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Summary of Ascension Concepts

This content, “The Ascension Handbook” has outlined a number of major concepts, which have been summarized below:

  • Ascension is plural for “Planetary Ascension” and “Personal Ascension”
  • Ascension refers to the evolution of consciousness to the next highest dimensional plane of existence 
  • Earth will shift from the 3rd density into the 4th density with or without humanity
  • It is anticipated that the planetary shift will take place sometime after the commencement of the next grand cycle, which was between the 2012 September equinox and the 2012 Winter Solstice
  • Planetary ascension is a natural evolutionary cycle that shifts planetary objects, including their inhabitants through the space / time continuum 
  • The planet will shift out of the upper overtones of the 3rd dimension frequency band (3.8) into the upper overtones of the 4th dimension (4.8)
  • The completion of the 2012 procession of the equinox coincides with the completion of the grand cycle. This is the end of the current 3D timeline or the end of this vibration and the beginning of the 4D timeline in the next dimensional frequency band. It is not the end of the planet or the end of life at all. It is the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle
  • At the completion of the grand cycle, two dimensional planes will eclipse each other, creating an energetic gateway, that allows humanity the option to ascend to a new reality in a higher octave
  • Earth is shifting into the green band of the universal spectrum, which matches the vibrational frequency of the heart chakra (unity, unconditional love and compassion)
  • The aim of personal ascension involves increasing the vibrational frequency of the energy signature in your ethereal body. It is the process of releasing the older, dense 3D energy from your consciousness (thoughts, beliefs, and emotions), which is stored in the chakras and this will gradually increase the vibrational frequency within the energy signature, which allows it to hold and keep receiving the higher vibration 
  • To consciously experience the dimensional shift and live on new Earth, your ethereal body needs to be modulated to the same frequency of the planet 
  • New Earth is the name given to describe humanity’s new reality after the planet shifts into the 4th dimension or the next highest octave of existence
  • It is your ethereal body that will energetically exist on new Earth and not your biological 3D body, because the polarity that creates the appearance of matter in the 3rd dimension will diminish, so matter in the higher frequency becomes less dense or solid
  • The Law of Freewill is your divine right to personally choose to participate in personal ascension 
  • Regardless of your personal decision, everyone will ascend at the time of the planetary shift
  • It will be impossible for a person with a low frequency to raise one’s frequency on short notice to reach the higher vibration 
  • At the time of the planetary shift, the frequency of your energy signature will determine what vibratory realm or dimension you will experience 
  • The people that decide not to raise their consciousness to the higher frequency level will leave the planet through the normal death process at the time of the planetary shift and will return home to the spirit world
  • New Earth will be governed by the 4th dimensional laws known as “Service to Others” and new humanity will function on the spiritual concept known as “Unity Consciousness” (and not the old 3D law of duality & ego consciousness)
  • Synthetic items and man made or artificially manufactured materials will not shift to new Earth
  • Once we shift to new Earth, new humanity will unite and work together for 3 years or less to complete the “New Earth Project”, which involves literally starting from scratch to rebuild our communities, buildings and other infrastructures
  • After the planetary shift, our old 3D Earth or the planetary shell will remain in the 3rd dimension as a non ascension planet. It will not have a magnetosphere, thus it will be a non-forming planet, which means it cannot support life forms. Over eons of years, our old planet is destined to evolve into a Sun. However, a couple of decades after the dimensional shift, the planet will begin the process of reverse densification (solid to a gas) and it’s core will begin to slow, the tectonic plates will stop working and temperatures will drastically cool. The planet will eventually devolve into a non-terrestrial planet and appear similar to what Venus looks like today.

Acknowledgements and Final Comments

I wish to give my gratitude to my spiritual protector, master, and friend known to humanity as Guardian Angel Nemamiah from the higher dimensions, who supported me on my journey and guided me intensely for the last several years to this moment. After I received my “Divine Calling”, you helped me understand the truth of my being and the purpose of my divine mission on Earth as a Lightworker and Messenger of Divinity. I also must thank my Brothers and Sisters from the spiritual hierarchy and the many Celestial Councils across the universe for your love, guidance and support.

I take this opportunity to give special thanks to Mother Gaia. My beautiful lady, you are so deserving of your ascension. It has saddened me to watch humanity disrespect your body during my time on Earth. In response to your cry for help, Lightworkers and Starseeds volunteered themselves from across the cosmos. We have kept our promise, working silently and diligently over many years to complete our divine mission as planetary healers. We are “grid workers” who incarnated in different locations around the planet. Legions of us have been anchoring the higher frequencies of light into your body, which has assisted in healing your ethereal body. As Lightworkers, our ascension has helped release much of your negative energy through our own bodies, which has assisted to minimize the severity of Earth changes across the planet, but at the same time, we have helped you transform your ethereal body into a 5th dimensional planetary sphere.

I wish to also give my thanks for all my earthly friends who worked with me as a guide and helped me heal my heart. I will cherish all our conversations, jokes, laughs, and memories. You taught me that death is not final, but we are a multidimensional spiritual being. We choose to incarnate in physical form on the earth plane to continue our spiritual lessons or remain behind in the spiritual world to work as a guide and heal & support family & friends (Service to Others) who are completing their incarnations. I do not feel alone anymore, because you have never left me and I can talk with you at anytime.

Finally, I am very pleased to be here on Earth at this special time to help Mother Gaia and humanity. Many Lightworkers on the planet came here as “way-showers”. This means that Lightworkers are here to “show you the way” to achieve your higher frequency, which means we can provide you with both the tools to learn & complete your ascension, but will share our own personal experiences and spiritual wisdom to help you better understand the process. We have anchored the 4D / 5D energy from home to the earth plane, to give humanity a glimpse of what to expect after the planet shifts to new Earth, and we are here to teach you about the personal ascension process, based upon our accumulated wisdom, knowledge, and experiences. Those of you that successfully complete the personal ascension program will personally link your own higher vibrational energies to Mother Gaia’s new unity consciousness grid. More importantly, after ascension, this handbook will serve as a blueprint for new humanity. It provides the basic information to help new humanity collectively work together and create a new world with the same vision of unity.

All of us will play a major role, because we are the architects, planners, and engineers for new Earth. We will build the blueprint that will prepare the children of today to be our future. I am also looking very forward to my new life on new Earth. It is my mission as a spiritual master, to implement a worldwide network of regional training centers that teaches “5D Consciousness”, namely 5D healing techniques and wisdom teaching. In addition to my role as a new Earth Leader, I will also work as a “New Earth Ambassador”, which will commence after Earth and new humanity becomes an official member of the galactic community. The Confederation of Light are very eager to welcome us after we arrive, and they will be ready to help us with the new Earth project.

Do not be alarmed by the last comment. The Confederation of Light is a galactic cooperative of civilizations that operate under the Law of One, which consists of a large number of Celestial Councils from different planets, dimensions, and universes beyond our 3D dimension. Our local Celestial Council consists of the spiritual hierarchy, and the other civilizations that exist on the planets within our solar system (planets & inhabitants) that previously ascended to the 4th dimension.

Regardless of your beliefs, by default, humanity is already a member of the Confederation of Planets. Our Brothers and Sisters from the 5th dimension will provide assistance to Earth after the dimensional shift (hint: 5D Law: Service to Love). The Confederation will freely share their technology, culture, wisdom, and friendship. They will help us complete the “new Earth Project”, which involves the construction and rebuilding of communities across new Earth, but they will not intervene in the affairs if the greater population. They respect your freewill. You, as a human being cannot have a human experience that you do not want to experience. Therefore, several locations across new Earth will serve as “Technology Communities”.  It will be the responsibility of those community members to work as “Project Coordinators” and travel to other communities to implement the new Earth project, which will take us a couple of years to complete. Remember, new humanity will literally have to start from scratch. Likewise, those of you that are consciously open to this notion are very welcome to join my community.

Any day now. 🤗

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