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The Ascension Handbook

Section Two: The Multidimensional Universe

With regard to ascension, this section will briefly outline the structure of the multidimensional universe, which will help you understand the term “dimension”. Note there is no requirement that you need to believe and accept this model for understanding the universe and dimensions. 

The structure of our physical universe is geometrically shaped as a tetrahedron, which consists of 12 different layers called “Dimensions”. These dimensions determine what we perceive around us and how we live in it. A dimension can also be called a “plane of existence” or “reality”. Each dimension has its own unique vibrational qualities, such as sound and color. Everything within the universe is composed of vibration and frequency.

The 12 dimensions are divided into dimensional groups called “Vectors”.  Each vector contains (3) dimensions. Each vector is composed of a specific grouping of frequencies and wavelengths, which corresponds to a primary color within the visible light spectrum. Higher dimensions have the highest frequency, because they exist at the top of the visible light spectrum (beyond gamma).

Each dimension is composed of sub atomic particles of light moving at different frequencies and wavelengths. They do not collide or even recognize each other. We exist in the 3rd dimension (yellow), which means the other dimensions are invisible to us and undetectable to our human senses. The 12 dimensions coexist in the same physical space, but each dimension is separated by different wavelengths. That is the reason why the other dimensions are invisible to us. The sub atomic particles of light in the 4th dimension (green) are flowing past the 3rd dimension; they simply slide past each other and do not physically interact. Therefore, each dimension has its own specific properties, namely their own density, wavelength and band of frequencies.

Consider the following hypothetical: visualize yourself sitting on a chair in your kitchen. Now imagine there are 12 different versions of you occupying the same room or space, but each of you has a different primary color (or frequency). The different versions of you pass through the same space you occupy, but they exist in a different dimension. Each version of you, room or chair has a different wavelength. For example, our 3D reality has the properties (frequency and wavelength) of yellow. Your consciousness is vibrationally attuned to the 3D wavelength, which determines what you physically see and how you interact with objects. The 4th dimension has a different set of properties, which corresponds to the next highest color in the spectrum, hence you cannot see anything from the 4D reality, unless you change the frequency of your body to correspond to the frequency of the 4th dimension.

Each dimension has its own specific frequencies and wavelengths. In order to exist and consciously experience the 4th dimension, the vibrational frequency for “matter” (liquid, gas, solid) and “consciousness” (you) must correspond to the same properties of that dimension. Life in the universe is not limited to the 3rd dimension, it is just that we cannot see the other realities that exist, because those realities have a different frequency and wavelength that do not correspond to our 3D senses. Therefore, our physical existence on Earth is simply one of many infinite realities in the “Multidimensional Universe”. 

Dimensions and Densities

The multidimensional universe has the structure of the visible light spectrum. The visible light spectrum consists of several primary colors, for example red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet are abbreviated as ROY-G-BIV, but other colors exist beyond gamma. 

Each primary color represents a “Dimension“, which has its own specific properties such as density, frequency and wavelength. For example, the 1st dimension is represented as “Red”, which is located at the bottom of the spectrum. The 2nd dimension is orange and so on.

Between any two dimensions or primary colors, there are 12 overtones (or sub frequency bands). For example, to progress from one primary color (eg: Red) to the next highest primary color (eg: Orange) you need to ascend through 12 different shades / overtones of that primary color before you move on to the next highest color or dimension (or octave). Dimensions are separated by wavelength, like notes on a musical scale. Each tone on the scale sounds different, because of its frequency and wavelength. The frequency pitch for each overtone increases as you move toward the next highest primary color. Therefore, the term ”Density” refers to the grouping of frequencies occupying the space between two primary colors in the visible light spectrum (known as a dimensional frequency band). For example, the 12 sub frequencies or overtones within the 3rd dimension (yellow) is collectively known as the 3rd density, as the sub density frequencies for each of the 12 overtones within the 4th dimension (green) is collectively known as the 4th density. 

A “Density” is simply a wavelength barrier, which divides primary colors into frequencies groups along the electromagnetic spectrum. For example, all the possible frequencies and sub frequencies (overtones) within the yellow band is collectively known as the 3rd density. With regard to ascension, we are energetically moving up from the 3rd density or from the upper overtones of the 3D frequency band to the upper overtones of the 4th frequency band or 4th density. Think of it as jumping an octive.

The visible light or frequency spectrum is a simple way of dividing the entire universe into dimensions. That is why dimensions coexist in the same geographical space, because each dimension has a different frequency and wavelength. Dimensions are like musical scales – it is a bandwidth of frequencies consisting of 12 overtones or sub frequencies, and each tone on the scale sounds different, because of its wavelength. In addition, the sum of all frequencies in the multiverse (12 universes * 12 dimensions * 12 overtones) is collectively known as the “Universal Frequency Matrix” (the Creator). The universe is composed of light, as well as different levels of density. Everything within the universe is composed of vibrational frequency patterns. The dimensions are arranged and grouped according to their vibrational frequencies. Higher dimensions resonate at a higher frequency, and the lower, denser dimensions resonate at a slower vibration.

“Dimension” is simply a reality where spiritual beings of the same frequency & wavelength coexist, interact and evolve. Our 3D consciousness can only consciously perceive and interact with 3D objects in our universe, because our consciousness is aligned to the 3D frequency and wavelength. To physically interact with another dimension, the frequency of consciousness needs to be aligned to that dimension. After we ascend to the 4D, our perception of the about our universe will change, because you start to realize that other things do exist in our universe, but it was just that our frequency was incompatible. The visible light or electromagnetic spectrum is a key to understanding the universe, because “space” is separated by frequencies and wavelengths, which is interwoven as different dimensions. To understand dimensions, think color theory, which teaches tonal frequencies and harmonic waves.

The Space / Time Continuum

Time and space are aspects of the same mechanism. “Time/Space Matrix” is simply another name for “Density”. Therefore, each of the 12 sub frequencies or overtones in the 3rd dimension is collectively known as our “Time/Space Matrix” (or the 3D frequency band). The cycles of time on the cosmic clock allows a planet to gradually spiral through the time/space matrix or through each of the 12 overtones within the dimensional frequency band over eons of years. When the planet reaches the top of the next frequency band, it interconnects and overlaps with the above dimensional frequency band (or the next time/space matrix), which creates a natural gateway to that density. This allows a planet and its inhabitants to continue spiraling into the next time/space matrix. There are 12 primary stargates along the universal spectra and each corresponds to the openings that exist between dimensions 1 to 12. The 3rd density Earth stargate will connect the 4th density stargate, or the next dimensional frequency band or time/space matrix.

All the 12 “Time/Space Matrices” is collectively known as the “Space/Time Continuum”. Visualize the space continuum like a railroad track. Each track represents a specific sub frequency or overtone. Simply think of each track having its own “RGB” properties, which equates to specific overtone. Therefore, the entire railroad track represents the space continuum (or visible light spectrum), which simply consists of an infinite number of tracks (sub frequencies). 

“Time” refers to a specific sub frequency within any given time/space matrix (not linear time such as date and year). Thus, each time/space matrix is simply a grouping of sub frequencies or overtones within the space/time continuum. When humanity refers to the “past or future”, it actually refers to a particular sub frequency along the space/time continuum. That sub frequency, overtone or coordinate has its own specific frequency and wavelength, but when linear time is overlayed, that sub frequency or overtone would correspond to a specific human date & year.  Consider: the year 2011 within our time/space matrix represents a sub frequency or overtone of 3.8, thus assume we shift to the overtone of 3.2. Now we move into a lower dimensional sub frequency or overtone within the time/space matrix and from a human perspective, this would reflect a particular date & time in Earth history. Remember, everything in the universe is a vibration or wave occupying the same space, thus time can only be measured by frequency, and hence our universe can be considered timeless, because there are infinite frequencies that exist within the space continuum. Therefore, the Space/Time Continuum is one large universal frequency band or one octave of reality consisting of a number of smaller octaves or sub frequencies grouped into the Time/Space Matrices. 

Our consciousness exists in the 3rd dimension, which is our “Time/Space Matrix” for experiencing ourselves between incarnations. The frequency of our consciousness is vibrationally aligned to the frequency of this dimension or time/space matrix. The frequency of your 3D consciousness is allowing you to have a physical experience on Earth. Therefore, when you undertake ascension, you are changing the frequency of your consciousness, which alters the dimension you can experience. Every spiritual being begins its origins in the lowest time/space matrix, and continues to evolve its consciousness through each time/space matrix to fully experience the entire space/time continuum. 

The biggest mistake our world has made about the notion of other life forms in our cosmos, has been interrupting the universe through our 3D frequency. Only a small fraction of what we perceive in our universe exists in the 3D wavelength as visible matter, the rest exists within the space continuum on other frequencies. Every planet scattered among the different galaxies has a different frequency within the time/space continuum. Space is separated by frequencies and wavelengths, each wavelength is simply a gateway or a door to another dimensional reality. Life on Earth currently exists on one of those frequencies, therefore from a vibrational perspective there are infinite souls existing on other frequencies.

Planetary Ascension

“Planetary Ascension” refers to the modulation of the planet’s frequency to a higher level. The process occurs when our Sun receives varying densities of electromagnetic energy from specific locations in the cosmos, as it orbits through the universe on its predestined cycles of time. Our Sun then modulates and transmits packets of frequency across our solar system. The in-streaming of electromagnetic energy enters the Earth’s outer electromagnetic field or magnetosphere, which is the process that gradually increases or modulates the outer frequency. The magnetosphere has a direct frequency relationship with the planet’s core or inner electromagnetic grid, which must also modulate itself to remain synchronized with the outer frequency.

Over decades, this natural symbiotic process has prepared the entire planet for the ascension. The magnetosphere is located in the upper region of the earth’s ionosphere (1000km above the earth’s surface), which consists of charged particles of photons, and directly controls the planet’s internal magnetic field. 

Our Milky Way galaxy spirals around the universe like a cosmic clock, which consists of a number of interconnected cycles of time. These cycles permit planets to evolve from one density to the next. There are 12 dimensions in our universe. Each dimension is divided into 12 major cycles. These major cycles are divided into 12 minor cycles. When all dimensions complete their cycles at the same time, this cosmic synchronization is collectively known as a grand cycle. At this point, planetary objects in our dimension can energetically shift from one dimension to the next. The major cycles describe the entire galaxy orbiting around the great central sun, known as Alcyone, which is located in the galactic center of the Pleiadian system. It takes our galaxy some 16 billion years to complete that galactic cycle – a single orbit around the great galactic center. Each galaxy is connected diagonally with an upper dimensional plane. At the completion of a grand cycle, the lower dimensional plane diagonally eclipses the higher plane, and all planetary objects within that galaxy can shift upward into the next density or time/space matrix within the time/space continuum. 

In other words, if you visualize our planet on a kind of railroad track or band of energy that moves through space, and comes into direct contact with another band of energy that is vibrating at a higher frequency, a dimensional shift will occur when both bands of energy eventually flow and pass through each other, the people existing on Earth will have the option to switch to the higher band. That dimensional shift means people can elect to go into the higher dimensional frequency (4th density) with the planet, or decide to remain on the lower frequency band (3rd density). This grand event literally represents the end of the planet’s evolution on the 3D timeline and the beginning of the 4D timeline. It represents both a shift in the frequencies for human consciousness and the shift to the planet’s position in the universe to a higher frequency.  

The completion of the grand cycle is a major event, because there are a number of cycles of time that will converge and will synchronize at the same time. These include: 

  • the solar system completing the minor cycle that takes approximately 26,000 years, known as the “Precession of the Equinoxes”,
  • the Milky Way galaxy completing the cycle round the major Pleiadian system that takes 230 million years, and
  • the galaxy completing the cycle around the Great Central Sun, which takes some 16 billion years.

When these processional cycles are synchronized, its completes the grand cycle (or grand procession.) This phenomenon occurred between the 2012 September Equinox and the 2012 December Winter Solstice. All these cycles of time converged back to their original start points to reset – this is zero point – the beginning of the next grand cycle. Just as Earth is influenced by the electromagnetic energy (photons) from the Sun, our Sun is also influenced by the high particle electromagnetic energy transmitted from the great central sun. The great central sun transmits pulsating packets of highly concentrated electromagnetic energy across the universe via a chain of interconnected galactic Suns, before finally arriving and entering our solar system. At this point, our Sun modulates and transmits that electromagnetic energy across our solar system. The in- streaming of electromagnetic energy or electrical charge on the Earth’s outer magnetic field or magnetosphere is drawn into the planet’s core. As a result, the core emits radiation at a higher spectrum, because it has modulated the inner planetary frequency grid to a higher level. The entire “galactic energy system” of interconnected Suns operates exactly like the human chakra system. This universal process allows the entire galaxy and all planetary spheres that reside within it, to progressively evolve from one dimension to the next.

Planetary Ascension and Earth Changes

Earth has been undergoing planetary ascension for several decades, and currently everything in our solar system is in a major state of flux. Linear time as we know it has been accelerating (or collapsing), as we approach “zero time” when everything will reboot. That signifies the completion of the grand cycle, the beginning of the golden age (new Earth) and the start of Earth’s next grand cycle on the 4D timeline. 

Over the past decade, the electromagnetic field in the magnetosphere has continued to realign and find balance – the polarity of the photonic particles in the outer electromagnetic field has changed density. That new frequency of light has energetically filtered into the planet’s core or inner geomagnetic field. The resonant magnetic wave in the planet’s core has needed to continuously realign its frequency to remain energetically synchronized with the ongoing frequency changes in the magnetosphere. There is a electromagnetic hydrodynamic relationship between the Earth’s outer magnetic field, the core, and the rotational spin of the planet. As a result, the atomic structure of everything on the planet has intensified. All geological and biological life forms on the planet, including humans, are experiencing a rise in frequency, as the atoms in our cells and matter are gradually vibrating at faster rates.

Due to the planetary ascension process and the modulation of the magnetosphere to a higher frequency, the magnetic tone resonance that emanates from the inner core of the planet, has gradually changed over the last several decades (as reported from the measurement scale known as the Schumann Resonance). That natural modulation process has been directly responsible for indicating global temperatures, world wide climatic changes, and the gradual readjustment of the tectonic plates. To compensate, the plates must release and realign themselves to the inner electromagnetic energy, which has resulted in the increased activities of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, global warming, fires and flooding. These Earth changes and the variety of climatic changes are quite normal for planetary ascension. Humanity is not responsible for the climatic changes on the planet. Mother Gaia and the Lightworkers have taken steps to minimize and remove any blockages that may prevent any of the major Earth changes from happening, and to ensure the recalibration process has been done compassionately to protect humanity. Without the Lightworkers anchoring on the planet, the energy imbalance would have lead to disastrous pole shifts. In addition, the most noticeable change to the magnetosphere has been density changes to the photonic particles in our atmosphere. The sky no longer has the old color of “Deep Blue Ocean” anymore. Did you notice that?

The human body and our brain are electromagnetic in nature. Earth has an electromagnetic field, which surrounds us. We are linked electromagnetically to the outer planetary grid. The frequency changes in the magnetosphere have influenced the magnetic energies in the human body. The magnetosphere is the mechanism for what we see around us and how we think. We need this outer magnetic field, so the brain can store & retain knowledge, memories, etc. This electromagnetic field acts as an electrical buffer between the time you think of a thought and the time your thoughts are put into action. Therefore, the frequency changes have directly affected our consciousness, mental processes and the brain’s electrical transmissions. Our brain keeps adjusting to the frequency changes, but we have been unconsciously aware of the “push-pull” effects that have been occurring from the frequency changes between planets’ outer and inner grids, especially over the last decade. Some people may have experienced loss of sleep and/or interrupted sleep patterns, sudden and unexpected periods of extreme fatigue or general weakness, unexplained emotional changes (highs and lows), some degree of depression, and the need to dramatically change one’s life. Perhaps the most noticeable change has been to mass consciousness, where parts of humanity are motivated to remove their old paradigms. 

In addition, our bodies are ethereally connected to the planet and this has resulted in magnetic field changes to our human energy system (ethereal body), which directly influences the biological body. Depending on the health of a person, physical problems will generally manifest in the location of the primary chakras. For example: stomach issues, digestive problems, fluid retention around the abdomen, unexplained pain around the heart, chest or sternum, shoulder, throat and neck stiffness, headaches & migraines, eczema, dry skin, outbursts of body heat, ringing in the ears, and lower body aches & pains.

The Planetary Shift and 2012

Like all cycles of time, they start at one point and orbit full circle to return to their original position. This is what happened in 2012. The completion of the grand cycle means our Milky Way galaxy is spiraling back to the original start position to commence the next grand cycle. From a geo-mathematical point of view, ascension operates on base 12. The end of the grand cycle occurred when our solar system entered the 12th and final ascension cycle. The 12th wave of ascension began in late January 2012 and completed in mid December 2012. This milestone coincided with the completion of the 26,000 year “Procession of the Equinox” cycle aligning along the same equinox and solstice dates. 

UTC Dates for Solstices and Equinoxes

A “Dimensional shift “ refers to the intersection of two- dimensional spheres, which permits the entire solar system to ascend into the next highest dimension or time/space matrix. The term “Planetary shift” refers to a planetary object (and its inhabitants) ascending to the next highest dimension. It is the dimensional shift that will actually catapult Earth out of the 3rd dimension (3rd density) into the upper overtones of 4th dimension (4th density). 

When will the dimensional shift occur? Anytime post- Dec 2012 Winter Solstice. 

However, the timing for a planetary shift is not constrained by linear time, nor will it occur on a specific cosmological or astrological date. Two important things influence the mechanics for a planetary shift:

– Firstly, the intersection or the rotational eclipse of the two dimensional planes automatically creates an energetic gap that acts a multidimensional gateway, which permits the entire solar system to spiral upwards to the next density. However, Earth and our solar system will continue to remain orbiting the 3D timeline and periodically eclipse the upper dimensional plane as it modulates the enhanced photon plasma energy bathing the planet from Alcyone. Each eclipse will trigger a gateway or dimensional opening to the higher galactic plane. That is why you need to appreciate that the planetary shift will be a spontaneous event and will occur without warning, because any of those dimensional eclipses will catapult Earth instantly into the 4th density. The folks that wish to join Earth must complete their ascension beforehand, so when the wave of energy hits the planet, they will remain ethereally anchored to the planet’s ethereal body. 

– Secondly, the frequency of the planetary grids must also be compatible with the frequency of the 4th dimension. When a planetary sphere has not achieved the required frequency, the planet cannot shift across to the next density. During each dimensional eclipse, the planet would essentially bounce out or deflect and return to its normal orbit in the 3D timeline. After the completion of the grand cycle, the two galactic planes will separate and assuming a planet did not ascend would remain on the 3D timeline to complete another 26,000-year cycle. More importantly, after the Sep 2011 equinox, Earth’s planetary frequency grid officially moved into the higher frequency. Right now, Mother Gaia is now only waiting for humanity to catch up. Without trying to weaken the importance of dates or sound speculative, the remaining equinoxes, solstices and eclipses are extremely powerful, each presenting the final codings for ascension, which will continue to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet (and for all those people undertaking personal ascension). 

It is highly probable that Earth will shift any time now. 


Please keep an open mind that the planetary shift can happen without warning and there is no precise date when the grand event will occur.  Consider carefully giving credence to dates from ancient prophecies and 2012 predictions, because those dates have already come and gone … and we are still here. Survival is not the aim of personal ascension.

Are We Ascending to the 4th or 5th Dimension?

Presently, Earth’s vibrational environment already comprises of both 3D and 4D planes of existence. The first dimension is infinite consciousness (energy), which exists everywhere in the universe. The second dimension is where the vibration for new physical worlds (space and energy) manifests. Everything that exists physically in the 3rd dimension (time and space) stemmed from the second dimension. The third dimension is where you are consciously experiencing yourself at a physical level. The vibration that exists above the third dimension is called the fourth dimension (time and energy). Energy, space and motion are all principles of infinite consciousness. 

From a spiritual point of view, the 4th dimension is the realm of “intuition” also known as the astral plane. The astral plane consists of the first seven layers or overtones of the 4th dimensional frequency band, which coexist or overlap with the upper overtones of the 3rd dimension. 

The astral plane or the lower 4D overtones surrounding Earth are non-physical planes of existences but form part of our world in the 3rd density. The 4th dimension is a non-physical reality; it is where our collective consciousness resides and the place where your thoughts and intentions can manifest. This is where human mythology and cultural beliefs have come from. Within the lower overtones of the 4th dimension, this is the realm where conscious energy (thought forms) can influence the body. For example, when you are angry and you walk into a room, people can sense your anger or without noticing, they get angry themselves. Many people already explore the mid overtones of the 4th dimension through different states of consciousness, such as astral travel, out of body experiences, past lives therapy and during the night while dreaming. During sleep, we travel in our astral body to various places within the astral realm. In this realm, we experience “nightmares” and disturbing dreams. After we physically die, our consciousness / soul returns to the upper overtones of the 4th dimension, commonly known as the spiritual world (a.k.a. heaven). Those of you who use their intuition and communicate with the spirit world, this is where our Master / Guides and the Angelic realm are located. More importantly, the sum of all our incarnations has meant that we have already explored and experienced everything in both 3D and 4D realities (not that most of us are conscious of our present astral plane visits and from previous past lives).

In regard to the dimensional shift, the planet will shift out of the 3rd density or from the upper overtones of the 3rd dimensional frequency band (3.8) into 4th density or to the upper overtones of the 4th dimension (4.8). This means that we will energetically shift to the upper levels of the 4th dimension frequency band in the 4th density, but we are in fact much closer to the 5th dimension. After a dimensional shift Earth’s physical environment will comprise of both 4D and 5D planes of existence, that means we will be able to consciously interact with the 5th dimension, which permits people to spiritually explore and consciously interact in this reality (this is known as 5D consciousness). 


For ease of understanding and to avoid any confusion, this handbook uses the terms “4th Dimension” and “4th Density” rather than “5th Dimension” to describe the mechanics of ascension.

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