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The Ascension Handbook

Section Seven: The Personal Ascension Program - Children

Before each child incarnated on Earth, they chose their parents for a spiritual reason. Therefore, the parents that have decided to participate in the ascension process means the children in this age group will also ascend with you.

For children under the age of 12, there are no specific techniques that apply to activate their primary chakras. A vast majority of children on Earth today are classified as old souls and are positively polarized, which means the upper four chakras are active or partially active. These children selected the incarnation parameters to make sure that they do not create any new karma and selected life experiences that will ensure they their primary chakras remain vibrationally strong before the planetary shift. However, feel free to implement some strategies to help your children (see below).

For all children, it is important that parents are conscious of the types of sensory stimulation around their home which act as sources of negative energy (harm, aggression, violence, etc) that can infect the child, such as television, cartoons, and technology games. It is not about fully depriving them of those things, rather it is about awareness or monitoring the relationship between kids and the amount of negative energy they filter.

The personal ascension program for children has been divided into two different age groups:

For Children UNDER the age of 5:

  • For this age group, you do not have to teach them any aspect about the ascension process, rather when you expand your consciousness and begin to hold your higher frequency, your auric energy will filter into their aura while you interact with them at home. This age group uses positive transference, which means that when you commence your personal ascension, the children will begin to unconsciously feed off your new vibration (new conscious thoughts, behavior, self awareness, and actions) and the process of energy transference will raise the child’s vibrational frequency.
  • When you are meditating, place your baby in close proximity to your auric field and let transference do the rest. Mind you, children are also excellent sources of green ray energy or unconditional love, because energetically, their heart chakras are very open and strong, so this transference will also help you. 
  • Visualization is another effective tool to help your child’s auric field remain energetically strong. Refer to the Ascension Chamber / cocoon of light exercise. Visualize a bubble of golden white light surrounding your child and do not forget to call upon your angels and theirs for divine protection and healing.
  • In regard to grounding, ensure your child regularly plays outdoors or has some direct contact with Earth / nature eg: play in the grass without shoes and socks.

In addition, you may wish to use the activities listed in the table below, and “indirectly” incorporate a number of different healing strategies into your child’s normal daytime activities. Obviously, the first task involves balancing the base chakra.

For Children OVER the age of 5:

  • It is recommended that school-aged kids commence their ascension program during school holidays,
  • Parents / Guardians / Family members need to take up the role of “Ascension Mentor”. Now that you have started your own ascension program, you can now share any relevant information and your newly found wisdom with your children. For example, introduce your children to chakras or teach them basic meditation techniques,
  • Introduce children to prayer. At bedtime, ask them to give thanks to the Creator and have them call upon their Master and Angels to keep them safe and protected (no offense to parents to those parents that already do this),
  • At some point during the ascension program, parents will need to help their kids heal grief and release their emotional attachments to fairytale and make-believe characters. New Earth will not have any kind of man made belief systems, eg: Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, etc,
  • Allow your children to regularly use a quiet spot in the house, and allow them to be alone to retreat without any disruptions from others. During ascension, it is important that everyone spends time alone in their own energy and this will help them energetically heal, rebalance, and recharge their energy body,
  • You may wish to teach them a simple visualization game called the “Angel Halo”. Tell your children that each one of them is a special angel and the Creator has asked them activate their “Angel Halo”. Teach them to visualize a ball of golden white light, about the size of a tennis ball, entering into the top of their head, and flows down from one chakra to the next, until it is finally released through the soles of their  feet into the ground. This subtle activity will help heal and balance their chakras.

The following table provides a summary of the various strategies for healing the primary chakras for children, which can be used to develop, modify, and customize the structure of the personal ascension program. Obviously, the first step involves healing the base chakra.

Script for Children: Planetary Ascension

For children over the age of five (5), the following script can be used to explain planetary ascension. Feel free to modify, enhance, etc. Any visual aids such as pictures of our Earth, solar system, the Milky Way, and the visible light / color spectrum can be used to supplement this script.

You are a human being. You are a soul living on planet Earth in a physical body. Our planet is a living sentient being and has a soul. We are all spiritual beings. When you were born, your parents gave you a name. Planet Earth has a name and she is called Mother Gaia.

Let’s talk about the universe. It is made up of many different time cycles. For example: it takes 365 days for our planet to orbit around the solar system and return back to the same position, but it takes 16 million years for our solar system to rotate around our galaxy or Milky Way just once. The entire universe works like a huge cosmic clock and everything in space orbits around the universe on different cycles of time.

When all these time cycles finish and come back to their original starting placement this is called a grand cycle. Our planet, solar system, and the Milky Way finished this grand cycle in 2012. This happens naturally for every galaxy in the universe. When we finish this grand cycle, Mother Gaia and all the other planets in our solar system will move into a different level within the universe. Let me explain how this works:

When we think of a rainbow, we know it has seven colors. We can remember these colors with a short word called ROY-G-BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet). Our entire universe is layered into these colors. These are called dimensions. Right now, we are located in the yellow color, which is known as the 3rd dimension, but sometime soon after the grand cycle, our planet will shift into the green color. This is called the 4th dimension. When this happens, the universal clock will restart again.

When a planet in the solar system has a birthday, this is known as a “Planetary Ascension”. What will this mean for us? Your human body has an invisible copy or clone. This is your spiritual body, and is made up of tiny webs of energy. It is an exact duplicate of you and has the same shape and size of your human body. It is located 2-3 inches in front and around your body. This invisible body is connected to your physical body by seven major pipes. These pipes are called chakras. We will talk more about chakras later on.

Our spiritual bodies are connected to Mother Gaia’s spiritual body. Think of your invisible body like a seat belt – you are joined to the planet. When Mother Gaia ascends into the green color, all of us need to stay connected to Earth. 

We need to ensure our physical bodies do not become weak because we would lose our connection to Earth when she shifts into the green color. We need to take steps to keep our invisible body strong and healthy by keeping it full of golden white energy. This is called “Ascension”. Ascension means we want to join Mother Gaia and move up into the next color of the universe. Many people on the planet today are completing their personal ascension.

Script for Children: Understanding Chakras

For children over the age of five (5), the following script can be used to introduce them to the world of chakras. Feel free to modify, enhance, etc. It is recommended that this script be used in conjunction with a chakra diagram / poster or get the kids to make their own chakra teddy bear (eg: use large colored buttons) or use any visual aid that will help children understand the location of their chakras.

Your human body has an invisible copy or clone. This is your spiritual body and it is made up of tiny webs of energy. It is a duplicate of you and has the same shape and size of your human body. It is located about 2-3 inches in front and around your body. This invisible body is connected to your physical body by seven major pipes. These pipes are called chakras. These chakras are also invisible and there are seven (7) chakras found in the body and each chakra performs a different task.

Each of your seven chakras has their own special rainbow color – ROY-G-BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).

Your chakras are very special. They flow energy from your invisible body to your physical body. You need this energy to keep your organs and blood working normally. This is why it is important to look after your chakras. They need to keep working all the time. When your chakras become blocked, the energy will either slow down or stop flowing into your physical body. When this happens, you will begin to feel tired, angry, and sad. You may also get sick. When your chakras are working normally, you will feel happy and healthy.

You have seven chakras or pipes and these are connected up and down your body. The first is called your red chakra an this is located at the bottom of your spine (or rump). The second one is called your orange chakra and this is located on your navel or belly button. The third one is your yellow chakra and this is located at the start of your breastbone – the bottom of your rib cage. Your heart chakra has a green color. The blue chakra is found in your throat. The next one is called your third eye chakra, and this located at your brow or between your two eyes and it’s color is indigo. The last chakra is located on the top of your head or skull and it’s color is violet.

To keep your chakras working, you can do some simple things to take care of them. You need to make sure you get plenty of sleep and rest, exercise and play outside, drink 2 or 3 glasses of fresh water every day, and doing the things that make you feel happy about yourself, such as reading, singing, dancing, drawing, etc. Also remember, you are the boss of your body, so find yourself a quiet spot in the house, when you can go to be alone and retreat. It is ok to take time out and spend some quiet time on your own. When you spend time alone in your own energy, this will help you heal your chakras and rebalance the energy in your invisible body, and it is ok to spend a lot more time alone than other children. When you find your quiet place to retreat, tell everyone you do not want to be disturbed, because you need to recharge your body.

When someone makes you feel sad or angry, walk away from him or her for a couple of minutes and say to yourself “I did not like how they made me feel”. That ugly energy is stuck to your body. Imagine it looks like black sticky syrup. To get this energy off your invisible body, feel that black syrup melting and flowing down your body into the ground. It cannot hurt you anymore. Here is another good tip, when you have a shower, imagine this black sticky syrup flowing off your body into the drain. Remember this rule: you are the boss of your body; so when something makes you feel bad, walk away and quickly remove that energy off your body.

Lastly, the most important thing you must do on a regular basis is to keep your chakras or pipes healthy. So the easiest thing to do, is every couple of days, simply imagine a bucket of energy in the color of golden white light being poured over your head. Feel it flowing down your body from one chakra to the next. Feel this energy dissolving all the black sticky syrup inside them. When you do this, the golden light energy makes you feel good and recharged. Finally, allow the rest of the energy to flow out of the soles of your feet into the ground. Let’s do this often and make your invisible body shine like the golden sun.

Script for Children: Life on New Earth

For children over the age of five (5), the following script provides an overview of life on new Earth. Feel free to modify, enhance, etc. In addition, it is highly recommended that parents focus on using examples to explain the universal truth of the Law of One (love of the Creator and their connection to all things and beings) and the difference between the 3D & 4D spiritual principles or “duality & ego” vs “unity”.

Everyone that joins Mother Gaia with her journey into the green color of the universe will continue his or her lives on “new Earth”.

New Earth is the name given to our planet after we move into the 4th dimension. Not much will change, after we move to new Earth. We will still have animals, forests, rivers & lakes, grass and birds. However, the Sun will be less bright and it will not feel so hot. Everything around us will have more colors and things will look sharper, fresh, and brighter.

The most important thing about the new Earth is how humanity will live. Humanity means “all the people on Earth”. Presently, on our planet, we have many disadvantaged groups like people who are homeless, sick, cannot afford a house, or have enough food to eat. We have many types of religions around the world and every country has their own laws and rules. We have bad countries that hurt people, and there are people that do horrible things to other people. Those things will not exist on new Earth. Everyone will be kind and loving toward each other.

When we move to new Earth, everyone will be treated equally. This means that humanity will live and function as a united world. It is a world of love, peace, and mutual respect. Every single person will have the same things. Every person will receive food, clothes, house, and education.

Living on new Earth means, every single person is united and equal. For this simple reason we will not have taxes, gambling, professional sports, pop stars, police, or the military. In our current world, some people think that they are more important than other people, and some people have more things than others. On new Earth, every person has the same luxuries and we all look after the welfare of each other.

New Earth will operate as one united world. This is called a “Confederation of Earth”. This means you can live anywhere on the planet, without any passports or restrictions.

New Earth will not have any religions or churches. Everyone will follow the universal principles called “Law of One”. We only follow one rule – the law of unconditional love, unity, and our faith in the Creator. The Creator is the life force energy that exists everywhere and within everything in the universe. All living things that reside on the planet must be respected. All of us are connected to the Creator’s energy, and this is the reason we live by the simple law of love and unity.

Lastly, our new world will be more relaxed, stress free and you will have a healthier lifestyle, which means you will live much longer on new Earth.

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