Who is THOTH the Atlantean

THOTH the Atlantean

Who is THOTH the Atlantean Link to THOTH Gallery  Here are many of the references made to THOTH’s authority: The Scientist of Kemet The Great Collector of Knowledge Long before the time of the Pharoahs God of Knowledge and Wisdom The God who brought humans Math, Science and Magick Inventor of the 365 day calendar […]

Earth’s Galactic History of Humanity

Earth’s Galactic History on NEO

Earth’s Galactic History Mastery Course on NEO Be careful what you ask for because the Universe, in Divine timing will give you an abundance of what you have placed your intent / attention on. I’ve been wondering more and more about my soul’s cosmic roots as have many of my Starseed kin from Pleiades, Arcturus, […]

Ascension Mastery Curriculum on New Earth One Network

New Earth One Network

Ascension Mastery Course Outlines Here is an outline of each session’s content for the Ascension Mastery courses. Click here for details and registration on New Earth One Network. Each one of the four courses will be broadcast as a Live Zoom event with the recorded session accessible through NEO’s archive post-session. Each course is two […]

Light Beings and their purpose

If you have been paying attention to Solar wind streams and CME’s (coronal mass ejections) coming from our sun and directed toward earth, you already know that this week 40 SpaceX satellites (out of 49) were taken out by this activity. It’s been suggested by science that this kind of electromagnetic energy has the potential […]

Transmuting Negative Energy into LIGHT.

Transmute negative energy into Light

Transmuting negative energy into Light What does that mean? Just what does transmuting negative energy into Light mean? Ever since Kumu had planted in my awareness the thought that I possessed the ability to move energy – This was the one thought that has been resonating with me to resolve. How do I do it? […]

The Protector of Gaia Has Awakened – Why Now?

At this stage of my Life – Why am I coming forward with this? It’s called holding space. For a lot of you. I’m waiting for you to catch up. Some of you realize it now, some of you don’t – yet. 🤗 Fact is, I too am catching up to a lot of things […]

THOTH the Atlantean and the Emerald Tablets

Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

THOTH the Atlantean and the Emerald Tablets If your history lessons didn’t include the Emerald Tablets and Thoth the Atlantean, here is a link to the best, comprehendible version of these ancient tablets and their meaning. Transcribed in 1925 by Dr. Doreal, it holds the writings of Thoth. I was drawn to the Emerald Tablets […]