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Them Changes, Buddy Miles

The Ascension Handbook

Section Four: The Human Energy Body

The human body consists of two systems. The first is the “biological” body, which consists of muscles, respiratory system, digestive system, etc. It is also known as the dense body, because it is composed of solids, liquids, and gases.

The second system is known as the “Human Energy System”, and consists of a finer grade of matter, called “anti matter”. You cannot perceive this body physically, because it has a higher frequency and wavelength (beyond the 3D dimension). 

The human energy system consists of different layers of energy fields. Our biological body vibrates at the lowest frequency, but as you move beyond the physical body, the layers of the human energy system progressively increase to the higher frequencies. 

The first layer is called ethereal body, which surrounds the biological body. It is a perfect energetic duplicate, invisible clone, and template of the biological body. The ethereal body is responsible for the transport of electromagnetic energy into the physical body. The exchange of frequencies between the physical and ethereal body is done via the primary chakras. When the ethereal body becomes imbalanced, this will directly influence the physical body and manifests as pain, aches, or illnesses. 

The human energy body consists of four levels:

  • The ethereal body
  • The mental body
  • The causal body
  • The astral body


Before continuing, consider reviewing the page titled “The Ethereal Body” in Section One and feel free to use your resources to research and gather further information on “Human Energy Body”. 

The Human Chakra System

A strong understanding of the chakra system is very important. However, it must be noted that there are various interpretations and models to describe the science of chakras. For this writer, the purpose here is to simply give you a basic understanding of the seven (7) primary chakras, and their role as a frequency interface between your biological body and your ethereal body. 

Depending on your energy (light) level, your ethereal body (aura) radiates from 2 to 6 feet in front and around your physical body. It is the life force body, because it provides the biological body with cellular genetic guidance. It is not completely separate but interacts and sustains the life of the biological body. There are specific channels of energy exchange, which allow the flow of energy to move from one system to another. This life force energy, commonly known as “Ka”, is supplied to the ethereal body via an ethereal cord that connects to Earth’s ethereal body. Without this ethereal cord, the physical body would die. 

The electromagnetic energy that flows around the ethereal body is known as “Ka”. This bio energy (sub atomic light energy) circulates around the ethereal body through a number of tiny web-like ducts, pipes, or channels called “Nadis”. These nadis lines are an extensive network or transport system that connects the ethereal body with the physical body. Ka energy flows through the ethereal matter and provides the power and energy to regenerate the ethereal body. 

This bio energy or “Ka” is fuel for the ethereal body. It consists of high frequency light that keeps the ethereal body alive to sustain and preserve your physical body. The ethereal energy system or nadis lines connect at special energy nodes called “Chakras”.

The chakra energy system consists of twelve (12) chakras or energy centers. There are seven (7) primary chakras, which transport electromagnetic energy by entering and exiting your physical body and five (5) external chakras. The chakras act as an energy transformer. Ka energy flows through the various nadis lines and are processed and distributed by chakras after the energy is modulated into a different frequency. This energy is translated into hormonal, physiological, and cellular changes in the biological body.

The chakras are arranged as an ascending column and start at the base of the spine and finish at the skull. The locations of these seven primary chakras have a direct interaction to the biological body including the major nerve plexus and endocrine gland. The seven primary chakras are generally associated with specific colors and each has a specific ascending frequency. In various traditions, chakras are visualized as wheels / lotuses / flowers with a different number of petals / spokes in each chakra. 

The chakras could be termed “non physical organs” that operate on specific frequencies and wavelengths, and connect the biological body with the ethereal body. Chakras are more like swirling vortexes of electromagnetic energy. This energy moves through them like water flows down a funnel. By alternatively spinning clockwise and counterclockwise, our chakras maintain a dynamic balance between receiving and building energy (done through the clockwise motion) and releasing excess energy (done through the counterclockwise motion).

The chakra system influences your biological body through the endocrine glands. Each chakra is associated with a different endocrine gland. Just as there are seven chakras, there are seven endocrine glands. Both the chakras and the endocrine glands are located along the front of the spinal cord. The endocrine glands manufacture hormones and supply them to the bloodstream. When a chakra is damaged, it causes disruption to the function of its associated endocrine gland. Because the activity of the endocrine glands and nerve plexuses are interrelated and interdependent, when an endocrine gland does not function properly, it influences the entire biological body.

Crown Chakra (Violet): Skull – relates to your spirituality, and connections with your higher self.

Brow Chakra (Indigo): Third eye – relates to intuition, wisdom, understanding and inner vision.

Throat Chakra (Blue): Throat – relates to communication, self-expression, and judgement.

Heart Chakra (Green): Heart – relates to compassion, empathy, friendships, nurturing, love, and healing.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow): Breastbone – relates to personal power, ego, beliefs, fear, and psychic protection.

Sacral Chakra (Orange): Belly button – relates to creativity, emotional balance, sexuality, and relationships.

Base Chakra (Red): Base of the spine – relates to reproduction, ambition, physical needs, and survival.

Chakras are like magnets and that is the reason for their blockages (energy transference). The lower chakras operate on the lowest frequency, so they automatically pull or attract the denser (heaviest) electromagnetic energy. When the primary chakras are not functioning correctly, all of the physical body will vibrate at lower frequency. The aim of ascension involves removing the blockages from the lower three chakras, the activation of the upper chakras (above the heart chakra) and balancing the overall chakra system to function at a higher frequency.

Chakra healing is a straightforward process requiring nothing more than your conscious intent and visualization skills. When you open your chakras, you are essentially “powering up” your ethereal body. Chakra healing removes unwanted frequency, which allows the chakra to function normally. In regard to ascension, chakra healing will involve the activation of the three lower chakras, before we target the upper chakras, or they will not open. After healing each primary chakra, there is a symbiotic frequency increase within the ethereal body. When most of the chakras are healed, and the system is realigned and balanced, the flow of Ka energy is naturally restored.

In addition, the activation of the 7th (crown) chakra, can only occur after the previous six chakra have been balanced. Instantly, like a domino effect the 8th and 9th chakras will come online. The 8th chakra is located about 9-10 inches above the crown chakra, which connects you to the astral plane (higher planes of consciousness), while the 9th chakra is located below your feet, which connects your ethereal body to Earth’s ethereal body. Your goal during ascension involves achieving a moderate to high frequency, because a higher frequency means your ethereal body will remain firmly anchored to Earth during the planetary shift.

Chakras and Healing & Balancing

The chakra system is an energetic organism. The seven (7) chakras have their own areas of responsibility and are each connected to different parts of the endocrine system. The chakras with the highest frequency are positioned above the heart chakra through to the crown. When the seven primary chakras are functioning normally, they work together as one system. However, when any chakra becomes closed or blocked, the free flowing Ka energy slows down or stops flowing. This immediately affects the activity of the entire chakra system, breaking the electrical circuit and hence, lowers the overall frequency. If the energy is not flowing freely through each chakra, physical problems will develop in that specific location. The status and health of your chakras will indicate physical illness, how you feel, and emotional experiences you have. Prolonged stress, distress, and depression, are also major contributors for imbalanced chakras. The following terms are used to describe the health of your chakras

  • A “Balanced” chakra means it is fully functioning with no energy blockages or over energized,
  • A “Blocked” chakra means it is fully or partially closed from unwanted frequency that hinders the natural mechanics of the chakra (the ability to receive & transmit and rotation),
  • An “Overactive” chakra means the rotation is highly stimulated or active when compared to the other chakras.

There is a difference between healing and balancing chakras.

Chakra Healing refers to techniques that aim to remove unwanted energy blockages or frequency (stored in the nadis channels) that hinder the flow of energy (input / output) within a specific chakra. As a result, the chakra is capable of holding more energy and the circuitry connection to the next upper chakra is restored.

Chakra Balancing is the technique (eg: guided visualization) which restores their functioning and interconnectivity. This creates a new longitudinal axial current, thus the overall frequency signature within the chakra system increases. Anything that influences the biological body will manifest instantly within the ethereal body, but any changes to your ethereal body (healing) can take 24 hours, a week or longer to energetically filter and adjust the biological body. Research has found, that a person who regularly practices visualization techniques and can mentally visualize their chakras rotating and flowing naturally, can significantly increase the frequency of their energy signature. Chakras are centers of electromagnetic energy and each chakra has its own frequency, so direct change to one primary chakra changes the frequency sine wave along the entire chakra system. Your energy signature directly corresponds to the overall condition and health of each primary chakra.

You must keep your chakras working at peak efficiency; they need to always work together as a team. Chakra balancing is very important for keeping good health. Think of chakra balancing as a sort of “tune up” of the human body. When one chakra begins to function normally, the frequency in the ethereal body increases. Therefore, when all primary chakras are fully functional, the energy system will work together as a complete circuit. Newbies: don’t concern yourselves with symbols, sounds, or specific colors. A chakra is only an energy center, so the power of visualizing a constant flow of golden white light energy through them, will purify and stimulate the chakra system. Lastly, each part of the ethereal body has its own frequency (low to high). Ethereal healing means removing any unwanted or incorrect frequency not belonging to a specific part of the body, in order to restore the original frequency. An understanding of the ethereal frequency map can heal all physical alignments, diseases, and illnesses. 

The following table identifies the various strategies to heal the primary chakras, which should be used to develop, modify, and customize the structure of the personal ascension program (step one: heal the base chakra).

Chakras and Energy Signatures

Each chakra has a number of incoming nadi channels that are responsible for receiving and transmitting (input / output) electromagnetic energy from that chakra or energy center. Each chakra simply consists of a bundle of nadi channels that link together and work as one node. As the result of their electromagnetic nature, that node or energy center creates a rotating vortex, which is projected outwards on both sides of the body (front and rear). 

Every person has a unique frequency configuration known as your energy signature. As previously stated, each chakra has a specific frequency, so when one or more chakras are imbalanced or blocked, those chakras influence the overall frequency pattern within the chakra system. When all seven (7) primary chakras return to normal state (active & balanced), they interconnect and work as a single, unified pole or complete circuit. This is known as Kundalini. Therefore, the health and status of the primary chakras determines your overall frequency pattern, commonly known as your energy signature. 

The seven (7) primary chakras can be simply divided into two sections – a south pole and a north pole, for example the base, sacral plexus & solar plexus are located on the south pole, because they have the lowest frequencies. The north pole are the upper chakras, which commence at the heart and ascend to the crown chakra. (See illustration).

Because each chakra is a rotating vortex, they function like a magnet: they attract and pull energy to themselves. In regard to the south pole, the base chakra (red) by default will always attract any energy that “attacks” the chakra system. It will be the first chakra to immediately respond and the first chakra that will become unbalanced, because the base chakra relates to survival. As a result, this energy instantly blocks the nadis channels, hence the rotation of the chakra slows down or stops, which impacts the connection to the above chakras causing a frequency decrease along the entire chakra circuit. Reminder: blockages in the lower chakras cause a low frequency.

The flow of Ka energy from the south pole to the north pole is known as “Kundalini”. The Ka energy released from your base chakra strengthens the upper chakras. When the lower chakras cannot deliver the Ka energy or higher voltage to the above chakras, the entire chakra system will suffer. At this point, the biological body will manifest any energy imbalance, for example, aches & pains, alignments, etc. Once the base chakra is healed and balanced, the flow of Ka energy or kundalini rises and the red ray merges into the orange ray. The sacral plexus or navel chakra will integrate both frequencies. After the solar plexus chakra has been healed, the red, orange, and yellow frequencies combine and integrate to create a single south pole circuit. When the kundalini raises and finally enters the heart chakra, the south pole circuit connects to the higher chakras. 

When you bring all seven primary chakras into alignment, the frequency circuits between each chakra interconnect and work together as a team or as one complete circuit. A Kundalini current with with a high frequency means Ka energy is naturally flowing along the entire circuit without any frequency distortions. Therefore, the number of active and balanced chakras determines the overall frequency pattern (the frequency of the Kundalini current), which is commonly known as the energy signature for your ethereal body.

Chakras and Energy Transference

Here is a summary of the human chakra system:

  • There are seven primary chakras and five external chakras in the human body,
  • Each chakra acts as a transponder (input / output),
  • Each chakra has it’s own unique frequency,
  • The health of each chakra, (the strength or amount of Ka energy that naturally flows through the chakra, and the number of balanced chakras determines the over all frequency or energy signature, in the ethereal body,
  • All chakras are interconnected and work together as one system,
  • When all primary chakras are balanced, Ka energy can freely flow from the south pole to the north pole, 
  • Chakras act as conductors of energy. Each chakra acts as a central processing unit – it modulates the Ka energy it receives and then transfers the new packet of energy to the next chakra,
  • The first chakra that receives any energy is always the base chakra, which has the lowest frequency,
  • Chakras radiate energy outward in all directions as a vortex (think torus), but the strength of the vortex depends on the health of the chakra (blockages),
  • A blocked chakra, means it cannot function normally, because unwanted frequency (negative energy) has impeded its properties (rotation),
  • An unbalanced chakra means its operating too fast (over active) or too slow (under active),
  • A weak chakra indicates that it has a structural defect, because it has been blocked or has been under active for a long period of time,
  • When the base chakra is closed, blocked, or imbalanced, the other primary chakras will slow down or stop spinning and the chakra system becomes dysfunctional, thus reducing the overall frequency signature,
  • When the physical body is exposed to stress, distress or depression, the base chakra will be the first to react, which causes the imbalance,
  • Chakra healing involves the removal of unwanted frequency and restores the flow of energy to that chakra.
  • A balanced chakra means restoring the chakra to its correct frequency, which is done by increasing or decreasing the frequency, which returns the chakra to its normal operational state.

There is a direct energetic relationship between Consciousness” (You) and “Matter” (ethereal body). Consciousness and matter are forms of frequency. How we think and feel generates electrical impulses, which travel from the brain down the spine. The frequency nature of that electrical energy changes the electromagnetic nature of the chakras, which influences the over all frequency of your ethereal body.

Consciousness is YOU – it is your thoughts, emotions, intelligence, beliefs, and attitudes. Since consciousness originates as brain wave energy and the ethereal body is energy, both forms of vibrational frequency are interconnected. This frequency can be positive or negative. 

Chakra blockages are directly caused from the exchange of energy transmitted by your consciousness (conscious energy). This called “energy transference”, which refers to the exchange or transfer of conscious energy (your thoughts, emotions, etc) between the biological body and the ethereal body.

Transference is simply the manipulation of your ethereal body from conscious energy (yours and other people) and from within your reality. The vibrational frequency of conscious energy corresponds to the frequency of the lower chakras. Energy transference means that there is a direct energetic relationship between the frequency of your consciousness and the frequency of your ethereal body. When you understand this energetic relationship, you can take steps to change your conscious energy (thoughts, beliefs, etc) which automatically changes the frequency your ethereal body. In other words, your mind and body are interconnected. Energy transference is the principle behind chakra healing. 

Here are some examples of energy transference:

  • From your own mind and conscious energy (thoughts, emotions, attitude, feelings, behavior, etc)
  • From another person’s conscious energy such as their emotions, words, actions and behavior 
  • From cultural transference (unconscious energy) eg: belief systems, physical attachments, media, etc

Your conscious energy is simply brain wave energy. Your emotions and thoughts are polarized – they have either a positive or negative vibration. “Negative transference” means that negative thoughts and emotions will instantly be pulled into the south pole, while “Positive transference” means positive thoughts such as love and compassion, will transmute or remove negative energy from the south pole. This duality is the basis for understanding how energy can heal your chakras. Negative transference is inharmonious “thoughts” which create an imbalance in the functioning of the lower chakras. Positive transference refers to conscious energy that is positive in nature, which removes the negative distortions in the chakras, to restore the frequency to those chakras. When you manifest negative thoughts and emotions, this energy is transported down the spine to the south pole of the chakra system, which directly filters into the base chakra and this energy instantly changes the frequency of the base chakra. Your personality, lifestyle habits, thoughts, and beliefs are vibrational in nature, and because chakras have their own unique frequency, this energetically means your consciousness currently determines the over all frequency of your ethereal body. For example, a person whose character can be described as highly emotional means that they have an over active or dominant sacral plexus (orange) chakra, because their character continually feeds that chakra with negatively charged emotional energy. As a result, the physical body will express where that frequency is most active and their physical health is a direct manifestation of the status of those lower chakras.

Negative transference means you unconsciously filter negative energy into the south pole and that is expressed outwardly on your physical health, behavior, and emotional state, creating a negative feedback loop. This conscious energy keeps feeding the south pole to remain working in constant negative polarity. Conscious awareness of your thoughts and emotions can speed up the process to resolve the imbalance. The diagram illustrates the different brain wave frequencies that are energetically linked to the primary chakras. When a person thinks and behaves from their heart center, they are consciously transferring the higher frequency (Hz) into the chakra system. Remember, a high energy signature means blockages in the lower chakras dissolve, because the lower vibrational energy is not compatible with the higher frequency energy flowing through the chakras. Therefore, to achieve a higher frequency, your energy signature is dependent on the progressive activation of each of the seven primary chakras. You can take simple yet powerful steps to change your frequency by thinking positively. To ascend, you need to learn how to master your conscious energy and avoid negative transference. Positive transference can drastically alter your frequency. Your energy signature will spiral to higher frequency when you expand your consciousness by thinking and acting positively (love and compassion).

Consider the following example:  Jack and Jill have a major verbal disagreement. Jill walks off and naturally becomes very upset and distraught. Her body begins to shake; she starts crying and generally, she feels very distressed over the whole incident.

Because of Jill’s emotional state, anxiety, and stress, her mind instantly transmits an electrical signal through the whole central nervous system. Her endocrine glands react and other biological changes take place. This emotional energy travels down the central nervous system to the base of the spine. At this point, this energy is transferred through the nadi channels into the chakra system. This negative energy now enters the first energy center – the base chakra (located at the base of the spine). The base chakra instantly responds. Depending on the state of Jill’s base chakra, this emotional energy changes the frequency of the base chakra. We understand that any frequency imbalance refers to a decrease in the quality of energy flowing through the chakra. 

As soon as Jill’s base chakra becomes distorted, the upward flow of energy to the next chakra is directly impacted, and so on. Within a short period, the entire chakra system is influenced from this imbalance. Using the table below, lets begin at the base chakra and move upwards, to observe how this blockage will influence Jill’s physical body:

The energy blockage in the base chakra is the main problem. To heal this chakra, the negative emotional energy must be replaced with positive energy. Of course, had Jack apologized for his actions, his conscious energy or positive transference (forgiveness) would instantly help Jill’s chakra system heal and naturally return to normal state. Likewise, negative transference can also create karmic cords (this will be explained later).

In regard to Jill, she must take conscious steps to heal the negative transference from her body. You can visualize this negative energy as black sticky syrup, which impedes the nadis channels and prevents the chakras from rotating. Chakra healing simply involves the removal of negative energy, by modulating “dark” energy into “light” (negative into positive frequency). For many people, damaged chakra and permanent blockages are caused from childhood traumas, cultural conditioning, bad habits, and life style choices and from physical and emotional injuries. 

The key to healing the biological body is the ethereal body. All illnesses and diseases are simply an incorrect frequency operating at a specific location in the ethereal body. This is why physical illnesses are a projection of one’s own psychological thinking, behavior, and ego. Once you recognize that you are unconsciously projecting negative energy into your ethereal body, you can repolarize your mental thoughts into a positive state of mind, and this will automatically change the frequency or energy signature within the ethereal body. This is the key to understanding energy transference – once you control your thoughts, ego, and mind, you begin to think positively, you literally pump up that polarized energy out of the central nervous system into the ethereal body, which raises the frequency of your energy signature. Remember this basic rule for ascension: when you expand your consciousness, (shift your conscious energy from negative to positive), you expand the frequency of your energy signature.


The Rule for Energy Transference: 

What you feed will grow, what you starve will fester and die

Chakras and Personal Ascension

In regard to personal ascension, your primary goal involves (a) healing and balancing the lower chakras, (b) aligning the chakras, (c) the activation and balancing of the upper chakras, and (d) strengthening the auric field. After steps are taken to heal and balance the lower chakras, you increase the kundalini current. A stronger kundalini current means a higher ethereal frequency. This frequency expansion starts the process of altering the biological body. Presently, the number of activated chakras determines the over all frequency of your energy signature. This frequency configuration can be classified as as either positive polarity or negative polarity:

  • Negative polarity means the south pole or the three lower chakras are not aligned (over active and unbalanced). These people would have a “moderate to low” energy signature, because their consciousness is heavily focused on feeding the two plexus: chakras and those chakra defects include ego / self-interests, no remorse for one’s actions, unloving attitudes and a lack of compassion towards others. These individuals are called “Darkworkers”.
  • Positive polarity means the north pole or upper chakras are aligned. These people would have a “high to very high” energy signature, because their consciousness is focused on “seeing love in all things” and they would demonstrate their green ray frequency through their actions and words. These individuals are called “Lightworkers”. They will easily ascend to new Earth.


In regard to ascension, Mother Gaia is shifting into the green band of the universal spectra. The frequency of the 4th dimension corresponds directly to the frequency of your heart chakra. For an individual to ascend to new Earth, they need to demonstrate the qualities of unconditional love and compassion (4D Law: Service to Others). The heart chakra is a frequency bridge to the higher chakras, because they have the higher frequencies. That is the reason why the personal ascension program has been designed to firstly heal the lower chakras before opening the heart chakra. You cannot bypass the heart chakra to open the higher chakras. When you achieve a higher frequency, you begin to have a deeper emotional understanding of one’s self and others. For the majority of humanity, the function at the negative polarity level or “Service to Self” mode. For many, the red / orange / yellow / blue chakras and not the heart chakra are the most active and dominant energy centers. Anger and hatred, irrational behavior, unloving attitudes, unable to give / receive love, judging others, critical of others, and intolerance to opposing viewpoints are all classic signs of heart chakra defects, which is easily observed in humanity’s low energy signature.

Ascension means we are moving from “Service to Self” to “Service to Others”. The activation of your green ray certifies your ascension to new Earth. That is the reason why the heart based qualities of “love and compassion” are the most important aspect attribute for ascension and why healing the lower chakras are your first priority. 

Our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and “unloving” emotions cause the lower chakras to be overcharged, closed and blocked. To energetically heal the imbalances in the lower chakras, we must remove two major types of “energy attachments”, namely old emotions and the ego’s relationship to man made / physical objects & beliefs. An attachment is negative energy that energetically targets the two lower plexus chakras, or visualize an attachment as unwanted frequency blocking those chakra. After we have healed the south pole, we can then start working on the north pole. However, the process of opening the heart chakra can be very painful to both your ego and physical body. When you undertake ascension, the lower frequency or the denser 3D energy that resides in the lower chakras must be eliminated slowly, so the body can gradually adjust and function at a higher frequency. Likewise, your conscious energy or how you think or feel generates energy. You are the boss of your energy (frequency) so you must begin to master your own thoughts, actions, and intentions. Right now, your frequency is defined by your thoughts, attitudes, and belief systems. You must be prepared to take charge of your ascension process and consciously transmute the lower 3D energy to achieve a 4D energy signature. At the time of the planetary shift, your frequency will determine what dimension you are destined to experience.


To ascend, you must heal or clear out 51% or more of the negative frequency from the three (3) lower chakras, and attune your energy signature to the 4th dimensional frequencies (4D frequencies commence at the heart chakra).

Chakras and Expanding Your Consciousness

There is a direct energetic relationship between “consciousness” and “matter”. How does this work? Your thoughts, intelligence, beliefs, behavior, and emotions are collectively known as your consciousness (YOU). Your consciousness is energy that feeds directly into the chakra system. Therefore, your energy signature and status of your chakras is a direct result of your consciousness. For most of humanity, their 3D consciousness is not compatible with the higher frequency (you are not yet thinking and acting 4th dimensionally).

The most important principle that underpins personal ascension involves “expanding your consciousness”, which means once you have consciously decided to release yourself from the 3rd dimension, you will take steps to modify your your old life and change your thought structure from the old “duality & ego” based thinking to “unity consciousness”. Right now, your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions that make up your consciousness are aligned to the frequency of the 3rd dimension. You are still thinking and doing things that are 3D in nature. When you shift your consciousness, you literally increase your ethereal frequency. Therefore, “expanding your consciousness” is simply repolarizing your conscious energy to produce a positive / high frequency. 

Consider the following examples: (a) when you find ways to demonstrate compassion, you have expanded your consciousness, because that one step is something you have never done before – you are doing something that is aligned to new Earth. When you consciously decide to move away from your old and “regular habits”, those new ways of thinking and doing things will generate a new and higher frequency and (b) when you make changes to your home environment and stop worrying about your material things and personal possessions, you have expanded your consciousness. On new Earth, you understand everyone will be entitled to the same luxuries. That one step creates new conscious energy, because you understand and have embraced unity consciousness.

Each step means you are shifting away from your old 3D thoughts and beliefs towards the principles of new Earth. Each step removes an energy blockage from your chakras. Each step increases your ethereal frequency. Personal ascension is simply the expansion of your consciousness. This means changing your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, and removing blockages from your 3D reality to generate a higher frequency. The ascension program is designed to use strategies, which will help you shift or expand your way of thinking away from your 3D mindset, but those strategies are actually healing your lower chakras. For example, when you decide to undertake karmic cord cutting, you understand that you are taking steps to remove the energy blockages in the sacral plexus chakra. Therefore, the very act of consciously deciding to carry out this task means you “understand and are totally self-aware” that you must complete this activity to lift your frequency. As a result, you have now “expanded your consciousness”. Your intent to shift to new Earth means you become more conscious of your energy signature, and become more dedicated to do whatever is necessary to remove those blockages. Hence, the term “Ascension” (progress / move upwards) because every step you consciously undertake raises your energy signature.

That is why expanding your consciousness is critical to ascension, because your 3D consciousness is currently out of alignment with the 4th dimensional frequency. Therefore, you must first set your conscious intent to manifest your new energy signature and then take full control of your consciousness during the ascension program. Remember, your new frequency must be aligned to the heart chakra and to manifest your new 4D / 5D consciousness, you must be willing to accept the principles of unity consciousness. 

With regard to consciousness, the most important concepts to remember are:

  • Your body contains your consciousness (this is YOU – thoughts, intelligence, emotions, memories, etc),
  • Your energy signature is the result of your consciousness,
  • The frequency of your consciousness is aligned to the frequency of this time / space reality,
  • Shifting the frequency of your consciousness alters the version of reality you can consciously experience,
  • To shift the frequency of consciousness, you must change your existing attitude and change your perception about what human experience you want and then take steps to make it happen,
  • Only you are responsible for changing the frequency of your consciousness.

Chakras and Emotional Healing

To heal the energetic imbalances in the sacral plexus (Orange) chakra, you will be required to heal or release old emotional baggage including resentments, unfinished business, and old grudges you are still holding onto against other people. Remember, the sacral plexus relates to “emotional attachments and relationships”. This healing process is called ”Emotional Clearing” and the most common approach is known as “Karmic Cord Cutting”. The ascension program contains the instructions for conducting this activity. 

A karmic cord is your emotional energy connected to a person, place, thing, or traumatic event, which was created from something you emotionally experienced at some point during your life. For example, a cord is created when you have a personal conflict with a person. In this case, the negative cord represents both your “memory” and the “emotional experience” (pain, anger, guilt, fear, resentment, etc) that was created in your mind from that incident. Since the sacral plexus relates to emotions, this chakra is an energetic storehouse of negative emotions you are holding on to. A karmic cord is a mental connection that keeps the emotional attachment (incident / situation) alive. Most cords are positive and stem from happy memories, but negative cords are created from experiencing a hurtful or harmful situation. A cord is simply conscious energy that resides within the ethereal body. For example, each time you verbally abuse someone, an ethereal cord is automatically created. That conscious energy consists of very heavy and dense emotions, which is sent from your mind down the spine to your sacral plexus. You have now created a permanent emotional attachment to a person, event, or issue, which remains energetically connected to your ethereal body.

“Karma” is an energetic attachment between you and another person that has not yet been emotionally healed, which may have carried over from a previous lifetime into this incarnation. That incident has been repeated in this lifetime, until you consciously heal that energy and release that cord. Karma is not about punishment; it is about healing your actions. It is important to release bad memories and emotional pain, guilt, resentment, and anger that you are holding on to. To lift your vibrational frequency, you must clear out the energy of guilt and harm that you have caused to others. The quality needed to release karmic cords requires positive energy.

Forgiveness heals karma. Forgiveness means removing resentment you place on others. You must forgive the people you have “hurt / harmed / abused physically and verbally” and forgive people that have done the same to you during this lifetime. They are the people with whom you had major disagreements, arguments, physical and emotional abuse or conflicts, such as siblings, friends, ex-partners, work colleagues, family members, etc.

Negative energy can only be dissolved or transmuted by positive energy. Forgiveness is the purest form of unconditional love. You will need to stop taking ownership of that bad memory and let it go. It does not matter that your choices or actions (or theirs) were right or wrong. You must demonstrate forgiveness. All these people came into your life for an incarnational reason. They volunteered to assist you at some point in your life. You need to acknowledge those individuals for their spiritual service, regardless of the outcome. When you undertake the ascension program, karmic cord cutting does not require you to literally contact those people, rather it uses a visualization exercise to energetically release the emotional attachment to that person. Your failure to clear out karma from your ethereal body will keep your energy signature low. This is why you must confront your bad memories and detach the emotional energy from those negative experiences. Your suffering means you believe your actions did not create the problem. Personal ascension requires you to be brave, to step up and demonstrate your divinity by using karmic cord cutting to forgive yourself and others.

The karmic cord cutting technique is a powerful tool for letting go of pain, guilt, and hurt from any type of relationship. Since the release of energy is directly related to past memories and emotional pain, you can expect to experience a range of emotions such as crying, laughing, a burst of anger, joy, etc. This part of the ascension program will be difficult. It will be painful, because your emotions and ego will resist. Lastly, karmic cords do have different properties. The number and thickness depends on the number of incidents and the degree of emotional pain that you experienced with a particular person. The rule for cord cutting requires you to mentally release three (3) issues or ethereal strands at a time, wait a couple days for your ethereal body to heal and rebalance, and then you can begin the next set of cord cutting.

Chakras and Physical Attachments

To heal the energetic imbalances in the solar plexus (yellow) chakra you will be required to release yourself from physical / man made attachments from within your 3D reality. Blockages and/or over stimulation often manifest with the preoccupation towards materialism, greed, selfishness, power over others, social status, and cultural belief systems. Remember, the solar plexus relates to “physical attachments, ego, fear and beliefs”. In regard to healing this chakra, you need to understand how the mechanics of negative transference directly influences this chakra. Negative transference means that you are not self aware that energy from within your 3D life manipulates your energy signature. This ethereal energy is known as physical attachments, which is divided into cultural belief systems and the human ego.

A “Belief System” is your is your conscious energy (usually emotionally) attached to something within your culture that you perceive to be real. Belief systems are an illusion. They are non-physical and imaginary. The importance and value you have consciously invested into something can mean something completely different to someone else. The beliefs that you may think are important to your life may not culturally exist in someone else’s culture. The reason for this: beliefs are vibrational in nature and they only exist in your physical world, because of cultural transference.

Cultural transference means that your conscious energy continues to support and accept that a particular social belief system is “true”. Therefore, you have consciously assigned that belief to have some kind of significance to your life. Often you are unconsciously manipulated by your reality to keep your mind thinking about that belief. Therefore, the sum of conscious energy from your society continues to feed that belief system, which keeps it alive and active within your culture. When people begin to starve their support and detach their conscious energy from accepting the importance of that belief, the less that belief system remains embedded within your culture, and that belief will die out, because it has lost its cultural significance to you and others.

The “Human Ego” means how much means how much of your conscious energy you are investing to support & maintain your human survival. Ego is associated with pursuing human activities to support your existence and assure your future, for example, materialism, wealth, status, and power / control. The ego is a subclass of cultural transference, the product of human existence but separate to your consciousness. When the ego becomes conflicted, and cannot make sense of the world, it responds with a defense mechanism, which is often emotionally expressed in your behavior as fear, anger and denial. The human ego is also related to selfishness  – making decisions for personal gain & believing your status, decisions, actions, and self-interests are more important for maintaining your position in the world, which results in the complete disregard to the welfare and/or social & ethical concerns for others. For example, your ego has made you believe that materialism and wealth are necessary for your survival. This illusion has falsely taught you that your life is a competition against other people to maintain your basic human needs and your personal worth as a human is a measure of your performance against others eg: career achievements, social rank or celebrity status gives you a particular cultural standing. Likewise, your reality has been designed to keep feeding you mind with “fear” and to keep you focused on “survival”. Eg: “If I don’t pay my mortgage, the bank will repossess my house” or “I save my money, because there will be no old age pension in the next 20 years”.

Attachments are vibrational in nature and have been purposely designed to energetically increase the flow of energy to the solar plexus. Your emotional energy is heavily connected to many types of attachments (possessions, beliefs, etc) within your 3D reality. Many people have energetically invested much of themselves to create and guarantee their long term security to support themselves and their families and have a strong emotional connection to these attachments to maintain their survival and welfare. During ascension, you must detach yourself from the things that keep binding you to your 3D life. Attachment means fear and resisting a new way of life. Why is detachment hard to do? Your ego has entrapped your emotions. When you try to remove these physical items and beliefs from your life, your emotions automatically react and create a fear-based response. This emotional reaction gives you the feeling that you cannot live and survive or exist without your material possessions, etc. The heavy emotions of fear and anger have energetically attached, built up, and have blocked the solar plexus. When you try to release your ego from an attachment, you trigger those heavy emotions, thus creating a feedback loop that feeds the lower chakras. Fear and anger is a normal response when the ego is energetically starved. Remember when you fully embrace and change your mindset about the concept of survival, welfare, and security and understand that new Earth provides everyone with the same things (abundance for all). You will not manifest fear and anger when you take steps to release your dependency to your old 3D attachments. Only then do you stop worrying about survival, or stop thinking worst case scenarios such as “what happens if I lose my job, get sick, injured, after I retire?”.

Ascension represents the conscious battle that must be fought between your consciousness (soul) and your ego (3D survival).  Your ego is your comfort zone, it’s seductive, gives you security, and has been the sturdiest part of your life. The dominance of the ego personality will stop people from achieving their ascension, because they will resist releasing their old ways of thinking and doing things to accept change. A higher frequency means consciousness without ego.

Chakras and Ascension Symptoms

Personal ascension is designed to help you gradually raise the frequency for your energy signature. During this process, you will experience a number of different physical, emotional, and mental symptoms. These symptoms directly relate to frequency expansion. During ascension, you will experience two different types of frequency changes to the body and both are interwoven. The first frequency change occurs after healing, balancing, and aligning each of the primary chakras, which increases the frequency of the kundalini circuit. The second frequency change is caused from the in streaming of high frequency astral energy entering the ethereal body via the auric field. 

Each time there is a frequency expansion in the ethereal body, you will experience a series of ascension symptoms within the biological body. More importantly, ascension symptoms are a clear sign that you are transforming and spiraling to a higher frequency. 

Here is a summary to help you understand the two types of frequency expansion cycles that will change the energy signature in the ethereal body during the ascension program:

  1. Frequency expansion is similar to a domino effect. After releasing the energetic blockages in the lower chakras, the vibrational nature of the lower chakras begin to function normally, or when the light has been turned on, the chakra circuitry (in take / out take or receive / transmit) automatically changes the nature of the connectivity to the next chakra, thus restoring the circuitry system along the chakra system to its original frequency. The rule to remember: the process of healing, balancing, and aligning each primary chakra means the chakra is capable of holding more energy, the circuitry connection between each chakra changes and as a result, there is a frequency increase or expansion along the primary longitudinal axial current (chakra system).
  2. Frequency expansion within the chakra system is known as Kundalini. This the natural and free flowing state of the Ka energy flowing along the chakra system.
  3. The first frequency expansion cycle occurs after healing and balancing the south pole – the three (3) lower chakras. When kundalini had been achieved, this will be your first indication that the ethereal body is beginning to to expand to a higher frequency, because the properties for each for each of the lower chakras have changed. As a result, the lower chakras will begin to rotate faster and the increased spin will initiate a kind of centrifugal force, which filters out any lower vibrational frequency or the denser energy from the ethereal body. 
  4. Before discussing the second expansion frequency cycle, let’s first define the aura. Your physical body is composed of a carbon body (matter), which energetically interfaces with the ethereal body (anti matter). The ethereal body consists of invisible charged matter, which produces a frequency grid, known as the auric field. The ethereal body is actually a sheath containing “bio plasmic matter” (anti matter), while the auric field consists of “crystalline bio plasma” (known as the Light Body and Merkaba). This crysto- light energy is automatically projected around the ethereal body. Every entity that is composed of matter generates this field. The aura expands when a person expands their consciousness. It should be noted that “Matter”, Anti Matter”, and “Bio- energy Plasma” coexist together in the same space, but each layer has their own dimensional wavelength, frequency, and density.
  5. The second expansion cycle occurs when the ethereal body automatically changes the vibrational frequency in the auric field. When the ethereal body begins to operate at a higher frequency, the lower frequency auric capsules or crystalline particles of light will modulate into a higher frequency. As a result, the auric field begins to expand and become brighter. This triggers a new frequency change. When the aura undergoes this transformation, the aura can hold more of the high frequency astral energies it receives from the higher dimensions. This cosmic energy is received by the causal body, and filtered via the aura into the ethereal body, thus creating an interconnected and unified human energy system, or circuit that allows energy to be fed into meridians and flow between the chakras, the ethereal body, auric field, and the causal body. Note: a clear and bright aura is a sign of someone who has a higher ethereal frequency, thus they can carry more light.
  6. The frequency expansion in the ethereal body (and the corresponding increase to the light quotient in the auric field) is dependent on the progressive activation of each of the seven primary chakras. An optimal healthy human auric field is fully dependent on the health of the ethereal body. The vibrational nature of this kundalini energy will gradually increase and return to normal state when the upper chakras are opened and balanced.
  7. Presently, the old auric field is not compatible with the planet’s higher frequency grid. For your aura to stay connected during the planetary shift, ascension gradually infuses the aura with a new electromagnetic circuit, which changes the vibrational frequency of the crystalline bio plasma to a higher frequency. The ethereal body is the apparatus that connects your body to the planet’s ethereal body, but it is also directly responsible for the crystallization frequency of the aura. There is a symbiotic coupling that integrates the biological body (matter), and the ethereal body, and with the crystalline bio plasma body (anti matter).
  8. After the second frequency expansion cycle, to compensate and manage the increasing amount of higher frequency, the ethereal body starts the process of regulating and unifying the electromagnetic properties of the emotional, mental, and biological bodies to energetically interact and communicate with each other. This process will be accompanied with a number of physical symptoms. Emotional changes will leave you feeling irritable and angry. Mental changes will leave you feeling exhausted and disoriented. Physical symptoms will manifest in the locations of the primary chakras, but the type of physical symptoms are directly related to the health and status of those primary chakras, (thus its dependent on what chakras are opened, blocked & balanced), and not everyone will experience the same symptoms.
  9. In addition, after the second frequency expansion cycle commences, the auric field will receive the first download or wave of high frequency astral energy entering the ethereal body. The cosmic energy enters through the crown chakra, and travels down the spinal column to the base chakra. As a result, the lower vibrational energy found in each of the three lower chakras will be released. In regard to the base chakra, expect to experience pain in the lower back, pressure around the urinary tract, fluid retention, swelling in the lower abdomen, and a range of gastro-intestinal problems including diarrhea.
  10. You may also experience a physical reaction to the higher frequency filtering into the auric field, which can manifest as a high pitched sound vibrating in the left ear.
  11. Likewise, when the higher frequency astral energy enters the crown chakra, expect to experience intense headaches around the head, some stiffness around the neck & shoulders and localized pressure of pain around the left hemisphere of the brain.
  12. In regard to the emotional body, your emotions have the lowest frequency, so this dense energy will be the first energy released from th body. Expect to experience a variety of negative feelings and emotions including anger, sadness, mood swings, and intense rage that will suddenly come out of nowhere.
  13. The release of emotional toxins will also start changing the electrical pathways in the brain. Since your emotional and mental bodies are interwoven, your mental body (thoughts, ideas, memory, etc) will energetically change and stay aligned with the emotional body. Expect to experience exhaustion, fatigue, and a lack of concentration.
  14. The types of physical systems that will manifest in the body will be dependent on the health and status of the upper chakras (opened, blocked & balanced). The most common symptom is body heat. Metabolic and hormonal changes will increase the body’s temperature. During daytime, it is far easier to manage, because you can consciously regulate your temperature, but at night time, you will experience restlessness, hot & pulsating legs / feet, and less “deep sleep” cycles.

There is some good news: when you finally ascend to a higher frequency, you experience less physical symptoms during each cycle, although some symptoms may reappear from time to time. From personal experience, this Lightworker has summarized the “Four Stages for a Frequency Expansion Cycle”, in the table below. You can expect to experience a minimum of two (2) frequency expansion cycles over a three (3) month period. It usually takes a minimum of two (2) weeks for one frequency expansion to finish and then and then the body enters into a transitional period. It takes time for your body to adjust to the new frequency before you begin to feel normal again. This may last for a month or so, before the next frequency expansion cycle begins. Also remember, ascension means to keep ascending your frequency. Therefore, your frequency or energy signature, will be different to another person. There are many factors that influence a person’s frequency including the health of the lower chakras or how much emotional healing has been done, level of motivation and resistance, lifestyle habits, and negative thoughts and attitudes.

Chakra Consciousness

The term “Chakra Consciousness” refers to “chakra self-awareness” or your personal knowledge and understanding of the human chakra system.

Chakra consciousness includes:

  • Location of the primary chakras
  • How the chakra system works
  • Understanding energy flows
  • Types of physical symptoms and causes for the imbalances in each primary chakra
  • How to conduct a chakra self analysis 
  • Understanding chakra frequencies 
  • Releasing negative emotional energy 
  • Basic meditation techniques 
  • Healing strategies for primary chakras
  • How to activate, align, and balance chakras
  • How do the chakras interact with the physical body and the mind?
  • How do the chakras interact with the human endocrine glands?
  • What are the signs that indicate that each chakra is unbalanced?
  • What are the symptoms of over active chakras?
  • What are the symptoms of under active chakras?

It is highly recommended that you research and invest your time to learn all you can about the human chakra system. Options include taking a chakra workshop, purchasing a chakra DVD, or researching the vast amount of online videos, tutorials, and websites that are available on the Internet.


A good understanding of the chakra system will be invaluable, because you can use your chakra knowledge to customize or alter your personal ascension program and/or assist other people with their ascension.

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