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Andara Crystals

In order to understand Andaras, it will be helpful to understand their history (at least what we know of it). So here is the story of Lady Nellie composed from a number of sources.

The Story of Lady Nellie and the Andara Crystals

Nellie Morse Thompson was born on the Choctaw Indian Reservation in Oklahoma on February 21, 1918 (as best as I have been able to document) and passed away on Thursday, June 24, 2010 at the age of 91 in Modesto, California.

To begin to understand Lady Nellie is to confront the trials and hardships that represent her life: as a dispossessed Native American with a half Irish lineage. Nellie’s parents dealt with the same as well, being children of mixed parentage in a time when such people were neither recognized as white or Indian.

Born into the poverty of that era, she never accepted a life without possibilities for a better future. Nellie was gifted with an inner strength, which was recognized early in her childhood by her parents. Nellie learned firsthand the strength of faith that her mom had in dealing with life as it was. God was never far from her family, as Nannie (mom) taught her how God and Christ were always there to help.

It was that strength of character that helped her survive both the devastating childhood illnesses of polio and rheumatic fever. It was also her strong belief in Christ as her savior that enabled her to endure when all else seemed to fail.

At the age of 3, polio took her ability to walk; rheumatic fever then ended her formal education after only 40 days at school. Nellie never finished school due to those illnesses, nor did she learn to read or write. Nellie’s family moved several times in her youth, always seeking work to support their family.

Nellie was 7 years old when she lost her mother, Nannie Chandler Williams, to influenza. Before her passing, Nannie (mom) tasked Nellie to protect her sisters and keep the family together. Nannie instilled Nellie with her faith, reminding her that God never gave you anything that you couldn’t overcome.

At the same time, her father, Fred J. Morse, was diagnosed with tuberculosis and moved to a TB sanitarium for treatment. This left Nellie and her siblings to be placed with relatives and eventually an orphanage. Though confined to a chair, Nellie never lost faith and did her best to keep her siblings safe and at her side.

Nellie and her sisters were later reunited with her father, but times were hard in the beginnings of the Great Depression. Nellie didn’t let these things stand in her way, always looking out for her siblings and family.

At the age of eight, Nellie’s life was changed forever. An Indian medicine man approached her father and asked if he could help heal Nellie of her polio. Nellie knew she had to walk again if she was to fulfill the promise she made to her mother before she passed.

Nellie believed sincerely in helping others, as so many had helped her over the years of her disability. Though only eight, she had lived a lifetime. True to his word, the Shaman faith-healed Nellie, instilling in her a personal commitment to a lifetime of service.

Having overcome her illnesses, Nellie began the long road to recovery with her unwavering faith. Though her life was filled with strife and contention, she always found time to be of service to others. Her inner strength and faith in God would support her for the rest of her life.

She knew firsthand the power of an education and impressed this upon her children, making sure that all of them graduated from school. Nellie was not afraid to speak her mind, with the strength of will to follow through on her convictions.

When confronted with an abusive spouse, Nellie was not afraid to leave with her children, even if that meant hitch hiking across the west to start anew in California.

Nellie knew firsthand the destructive effects of poverty mixed with alcohol and drugs, witnessing this among the members of her tribe. She also instinctively knew that path lead to the grey fields of despair and desperation, and ultimately the loss of all hope.

Nellie refused to succumb to that siren call even though it was all around her, and she swore never to give in or give up. Nellie knew that Christ was there with her always; her strength when she faltered, there to lean on, and that Christ would carry her in those times she could not take another step.

From her father she learned carpentry and self-sufficiency, and built several homes including the one in California that she lived in until her passing. From her mother and grandmother, she learned the healing techniques of her tribe, of spirit walking and dream reading.

Nellie had many prophetic dreams, and she knew them for what they were. Though not always welcomed, she was gifted with this second sight. With Christ in her heart always, Nellie continued her path of service to others.

Nellie was a well-known Medicine woman at this time in California, and practiced her craft within the local community. Nellie loved to spend time in the mountains above her home, walking and hiking the sacred ground found there. It reminded her of the time spent with her father in the forests and mountains of her childhood.

When WWII broke out in the Pacific, Nellie was a constant fixture at the local Veterans center. Service to her country was part of her heritage, as members of her family fought alongside American soldiers in both the Indian wars of the early 1800’s and in the Civil war that followed. As a child, Nellie was told stories of the sacrifice her family made in these wars for the benefit of future generations.

While still raising her growing family, Nellie helped in fundraisers, food and clothing drives, and in any other capacity needed. She won many awards for her selfless work from the Veteran’s center. Nothing was too small for her to do when it came to supporting the returning vets.

When Nellie was in her sixties, she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and given only a few months to live. Nellie now had grandchildren in school and it was important to her that they complete their education. She couldn’t die now, and she prayed for help.

That night she had a dream. In it, she was walking on sacred land in the mountains above her home with Christ as her guide. Christ guided her to a field of white powder with Fern bush (Chamae Rose) medicinal plants glowing with vitality. Christ told her to make a tea with this plant and drink it several times a day.

When Nellie awoke, she knew just what to do. The location was well known to her, as were the medicinal herbs she was shown. And Nellie knew exactly where that field of white was.

Nellie immediately took a trip up into the mountains, against the advice of her family and friends to fulfill the quest that Christ had set upon her. Nellie returned invigorated with success, and with care and thanks, made the tea that Christ had shown her.

Within days, she felt better, and kept getting better each day. What was once thought to be the final weeks of her life turned into a miracle in the making.

A month later, she returned to her doctor for a checkup. Nellie’s condition had improved so much that the doctor thought that they must have misdiagnosed her. In three months, Nellie was as healthy as ever, with no discernable heart condition.

This is just the tiniest glimpse of the life that Lady Nellie lived. But with this glimpse, one is better able to understand why the Andara crystals choose her as their first representative. The Andara crystals are about service to humanity, and found a kindred heart in Lady Nellie.

It was in 1967 that Lady Nellie found the first Andara crystal. She and her children were playing in the snow when one of her children hit her with a snowball, inside of which she found her first seafoam crystal. It was the only one found at the time and Nellie kept it in her home as a token from the earth and as a powerful healing crystal. Clearly she sensed its energy and began using it in her healings.

It was more than a decade later that a psychic healer came to Nellie for her knowledge as a medicine woman. Ally Keith came in search of new healing modalities; what she found was something much greater.

Ally had been having dreams of a green crystal of unheard of power. In her dreams, these crystals were of many colors, but it was the green ones that she was most attracted to. When Ally saw the green crystal on Nellie’s altar, she became very excited.

“That’s it! That’s it!” Ally exclaimed and pointed to the green crystal. Ally told Nellie of her dreams and visions and asked her if she had any more in her possession. As a dream shaman, Nellie knew the power and truth that these visions can reveal.

At this time, no one had named this crystal yet, and Nellie explained how and when she found it and that it was the only one that had come off the mountain.

Ally knew there were more up there and explained to Nellie the importance of her find. “You just have to go back and get more, I’ll buy everything you bring back, just please go back,” Ally implored.

So Nellie and her grandchildren took a trip back into the mountains to look for more. Nellie proceeded to the area where the first one was found, but she and the grandchildren did not find any. It was a long drive to and from the mountain, and all their effort was for naught.

When Nellie arrived home, she contacted Ally and told her that they had not found any. Ally immediately told Nellie how important it was that she find them and was quite upset when Nellie balked at a return trip.

Nellie told Ally that they had searched high and low, and insisted that there were no other crystals up there. Nellie said “I’ve walked that property for 20 years and I know it like the back of my hand and ‘there ain’t no more crystals.’ ”

After they both calmed down, Ally convinced Nellie to try once more. What convinced Nellie was when Ally told her where and what to look for. Ally told her to look for a white power on the ground. Ally explained that it was “the dust of unicorns rubbing their horns together in play”.

Nellie now knew where to look, as she was very familiar with that particular area from her previous visions. It was what she considered the most sacred part of the mountain, the area that Christ had shown her more than a decade ago.

So Nellie and the grandchildren returned to the mountain with a renewed purpose. She sought out the white powder as before, but could not see any crystals. Not to be deterred, she and the kids began digging in the powder and found clumps of something.

Being a medicine woman, Nellie knew that crystals could be covered in earth and unrecognizable. So she took one of these clumps and began to clean it off. As she wiped the dirt away, a beautiful crystal of light was revealed.

This area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains was well known for their obsidian deposits, and these had that same glass like structure. The difference was their brightness and variety of colors. Nellie had never seen obsidian like this, nor had she held crystals of such power.

Nellie thanked the mountain for sharing this gift, and she and the children collected all they could find. When they came down off the mountain, Nellie had collected hundreds of pounds of these obsidian-like crystals.

Nellie called Ally as soon as she reached home, excited to share this discovery with her. Ally was thrilled with the news, as Nellie told how and where they were discovered, like buried treasure.

Nellie told Ally that they had taken all that they could find and thought that was it. To which Ally replied, “The people of this planet are ready for the gifts of these crystals, so the earth will supply more very soon.”

In less than a month, this prediction came true. An earthquake struck the area where these crystals were found and new parts of the mountain was uncovered. Nellie discovered this while checking if the earthquake had affected the property.

Nellie contacted Ally to pass on the news of this wonderful event. Ally said, “Gather what you can, someday the earth will take the crystals back to hold its seed.”

A few years later, the prophetic sentence that Ally had spoken came to pass. Another earthquake buried the site under tons of rock and dirt in the late 1980’s.

Nellie and the children continued to gather what they could for the next ten years, but by the late 1990’s, the surface sources were completely exhausted. Nellie persisted in her search for more, but what crystals could be found were small and few in number.

Sometime in 1995, Nellie invited a channeler to do a reading on these new crystals. There was at the time a small group of healers and light workers exploring these new and powerful crystals. A small gathering came together to listen and the name Andara was given to them by the channeled entity Thoth. From that day forward, these enigmatic tools were known as Andara crystals.

Then, in the spring of 2001, two teenage boys discovered a new cluster of crystals. These boys lived on an adjacent property to Nellie, and while gathering firewood on her land, came across them. They knew that Nellie collected these, as the families were close, and immediately presented their find to her.

Nellie was 86 by now, and her health was not as it had been just a few years ago. Visits and treks to her sacred mountain were almost physically impossible now. Her bout with polio as a child was manifesting in her legs again and made walking difficult.

Nellie made an offer to the boys to gather all of the crystals they could find and drive them to her home and she would pay them. The boys agreed, and a new chapter in the Andara crystal legacy began.

On June 25, 2010 Lady Nellie crossed over peacefully and has begun her next journey. Nellie’s family and Mickey Magic will continue to protect her legacy and continue her mission of distributing the Andaras around the world.

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