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Andara Crystals

When I started researching Andara crystals, I thought I was being led to them for a reason. They are beautifully colored. They are energetically charged. But in the end, what I took away from my lessons wasn’t so much about Andara crystal as it is about Etherium and its prima matra properties, from which Andaras are formed.

The Relationship between Andaras and Etherium

For centuries, alchemists had knowledge of a philosopher’s stone that consisted of gems and precious metals that formed a white gold powder. Ancient Egyptian texts say that the Gods taught them how to make and use white powder of gold to feed their light bodies. The Pharoahs would ‘ascend the stairway to heaven’ when they took a white gold powder. Other ancient texts, including the Dead Sea Scrolls refer to a white powder gold whose secrets were either lost or taken away, but that would be returned to the people in ‘the end times’. Nostradamus predicted that the philosophers stone would be rediscovered sometime before the year 1999. Our ancient ancestors left messages foretelling the discovery of a white powder of gold that could facilitate our journey into realms of higher consciousness. Have we possibly found this extraordinary substance?

Or is it simply the dust from the unicorns rubbing their horns together in play?

Explained by Thoth:

“Andara” is the name we have chosen to give to these crystals. They are composed primarily of “prima matra” (sacred matter) when through fusion, etherium transmutes into form.  We have related to you in earlier transmissions that the “sacred matter” powders coming from this land were created by an inter-dimensional energy implosion. The land was originally seeded for the formation of this prima matra by those we call the “Timewalker” (High Mayans), who worked in conjunction with the High Devas mythologically depicted as Unicorns. When the implosion occurred, the “seed” material was heated not only to high levels but in a contained “hyper-field” which is created by two dimensions touching. A hyper-field forms a “no-time” zone where linear laws of thermodynamics are warped or in some cases do not apply at all. It was within such a hyper-field that the prima matra powders and the Andara Crystals were originally created.

Approximately 2000 years after the inter dimensional implosion had occurred, a Lemurian temple complex was raised on this site.  The name of this temple was “Andara”, meaning “Light of Beauty and Perfection”. The primary purpose of this complex was in working with the prima matra powders, crystals and water of the land. By this we mean that through their purposeful interaction with the prima matra they effectively transmuted their crystalline DNA, therefore becoming a highly futurized form of “huemon” being, even more developed than the Lemurians of that age. Thus, we will cease calling these colonists “Lemurians” and refer to them as “Andareans”. The Andara Crystal is a powerful demonstration of the principle of Light Redemption.

Now we focus on the subject of the Andara Crystals. While they resemble a crystalline lava-glass and while certain similarities are present between lava-glass – such as obsidian and these crystals, they are vastly different energetically and atomically. Natural lava-glass could be seen only as a distant cousin of Andara Crystals. Lava-glass is created from volcanic activity deep in the Earth, with the material coming to the surface in an eruption and being exposed to specific conditions as it cools. Because these lava-glass minerals come from deep inside the Earth within chambers containing great heat, they do contain various levels of prima matra. Andara Crystals are even rarer than the prima matra lava-glass, in that they were formed inside a no-time hyperfield, creating within them a kinesothemetic continuum. This continuum that allows a moving time field within the elemental and structural composition of the crystal formation.

Etherium in the hands of an Alchemist:

Black is for regenerative properties, detoxifier, grounding, gut issues, it brought back the lemon tree.

Etherium Black is classified as a non-herbal adaptogen. An adaptogen is a substance that returns the body to its normal state (homeostasis) after an environmental disruption and improves the body’s resistance to stress and occasional fatigue.

Etherium Black is capable of detecting electromagnetic imbalances within any organism and neutralizing the waves and particles causing disturbance. It is equally effective with thoughts, emotions, and physical imbalances.

Etherium Black is quite effective in supporting general detoxification.

Etherium Black consists of diamagnetic and paramagnetic elements that have a detoxifying effect on the body and a purifying effect on the spirit. Etherium Black seems to remove anything that is not in harmony with the higher good of the individual, both spiritually and physically.

Etherium Black comes from naturally occurring trace minerals in the Etherium deposit. It is the antithesis of Etherium Gold. Black is “unmanifest” and “uncreation”, whereas Gold is “manifest” and “creation”.

Etherium Black clears away interfering thoughts.

Mentally and spiritually, Etherium Black calms mind and spirit, relieves stress, and brings a sense of peace and serenity.

Etherium Black can remove the clutter—making meditations more profound. Etherium Black can bring emotions into balance in a matter of minutes. Should you find yourself emotionally upset; be it anger, sadness, fear, Etherium Black will clear the inharmonious energies and assist you in finding your center. It is truly amazing how quickly and effectively it works.

White (GOLD) is the highest vibrational of the bunch, its has the broadest spectrum of mono atom properties, great for meditation

Many people experience expansionary states after consuming Etherium Gold monatomic minerals. These experiences appear to be similar to those recorded in ancient texts that describe the use of “white powder of gold”. It is also known as the “Philosophers’ Stone”, mfkzt, manna, shem-an-na, and by other names. White gold was created alchemically by some ancient civilizations for the purpose of expanding consciousness, heightening abilities of their leaders, and as a part of certain ceremonies. It was usually reserved for the higher echelons in society or religious orders, often given to initiates being promoted to a higher status within the group.

As the electromagnetic frequencies are raised, the mind, regardless of left or right orientation, becomes integrated and more acute. Thoughts become clear and more powerful. Left-brain people report enhanced creativity, and right-brain people feel a greater foundation in their thought process. Some have even reported starting to plan their day!

Could this be the first sign of an integration in the brain that dissolves dualistic perception and propagates the realization that we are all part of the One? Could these ‘dormant’ areas become receptors to universal intelligence?

Logic-based, left-brain dominant people will have more of a mental experience. Though it may take several days, these people eventually notice enhanced mental acuity with improved mental focus. Often, they experience more energy and more productive sleep cycles—eventually requiring less overall sleep. Quite often, users also note and increase in physical stamina and endurance.

The right-brain functioning creative soul will usually realize immediate Etherium results in comparison to their left-brained brother or sister. Their initial experience may be more spiritual in nature. They open up as a universal receptor—a term that many use to describe the experience—the creative forces within are magnified. The sensation can be described as a “sensitivity to the surrounding universal fields and energies”.

Etherium Gold helps dissolve thought patterns and emotions that no longer serve us. This clearing eliminates mental confusion and promotes clear intention and mental focus. As thoughts become more focused, the vibrational difference between our thoughts, and the object of our thoughts, is reduced.

Therefore, the time required to manifest our needs and desires and bring them into physical reality is also reduced.

Universal creative forces, which we experience as an increase of serendipity in our lives, are put into action. Quite simply, the flow of life begins to flow more smoothly.

The amount of conscious effort normally required to create a particular manifestation becomes effortless, and we become graceful in every endeavor.

When our energy fields become aligned with the cosmic energies that surround us, evolution to our highest potential takes place, and we live in a state of health.

The gift of Etherium Gold is that it helps us attract what we want, and avoid what we do not want. It breaks down restrictive and repetitive patterns within the current reality structure at the cellular level and opens up possibilities that we have not previously considered.

Pink (Tan) is for heart and body issues on all levels.

Etherium Pink (Tan) is a naturally occurring trace mineral that can affect the flow of energy into the heart chakra.

Love is the energy that fuels our physical and etheric bodies. When the heart chakra is opened, it allows us to experience deeper contact with others.

The capacities of altruism and compassion are multiplied, bringing a deeper sense of fulfillment and a greater appreciation of the world which each of us creates.

Etherium Pink appears to enhance the union of our physical, mental and emotional states of being. As integration of the physical and etheric bodies takes place, higher energies from the subtle bodies interface through the chakra centers with the physical nervous system. Scientists speculate that — this energy flow accentuates our telepathic connection with other individuals, and heightens our awareness of the spiritual workings behind physical reality.

Activating the heart chakra opens us to experiences of tranquility and the acceptance of things the way they are. It helps us to accept and understand our challenges as extensions of a Divine plan for our conscious evolution. With regular use, we can experience a much deeper relationship with our higher self, the Source of all within. 

The best way to explain Etherium Red is referencing the chakra system that is a foundation in Ayurvedic traditions. Etherium Red affects the throat chakra. Since the throat chakra sits between the brow chakra and the heart chakra, it integrates the analytical processing of the brain with the emotional desires of the heart. The differences between what the brain thinks and what the heart desires is often the root cause for feelings of scattered thinking, confusion, and powerlessness. An imbalance here causes difficulties in making decisions.

For many people, difficulty in making decisions is chronic in their nature, which isn’t just a result of a throat chakra blockage. Someone experiencing a problem with the root chakra can also agonize over the simplest decisions that most would not have any difficulty making, but even good decision makers have to make the hard choices, even when there is no apparent best or right solution. Etherium Red brings clarity at these times, thereby improving the root chakra as well.

When the mind and heart are integrated, feelings of confusion and doubt dissipate and are replaced by confidence and self-actualization. The greater focus and harmony also reduce stress as scattered, confused feelings are frequent causes of stress. By integrating the thinking of the brain with the emotional energy in the heart, Etherium Red brings heightened clarity to the situation. Once you experience clarity, decisions become easier.

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