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Starbuck’s Mystery School

Starbuck’s Mystery School PODCAST: August 2022. 

Mystery Schools

[Mystery is but hidden knowledge, know this and you shall unveil. Find the deep buried wisdom and become a master of darkness and Light.

Deep are the mysteries around you. Hidden are the secrets of old. Search through the Keys of my Wisdom, and surely shall you find the way. The gateway to power is secret, but those who attain shall receive. Look to the Light! O kindred soul. Open and you shall receive. Press on through the valley of darkness, overcome the dweller of the night. Keep ever your eyes to the Light-Plane, and you shall be One with the Light.

Humanity is in the process of changing to forms that are not of this world. In time you will grow to the formless, a plane on the cycle above. Know that you must become formless, before you may ever be one with the Light.]  … from Thoth’s Emerald Tablets

There have been so many extraordinary experiences I’ve had over the last two years in particular – and at such a rapid rate of change that you can no longer ignore when the Universe is trying to get your attention. 

It has mine fully now. 

After a season of coming into my full Light, its time now – my guides say, to share what is meant for many. Believe me when I tell you I still have apprehensions about sharing any of this publicly so as to never have to deal with engaging those who don’t get it. But access to higher beings and dimensions is entirely within your capabilities. I’m still mastering what expanded DNA access affords me, but what I’ve experienced thus far is magnificent. 

During my last trip to Mt Shasta this season – my guides have led me to this place to help me master calling on the same Light beings who passed their Light to me from one realm to another. You’ve seen the pictures of that event in the middle of the afternoon – quite the Light show. As I grew my confidence to share what was happening to me with tribe who could hear, variations of the same question kept being asked: “ok, now what?” I have access to higher realms and all the DNA upgrades that brought it about. There’s no doubt, my ascension was accelerated by Etherium that was gifted along my way – just like it was supposed to be. So that when the day came for me to assist the part of humanity that is in alignment to comprehend what is taking place within many Lightworkers, I would be prepared.

And that leads us to here: I have been given the tools and the authority to assist others to perfect their alignment, open themselves to greater capacities of Light and harness its power for your highest good and the highest good for All. It’s all within you. I had a chance to see for myself what would happen to others when I lead them to the energetic places I found in Mount Shasta and no one was disappointed. Time for the rest of you to catch up. 

Beginning the 1st part of August, I will be hosting a weekly Live podcast:

Starbuck’s Mystery School

  • Saturdays – 9AM Pacific

If this resonates with you then you were meant to see this. Originally, when magick & alchemical wisdom was handed down it was face to face – mentor to initiate. It’s time to use technology to facilitate the access to this ancient wisdom. The platform will be interviewing many different aspects of the space we are moving into with people who have direct experience, to bring clarity to the changes taking place that every sentient being senses. 

I can’t wait to see you and share.

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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