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The Golden Taya

“This information has made its way to humanity through the steadfast work of Maia Nartoomid @ Her body of work has created a vast archive of the work of Thoth (and much more) since the mid-70’s. It’s no coincidence that this information is surfacing now as we can all sense that the Shift Earth’s consciousness has been moving toward is upon us and the wisdom Thoth channeled through Maia is about to be put to good use – if you are paying attention that is …”  What follows is from a 1995 channeling.

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The Golden Taya - Part 1 of 5

The Golden Taya Allotments are the areas of Earth’s surface which will be ascending through the veil into the fifth dimension at the period of time referred to as Light Principle 40 (LP-40) by Tehuti/Thoth and his Merkabah group “Chariot of the Sun”. According to Tehuti, the currently projected occurrence of LP-40 will fall somewhere between the years 2015 and 2025.

On February 17, 1995 we were experiencing some very powerful, yet strange dynamics. This prompted us to go to Tehuti and ask what was going on, as there seemed to be an unidentifiable component in the energy we were experiencing that day. Tehuti replied that this was the first day of the ‘passing of the guard’ of some of the Golden Taya areas from the control of the fallen lords (Nephilim) of light to the true Lords of Light (Solarians). He indicated this process would be occurring until approximately March 12, 1995 for the initial 20% of the Golden Taya Allotments.

As Tehuti had mentioned the Golden Taya in 1981, and now here they were again, we felt it important to ask some additional questions regarding the Golden Taya’s purpose, history and dynamics. The results were quite revealing and we will present them in the question and answer format the information was transmitted through in an effort to maintain as much of the original vibration as possible.

Simeon/Maia: Can you give us some history on the selection of the Golden Taya allotments, who was involved in the decisions as to what was to be considered Golden Taya, when did this occur?

SolariansTEHUTI: Those whom we call the Sun Bow Clan, also know as the Kachina (of the Hopi prophecy) were responsible for these decisions. They were master builders sent from the confederation of stars known as Orion, but primarily they came from the blue star “Rigel”. This occurred after the first fall of Heaven, prior to the end of the Hyperborean Epoch which resulted in the ascension of a portion of Atlantis known as the “Holy Isle of Ruta” at the final cataclysm that destroyed the remaining continent. The Sun Bow was assigned by the Ennead (Council of Nine Seraphimic Intelligences, more information available) to determine the present-future consciousness vectors of Earth, and assign Light ascension matrices for specific sacred land areas under the Mandate of the Violet Flame. It was understood that not all of the Earth would be viable for translation at the time of LP-40. The regions containing certain Light Codes were those appropriated back to the Metatronic Full Light spiral at the time of ascension. The rest of the Earth would be given up to the entropy of the fallen elements.

Simeon/Maia: On February 17, 1995 you indicated to us that a “passing of the guard” had occurred. Please elaborate further on the dynamics of this changeover, the history of the agreements made between the Nephilim and the Solarians and the subsequent reprogramming of all matter within the Golden Taya.

TEHUTI: The Earth was designed as an outlet for karmic pathing (evolution towards Grace). It was decreed by the Archangels of the “Seventh Heaven” (Seraphim, Cherubim and Wheels of Fire) that a mandate should be established for this return to Grace which the universes were moving through. You must understand that the Earth’s plight is of an inner design as part of a greater universal “return home”. The universal mandate is that of the Violet Flame. The Earth’s role is given several sub-mandates under the Violet Flame. One of these mandates is the Golden Taya, which concerns the allotment of certain light encoded areas for the LP-40 ascension. The first step in this process involves their transfer from Nephilimic guardianship to Solarian guardianship under the authority of the “Wheels of Fire” containing various Merkabah groups such as “Chariot of the Sun”.

Chariot of the Sun Merkabah groupAt the time of the Earth’s creation it was known that the fallen lords (Angels of Lucifer), including the incarnating Nephilim, would enter the Earth’s spectrum and claim guardianship over its basest elemental state. This was allowed by the God Source as part of a larger process designed to create separation in order to redesign the fragments of Self back into unity. Within the Mandate of the Violet Flame the fallen ones could not lay claim to anything but the basest elemental state. The higher regions, including the Metatronic Gate would remain within the guardianship of the Solarians. It was determined within the sub-mandate of the Golden Taya guardianship that even the elemental substance known as your world would be turned over to the Solarians prior to LP-40 ascension. This must be accomplished in order for these Golden Taya areas to ascend through this gate, 20% of the Golden Taya must have their guardianship transferred prior to the Light schematic of the Emerald Pyramid being relinked to the other six Holy Doma Pyramids. This latter activation occurring March 12, 1995 through July 15, 1995 (more info available). The transfer of guardianship is a process encompassing many levels of being, requiring cooperation from the nature Devas to the high Angelic dominions.

From March 4-11, 1995 the Devic kingdom in the Golden Taya lands in which the guardianship is being transferred will experience a “rush” of Metatronic Light programming energy into the soil, rocks, crystals and plants from within the center of the Earth. This will later be absorbed by animals and humans. The Inner Earth realm is more engendered with this Light potential than the surface. The Earth’s true program for ascension lies within a crystalline plate, the innermost layer of the ice canopy near the central sun of the planet. This plate is called the Korpala and projects a natural hologram into the center of the central sun atoma. This in turn sends a signal or directional beam through the time continuum (Ranna Time Wave, more info available) connecting the second millennium (current consciousness) to its pathing towards the third millennium (Future consciousness). The Korpala was inserted into the ice canopy by the Sun Bow Clan. All soil, rock, crystal and plant forms within these initial 20% of the Golden Taya are receiving their “Doctrine of Signature” (etheric Light body programming) for the New Earth Star reality. This will not be detectable until the growing season is underway, at which time a new etheric presence will manifest in the living Earth of these ascension regions. Each new bud will be awakening from its sleep into a new consciousness full of Light beingness. This will be the beginning of the time when the Unicorn returns.

Solarians watching Earth from their dimension The physical manifestation of this new programming will be a gradual unfolding process. Weather will become more stable and less differential in these areas, although at first some of these regions will experience clearings requiring more severe climatic changes and some cataclysmic activity. One such area is the Salt Lake Basin and the surrounding Wasatch mountain range. Although this is a Golden Taya and the future location of a Holy City, it will have to undergo a massive cleansing before this can take place. This area is not among the first 20% of the Golden Taya returned in guardianship to the Solarians. When Angelic guardianship is resumed in the near future this region will experience upheavals as part of its ascension preparations.

Simeon/Maia: Please give some clear information regarding the role of the Golden Taya in the planetary ascension process, and are they the same as the major ascension centers of the planet?

TEHUTI: The Golden Taya are the major ascension centers of the planet, and the only areas so designated. There are areas such as the “Valley of the Golden Disc”(Crestone – San Luis Valley, Colorado) that are major activators of this energetic, but all Golden Taya are equal in the degree of ascension they will assume. This is necessary in order for them to merge into the New Earth Star World. However, all Golden Taya areas will not ascend within the same moment. The entire process for both land areas and Souls upon them will continue for 15 days in linear Earth time of that age.

The Golden Taya are the physical Earth upon which the New Earth Star will be designed. They are like seeds containing the memory of the God Self and the “return” program that is the software for the new matrix of consciousness.

Simeon/Maia: Please explain how the Golden Taya allotments will be able to ascend through the veil at LP-40 prior to the rest of the planet, and will those outside of these areas be able to ascend as easily as those within them?

TEHUTI: Only the Golden Taya, the incarnated and disincarnated Souls gathered upon these areas, at the appointed time, will ascend through the veil. The remaining planetary Earth and its Souls will face the final chaos being absorbed into the evolutionary cycle once again. These souls will be given a new beginning point on another planet, starting once again up the ladder of Spirit. Do not fear that some souls will be left out of the ascension simply because they are not in the right place at the right time. All souls in that period will be under the Violet Flame Mandate. If that Soul’s Higher Self has chosen the ascension, they will be where they need to for that process. Ironically, there will be many Souls who will rush to the Golden Taya out of fear, feeling drawn to a “safe” place, only to become disillusioned and fearful of the challenges in releasing their elemental magnetics. They will then leave these areas before the ascension time. The gatherings of Souls who have chosen ascension as their path rather than returning to the Oritronic half Light Spiral in another planetary realm, are what we refer to as the Anubis Gatherings.

Violet FlameIt is important to understand that there is another form of ascension which is ongoing to this time on the planet. This is what we call the Heart ascension. It is the raising of ones Heart consciousness vibration, which in graduated levels is freeing individuals from the entropy of their fears and illusions. This form of ascension is of absolute necessity in order to achieve the full transcendence of LP-40.

Simeon/Maia: Could you give some examples of the Golden Taya Allotments and their approximate boundaries? Are they triangular in shape?

TEHUTI: The Golden Taya represents in all, 20% of the Earth’s surface area (nearly all of the inner Earth will ascend). As we have stated before, we anticipate that approximately 40% of the souls incarnated at the time will choose ascension. This is a choice made at the level of the Higher Self of the Soul. There will also be disincarnates who have not yet lifted through the veil who will choose to ascend, and some will not. Also, there are those Souls already in the higher spiritual Heavens who will choose to reincarnate in the Metatronic body of the New Earth Star, and others whom will not be free of the magnetics of the incarnating cycle of the Oritronic half Light Spectrum, returning to the lower physical once again in other planetary worlds.

The physical shape of the Golden Taya differ vastly. Their size does not conform to any specifics. Some of the Golden Taya are as small as three to five acres while others encompass many hundreds of miles. We will give a few of the ascension lands here in approximation only:

  • Grand Tetons, Wyoming
  • Sedona / Mogollon Rim, Arizona
  • Mt. Shasta, California
  • Klamath Lake, Oregon
  • Crestone / Baca / San Luis Valley
  • Zion National Park, Utah
  • Much of the British Isles
  • A major section of Iceland
  • A section of Greenland
  • Many small but potent sections of Egypt
  • Rennes Le Chateau, Southern France
  • The Tibetan Himalaya
  • Mt. Arat region, Turkey
  • Portions of Greece
  • Most of the Hawaiian Islands, including some now below the water

The sacred geometry of these regions, when translated onto a spiritual-elemental map are triangular in nature, but not in arrangement of their spatial dimension in the present Earth reality. Some of the Golden Taya will experience significant reshaping through cataclysm before LP-40 ascension.

Simeon/Maia: Do all the Golden Taya link to form a large Temple structure, or are they simply nodal points connected on a grid?

TEHUTI: Yes, these lands form the Grand Templaric. Their etheric counterpart is the Templa Mar complex (more info available). The “Valley of the Golden Disc” (Crestone/Baca/San Luis Valley) assumes the Crown center of the Golden Taya Temple. We now give you a listing (at Maia’s request) of the major chakra centers as they correlate to the Golden Taya Ascension Temple.

  • 1st) Base or Kundalini Center: The Hawaiian Islands, center point being the large Island, Hawaii. This is what we call the Roil point of the present Earth. With the pole shift the Roil point Becomes Rennes Le Chateau, France (more info available)
  • 2nd) Navel Center: Rennes Le Chateau region, France, center point being the seed chamber (see “Genesis-The First Book of Revelations” by David Wood for approximation of seed chamber location.
  • 3rd) Solar Plexus Center: Sedona/Mogollon Rim region, Arizona, center point of the Mogollon Rim.
  • 4th) Heart Center: Grand Tetons region, Wyoming, center point within the Tetons.
  • 5th) Throat Center: Ayers Rock region, Australia, centre point Ayers Rock.
  • 6th) Brow Center: Glastonbury “Crystal Isle” region of England, center point Tor Hill.
  • 7th) Crown Center: San Luis Valley, Colorado, center point Crestone/Baca

Two more chakra centers (and thus Ascension Gates) will open for the Earth just prior to LP-40. These are the two Metatronic Pillars named here as Osiris and Isis.

  • 8th) Osiris Center: Dead Sea/Mt. Sinai region of the Middle East, center point near the Dead Sea
  • 9th) Isis Center: Easter Island region of the Pacific Ocean, center point Easter Island

There are three more Ascension Gates oriented to the “Capstone” of the Metatronic Temple.

  • 10th) Sheba Gate: Ethiopia, a region not far from Addis Abeba, center point not clearly defined on a map.
  • 11th) Thunderbird Gate: Alaska, region of Denali and Matanuska Valley, center point Danali ( Mt. McKinley).
  • 12th) Zion Gate: Zion National Park region of Utah, center point, The Great White Throne.

The Great White ThroneIt is important to understand that these areas perform specific grid functions for the entire Golden Taya ascension dynamic. At the time of LP-40, a Soul in one of these regions listed as Ascension Gates will not be more ascended than a Soul in any other Golden Taya area. Souls in the Ascension Gate areas will, however, undergo specific experiences unique to that Gates function prior to LP-40 and during the LP-40 “lifting” process.

Simeon/Maia: Can you give us some information on the specific function of the Crestone/ San Luis Valley Crown Gate and what we might experience here as an example of what these specific functions and experiences might be?

TEHUTI: The Crown Gate serves as a meeting point between Human and Devic experience both merging with Angelic consciousness bringing these threefold into an experiential reality. This will be a place of transformation for many back into their original-future physical forms through their Sunoma bloodlines (more information available). Many humans will be drawn here to transmorph into their fairy/elfin bodies or variations thereof. A strong connection will develop between the Valley of the Golden Disc and both Tibet and Great Britain. The Masters and high Devas from these two other planetary regions will merge with the consciousness fields unfolding in the Golden Disc area. The Tibetan connection is already very strong, with the Celtic/Devic soon to be manifesting more strongly through the “Dream Corridor” established by the Native Americans. The Crown Gate is the place of Devic/Angelic infusion through the sacred blood energetic into the physical elementation.

Simeon/Maia: Are there any procedures that individuals living within the Golden Taya areas can utilize to facilitate the higher etheric work being done to prepare these areas for LP-40 or to link the vibration of that area to others?

TEHUTI: Souls in the Golden Taya regions would do best to focus primarily on their Heart ascension and enjoin this personal energetic with those in their immediate consciousness field. There will be certain Light Workers within these Golden Sections that will be called upon to perform specific functions such as anchoring Templa Mar grids, Earth healing, etc.

Linking with other areas would fall within whatever specific Light service was being given. It would be difficult to correctly give an overall outline for this work as each Golden Taya area calls forth different functions and directives. Many Souls will enter these Golden Taya Allotments with their main purpose being to anchor Metatronic Light there.

Simeon/Maia: Would it be appropriate for the Souls now consciously anchoring Light in these area to leave the areas for any prolonged period of time?

TEHUTI: They should be selective in their trips outside of these regions, but often it may be part of their function to connect that particular Light encoding with other regions and Souls. It would be best that journey outside the Golden Taya region be for specific Light work.

Simeon/Maia: About a year ago, you gave the projected time frame of LP-40 to be between the years 2015-2025, does this still appear to be accurate, and what are the best avenues for individual Souls to assist the acceleration of this time frame?

TEHUTI: The projected time frame of 2015-2025 is a loose projection only. As the ascension vehicle is built from the components of Spirit within the planetary world of consciousness evolving along its return to the stars, this window could well move forward or back in time. It is true that we are not giving definitive information on this timetable as we do not wish this information to be inserted into the planetary consciousness at this time. Such an event may limit the co-creative participation of the Souls involved.

The acceleration of the time frame will primarily depend on the Heart ascension principle. We could give you information on this alignment as part of the program to teach others, but even so it would not guarantee the Heart ascension. It would only be a guideline of its true pathing.

Simeon/Maia: It would seem apparent from the above information that first, we must be very attuned to that still small voice within as to where we are being guided to locate, and secondly that the scenario about to unfold is perhaps even more dramatic than we had engendered in terms of the separation of the two worlds at LP-40.

We encourage all to truly understand the depths to which our compassion for others must reach as the events related to this transformation unfold, as there will be many Souls needing that compassion. Open your Hearts and ask to receive the “Gift of the Dove”. Compassion for others is the perfect vehicle to raise your Heart consciousness. Learn what true compassion truly means. Do you feel a lightness and tingling sensation when giving to others, or does it feel like a painful experience at times? Understand that if there is heaviness in the giving then there is some area of your unconscious self (elemental magnetic) that is not in alignment with the Heart centered intent of the Higher Self. Practice the infinity breath meditation daily and know that with the infusion of Heart energy all else will be transformed.

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