present & past), (c) any bad childhood memories, traumas, events, misgivings, disagreements, grudges, resentment, and bitterness that you experienced with family members eg: parents, siblings, etc (d) any unfinished business with individuals that you have not yet apologized to?
  4. Now you will need to use the following script for each person, event, and situation 
  5. You must have a genuine and heart felt desire to release karmic or emotional energy from your mind & body
  6. To begin, sit yourself in a quiet place and relax. Close your eyes for a moment and relax your breathing 
  7. Now visualize the person in your mind or pretend they are sitting in front of you and make the following declaration (feel free to modify the script): “ I call upon Archangel Michael and my Master, to assist me today with the release of karmic energy from my body. I wish to forgive and apologize to (insert name) for any pain and suffering that I caused them, when I did (insert event / situation) and I wish to say thank you to (insert name) for coming into my life and I wish them all the best with their future. I now call upon Archangel Michael to remove this karmic cord from my body (now visualize and feel this energy being released form your heart chakra and your mind). Thank you for answering my call”.
  8. Follow the above steps for each person that you have listed or repeat the above steps when you need to release additional karmic cords between you and that person
  9. You must release only three (3) people in each session before starting the next session, because you need to allow a few days for the body to adjust and energetically heal after releasing this emotional energy

This activity will eliminate the ethereal cords connected to other people. As you continue to heal the sacral plexus, you may notice your relationships with friends and family will begin to change, because you no longer want to accept or get involved with their emotional dramas, thus you are taking steps to prevent creating new cords.

How Often:

This is a very emotive exercise and only requires you to have the willpower and inner strength to keep working on your emotional clearing during the ascension process.


This activity involves healing your Solar Plexus Chakra. Before you start, you may want to revisit the information in the Section titled “Chakras and Energy Transference”. A major part of personal ascension requires you to separate or release the vast amount of emotional energy that your ego has attached to your 3D possessions, and start aligning your consciousness (thoughts & beliefs) with the principles of new Earth.


5.1 - Releasing Your Physical Ego from 3D Attachments

We are ascending to a 4D positive world and everyone will be entitled to the same luxuries. Are you prepared to change your attitude, beliefs, and current ways of living from “Service to Self” to “Service to Others”? More importantly, man made objects and items that were constructed from synthetic materials will not exist after the planetary shift. How many of your Earthly possessions were manufactured from synthetic materials? For example: plastics, rubber, polyester, acrylic, etc.

Are you prepared to sell, give away, detach, and stop worrying about money, wealth, credit cards, shares, investments, properties, debts, antiques, motor vehicles, insurances, religions, celebrities, tabloids, Christmas, technological gadgets & electronic items, favorite sports, and so on?

The process of expanding your consciousness means accepting the truth of the Law of One, and more importantly accepting the principles of “Unity Consciousness”. Your willingness to change your life comes from within. It begins with an inner shift in consciously releasing old patterns of thinking and embracing the new. New thoughts create new frequency. Try using a metaphor or analogy to change your way of thinking. Consider the following example: Think of new Earth as a new luxury motor vehicle, but you cannot drive this new vehicle unless you abandon the “old road rules”. Those old rules have not looked after your safety, survival, and welfare. Instead, you have decided to embrace a new set of road rules, which has required you to learn and accept new knowledge and concepts. The ultimate reward for your hard work, resisting the old ways of doing things, and remaining focused, is that you get to experience and explore a brand new life. 

First, consider the meaning of “Unity Consciousness”, then imagine next month you are moving to new Earth, and then reflect on the following questions:

  • Right now, what things are you prepared to release and let go from your life or go without?
  • Are you prepared to stop buying, consuming, and collecting unnecessary materialistic items?
  • Could you sell, give away, and let go of your land, wealth, assets, and material possessions?
  • What personal bills, debts, deductions, and other payments are you prepared to release from your life and stop paying right now?
  • Ask yourself “Do I need ______ in my life anymore”, “What purpose does it serve me” and “Will I use it before now and the shift?

Your goal is not to abandon your life, nor create financial hardship for yourself or stop living altogether; rather it is your recognition that it is no longer necessary to hold onto everything within your 3D reality, which includes your material possessions and physical attachments. This activity is a gradual exercise of detaching your ego and emotional dependence on materialism, possessions, old ways of doing things, and cultural beliefs within your 3D life. In regard to selling or getting rid of your property, you only do what you feel is comfortable to you. It is strictly a matter of personal choice. Remember, on new Earth, it does not matter how much land or property you own, because all land and infrastructure is the common property of everyone, whether you decide to participate in ascension or not.

Task 1:  To begin, set your conscious intention and decision to release yourself from your old ways of thinking & doing things and your physical attachments. Now reflect on the questions posed above and then use your ascension journal to create a short list, mission statement, or goal setting plan of the things you need to clear out of your life, and/or stop doing and supporting. Set yourself a 1 / 3 / 6 month timeframe and then start the emotional preparation that you must detach yourself from those things. Physiologically, it will take at least a month to change an old behavior pattern, because of the level of emotions attached to an object.

Task 2:  The next step is simply to modify your standard of living by de-cluttering and downgrading your possessions, clearing out and/or simplify your home / living environment. Either way, you must make life style changes that will help you release yourself from your 3D man made attachments and move into alignment with the new Earth energies. It could be as simple as having some kind of dejunking exercise, like holding a garage sale or donating your things to charity. Perhaps you may want to hire a dumpster and clear out physical objects and items you have collected over the years that you do not need anymore. For example, you may begin by clearing out a cupboard, bedroom, shed, garage, etc to identify the things you do not need. Remember this rule: if you have not used _______ in the last two years, then it no longer serves a purpose in your life. It is clutter, so do away with it.

5.2 - Releasing Your Physical Ego from 3D Cultural Belief Systems

This activity is designed to help you start thinking about your cultural belief systems and begin the process of adopting an attitude that is aligned with new Earth. You will need to be brave and consciously detach yourself from your old patterns of thinking and old beliefs. It is a conscious choice on your part of how much you wish to release, however your inner world or thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs do control your energy signature.

To begin, review the information in the table located after this Section titled “Examining Your 3D Cultural Beliefs” and then reflect upon the following questions:

  • What are your personal beliefs regarding: billionaires, religions, monarchies, Vatican, celebrities, News Media, Christmas / Easter / Halloween, public vs private education, pornography, professional sports, same sex marriage, corporal punishment, honorary doctorates, gambling, national anthems, copyright & patents, gun control, tabloids, illegal downloading, online privacy, whaling, birth control, Grammy / Emmy / Academy Awards, public vs private health care, nuclear power, income tax, smoking, illegal immigrants, etc?
  • How would you classify the nature of your 3D belief systems, for example: duality, greed, ego fears selfishness, social prestige, power over others, freedom, judgment, cruelty, and so on?
  • In regard to cultural transference, are you supporting 3D belief systems that foster and promote duality, inequality, and cultural division with humanity?
  • Are your belief systems equally available to the rest of humanity and/or supported by all other cultural groups across the world?
  • Are you supporting belief systems that give an individual or group a particular rank, status, or superiority?
  • Could any of your cultural belief systems exist on new Earth and operate under the 4D principle of unit consciousness?
  • Right now, are you prepared to release and live without certain beliefs, people, groups and institutions?

Consider this: if I stop believing in _______, how much would it change my life? This will determine how much of your personal energy you have invested in your cultural beliefs. To release your ego, it requires only your conscious intent to release that belief and self-awareness. When you unplug yourself from allowing that thing to control you and accept that your ego no longer needs to live and operate by that belief, that energy will stop influencing you. It may also mean that when you see or hear any old 3D belief, you simply ignore it and say to yourself those things are no longer compatible to the new life I am creating.


In your ascension journal, develop a list of your cultural beliefs and then reflect on the above questions.

How Often:

In regard to Activity 5.1, you should develop a plan / schedule during Week 3, which can be implemented over 1 / 3 / 6 months. Regarding Activity 5.2, some of you may find this to be quite an enormous exercise and your freewill governs what beliefs you wish to release during ascension.

Examining Your 3D Cultural Beliefs


The previous activities were designed to heal energy blockages from the lower chakras. The next and most important step now requires you to balance the chakras. This activity will use a simple visualization technique. You do not need years of chakra training to undertake this exercise, although meditation is really the best way to balance your chakras. Remember, it is all about the power of your conscious intent, so do not worry about rotation, specific colors, sounds, etc. In addition, ascension does not discriminate, so it does not matter that you have a physical disability, spinal injury, lost a limb, etc because chakra healing works on the ethereal body.


  1. Don’t attempt this activity until you are familiar with locations of the primary chakras.
  2. Feel free to call upon your Master and Angels for their support and help.
  3. Close out all sounds and light as best you can to prevent any interruptions.
  4. Arrange your self in a seated position or lie down so that you are comfortable. Try not to cross your legs and arms, this blocks the flow of energy.
  5. Close your eyes, relax and control your breathing until you find your body also feeling relaxed.
  6. Now in your imagination, visualize a ball of golden white light about the size of tennis ball floating about a foot above the top of your head.
  7. Now let that ball of light flow down through the top your head into your crown chakra.
  8. Focus your mind on the ball and imagine the ball is positioned about 2 inches above the top of the body or over the chakra location for 30 seconds. Visualize this light dissolving any black sticky syrup or energy blockages in the chakra.
  9. Now mentally shift the ball down of light down to the brow / 3rd eye and repeat Step 8.
  10. Repeat Step 8 for each of the remaining chakras.
  11. After you have completed the base chakra, feel the ball of light flowing down your legs and release the energy out of the soles of your feet into the ground or universe.
  12. Repeat this chakra balancing circuit (from crown chakra to feet) another four (4) times.
  13. After you have completed your five (5) circuits, just remain in your relaxed position for another minute and then count slowly from one to five. On the count of five, you will feel wide awake.
  14. This exercise should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. In addition, after you have mastered your visualization skills, feel free to increase the number of chakra units.

Keep practicing. It will take some time to master your visualization skills, but the results are worth it.

How Often:

It is assumed before you commenced that you had undertaken your research of the chakra system – refer to the information in the Section titled “Chakra Consciousness”. Commence the chakra balancing activity in Week 3. You should aim to undertake this task at least four (4) times a week.

Frequency Expansion Cycle:

About the third week into this activity, your body may move into first frequency expansion cycle. It is highly recommended that you revisit the information in the Section titled “Chakras and Ascension Symptoms”. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms associated with this process and start thinking about the steps you need to take to keep yourself “balanced and centered”. In addition, the table below identifies the time period when you may experience the two (2) frequency expansion cycles during the ascension program. The first expansion cycle commences when the frequencies from the south pole chakras merge together, but only after they aligned and balanced. The second expansion cycle occurs when the south pole frequencies merge with the heart chakra frequency, and so on. Note: the timeline for these frequency expansion cycles are only an approximation, because each person will be progressing at different stages, your energy signatures can keep ascending (more cycles) and other variables may slow down or speed up the entire process.


“Balanced and Centered” refers to the state of your body when you feel normal (emotionally, physically and mentally). When you undergo a frequency expansion cycle, your body will be “pushed and pulled” away from that baseline (normal). You need to recognize and know what to do when you feel unbalanced. To stay balanced, you need to manage your frequency, and take steps to keep yourself feeling normal during each expansion cycle. The lesson here is not to consciously fight the frequency changes, but find ways to remain emotionally calm, still and comfortable. During ascension, expect to suffer and experience a lot of “sacral plexus exhaustion” (emotional highs/lows, anger mood swings, etc). From my own personal experience, consider this part ascension as a personal test. Learning to balance your “mind and body”, will help you understand the importance of managing and protecting your energy signature from the lower vibrational energy or negative transference. If you do not take steps to balance yourself, you will prolong the physical distress and emotional & mental choas.


The aim of this activity involves opening up your Heart Chakra. The heart chakra is the gateway to the higher frequencies. People who have blockages in the heart chakra generally have difficulty (a) expressing & giving love and (b) accepting love & kindness from others. Therefore, this activity has been designed to help you start practicing your divinity. Divinity refers to an individual who can demonstrate and project the attributes of Unconditional Love and compassion consciously (thoughts, actions, behavior) in all aspects of their life. These two major heart based attributes are summarized below:

  • Unconditional Love refers to “positive transference” you give others. You offer “love” to everyone, regardless of a person’s personality, behavior, race, beliefs, or how they treat you. “Love” refers to your energy, time, wisdom, and being. Unconditional Love is not biased or conditional. “Conditional” refers to any self imposed criteria that determines how much love you are prepared to offer, if those conditions are met. Unconditional Love means you have no expectations, it is offered freely without hesitation, you do not request a personal reward for your time / wisdom, and nor do you demonstrate favoritism, regardless of their age, sex, or race.
  • Compassion refers to how you consciously respond to energy transferred at you, for example from people, events, and situations. Demonstrating compassion requires you to be “spiritually conscious”. When you accept that each person has taken a different spiritual path to you own, and people spiritually choose what they wish to experience for an incarnations reason, you suspend all judgment. Compassion involves separating your emotions from a person’s emotions / behavior / actions or from a situation or event. “Spiritually Neutral” means avoiding the need to express your view, opinions, and judgments. From this viewpoint, you actually understand what is happening, because a person’s beliefs, behavior, and actions are the incarnation conditions they choose to experience during their lifetime. This also means you understand that every soul volunteers to participate in every dreadful worldwide event or tragic situation in their personal lives. To practice compassion, you must listen, observe, and communicate with others, without ever openly or publicly expressing your views, criticism, opinions, and judgments. You respect their behavior, actions, choices, and decisions, regardless of your feelings and accept & acknowledge that everyone is a spiritual being.


7.1 - Giving Unconditional Love to Others

Your task here is to simply find ways to demonstrate unconditional love toward others. This is not about learning a new skill or behavior, or making the task complicated, or trying to become someone new. To move into your heart based qualities, it is simply about your awareness and doing what feels right for you. Each of you has this goodness inside of you – find it and use it. To live on new Earth, it is not about loving everyone 24/7, it is about accepting everyone as a spiritual being, and your willingness to have a human experience that involves a new way of living that operates on love, peace, unity, and equality. Therefore, you need to find ways to direct your green ray energy through your thoughts, words, and actions. Here are a couple of suggestions for demonstrating unconditional love and compassion. However, feel free to research other techniques that feel more suitable to your personality:

  1. Be someone’s Angel. Once a month (or less) select a person from your life and do something special for them. It does not have to be something big or expensive. Keep it simple. Any kind of charitable service will do. For example, cook someone a special meal or cake, offer to babysit, help someone who’s sick, or donate your time to help him or her with something they need doing around the house, or make a special gift. All you are doing here is simply expressing your inner love & compassion and outwardly showing to them that you consider them to be a special and important person in your life, without wanting anything back in return. The power of giving unconditional love to others is that it also serves you.
  2. Learn not to judge others. “Non judgmental” means that you do not say what you think is right or wrong, or good or bad. You just listen. Learn to be emotionally neutral. Accept everyone as equal. Consciously learn to see people as spiritual beings. Not every person will choose the same path as you. Many friends & family will not participate in ascension for various reasons. A Lightworker does not judge people and refuses to pay attention to the media controversies and public opinion, so learn to set aside your emotions, anger, and ego. A Lightworker does not preach and nor do we have a need to constantly have an opinion or try to influence those around him / her. We recognize that everyone has freewill and they have chosen their belief systems for a reason. Constantly project your green ray energy on everyone. Remember, nothing else matters any more, it is only about how much love you are prepared to share.
  3. Practice smiling for no reason at all. Smile when you answer the phone, when doing the shopping, and at work / school. Smile into the mirror each time you look at yourself. Practice smiling even while you are thinking. Place your awareness in your chest / heart, each time you smile. The simple act of smiling, from your heart will attract more joy, bliss, and happiness into your life. When you express the vibration of joy, there is an upward and energetic shift in your aura. This vibration means you are radiating your higher frequency. Master the skill of smiling or use any technique that works best for you, that will help you outwardly express the emotional frequency of joy, for example, laughing, giggling, and radiating cheerfulness.
  4. Offer your friends and family an “Angel Hug”. This is where you embrace and hug someone for 10 seconds (who consented of course). Why do you ask? In regard to opening the heart chakra, any physical interaction such as hugging, touching, kissing, massaging, etc between two consenting people actually acts as a potent tool for the transfer of the higher frequency between the two bodies.
  5. Take personal responsibility to clean the environment. Simply grab a garbage bag and go for a walk and collect any rubbish. Organize a family or neighborhood cleanup day. Earth is a living and sentient being. To show your love and compassion toward the planet, do anything that demonstrates how wonderful and important you think of Mother Gaia.

7.2 - Service to Others

As a Lightworker, now is the time to start to think about sharing your ascension knowledge with others. “Service to Others” means freely sharing your wisdom (intelligence, knowledge, abilities, skills, etc) to help others with their spiritual development.

Some people may be struggling with their personal ascension and may require some “one on one” assistance. Remember the Lightworker’s code: you cannot intervene in another person’s freewill, but you can freely advise, coach and mentor them on any part of the ascension process.

Seek out family and friends who need personal assistance or mentoring. For example, adults with reading and writing difficulties, young  children, a person with a disability, elderly, etc.

In addition, when you come across any online information, share the material / websites with your family & friends. In regard to people with reading & writing disabilities, simply print out this information and read it to them.

You do not need to be a qualified teacher / coach, the most important principle in regard to “Service to Others” is your ability to “teach and serve others”, by simply providing the information you have learned from your own personal experiences, in a style that works best for you, thus you are expressing your spiritual wisdom based on originality.

Another suggestion involves organizing some kind of “Ascension Group”, for example, every two weeks, you may invite a small group of friends, family members, and neighbors to come along to discuss their progress / issues, and more importantly, to share any relevant ascension and/or spiritual information (audio, video, books, periodicals or electronic). It is all about sharing your love or “time and wisdom” to freely help others, in a friendly, relaxed, non-formal, and non-judgmental environment.

Your task is to simply find ways to offer any level of assistance to help adults and/or children with their ascension. For example, develop different ascension scripts for children (refer to “Ascension Program for Children”) , teaching individuals the basics of meditation or chakra healing. If you are not comfortable with this activity, this is fine. 

How Often:

Develop a routine that works best for you.


This activity involves healing the Throat Chakra and additional tasks to raise your frequency and expand your consciousness. 


8.1 - Undertaking Regular High Frequency Activities

This is simple but powerful – do anything you personally enjoy doing. It is all about healthy pleasures and indulgences. Do anything that makes you happy, relaxed, emotionally balanced and things that will lift your personal energy into the higher frequency. For example: cooking, dancing, singing, painting, music, photography, gardening, and pottery. When you listen to your favorite music, select something that really connects with your heart and/or gets your body physically stimulated and moving, because any movement such as dancing assists in the transport of Ka around the body and keeps the chakras open and active.

Activities such as singing, chanting, humming, etc will help stimulate the throat chakra. Do the things that make you laugh. Laughing, giggling, and humor stimulate the chakras, expand the lungs, clears the throat, and raises your vibration. Learn to consciously engage in experiences that give you emotional pleasures. This is not selfish, rather you are giving yourself the gifts that have been created for enjoying human experience.

Start today. Look for something wonderful in your life and take the time to enjoy doing it. Feel it. That will be the first step in your path toward having joy in your life every single day. In your spiritual journal, write a personal list of the things that help you lift your personal energy intro the higher frequency. Use your ascension journal to develop a weekly plan or timetable, which ensures you are personally committed to taking plenty of time out to recharge yourself on a regular basis, doing the things you enjoy.

8.2 - Clearing Emotional Energy from Your Body

You need to recognize the difference between negative and positive sources of energy that directly influence your thoughts and emotions, because this energy filters into your human energy body. You must learn to consciously transmute any negative energy transferred at you. Many of your friends and family may decide not to participate in ascension, and occasionally they may outwardly direct those intense emotions, aggression, or anger at you from time to time. Ascension dislocation will occur. Humanity will divide into the “ascendees” and “non ascendees”. Demonstrate compassion. Understand that everyone has freewill, and you have a divine right to participate in ascension and no person has the right to judge or criticize your decision. Practice being “emotionally neutral”. Use a simple and non-judgmental defense mechanism – refer back to Activity 1.2, so anytime someone attacks your decision, have handy a couple of those 3D images / photos (wallet / pocket size) and confidently state, “I no longer want to be part of this horrible world, because duality can not give me unity, love, and peace.

The term “energy bleeding” refers to your unconscious awareness of how another person’s conscious energy (words, actions, etc) influences your energy body. At the moment, we have not taken steps to strengthen your aura, which would transmute negative energy directed at you. Instead, learn to not accept someone’s negative energy and emotions (don’t create new karmic cords). Likewise, when you generate a thought, it is accompanied by an emotion – a feeling. Your conscious energy or how we think and feel generates frequency. You need to be conscious of what your mind is thinking, and how you respond to those emotions. If you do not consciously repolarize your negative emotions or feelings, this energy filters into the base chakra and this ignites the feedback loop to lower the frequency in the south pole. You then start to manifest a range of emotions: you begin to think you are unimportant, self-trust issues, and general feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness in your beliefs.

Remember, what you feed will grow and what you starve will fester and die. Your frequency will increase when you have full control over your mind & body or thoughts, feelings and actions. Meditation is the most effective technique for releasing negative energy. However, here is a method for cleaning away or transmuting negative transference from your energy body:

  • When someone makes you feel sad or angry, walk away from him or her for a couple of minutes and say to yourself: “I did not like how their energy made me feel”. Now visualize how that ugly energy is stuck to your body – it looks like black sticky syrup. To get this energy off your body, feel that black soot flowing down your body into the ground, and mentally say to yourself that their energy cannot hurt me anymore. I am the boss of my body, and I will not let them make me feel like a victim of their emotions.

8.3 - Inner Child Work

The throat chakra relates to self worth, self-expression, and communication. These chakra defects show up when you have never connected with your inner child. Since you were a child, you have been programmed to accept that you are a sinful creature and should not enjoy the pleasure of indulging your body, because it goes against family beliefs, morality, cultural beliefs, etc. When you grew up, your relationship with yourself, other people, and life was founded on these early childhood beliefs.

Your fantasies, dreams, and desires are the experiences your soul wants you to explore during this incarnation. Those things are not random or misguided desires. When you act upon those thoughts, instincts, and gut feelings, you are truly connecting with your soul. If you feel ashamed to be yourself, then you are clinging to fear, and this is holding you back from following your heart. This “toxic shame” has created the notion that there is something inherently wrong with who you are. Inner child work means thinking about how your personal beliefs are stopping you from acting out your fantasies, dreams, and desires. You incarnated on Earth to experience everything that this planet has to offer yo., so stop letting others judge you. Exercise your freewill. You can decide to have any human experience your want – it is all about soul growth. Stop denying what your soul wants you to experience. Now is the time to follow those feelings – that is the real you. Take the time to enjoy being human. Now is the time to release your fears and just do it.

What are you going to do with the time you have remaining on this planet? What would you start doing differently right now? Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to do?

In your ascension journal, develop a list of the things that want to personally complete before ascending to new Earth. Develop a timeline and begin doing them now.

8.4 - You and the new Earth

After the planetary shift, it will take a couple of years for us to rebuild our new communities / regions. All of us will be involved in the new Earth project. Many of you who incarnated on Earth today are the cultural architects for new humanity and have been given missions in this lifetime to help us create and achieve unity consciousness.

Now is the time to start thinking about what type of life you want on new Earth. Start to visualize the new world you want to personally create for yourself and/or your children. What type of work, career, or role do you want to pursue? What skills and knowledge could you teach / share with others? Where do you want to live? What would be your perfect life? What types of things do you want to do? When you envision new Earth, please remember do not attempt to compare your current 3D reality to life on new Earth, because your ideas, beliefs, and understanding of the 3rd dimension including governments, military / police, celebrities & tabloids, legal / taxation systems, banking / financial sector, various institutions, etc will not exist in any way, shape or form. This will be difficult for many people, especially for those that have established careers that will not exist on new Earth.

Spend some time thinking about all the new experiences and possibilities that you could create. Each one of us are starting our lives again from scratch, so never underestimate your power to manifest your visions, dreams, and thoughts into reality. In your ascension journal, write your own personal wish list of the things that you want to personally experience or explore when you ascend to new Earth.

Lastly, reflect on the following point. Many of the published books and literature on Earth today are comprised of synthetic materials (paper, dye, ink); which will not shift to new Earth. These books contain the written history and culture of our 3D world, which will be lost. Your knowledge and wisdom are really the only two permanent qualities that you can literally bring with you to new Earth. What knowledge or information from our 3D world are you taking with you to new Earth that will be useful for new humanity?

8.5 - Detaching Yourself from Low Frequency Activities

A Lightworker is a spiritual being who can consciously take steps to keep themselves operating in a higher frequency. Now is the time to start managing and protecting your energy signature. You need to start work on disconnecting yourself from lifestyle and leisure activities that are vibrationally influencing the lower chakras. Negative transference means any negative emotion, sensory stimulation, or human activity containing negative energy such as fear, violence, disasters, suffering, brutality, tragedies, criticism, etc which unconsciously filters into the mind and body.

For example, watching & playing violent / horror video / computer games & television shows / DVDs / movies, participating are watching sports that are brutal / hard hitting and/or involve the use of animals, heavy punk rock music, the use of weapons & firearms, watching the news, etc.

Consider this: How can you truly embrace and accept the new Earth code, when you constantly create an expanding vortex of negativity in your aura? You keep consciously feeding your emotions with the negative energy from sources that supply you this “Anti Christ” energy of aggression, pain, death, tragedy, war, suffering, and violent emotions, etc. These sources keep teaching the mind game that you cannot come together as one, because the human experience is all about fear and suffering, so you are kept in a cultural prison of the lower vibration. All those things previously listed are toxic, which have been deliberately designed to target and dumb down your energy signature. Your mind has been hijacked with negative energy in your culture to lower the frequency of your brainwave signals. For some, your personality, mind, and behavioral traits have become dependent on this lower energy, and as a result, your mind becomes fixated on needing more of this lower energy, so you constantly keep thinking about the next computer game, wanting to buy the next new gadget, buying a ticket for the big upcoming lottery contest, favorite sports team, etc.

You must be prepared to consciously detach and unplug yourself from these unhealthy cultural interests; or you will fail your ascension. The only approach you can take to release your ego from these low vibrational attachments is self-awareness. You must simply become more aware of how your thoughts and emotions react to these old 3D patterns. When you begin to master this process of starving the lower energy, you become more “aware” of the stimuli from your surroundings and this shift means you gain greater control over your mind. You can only transmute conscious energy (thoughts, feelings & emotions) through self-awareness.

To help you begin thinking about detaching  yourself from these old negative 3D patterns listed previously, try these two simple exercises:

Task 1:  Actively watch the nightly new for three (3) days. For each new segment, write down the topic and then use one word to classify / describe / define the overall theme for that new piece. For example, suffering, survival, fear, greed, cruelty, violence, etc. After those three days, reflect on the following questions:

  • How many of the media segments come under the classification of the 3D principles such as survival, fear, duality, greed, and ego? For example: financial & stock market news and constant updates on the world economy have you constantly focused on thinking about your money, career, mortgage, etc. Hence, this “fear” energy relates to survival – your basic human needs.
  • Did you observe the nature of news updates that flashed on the bottom of your screen in the scrolling banner? What themes & topics did they want you to focus on?
  • What emotions were triggered when you watched the news (relates to your chakras, eg: fear, anxiety, sadness)?
  • When you woke up the next day, did any of the previous news segments actually change or influence your life? Was it actually “news”, media victimization” or the media presenting chronicles of your world operating & living under the 3D law of “Service to Self”?
  • Reflect on the meaning of cultural transference. After reviewing the overall themes for the past three days, how would you describe your world as depicted by the media?
  • Reflect on your motivations and ascension goals from Activity 1.2. Is that the world you still want to be a part of?

Task 2:  The next step – consciously avoid watching, listening, and reading the news for one (1) week, and then reflect on how your feel after that period? Now you can begin the process of removing yourself from the other low frequency activities that exist in your life (refer to the things that were listed at the start of this activity).

How Often:

In regard to Activities 8.1 to 8.5, develop and implement your personal plans or lists as soon as possible.


This activity involves the activation of your Third Eye Chakra. The full or partial activation of this chakra will instantly open the 7th chakra – the crown chakra, which will immediately act as the gateway to trigger the opening of the five external chakras the surround the body. The full interconnection of the twelve (12) chakras creates your multidimensional chakra system. At the time of the planetary shift, this will guarantee you entry to new Earth.

The key to activation to the third eye chakra involves developing your intuition. Each person was born with intuition and without exception, everyone has some kind of psychic ability, but for many people, they have closed this gift off. There are many techniques that are involved in “third eye training” so feel free to research and explore those options, for example, guided visualization, automatic writing, remote viewing, and simple meditation.


To help activate your third eye, try this simple exercise when you are meditating or sitting comfortably. Visualize a beacon of light coming out of your third eye in the color of indigo or pale violet-blue. This is the point between the eyebrows when your eyes are closed. Just let that beam of light flow straight out of your third eye for a minute or so.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider using the following exercise, which uses guided visualization:

  • Close your eyes and begin to relax,
  • Call upon your Master / Angel / etc that you require their assistance with your third eye activation by giving you a visual clue for your question,
  • Concentrate on a basic question in your mind or imagine you are holding a card in your hand that has a personal question written on it that you want answered,
  • Now ask them to send you a mental image, for example a “Green” or “Red” spot into your mind,
  • The colors represent a specific answer, eg: True / False or Yes / No,
  • Now focus on the image that was sent to you. You must learn not to reject or dismiss the experience, because you are learning how to receive guidance from the Angelic realm, which is located in the higher dimensions,
  • Record your results in the ascension journal then repeat the exercise using different questions,
  • You may feel a little warm sensation around your third eye chakra. If you do not, that is fine,
  • Repetition will help open or partially activate the chakra. Just take your time and do not rush,
  • After you have undertaken this task for several weeks and you begin to feel comfortable with the results, feel free to research other activities that can be used to fully activate or strengthen your third eye chakra.

How Often:

You should commence this activity at the start of Week 7 and aim to undertake this exercise at least four (4) times a week for a minimum of two (2) weeks, then establish a regular pattern that works bet for you.

Note: The ascension activity to heal and activate the Crown Chakra was incorporated in both the “Ascension Journal” (study / learn new spiritual knowledge) and with the use of meditation and/or visualization techniques (refer to “Chakra Balancing” and the Ascension Chamber”). By default, your crown chakra is “open” or activated at the time of birth.


The previous ascension activities were designed to help you increase your energy signature, balance the chakra system, and expand your consciousness. The final step involves reconstructing, strengthening, and balancing your aura. The auric field is the energetic shield that surrounds your ethereal body and is responsible for holding the higher frequencies in the ethereal body. It acts as an interface between the physical body and the higher dimensions. When the chakras are not balanced, the aura will appear grey and weak. Once strengthened, your aura will expand to hold more energy. The more light energy you can hold, the brighter the aura. You may wish to use the chakra balancing activity before closing the session with the ascension chamber technique, which is described below:


  1. First, you will need to practice this activity a few times before it becomes effective, call upon your Master / Angel for healing and energy balancing,
  2. In your mind, visualize a chamber, bubble, or egg in the color of golden white light surrounding your body. The chamber extends about a foot above your head, in front, around the body, and under your feet into the ground,
  3. Now fill the inside of the bubble with golden white light,
  4. Feel this energy penetrating deep into the body, through the muscles and cells,
  5. Now visualize this energy flowing down your crown, through the lower chakras to the base chakra, down the legs and released through the soles of your feet,
  6. Repeat this circuit one more time,
  7. Now we need to strengthen then outside of the chamber. Simply visualize the outside shell consisting of a thick layer of the higher shade of golden white light. This outer band has a different color than the inside of the chamber. The shell is stronger and has a higher frequency,
  8. For another couple of minutes, keep your mind focused strengthening your auric field. Visualize this outer shell as a one inch thick layer of light,
  9. Now relax and concentrate on feeling the energy in your chamber penetrating deep into your body,
  10. Once you feel fully recharged, just remain in your relaxed position for another minute and then slowly open your eyes.
  11. This exercise should take 15 minutes to complete, however, feel free to remain in your ascension chamber as long as you desire.

How Often:

You should commence this activity at the start of Week 10 and aim to undertake this exercise at least three (3) times per week for a minimum of two (2) weeks. The nest frequency expansion cycle may take another two weeks or so to manifest. From this point on, you must consciously protect and manage your energy signature, which involves doing anything that keeps you in the higher frequency and keeping yourself balanced and centered.

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