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Stargate Guardians around the Galaxy

- starseeds, intergalactic travelers and explorers pay attention

Dear Ones – you will soon be navigating your way through the Galaxy. Seeing how I’ve been to all these Stargates, I thought I’d begin to show you what to expect. Not every Guardian is a form you are familiar with. They act as Ambassadors for incoming beings and it is considered a great honor. Those of you who are now Emissaries (traveling Ambassadors) remember your days as Ambassadors as it was one of your rights of passage. Some of the current ones (thank goodness only a few) have quite the sense of humor and love to pull practical jokes on the newbies.   Now I’m sure you’d like me to tell you the location of each of these – but I can’t until you find them yourselves (and besides, what would be the fun in that? I love to witness those incidents with the newbies).

Some of you who already have your Astral “wings” have likely visited a few of these places and they will be familiar. But you have much more exploration that will be available to you in short order. Enjoy the images … and you’re welcome 😎 Starbuck 

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Join us on our journeys finding miraculous experiences in epic places. 

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