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To my posse of Lightworkers here is an update from me: I have started to accept more opportunities to present my Telos experience … I’ll be posting where and when soon: Expect high energies.


I can’t remember ever having the need to draft a bio that wasn’t career or professionally centered before. Looking back as a Hospitality professional, I had always been willing to assume leadership roles that were industry and/or community related in every area of the country I lived. I have had the opportunity to present and speak publicly many times at events over the course of six decades. I was busy chasing things, earning recognition and rewards – like most others are conditioned to do by society, family, etc. You can see that all on LinkedIn. But … I always yearned to know more about spirituality from the time I was young. My wake up call came in the form of a TIA (mini stroke) in late 2015, and since then has led me down many rabbit holes seeking truth. I have a personal passion for nature, travel and others. After 67 trips around the sun – I have a clear perspective of who I am, what I’m doing here and the truth of the 3rd dimensional world.

Many others are on similar journeys working through ascension as we speak, so in that regard, my story isn’t that different from any other Lightworker.

However, what separates me from others is – I’ve been to Telos within Mount Shasta – boots on the ground, invited in by the Lemurians there and that experience was meant to be shared with all of humanity. It is one thing to think of communicating with Extra Dimensionals (as my friend Reuben Langdon would put it), but my contact wasn’t about beings from other places in the Universe, its about beings that have been here on Earth long before our current memories would suggest. This retreat has manifested into the first opportunity for me to share in a live environment my visit to Telos and how that has integrated into my life ever since.  Recounting that afternoon always raises my vibration – 

but that was just the beginning of magical – perhaps miraculous things to come …

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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