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“This information has made its way to humanity through the steadfast work of Maia Nartoomid @ Her body of work has created a vast archive of the work of Thoth (and much more) since the mid-70’s. It’s no coincidence that this information is surfacing now as we can all sense that the Shift Earth’s consciousness has been moving toward is upon us and the wisdom Thoth channeled through Maia is about to be put to good use – if you are paying attention that is …”  What follows is from a 1995 channeling.

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The Golden Taya - Part 5 of 5

Several years after the Ultras had made their presence known, Maia was informed that by them that they were preparing her to receive the energies of her Benefactor. This occurred in 1977 at Mt. Shasta, California. Since this time Maia has been predominantly interacting with Thoth Hermes of Raismes (Tehuti) whom she came to know as her Benefactor.

Tehuti is an Inner Earth Illuminari, or Ascended Enochian Master residing in cosmogenic embodiment within the naturally hollow core of the Earth. He resides within the Eighth Sphere of consciousness reality within this domain. Tehuti works with a Merkabah group called “Chariot of the Sun” and links directly with the Inner Light Network receiving their “orders” from the Ennead, a Council of Nine Serpahimic energies projecting through the “Shekinah Crystal”

Maia has accumulated a vast archive of sacred inner mystery information over the last 27 years. The temple and grid information brought through by Maia is quite technical in nature, clearly defining the greater and lesser temple formats and their links to all reality systems. A compendium of her accumulated information gives the seeker a greatly expanded overview on the interlinking realities of the Inner Earth, the surface Earth, the greater star cosmology intertwined with 1st, 2nd, 3rd millennium time frames (past, present and future). Tehuti has directed numerous groups, via Maia, to sacred temple sites around the planet with specific instructions for activational and healing procedures.

Inner Earth TempleWe as a team, are currently embarking on a project for the International Magnetic Grid, Ecological Emergency Network that will clearly define the “nested” temple formats starting with the Metatronic Temple and phasing our way down into the Earth temples and elemental grids or “light net systems”. This project will entail detailed information on each system and its relative subsystems and their nodal points or interface connections with the other main systems.

Our objective within this focus will be to identify the specific functions of certain key Earth grid nodal points and “gates” for insertion of intent and long wave hue-man interactions for the purposes of Earth grid healing. There is always a positive effect obtained with the use of long wave heart frequencies modulated upon consciousness intent to heal. However, we can maximize the effect through the use of more accurate techniques and insertion points for any given focus.

A key component in this work will be to train individuals to bond at the soul/heart level in synergy groups that can then work in concert with other such groups. A well coordinated effort of highly motivated and intentional individuals working in this way will be a very transformative force.

This effort will of necessity involve techniques to facilitate the individuals in participating to clear the elemental magnetics (access true coherency) allowing the synergy group participants to bring a greater portion of their entire consciousness under the auspices of their higher selves, thereby greatly increasing the effectiveness of the group work.

The synergy amongst the team members of Johannine Grove for this project will be as follows: Maia Shamayyim is a key information source, the information she brings through is of a highly technical nature and quite compact. This information provides the hierarchical perspective on the Earth temple/grid system. William Buehler is excellent in transposing this information into sacred geometric concepts/formats that relate to key earth topographical points and correlating archetypal esoteric symbologies for greater understanding of the history of the particular temple format. Joan Buehler will be augmenting the information flow with the perspective of the Angelics and other Inner Earthean mentors, less technical in nature, but containing some of the key heart codes necessary for success. Simeon Nartoomid will input his knowledge of the actualization of higher dimensional concepts into form, and heart wave coherency and its effects at the cellular level (planetary and personal). He will bring these information streams together in a coherent body of information that can be understood from many different perspectives within the Earth consciousness spectrum.


We will be relying primarily upon “source translated” material for the information base presented within this document. This information is complied from many years of work with the Soul-being we will be referring to as Tehuti. Master Architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

THOTH the Atlantean

The concepts and energy structures that we will be presenting are of a multi- dimensional nature and are at best difficult to describe in linear terms, always presenting the distinct possibility of misinterpretation due to the confines of a three dimensional languaging system.

Due to this possibility we are first presenting some basic overall concepts that are important to understand as a premise to the greater body of information. Whenever possible we will refer back to these basic concepts to further clarify the overall perception that is needed. The subscribers who have been following this information for a long time will already be familiar with some of these concepts.

The first concept that must be understood for the purposes of this work is that of the three millenniums. In higher dimensional reality systems time is experience in terms of events rather than linear years. We will be using the term “millennium” in a way that has a different meaning than that given in Websters Dictionary. A millennium will represent a series of events or energy movements, and can encompass many millions of years as in the first millennium, a few thousand as in the second millennium, or infinite potential as in the third millennium in terms of linear Earth time.

The first millennium is the period of linear time and all related events prior to the “fall” or decline in this creation zone from experience of the full Grace factor. This includes all realities that embrace this creation zone prior to the fall.

The second millennium was set in motion by the chain of events comprising the fall from Grace, culminating with the crucifixion of Christ, the true starting point of the second millennium. All of the second millennium is a karmic interim period sandwiched between the first and third millennium consciousness flows. It is somewhat of a detour that needed to be taken in order to reach the true destination.

The third millennium is the future reality that will begin at the point Tehuti calls LP-40*. This is recognized by many as the great transitionary moment when “the hundredth monkey effect” will take place. If you have not heard of “the hundredth monkey” effect, this is a projected point in time when the critical mass of awakened consciousness is reached that will catapult the Earth and all of its properly prepared inhabitants through a quantum leap into a higher dimensional experience, permanently. The third millennium is what has been referred to as “The Golden Age”. Based upon information received recently from Tehuti, the third millennium will begin rather dramatically with considerably less overlap than experienced in the transition from the first to the second millenniums. According to Tehuti there will be an overlap of 15 days at that time. There is much more to be understood about the moment of transition into this reality system and the true nature of that future reality. We will be covering this in greater detail in the body of information to be presented in future issues.

Lemuria - Atlantis The fall itself is a complex series of linked events that embrace realities beyond the planetary, and indeed even the solar (our sun) spectrum. In terms of Earth years the fall took place over many thousands of years, starting in early Lemuria and ending with the crucifixion of Christ. This scenario embraced the epochs of Lemuria and Atlantis completely. In terms of the ending of the first millennium and the beginning of the second millennium, there is no clearly defined point where this occurred, as there was an overlap in its linear time sequencing.

In truth, the first and third millenniums embrace the same Grace factor and consciousness vectors. The movement into the third millennium is akin to the closing of the circle, except that the circle is actually a spiral. As the cycle is brought to completion it is moved into yet another evolutionary cycle further up the spiral. It is our understanding that this is an infinite process within an ever expanding Universe.

Another concept that must be presented is that even though we are still measuring time in terms of years, the year of today is encompassing a greater segment of reality than the year of the past. All energy movement of this current linear time frame is greatly accelerated from that of even 100 years ago, not to mention many thousands or even millions of years back in linear time. This means that for any given linear time unit now, there will be a greater number of events (energy movements) that will have transpired than in the same unit in the past. Maia learned early on from the Ultra Terrestrials that when she was translating information from the holocrystallic recording crystals* of the Earth there was an adjustment that had to be made in the time sequences to account for this “time curve”.

The ultimate truth is that all three of these periods of time are truly arranged in a spherical array of nodes on an infinites spectrum of reality, and as such are actually occurring simultaneously with one another.

The next concept needing explanation is that of Cosmic vs. Earth temple, and “temple” vs. “light net (grid)” vs. “function”. You will see these terms appearing throughout this information as it unfolds and it is important to understand the difference to grasp the interactions between them.

A Cosmic temple format is described as a major organizing structure with its origins beyond the solar (our sun) spectrum of consciousness (ie. Archangelic, Seraphimic, Central Sun Solar Lord, etc.).

Earth Devic Elemental Grid TempleAn Earth temple is described as a major organizing structure with it s origins within the solar (our sun) spectrum of consciousness, usually angelic. An Earth temple would differ from an Earth light net (grid) in that it reaches beyond the elemental (Devic) Earth grid into an overview perspective within its organizational scope.

A Cosmic temple differs from an Earth temple in that it organizes the Earth temple formats. Both are interactive directly with the Earth light nets (grids), but in differing modalities. In other words, even though a Cosmic temple is organizing the Earth temple formats which in turn organize the Earth light nets, the Cosmic temple can still directly influence the elemental Earth light nets (grids). This is a difficult multidimensional concept to grasp. Think of it as redundant computer systems aboard an aircraft. There is a linear sequencing that occurs in these systems during “normal” operations but any one of the components can run the whole show by itself if necessary. The Universal flow can never be dependent upon linear sequences as the integrity of the whole is always considered.

A function differs from both temple structures and light nets (grids) in that the temple and light nets are like a number or series of numbers and the function is like the mathematical operand (ie. Addition, subtraction, mulitiplication, division, etc.). In other words the temples and light nets hold certain codes and pathways and the functions are the energy/information that allows them to work and interact. Another analogy would be that the temples and light nets are like MacIntosh and DOS computer operating systems and the functions are the software that allows it all to be put into use and interface to be possible between systems. Again we have a situation of some overlap in linear terms as the temples have some “built in” software themselves. You might think of them as the base computer system you would buy that comes with the basic software package, but to realize the full potential of the system some additional software, and even peripherals are needed.

There is overlap in the organizational scope of these structures, and in the first/second millennium transition, it would be incorrect to say that these are clearly defined in a linear sense. We make these distinctions to attempt an interpretation of these subtle realities in our linear communication system.

TetratryonThe next concept deserving explanation is that of the Tetratryons*. In the outline of the hierarchical ordering of the temple/lightnet/sub-net that follows this preface you will see a symbol appearing in various locations similar to those appearing on the bottom of this page. This symbol represents the Tetratryon hyperspace inter-dimensional activity. We tried to represent this key factor to the best of our ability within the outline and drawings. Tetratryons are hyperspace tetrahedrons with open ends connecting to one another to form dimensional transference zones. The energy travels between different dimensions of reality through the Tetratryons. The Tetratryons are akin to the synapses in the hue-man brain transferring higher dimensional thought energy into a physical reality system experienced as thought/action. The Tetratryons are best described as a mini temple with its own built in functions. The main difference being that the Tetratryons do not organize other structures, nor is their basic structure organized by any of the formats covered within this information. They are however, arranged by the temple/light net formats in order to serve their purpose. You can think of this ordering as being similar to compression/decompression software that is arranged under the main program, allowing the flow of energy /information between the compressed reality system and the decompressed reality system, its constant presence invisible to the user. The Tetratryons do not “translate” information but conduct or transfer it from one dimension to another. The translation is done by sentient consciousness within that particular dimension. The Tetratryons will be elaborated on in more detail within the future unfoldment of this information in subsequent issues.

Many of the terms used above and within this body of information will be unfamiliar to the reader. We will include a glossary of terms for those words marked with an asterisk at the end of each installment of this information to more fully explain their meanings. We will however be including a brief explanation where necessary to allow the reader to stay focused upon the subject at hand. Hopefully, this will facilitate the comprehension and absorption of the material.


The main body of the information will in time be quite expansive. It will flow according to the ordering of the General Hierarchical Outline and break down into more detailed segments that might not appear on the outline. We will attempt to always summarize and return to the overview perspective at the completion of any detailed segment to further facilitate closing the circle, and thus understanding.

There will be a complete section included on the use of group synergy work, training and application. Synergy work is formatted so that groups of individuals can duplicate the temple grid dynamics allowing a harmonic link to be created between the microcosm of the group and the macrocosm of the temple/grid. These techniques allow the groups to become more effective interactive units with the temple/grids than would otherwise be possible.

We hope that this work will be of service to those groups and individuals who are specialized in their particular field and are searching for ways to “plug” their knowledge and expertise into the greater scenario for overall maximum effect.

The Metatronic Temple: All aspects of all temple/grid formats fall under the auspices of the Metatronic Temple. The Metatron is the overall template of spiritual concept and application. This temple format also contains components that serve as communication links throughout the entire system inclusive of its first, second and third millennium holoview*. This could be described as a picture in the “mind” of the temple as to the cohesion reference points of all three millenniums. The Metatronic Temple (or Metatronic Spiral*) conjoins with the Attasic Universe*, which is the unified field of consciousness where no separation exists. The Attasic light grid contains the organizational patterning to bring the separated realities back into their original state of unification.

Metatronic Alpha TempleThe Metatronic Alpha Temple contains the light codes of the “full light” spectrum, whereas the other temple formats are working in various gradients of the “half light” spectrum referred to as the Oritronic Spiral* by Tehtuti. There is a necessary progressive linking of these various sub realities in order to effect the return of all systems to the full light Metatronic consciousness.

The Metatronic Temple has a main core beam which is a dynamic system of the Aaronrod (Arianrhod)* present within the greater Multiverse. Around the core bean is the Metatronic Alpha-Omega Spiral*. “Alpha” because it is in a modality of specific function, and the “Omega” would be the completion of this specific function as it superlates* (total awareness being created as a separate field of experience from the formalizing body of events through the superheterodyning*process). It is the Alpha end of the spiral which interfaces most directly with the reality spectrum in this linear time frame. The core beam and Metatronic Alpha-Omega Sprial are positioned inalignment with the Celestial Meridian*. The smaller portion of the Alpha spiral is facing the south (micro) quadrant, and the larger portion of the Alpha spiral is facing the north (macro) quadrant. By utilizing north and south as positioning descriptions we are not referring to the normal connotation of these terms, although there is a corollary. The Alpha end of the Alpha spiral is the large end and is aligned north to the star Theta Draconis in the constellation Draconis. The Omega end of the Alpha spiral is the small end and is aligned in the south to the star Epsilon Orinius, with Sirius as a calibration star. The Alpha end of the Omega spiral is the large end and is aligned to the Golden Star of Mazuriel*, existing in another dimension form ours at this time in linear reality. In a greater sense this is a repeating dynamic which winds its way through the Multiverse.

The Metatronic Alpha-Omega is a twin spiral with one phase (coil) referred to as the Atmic Red Serpent*(undulating current of the higher egoic, or Atmic, reality which superimposes upon our engramic*consciousness) and the other phase (coil) being the Shushumnic Blue Serpent* (undulating current of the infinity spectrum, which defines non egoic consciousness). In the Alpha end of the Alpha spiral the Atmic Red Serpent is the predominant spiral with the influence moving towards the Sushumic Blue Serpent gradually as you approach the Omega end of the Alpha spiral. This graduated shift continues throughout the Omega end of the Alpha-Omega spiral until full realization of the Shushumic Blue Serpent consciousness is reached. If you visualize the Atmic Red Serpent at the Alpha/Alpha position being a very thick and luminescent line, and the Sushumic Blue Serpent as a very thin, almost nonexistent line, with the Red Serpent becoming thinner and less luminescent as it approaches the center “gate” between the two spirals and the Blue Serpent becoming thicker and more luminescent as it also approaches this “gate”, you will have the concept. This dynamic continues on through the Omega spiral until at the Omega/Omega position the Sushumic Blue Serpent is the thick and very luminescent line while the Atmic Red Serpent is virtually nonexistent. Just beyond the Omega end of the spiral within the Golden Star of Mazuriel the Red Serpent has been completely absorbed into the greater reality.

Inner Earth AltarThe two phases of this spiral form an alternating current emanating from the core beam/Alpha-Omega spiral combination. In one phase the pulse is oriented to the higher egoic reality (Atmic Red Serpent) and in the next phase the pulse is oriented to the infinity spectrum (Sushumic Blue Serpent). In this way we are continually being programmed with the light codes of the full Metatron and those that “bridge” us to that reality of the future. It is important to understand that this pulsing of the alternating current actually involves a phase reversal whereby the two ends of the Metatronic Alpha- Omega spiral are switching positions (polarity) very rapidly. You might think of this as the 60 cycle alternating current in your home (USA). This alternating current is going through a phase reversal 60 times every second, but still maintains a positive and negative polarity within its overall orientation.

Note that there is an octahedron organized by each end of the Alpha-Omega spiral. For the purpose of this work we will be dealing primarily with the Alpha end of the spiral which contains the temple/grid formats.

The six points of the Octahedron organized by the Alpha spiral correlate to the six spatial time fields of the Arieopax*. The Arieopax and its relationship to these dynamics will be covered in more detail in subsequent issues.

The octahedron on the Alpha end of the spiral represents the current Earth reality, while the octahedron on the Omega end of the spiral represents the New Earth Star * reality that will exist after the LP-40 ascension of the planet. We will pass through the center “gate” of the two spirals at LP-40. All of our combined thoughts of love, harmony and peace are being recorded in this octahedron to form this new reality. Even those souls whom may not go through the gate at LP-40 are assisting in the creation of this reality every time they act or think out of love and compassion.

As covered in the article “The Golden Taya Allotments” (this issue), only twenty percent of the Earths land surface area contains the light coding necessary to move into the New Earth Star reality, with the remaining portion of the Earth going into an entropic decay pattern that will only last approximately 30 days in linear Earth time. The only portion of the energy matrix that passes through the gate into the Omega spiral octahedron is the Ascension Temple matrix outlined in the “Golden Taya” information. Not all the areas are listed of course. An area yet to be explored with Tehuti is the Rashel*/Bakhira* formats that correlate to the Ascension Temple.

It must be understood that the realization of the full Metatronic consciousness is quite some distance in our linear future. It is our current undertaking as a planetary consciousness to work primarily in the temple/grid formats falling under the auspices of the Alpha spiral that will link us to the full Metatron in time. We will therefore limit our discussion of the nature of the Metatronic Full Light Spiral to this brief overview in keeping with the intention of the International Magnetic Grid Ecological Emergency Network. For the reader who has interest in further knowledge of these dynamics we would refer you to “The Keys of Enoch” by J.J. Hurtak, Keys 107, 211, 318 and /or contact us directly.


Tehuti on the Rod of Noah

Rod of NoahMaia: What exactly is the Rod of Noah?

Tehuti: This is a power geometric for installing “lightening paths*” into the planetary field.

Maia: How does the Rod of Noah apply in the Arkhom grid geometric?

Tehuti: Within this geometric no synergy groups are ready yet to access the Rod of Noah dynamic. It serves in the Arkhom as an anchor for the Metatronic Temple within the Oritronic fields.

Maia: Of what purpose are the lightening paths?

Tehuti: They can be employed to create everything from new dimensions and stars to reality sub-structures within existing dimensions. In the Arkhom, the Rod of Noah is merely a balancing template, however it has the capability via sentient consciousness working in synergy to create lightening paths at some time in the future in your linear reality when there are synergy groups able to handle this type of energy.

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