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“This information has made its way to humanity through the steadfast work of Maia Nartoomid @ Her body of work has created a vast archive of the work of Thoth (and much more) since the mid-70’s. It’s no coincidence that this information is surfacing now as we can all sense that the Shift Earth’s consciousness has been moving toward is upon us and the wisdom Thoth channeled through Maia is about to be put to good use – if you are paying attention that is …”  What follows is from a 1995 channeling.

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The Golden Taya - Part 3 of 5

Revisiting the Talmud

And other information from Tehuti on some recent experiences

TEHUTI/THOTH: The land and ocean area risen or translated from this dimension (originally in Peru) in which is contained the first true Ark of the Covenant, we shall refer to here as the RISEN SEA. Within the Caverns of the Ark, there is suspended the TALMUD, a diamond-shaped blue quartz crystal. Near the TALMUD crystal is the TYCHON Flame, a large beam of high energy lasers streaming upward from a white stone lotus. The TYCHON is a balancer and rectifier of energies. It stabilizes the dimension in which the RISEN SEA abides and maintains a frequency of parity between the Ark and its parallel vector (this dimension). The TALMUD crystal is more complex to interpret. Its entire workings are not to be given at this time, but it operates in conjunction with the TYCHON. It absorbs Light into elemental conformity, all the while accelerating the quantum of Light transfer, which in turn, refines the entire process of Light to Spirit through its systems.

The TYCHON Flame … is liquid Light, held back a moment before the rush of time. In it is contained the record of humanity’s passing in the Earth. This knowledge is channeled through the crystal TALMUD as DIVINE LAW. It is segmented into verses of consciousness, each motion given a separate dialogue in time. The many souls incarnating again and again are the embellishment, the notes in a concert of spirit consuming flesh, singing in the flame of life that dwells but a moment with the reality of the soul.

The stage of soul evolution in Earth are divided within the crystal into four Sacred major parts, equivalent to the Four Forces of the Universe, the Four Elements of the alchemical Earth, and the Four Sons of Horus. I give you four words to speak, each a trigger to a fourth segment of the crystal. As you speak each word, take several minutes upon that word before proceeding to the next in order that you may place yourself into memory rhythm with that stage in your soul’s evolution. Bring into your consciousness a visualization in tune with that experience. Proceed through the four sacred force words applying this memory.

The words are:


Thoth tells about the Golden Egg: This object was the size and shape of half an ostrich egg … the “egg” was of alchemical gold both inside and out, a layer of crystalline material pressed in-between these two layers. On the uneven edge of the “break” were tiny golden circuitry embedded within the crystal “filling”. We were told by Thoth that this object was half of the entire unit. This half, with our help (and no doubt that enlistment of other sources as well) would be translated from the dimension of the RISEN SEA to this dimension. It would appear partly buried in a specific region of the Americas, to be found by a certain envoy or party unknown to us. The second half of the Golden Egg would be brought through at a future date and eventually united with the first half. When brought together the circuitry would be complete and the Ark of the Covenant would be translated via this devise, into our dimension.

… the Guardians of the Sacred Grounds, high souls who once lived, and many who are still living (inner/outer Earth) as Great White Shamans (as opposed to “Black Art” Shamans) are gathering in the sacred places. They are awakening the magic of their ages in the Earth, following the Dreampath for Earth Awakening. They are closer at this time to our reality. All is stirring from the ancient vaults and minds of direction from long ago.

In 1989 the Ark of Grace (the True Ark) was translated into a chamber in Mt. Sinai, yet it remains undescended in its full unfoldment.

In 1994 the four tablet fragments brought down from Mt. Sinai were transported into the “Medicine Wheel”, a region of the United States with its center at the Four Corners. In ancient days these fragments had been charged by the Ark of Grace, and were to create an energetic field within the Valley of the Golden Disc (San Luis Valley of Colorado in the outer rim of the Medicine Wheel) for the coming of the Ark of Grace into a thresholding chamber within the Sangre de Cristo mountains bordering the valley. At some point in time after the Ark is brought to its thresholding chamber it will be translated into this dimension.

Tehuti’s 1995 update on the Ark of Grace, the Risen Sea, the TALMUD, the TYCHON Flame and the Golden Egg: The Risen Sea is the dimension that contains the chamber wherein the TALMUD and TYCHON are maintained. Originally in Peru, it ascended from your dimension in 12,500 B.C. This small region of only 3 1⁄2 miles across was the location of a group of Hyperborean Atlanteans known as the Atlanagas. They were related to the Rutan Atlanteans (Hyperborean), and contained more Sirian genetics with closer resemblance to the Lion-Ones (the family of Pashat, Zumir, Sun Lords, etc.). With their human –lionese features, they kept to their own remote area of South America, communing only infrequently with the Rutans. Their focus on the planet was to maintain the TALMUD and TYCHON, brought to this world from Sirius eons ago. The TALMUD and TYCHON held the calibration patterns for the Foundation Stars, those sun-stars in the universe which form the Zuvuya or return path of spirit to the center of the Universe. It is to this center that we must all return. The major Guardians of this quadrant of the Universe are Sirius, the Pleiades and Orion. All three of these stellar guardians have fallen zones within them, the guardianship remaining within the undescended regions.

In 12,500 B.C. (before the eruption in the Atlantean time grid, causing the Kali Time Rift) the 3 1⁄2 miles of the Atlanagas was translated into another dimension to protect the TALMUD and TYCHON from violation, as it was known by the Guardians that the tear in time would soon be outpictured through the Atlantean grid. Major configurations in the karmic balance of the planet took place in the year 12,500 B.C. which set the schematic in place for the ascension of what we call the Risen Sea.

Those who now have the first half of the Golden Egg are presently in New Mexico. They are called the Sariia, from the Pleiades. They are some of the star ones who walk amongst you. The second half of this computer devise is in Mt. Blanca (part of the Sangre de Cristos in the Valley of the Golden Disc). It will be revealed and brought together with its other segment in the future. You will be in communication telepathically with the Sariia, and working with them on a related project, soon.

The TALMUD, blue diamond crystal is actually not a full “quartz” mineral logically. It is a combination of both quartz and lithium and resonates at a frequency beyond both. The flashing double-diamond in place at the gateway of the vortex of the Golden Star Templa Mar (at Crestone/Baca in the Valley of the Golden Disc) is energetically aligned to the Talmud as a sacred geometry interface.

Maia: Briefly, how can humanity work with the TALMUD and TYCHON Flame for personal and planetary evolution?

TEHUTI: First, by visualizing the Blue Diamond Crystal and the TYCHON Flame, then focusing upon the words given: Origin, Tribulation, Transformation and Light, working with these procedures as given above. Once you feel resonant with this procedure and your body is experiencing an energy flow with your mind clearly aligned to the essence of the experience, you may begin the process of asking to be cleared of akashic forms (karmic) which are impeding your progress towards Divine Order. Allow the Blue Flame of the TYCHON, flowing through the “Mind” of the TALMUD, to cleanse all entanglements from your being. As you move through the Flame, experience the consciousness of the Earth blending with the blue TALMUD/TYCHON dynamic. Allow the sacred hum of the TYCHON to call forth the power from the center of the Earth (the central sun atoma). See it expanding upward in waves of brilliant Light to envelope the outer shell and atmosphere of the planet like an elixir of blue, green and gold. Call forth the Grandfolk Dolphins (high master beings in Dolphin form), linking them to form holographic patterns of morphogenic Light transfers through the crystalline grid of the Earth.

Simeon: On the evening of 4/30, Maia and I went into deep meditation. I felt a connection to the Metatron taking place and immediately saw two deep blue arcs extending down from a common point source of light. They formed what roughly looked like the wings of an angel. The inside of the curves facing each other clearly defined as lines, and then being diffused gradually as they radiated outward. At the common point source of their emanation there was a very brilliant blue-white light. I experienced the intense energy and expansion associated with this for a short period of time, in which I believe I left my conscious state. A short while later, I became very lucid once again and perceived a very brilliant white-gold sword of light. I perceived only the blade of the sword, not the hilt, which seemed to be a different energetic that Maia was working with (determined after the experience). There was an intelligence guiding the sword as it was being inserted into my sushumic channel via the medulla oblongata area in the back of my skull. The energy was quite intense and I felt it moving slowly but surely downward through the spine. It paused for awhile when it reached the area just above the sacrum. I assume this pause was to allow me to assimilate the energy already present. At the moment I felt comfortable with the energy already present, the sword was thrust downward quite sharply into the base of the spine, causing me some discomfort and even mild pain. The energy surge was quite incredible however, and from that point on I was in receipt of waves of incredible bliss and ecstatic rapture within the cellular/magnetic grids. Fits of laughter overcame me as I surrendered to the experience. I was keenly aware that this was an experience of the Metatronic spiral at an entirely new level.

Maia: Tell us about the Sword of Light Simeon experienced.

Sabvaii, Sword of Metatron TEHUTI: It is the Sabvaii, the Sword of Metatron that is wielded by Lord Michael for interchanges between Spirit and Matter in the 2ML reality (this is not what is usually understood as “Michael’s Sword”). It is brought into one’s experience through an alignment of the soul/body with the TALMUD/TYCHON. The Sabvaii brings the soul/body through the Lower Quaternary into the Higher Quaternary of the TALMUD Diamond, so that they may being to actualize the Metatronic Consciousness beyond the cellular, emotional, and mental experience.

Maia: What is beyond the cellular, emotional and mental experience? TEHUTI: The experience of the Attasic Universe.

TEHUTI: The experience of the Attasic Universe.

Maia: Could you tell us more about the Attasic Universe/Light grid?

TEHUTI: The Attasic Universe is the Unified Field of all consciousness in which no separation dwells. The Attasic Light Grid is the organizational patterning for separate realities as they come together to create the Attasic dynamic.

Maia: Simeon saw an unusual structure or object below the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.. He heard the words RAM-SET. Could you qualify this experience? Simeon’s description of the experience and structure is given below:

Simeon: Immediately following the ceremony Maia and I did at the Ziggurat on 5/1 whereby we entered our intention into the central sun atoma via the RA-UM matrix for all to be brought into Divine Order within our home, finances, health and spiritual work together, I was sitting at the base of the Ziggurat. I faced WSW and went into a deep space of meditation spontaneously. Suddenly, I was aware that I was peering through a transparent crystalline membrane or sheet that had a slight tobacco colored tint to it. Within this membrane were a number of lights, as thought they were embedded in acrylic, with no wires attached to them whatsoever. This crystalline membrane appeared to be the floor of an upper level that I stood upon looking downward at what I felt to be a very large and powerful complex. I have no reference point for the size determination, merely my intuitive input. The structure itself was shaped like a five pointed star with the height of the structure rising up from the tips of the star toward the center. Each point of the star has a center line which forms the peak of the “roof” in those sections of the structure, and this is where the rise in height occurs. In the center was a pentagon formed by connection of the lines rising up from the tips of the star. Within the pentagon was another five pointed star and the center actually looked just like the Chrysler Corp. emblem. The center of the pentagon was also rising up from its perimeter towards the center, but less steeply than the rise present upon the tips of the star. This entire structure was green-gold in color and there seemed to be an intense power and activity taking place there. I felt the presence of many beings there, but saw no sign of them. I was given the name of this site as being the RAM- SET (pronounced RAUM-SET) and was told that it was directly below the Pentagon complex in Washington, D.C.

TEHUTI: The RAM-SET was placed beneath the Earth nearly half a million years ago in your linear reality where the U.S. Pentagon now sits. It is slightly offset in space-time so as not to be affected by tectonic movements in the Earth, nor can it be detected by your current scientific means. It is no coincidence that the Pentagon now lies above it. The building site was chosen by the Inner Light Network (LIN). Originally, the Pentagon was to be a sacred space in which the ILN would work with the RAM-SET to send Light Codes into the government network. These Light Codes aligned to the original intent of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, all of whom were members of Light Orders such as the Masons and Rosecrucians. However, the Niphilim or “Fallen Ones” took over the Pentagon project through a series of dramatic events which we will not deliberate on in this transmission. Despite this violation, the RAM- SET remains in the control of the Solarian Ultra-beings of Light.

The RAM-SET is a structure that is also a living organism. It has been synthesized from plant and crystal (ie. Mineral and vegetable components). It is aligned energetically with the City of the Lords on Mars (Cydonia-the “Face on Mars” complex), and was placed on Earth by the same Ultra-Beings who built the face and city at Cydonia. RAM-SET sets a vibrational signal into the mineral and vegetable realms that prevents the Niphilim from entering the cellular grid of all living things existing within the diochromy, or collective time flow of the planet. There is much we cannot relate to you at this time concerning the RAM-SET and its connection to the City of Lords, but we will say that it’s a major “antibody” of Earth.

Accelerating the Healing of Self Denial to a New Octave

On the evolutionary path of healing and denial or suppression of self, we are in essence acting out and releasing karmic tendencies or “samkharas” as they are known in the eastern traditions. I quote her from Gaskells Dictionary of all Scriptures and Myths.

“SAMKHARAS: (aggregate of formations) a symbol associated with Dhamma (karma). It usually signifies the transitory mental type-forms which change with every personality.

Impermanent truly are the Samkharas, liable to origination and decease; as they arose so they pass away; their disappearance is happiness. Ibid., P.251.”

The samkharas are built up over extended periods of incarnational experience repeating themselves in various different expressions. Each time the embodied soul acts out of these tendencies the magnetic patterning of that particular samkhara is strengthened. As our karmic incarnational experiences increased in number, so did the number and strength of the samkharas. Also, we had lifetimes where we were subjected to religious dogmatic austerities that demanded we suppress these building tendencies of the lower nature (self). Some of this teaching was well intentioned but resulted in the formation of energetic blockages due to the magnetic inner conflict. In other words, one aspect of our being was attempting to respond to its lower karmic nature while our conscious self with some level of Higher Self knowledge present, understood the need to transcend to higher levels of experience, but didn’t understand the denying/suppressing that lower self component only added to the magnetic charge being held in the physical/emotional/mental bodies.

The emotional or feeling body is the primary consciousness interface between Spirit and matter. This statement is not complete, but for the purpose of this discussion I will utilize this model. The emotional body is intended to interface a spiritual reality into physical experience . It is a main connection between the “electric” frequencies of the Higher Self and the primal force magnetic energy of the manifest realms. The heart center is the gateway between realms, but the emotional body is the interface zone.

Anytime we have a had an experience in our incarnational experiences that we did not allow ourselves to feel completely, regardless of whether it was too painful, too joyful or anything in between, what has occurred is that we switch to the mental plane of experience to escape the feeling, and in essence stopped the flow of emotional “feeling” energy. When this occurs we have in effect froze the magnetic imprinting of that emotional energy in space and time. At some point that energy must be released to the Universal flow once again. This can happen in a number of different ways. Some of the more common methods of release involve bringing in a charge of energy that exceeds the amount of energy stored in the magnetic patterning and starting it in motion once again. This can be induced through any number of healing techniques, or by the Higher Self through painful experiences, if the conscious personality has worked (like “hello down there, if you can’t hear me perhaps if we drag you through the briar patch..”). These magnetic patterns or “blocks” are actually an aspect of ourself that has now splintered off from our conscious awareness to have an unconscious (to us) reality all its’ own. The existence of these unconscious magnetics is the primary reason that we seem to have events happening in our lives that we would rather not be experiencing, and many times do not understand. On the physical plane of manifestation the magnetic (feminine) component holds the true power to manifestation. If we are carrying around a plethora of magnetic patterns, unbeknownst to us they are drawing these events to us like two poles of a magnet attract each other. The divine gift in all of this is that when these events unfold we now have an insight into the unconscious aspect of ourselves that is not under the auspices of Higher Self so we can do something about it.

The self healing process has entailed getting in touch with our feelings and understanding what aspect of ourself is attempting to communicate to us through that feeling. Generally this aspect of self has not been recognized for some time, as it is a heavily conditioned pattern existing within the mass consciousness to ignore or suppress these feelings. The process of getting in touch with these feelings has been quite intensive for most of us, and in the intensity of the process there is the danger that yet another limiting pattern may set up in place of the one we have sought to transcend. This is an area whereby we must become creatures of thought and awareness, rather than creature of habit in order to go to the next octave of experience.

Let me expound on this a bit further. In the healing of self denials/suppression we have of necessity been appeasing some aspect of the lower self to satisfy the pent up desires that have been denied or suppressed over many lifetimes or experience. In this way we are able to act out the desires of the lower self and clear them. Herein lies an area that contains the possibility of becoming entrapped in a cyclical pattern that can recreate or strengthen the tendency (samkhara) or desire of the lower self. If we become enmeshed in this cycle it becomes difficult to see that much of the processing we are going through may be due to this process of cyclic recreation. Worse yet, we may actually have affected the satisfaction of these personal desire to such a degree that we become ensconced in the illusion of happiness that this has brought us to for the time being. This is where creating a solid intention to be aligned to the blueprint of ones Higher Self through regular meditation and affirmation upon this thought form is essential. With this intention fully registered upon the auric field, the process will unfold with less danger of the possible entrapments becoming actualized.

There comes a time when this process also must be accelerated to a new level. We must always be aware of the inner prompting emanating from the heart that indicates when it is time to adapt a new format within our process, lest we continue to emulate the past process for the sake of security to the process itself. Again, this involves moving beyond the realm of habit and into the expanded reality of thought and awareness in the “now”moment.

In relationship to the focus of this article, the next step happens when we are face with moving to a new octave of experience in moving past the feelings of suppression of self. First, we must have developed the ability to feel and acknowledge these aspects of ourselves in the “moment” they are communicating to us. This means we must learn to be in the magical “now”. When we have one of these feelings arise, it is imperative that we make it a priority in our lives to address it immediately, not tomorrow or at lunch time, etc. When we take this action of reprioritization we send a very strong message to Spirit that says, “Yes, I acknowledge that my most important job here is to fully integrate the Higher Self, all else is secondary to that mission.” This can be reinforced with affirmations to that affect. When we put off dealing with our feelings to any other time frame but the “now”, we send a contrary message to Spirit. When we have learned this agenda sufficiently, we are then ready to move into the arena where true magick is possible.

Within this next movement we come to recognize that identification of the aspect of lower self that we are feeling in the “now” holds a key to the transformation. By identification, I do not necessarily mean we must receive direct knowledge of the parameters of this aspect of self, but rather that we can locate it within our energy field/body through the feeling of it. In that moment, we are now faced with a decision. Are we going to appease this aspect of our lower self once again in order to prevent the occurrence of energetic blockages created through suppression or denial, or are we going to reorient this aspect of the lower self consciousness (elemental magnetics/ samkhara) to the perspective of our Higher Self? This is the moment of magick, where all things are possible. The Higher Self perspective will see the situation as an opportunity to love and have compassion for self and others. From this perspective in the “moment” we experience the feeling of the lower self emerging, as it perceives it is being denied, we are able to bring the vibrations of the Higher Self into direct contact with this aspect of the lower self and transform it through the Law of Vibration. This law states that all higher vibrations will always transform the lower vibrations whenever they interact. In order for this to occur we must bring these vibrations together through our consciousness by “locking onto the feeling and at the same time accessing the greatest degree of Higher Self awareness possible in that moment. An affirmation such as “I now affirm I am ready willing and able to release this magnetic layer of consciousness currently being experienced to the complete transformation of my Higher Self”, in addition to asking for assistance from the Angelics, Ultras and Masters who may be there to assist you can be very powerful in facilitating the process.

Galactic Spiritual Informers Conference DelegatesWe must realize the incredible potential that exists in the “now”moment whenever these feelings are presented to us. This is the opportunity to walk through the doorway of eternal freedom, don’t turn it away because something else seems more pressing or important, that is an illusion. Mass consciousness is heavily embedded with thought forms that tell us these feelings are a nuisance to be dealt with then we have time. This a product of the severely fractured karmic reality that we are living in. This consciousness is born directly of misaligned materialistic focus. This focus was born of survival needs as our ability to manifest from the ether slipped away. We have all participated in the descending order of events that have led us to this seemingly limited reality system. We must trust that in the reprioritization of our focus to make the matters of Spirit at least equally as important as third dimensional duties (with full integration as an objective), we will be fully supported from the higher aspects of our being in our needs to live physically upon this planet and go about our soul work. There are truly no obstacles to prioritizing our energy affairs in such a way as to be able to deal with feelings that arise in that moment, only excuses.

We must realize that this accelerated movement is a gateway to yet another realm of experience that takes us to the next level and so on … infinitely. It is also time to breakdown and transform all thought forms that may subtly perceive “we have arrived at realization”, as they only limit us, and the expectation engendered in these thought forms sets us up for disappointment at some future time. Realization will be a state of beingness non-reliant upon belief system thought forms.

Self discipline is an important component in the transformational process, but we must be aware of what it is we are disciplining ourselves to. Strictly adhering to any particular format has its benefits to be sure, but we must realize these are only tools to be used for a specific job and must be released when the time has come where they no longer serve us. The true discipline needed is not to any outer form, but to truly listen to the voice of the Divine within our own hearts, and allow that energy to permeate our experience. The heart energy is the most powerful transformational force in the Universe. By expanding this energy throughout our own beings, bathing them in the ecstatic embrace of Divine Light, we will successfully transform all lower vibrational magnetics and be able to achieve a truly amazing capacity for compassion in all our experiences.

I provide this information from my heart, and welcome any input from others as to their experiences on this and any related subject.

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