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“This information has made its way to humanity through the steadfast work of Maia Nartoomid @ Her body of work has created a vast archive of the work of Thoth (and much more) since the mid-70’s. It’s no coincidence that this information is surfacing now as we can all sense that the Shift Earth’s consciousness has been moving toward is upon us and the wisdom Thoth channeled through Maia is about to be put to good use – if you are paying attention that is …”  What follows is from a 1995 channeling.

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The Golden Taya - Part 4 of 5

Timeless Reflections

Timeless Reflections will become a regular column in Temple Doors from this issue forward. The material appearing in this column will be comprised of wisdom and reflections of past masters, sages and souls of light that have been translated from the holographic recording crystals of the Earth by Maia Shamayyim. Some of the material, as in this issue, will come from the archive of material she has already translated and other times will be new translations.

We hope you enjoy this material as much as we do. It has outstanding literary value as well as deep insight.

The Bounty

In the moments of life, that disparage of hope, in the credulous sustainment of eternalness, there I pause in darkness, amidst the frailties and glories of thought, to emerge from the wilderness of my present fort into the tumbling ages of my beginnings; and in rapture, envision the emotion that presses upon me, bearing the sureness of flaming graves forgotten, passing as a cloud from the Earth, a lance from the breast, a stone fading in the profusion of an avalanche, yet again to resurrect in the portals of my soul.

What time concedes life must uphold. All instants are reverberations of past instants, blessed in divinity of continuance, rejoiced through the lips of new seekers, which are the adventurers of old. Thus is the recourse of memory to become an embodiment of life itself, to be fused to the infinite evolution of the soul. As secrets of life are whispered upon the barren deserts, they impart an etherical sovereignty of wisdom in the breath of the winds that discloses unto each grain of sand the merit of its worth in the given grace of the moment passing. From the sea, in its empirical rhythm, reflections are traced from the depths of cosmic thought wherein lie, stirring in the salted domain of births, the rhythms of past currents too distant for man to reason, too close for time to withhold. As the hour approaches, stagnancy shall loose its hold upon the sons of God, and from the impotent shall come the fertile, and the drought shall be seen as the quencher of thirst, for every mouth will be moistened from the wisdom of the sands.

Now as I stand in the self that is my own, I know, I know of all the past that closes to the future, for I look to my shoulder and see the way before me, and I look ahead to see the sun, the giant mirrored image of the world, upon whose blazing surface the past has tread. Yet, if I were to close my eyes, I would know neither, both would be obvious in my darkness, for in the greater sight of the blind, both are the same. Irrevocable as death is everlasting life that willingly encounters the tragic and intolerable in the recognizing of the conscious totality. As the pearl that collects in the oyster, so do the genes in the tapestry of man , worn into existence through centuries by the beauty of singularity.

And so man is derived of his own strife, his body a pittance expelled from his soul, a morsel to pacify the gaping mouth of his illusions, spurred by his enchantment and often disenchantment, into every crevice his being can enter, to touch and search among the debris of earlier excavation. He searches for the mysteries of his plight that have driven him to forsake his peace, but such secrets find only the deepest recesses of the mind as their sanctuary and inner reaches of the heart as their altar. Man will not find his peace among debris, but in the fertile valleys of his mind. To whatever challenges the soul, I call it blessed. To arise from sleep is the challenge of the dreamer. To sleep in search of dreams is the quest of the fool. And to the searcher, he shall find his soul… the most precious bounty.

Atlantean Crystals

As the ascended Emerald Pyramid of Ruta (the Pashatasarak) is light encoded back into the Holy Doma (Holy Dome of Light, see last Temple Doors issue3&4-94), all Atlantean crystals remaining on and in the planet which were originally programmed by the Doma are beginning to activate on a new level of consciousness. They are the “seed crystals” for alignment of the Earth/Human element to the light grid of the 3rd millennium (future) time wave.

The Pashatasarak, Emerald Pyramid of RutaMany of these crystals are now in etheric retreats and the inner Earth, but some are still in circulation upon the surface of the planet. You may even possess one of these crystals without realizing it.

During the age of Atlantis, especially in its last years, most of these crystals were transported to other sacred areas of the planet to perpetuate the Earth’s connection to the Attasic light grid or true light matrix of our spiritual creation. Although we have fallen from alignment with this grid, we maintain contact points through various sources left us by the ancients. Among these are the Atlantean Crystals and Dweller Crystal Skulls (see Temple Doors issues 4-90 and 1&2-92). Both will “open the scroll” to a new dimensional reality potential in their communication with the planet.

There are several main types of “Atlantean Crystals”:

(1) Implanted crystals – These are crystals brought from Atlantis and physically implanted into the Earth at various locations, usually upon power nodes.

(2) Transference crystals – These are crystals still within the veins of the Earth. They have had the light codes of various sacred knowledge and other planetary continuum of the Atlantean programs encoded within crystal matrices in the Earth which are part of a vein Tehuti calls “Merlin’s Mine”. The crystals within Merlin’s mine contain Light program encoding of various “stratum” for planetary transformation, one of which is Atlantean.

(3) Interfaced crystals – These are “ordinary” crystals which have been programmed to interface with the Atlantean stratum of the Merlin mine (or other stratum of this matrix).

Using any crystal that has been cleared of negative influence you may tap the Atlantean Crystal Matrix (ACM), which is a light net connecting all the Atlantean Crystals to the greater Attasic Universal Light Grid.

To aid you in accessing the ACM, visualize a blue-green light, in the center of which is a sparkling clear crystal radiating rainbow colors. Chant the mantram OMU- RA-SA-SET-TA until you feel you have successfully entered the matrix. Then chant AB-E-VEH-SEE-ME-KA-ON_UR-EH as you call upon these codes to quicken your light body to the Attasic Universe.

International Magnetic Grid Ecological

Emergency Network Project

Johannine Grove has been invited by Dan Winter of Crystal Hill Farm in New York to participate in the international Magnetic Grid Ecological Emergency Network (IMGEEN). This project seek to link the efforts of various groups and individuals together for the purposes of healing the magnetic grids of our Beloved Terra. This group is installing a gigabyte computer system in Amsterdam in order to disperse the information provided by the participants of the project into the information highway established by the internet.

Earth Magnetic GridJohannine Grove will be providing information from the perspective of Tehuti/Thoth and “Chariot of the Sun” on the overall temple/grid constructs and functions. This information will hopefully provide an overview of the working temple/grid system to enable a more focused approach in the efforts of IMGEEN to heal the magnetic grids of the planet. A portion of the information we will be placing on the internet will involve the vast base of information developed over the years by Willaim Buehler on training and application of light synergy groups for these purposes.

This entire venture is in the very early stages (for Johannine Grove and IMGEEN) and as such our current plans may have to be altered to fit the parameters of the available computer space etc… We will continue to fulfill the focus of assembling this information to completion regardless of any changes in plan by the IMGEEN as we feel this will be of benefit to humanity. This is also the beginning of the serious work on a book to be authored by Maia, Simeon, William and Joan called “Through an Angels Eye: The Fall and Rise of Planet Earth”. This book will be a comprehensive work on the greater and lesser cosmologies, cosmetrics and personal/Earth transformational/healing techniques. It should prove to be a valuable manual for seriously committed Light Workers.

What follows is the first segment of the information we have assembled for this project including our introductions and mission statement. This will be an ongoing project whereby we will be continuing to “plug in” information modules as they are completed. We will be presenting these modules here in Temple Doors as they are available in an ongoing series until the project information is complete.

Johannine Grove Mission Statement: To facilitate planetary healing and transformation through individual enlightenment and co-creative synergy. To participate in building the “Merkabah Temple” of the “Shekinah” for Universal Light redemption through activation of the Divine See in Hue-Mankind and all other life forms.

Rev. William Buehler: Cosmic/Earth temple engineer, ordained minister of the Church of Antioch, 20 plus years experience in the metaphysical sciences. William obtained a B.A. from the University of Michigan in 1956 and was commissioned into the Navy upon graduation. He retired from the Navy in 1976 to pursue graduate studies in theology at the American University in Washington, D.C., which led to ordination as a minister in the Church of Anitoch, Malabar Rite. William has worked extensively in training Light Synergy groups around the United States for the last 20 years in addition to working with a number of high quality channels (most extensively Maia and Joan) to effectively augment his own intuitive knowledge of Cosmic/Earth temple formats, sacred geometry, crop circles, x-grams and the inner mysteries. William has utilized this combined knowledge in dream/vision interpretations, symbolic representations within his visionary paintings and the group dynamics involve in synergy work.

Joan Buehler: Joan contributes to the team effort with her source translating. Although she more naturally translates from the angelic orders she is beginning to focus more on Inner Earth related sources where she also has a natural affinity. Joan taught basic meditation and spiritual dynamics lessons with William in a metaphysical center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Joan’s University training was in music. She will be using music as a foundation for study in a unified spiritual/psychic and orthodox format for healing with a focus in the field of transpersonal psychology.

Simeon Nartoomid: Holistic healer, channel, cellular/magnetic grid technician. He has been a holistic healer and channel of the yogic sciences of mind. Simeon works in an energetic function referred to as the “Salamander” by Thoth/Tehuti. This function focuses directly in the area of elemental magnetics (the cellular and emotional magnetic grids). He has trained in laying of hands under Angelic guidance. Reiki through the more conventional modality, Johrei (a Japanese healing method) under the auspices of the Johrei Fellowship, and sound healing under Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and Sherry Edwards. Through his keen inner vision of the causation of separation Simeon is able to focus light into the necessary grids to effectively facilitate transformation and healing. Simeon has a strong background in the higher spiritual sciences and the ability to translate and disseminate this information in a context that reaches a wide spectrum of consciousness without losing its original vibrational content. Simeon feels guided to move into an area of research that will entail entraining individuals through bio-feedback techniques to access the space of coherent heart wave forms and to publish the results of this research in order to facilitate the rapidity of the heart ascension upon the planet.

Maia Shamayyim: She is the founder of the Star of Isis Mystery School. She has been “Source Translating” for 27 years. At the age of 18 she began writing “stories” which she later found out were true accountings of past history translated from the Akashic holographic recording crystals of the Earth. This quickly evolved as Ultra terrestrial beings began interacting with Maia to help her better understand the information she was able to access and introduced to her the general purpose for which she was to utilize this information.

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