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Andara Crystal Color Variations

Since July 2018, I’ve been on a quest to learn everything I can about this extraordinary crystal. Here is what my deep-dive research has uncovered in regard to unique colors and the resulting energetic signature. This by no means represents the entirety of Andara Crystals by limiting them to these colors. I can’t begin to represent the variegated specimens I’ve seen that are indescribably beautiful and powerful. This will at least give you an idea what you can find in the world of Andaras. They are like no other substance. 

Given what I now have learned from my guides about Andara Crystals and their composition, we can comprehend the process of how they are created. As you know, Andara crystal is formed by fusion when certain monatomic elements are present under intense heat. Monatomic elements carry traces of 70 different minerals, including many precious metals. During the fusion process by which this lava-like glass substance is formed by intensely heating etherium, it triggers a color reaction depending on the mineral(s) present and then cools into allochromatic form.

Allochromatic refers to the impurities and trace elements that color gemstones by their presence. When traces of chromium are present in corundum, you have a red ruby. If there is titanium present in corundum, you have a blue sapphire. When the corundum is pure, it is colorless. Sapphires come in all the colors of the rainbow due to the trace elements that produce each color, all in the same family of corundum. In soil samples taken from the location where the Andara crystals originated, more than 70 monatomic metallic elements were identified. With such a palette to work from, we have the possibility of any color in the rainbow appearing. Monatomic Adara crystals are heliocentric, unlike glass which is not. They also exhibit color shifts, translocation, transmission of information, time dilation and other esoteric properties.

I will cover etherium separately. 

AMBER: Golden Brown Andara

This crystal promotes the direction of one’s path and choices. It creates mental and emotional strength. Works with the Hara Chakra (2nd) and has a calming effect. Like Amber it embodies Light and transmutes that into life. The Glow and light within it transmutes and enhances all life around it.

AMBER: Lemurian Amber Andara

Like Amber, it is the embodiment of light transmuted into life. The life energy of the cosmos glows from within, enhancing all life around it.

BLACK: Black Isari Andara

The color of a deep blue- grey ocean that shifts to grey-green in sunlight. Istari are the Angelic beings (wizards) that guide and protect the light of all be-ings.

BLACK: Cosmic Key Andara

Holds together all things. The most balancing and grounding of all the Andara, yet, within the Black Andara is all eternity and access to it. There is great power held within the Black Andara and as such it is rare and sacred. The keeper of the black Andara is Sanat Kumara who works with Thoth to provide access to those who are ready to receive and have the open heart, love and will of Divine Good. The Black Andara works as a key. As with ALL Andaras, this is only the tip of the iceberg in how it may facilitate you.

BLACK: Black Iridium Andara

The color black has throughout antiquity represented “Mastery of the Mysteries”, the pinnacle of Spiritual Ascendance. Iridium is known as the “Philosophers Stone”, the ultimate achievement in Alchemy.

BLUE: Aqua Serenity Andara

Aqua is the color of the sea, cool and calming, welcoming you home in joy. Aqua Serenity actualizes the depths of ones be-ing, to see beyond the surface of perception. Allows one to speak from the heart. Connects with water/dolphin/whale energies. A gentle purifier/cleanser and helps one to go with the flow. Brings in peaceful, soothing energies.

BLUE: Avalon Blue Andara

Brings peace, harmony and calm. Hold the energy of the High Priestess and compassion. Restores grace and acceptance and brings forth peaceful change. Creates flow and movement. It is a channel for the Divine energy and holds the Mother energy.

BLUE: Azure Elysium Andara

Elysium: a state or place of perfect bliss (blessed) / joy. Azure exists on a higher vibratory plane, uplifting and resonant, it’s color reveals the unconditional joy / blessings within us all.

BLUE: Bleu Topaz Andara

Representing the purity of Being, and the frequency of restoration, Bleu Topaz refreshes the spiritual body while cleansing one’s energy fields.

BLUE: Cyan Angeles Andara

Angeles, originally from Greek aggelos, “messenger,” this crystal is truly a messenger from heaven, radiating the celestial frequencies to all.

BLUE: Electric Blue Andara

The  cool, vibrant, energy of electricity brings both knowledge and the movement of information in a blue stream of vibrancy.

BLUE: Elestial Sapphire Andara

From cobalt to light blue, Elestial Sapphire is a conduit of the pure “Blue Ray”. Emanating from the core of the universe, its vibration is the holographic stream of the now, limitless as are we.

BLUE: Elestial Starlight Sapphire Andara

When this Andara crystal first came to me, it was a deep sapphire color.  Over time, it changed to this color as it bathed in the Kauai sunshine.  As I was sitting with them, I heard them tell me that they were still Elestial Sapphire Andara crystals, but with the added designation of Starlight qualities.  The color is deeper, the sky blue just as the stars are coming out.”

BLUE: Inanna’s Wisdom Andara

It is the inner journey to wisdom and clarity, the removing of all veils and the revelation of true meaning of service that is ultimately healing and freeing.

BLUE: Lady Nellie Andara

This color of Monatomic Andara crystal has chosen the name Lady Nellie and carries her spiritual heart energies.  The ever shifting color from light blue to periwinkle to a dark blue than back to almost clear is an amazing example of how Nellie shifted her heart energies to accommodate all in her healing work. It is a crystal of transmutation and living in God’s grace, as one is held in light and love.

BLUE: Tanzanite Fire Andara

Tanzanite is deep blue, with an intense violet hue / purity of color dancing within. Tanzanite Fire’s core radiance is ablaze with the violet flame, transcending the old paradigm to the next octave / light of be-ing.

BROWN: Root Beer Shaman Elder Andara

Grounded in the energies of nature and balance, Earth Shaman is a powerful healer, grounding negative energies while restoring balance to one’s systems. Known as peacekeepers because they transform disharmony. They are very grounding and help you build strong foundations. They hold the powers of shape shifting and enhance the ability to see things from new perspectives. They clear old energy and return things back to their original state. Gives one the ability to see things from new perspectives. Helps build foundations. They can help with sleep and digestive disorders.

CLEAR: Angel Aura Andara

Angel Aura adds a distinct energetic quality to an Andara crystals look and feel.  A misty white veil of light with hints of opalescence radiates its Angelic spirituality. Angel Aura Andara brings peace, light and spiritual healing, uplifting the soul and helping one spread their wings. Spirituality made manifest.

CLEAR: Champagne Camelot Elder Andara

Holds the energy of Wonder, restoring Joy, Innocence and Magnificence. It builds community and creates possibilities. Champagne holds universal knowledge and opens the heart of the child. This crystal works with the heart, lungs and solar plexus.

CLEAR: Cosmic Ice Elder Andara

Cosmic: Infinitely or inconceivably extended in space or time, vast and harmonious. White / clear is the color of Light, which permeates all reality, transcending time and space, revealing our true nature.

CLEAR: Luminescent White Andara

White / clear is the color of Light, which permeates all reality, transcending time and space, revealing our true nature. Assists with channeling abilities. Connects to Purity and Innocence.

CLEAR: Oracle Clear Andara

This crystal holds the energy of clarity and brilliance. It restores focus, wisdom and truth. It opens the doorway to the future and is the director of energy. It holds the wisdom of the Grandfather.

GOLD: Celestial Gold Andara

Celestial: of or belonging to Heaven. Celestial Gold translates the “Light of Heaven” at the atomic level, heralding the Grand Shift from a world of reflections to that of Radiant Light. A stone of alignment as they help align one to their purpose, abundance, and are powerful manifestation tools as well. Excellent for clearing and aligning the energy bodies. Works with the Christ Ray frequencies.

GOLD: Lemurian Etherium Gold Andara

Lemurian Etherium Gold goes from pale pink champagne to an bright orange gold in color, with an intense gold hue of light energy dancing within. Lemurian Etherium Gold’s core is ablaze with a golden radiance, activating the resonance of enlightenment and your true “light essence”.

GREEN: Atlantean Dolphin Green Andara

Detoxifies negativity. Opens the Heart, and helps to bring balance and healing. Holds ancient knowledge of the Emerald Tablets and gives access to many dimensions.

GREEN: Electric Green Andara

A vibrant glowing life force. As light passes through the high vibrational rays it opens portals for healing and transformation. Connects with Truth, Justice and Science as well as Lost / Forgotten / Hidden Knowledge.

GREEN: Emerald Shift Green Andara

Emerald is the color of the deep, verdant forest, untouched and abound with hidden secrets. Emerald Shift unveils our inner world of sacred wisdom and insights, ushering in the “Age of Transparency”.  Connects one to Gaia, the Nature Elementals, Abundance, Fertility, Compassion and Forgiveness. Powerful healer as it works with the Emerald Ray. Also connects one to Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom.

GREEN: Ethereal Mint Andara

Pale to mint green, Ethereal Mint brings forth the sacred resonance of freedom.  In kindness, hospitality and joy, receptive and welcoming, embracing and recognizing the divine spark within all that each of us represent.

GREEN: Eternal Spring Green Andara

Light bright radiant green, this Andara energizes and supports new growth and rebirth. It’s vibrant color unlocks one’s hidden potential, moving one from their current level into the next. Like the acorn whose destiny it is to become a mighty oak, so too are we destined for a far greater purpose.

GREEN: Merlin’s Light Green Andara

This crystal holds the energy of magic. It brings forth vision and manifestation. It awakens leprechaun alchemy and the restores the powers of royalty. It holds the knowledge of the Emerald Tablets. Merlin’s light gives you the access to many dimensions. Brings powerful connection with the celestial realms and great alchemy. Energetically, moves energy in a spiritually uplifting way. It awakens the wisdom of the Grandmothers.

GREEN: Radium Green Andara

Luminescent and resonating to the 13th octave, it is an extremely healing vibration / frequency Andara crystal. As light passes through it, healing rays of transformative energies are released.

GREEN: Seafoam Elder Andara

Seafoam; representing the primal waters of our conception, these Andara crystals resonate the original blueprints of creation as probabilities. Within its effervescent depths one is transported to the timelessness of ones being, with infinite potential and promise. These Andaras carry some or all the properties of the crystals, but in a more primal context, they are very beautiful and mysterious. Seafoam works mainly on generational heritage-DNA clearing past life related issues. Renews cellular memory cleansing body, mind and spirit. Its like immersing yourself in an ocean of Mother Earth Elements of Water and Salt honoring the Divine Feminine. The salt element rebuilds your cellular memory and manifest emotional calm and stability to walk through the world in a powerful way. Automatically expand your state of awareness. Increased access to universal knowledge. Activates the ability to channel. Accelerates the spiritual development process.

GREEN: Terra Olive Andara

“Terra Olive is the color of freshly pressed olive oil, a gift from the earth through the mechanism of light transmutation.  And as Light is transmuted into life, so too does this Andara represent and enhance our transcendence of light into life.”

ORANGE: Marmalade Orange Andara

Enhances creativity, joy and happiness. Helps connect one with the Sun and its healing and purifying capabilities. Helps release old energies around intimacy and relationships.

PINK: Desert Rose Andara

The color of beige pink in larger specimens to very light clear peach pink in smaller sizes, filled with light and shifting colors from pink to peach to light purple, it radiates a calm Zen like clarity. Desert Rose’s gentle nature reveals the illusions that limit or restrict, supporting growth and change in any environment. Can help one to see the beauty in all things.

PINK: Heart of God Within Pink Andara

aka: HGW. Extremely rare. Powerful Divine Feminine energies. This crystal promotes unconditional love and compassion. It opens the heart chakra to forgiving and receiving. Heart of God Within Pink: “HGW” resonates at a higher heart octave, awakening the selfless, divine energy of the “Cosmic Heart”, freed from all judgments.

PINK: Rose de France Andara

“Pink with amethyst to violet hues, Rose de France illuminates the essence of Noblesse Oblige, that your true being is far greater than any situation, with the freedom to rise above in divine grace.” Loving, playful and nurturing qualities.

PEACH: Celestial Peach Andara

Celestial Peach is a divine feminine stone connecting one to divine love and compassion. Celestial Peach is a Sacred heart stone delivering light codes of love directly to the heart, clearing distortions around love and helping one to align with their True Essence.

PURPLE: Ascendant Lilac Andara

A pale lavender / violet color, Ascendant Lilac enlightens one with the divine essence of wisdom and faith.  With god, all is now.  Ascendant Lilac reminds us of our true reality in and as source, as beings of the now.” Ascendant Lilac Andara has a truly unique resonance that aids the connection to your Sovereign Spiritual Being. It brings to the forefront your Divine Presence and spiritual light. It opens the gateway between that which is and that which is possible. Like all Andara crystals, Ascendant Lilac is both a healer and upper chakra activator. The lilac color also shares with Andara crystals the aspect and property of enhanced synchronicity. The lilac color carries within it the resonance of the Violet flame of transmutation. The vibration of the color itself brings emotional healing, releasing stress, anxiety and depression.

PURPLE: Forte Veritas Andara

“Bordeaux in color, this Andara crystal specializes in the truth or veracity that one seeks beyond the ego or boundaries of this reality.  As in the saying, “In Vina Veritas”  or there is truth in wine, so too does this crystal reveal that which is hidden.

PURPLE: Lavender Andara

This crystal is very rare. It is a powerful psychic crystal that helps put you in touch with your intuition and and opens the spiritual psychic center of the mind. Strengthens the connection to one’s Higher Self and Source / Spirit. Powerful stone for enhancing Intuition and all Clair-abilities / psychic senses. Aligns the heart with your divine guidance.

PURPLE: Sophia – Wisdom’s Heart Andara

Amethyst with a pink hue and gold highlights, Sophia Andara articulates the essence and spirit of source. It is this universal spirit and principle which also has a powerful individual dimension, that of inspiration. In Greek, Sophia means Divine feminine wisdom, but it can also mean light. It is the wisdom to see clearly, to illuminate and divine illusion from the Divine.

PURPLE: Sovereign Amethyst Andara

Sovereign: Exceptional in quality, extremely potent and effective, having supreme, ultimate power.  Without restrictions or restraints, able to pass between any and all worlds, enlightened and free.

RED: Celestial Heart Andara

Celestial Heart is the frequency of cosmic love and healing. From the core of our true being, the Celestial Heart energies heal and uplift, initiating understanding and release.

RED: Divine Solar Fire Andara

The fire of the Divine burns through old patterns and old energies bringing about a clear and balanced body, mind and soul. This clearing eliminates mental confusion and promotes clear intention and focus.

RED: Lemurian Sunrise Andara

Heralding the Galactic Dawn of a new Golden age in vibrant colors of red, orange, yellow, gold and pink, Lemurian Sunrise Andara proclaims the daybreak of ascendant energies and a new awakening of “Temet Nosce”. The color of flame with a hue of red and gold, denoting sacred knowledge and divinity.

RED: Lion’s Heart Andara

A salmon pink in color, Lion’s Heart Andara represents fortitude and the ability to face and overcome all obstacles.  It resonates as “grace under pressure”, facilitating courage and perseverance and honesty.

RED: Scarlet Shift Andara

Scarlet is the color of flame, with a hue of red and gold, denoting Sacred Knowledge and Divinity. Scarlet Shift actualizes the move to self-realization. Removing blocks that keep us from our desires and claiming success. Propels one forward to claim success and prosperity assisting in fulfilling their soul desire. Its strong goddess energy helps to balance the female and masculine energy.

YELLOW: Dynamic Heliodor Andara

A clear yellow green to golden saffron to brilliant yellow, Dynamic Heliodor radiates spiritual warmth and empowers ones divine vitality and will. In joyous resonant tones, anything is possible in the ever-present now. Brings harmony through detachment to the 3rd chakra.

YELLOW: Electric Yellow Andara

Yellow brings one back into the rhythm of life. Stimulates the heart soul connection, brings confidence, allowing one to shine and share their Inner Radiance with others.

YELLOW: Solaris Andara

The color of golden / yellow rays of sunlight, it’s presence uplifts all it sphere of radiance. Known as the messenger of God, the Solaris Andara facilitates ones connection to source. As such, it also strengthens one’s character and intuition. The Solaris Andara is also connected with the arch angel Gabriel, and conveys the message that “God is my strength”. Promotes decisiveness, mental clarity and power.

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