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ShiftWatch 240704 Jeanne in Mt Shasta, Sun-Hurricane, Life in Telos, Atlantean crystals activating

ShiftWatch with Starbuck 240704

V.240704 – Episode 14

ShiftWatch 240704 Jeanne in Mt Shasta, Sun-Hurricane, Life in Telos, Atlantean crystals activating

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Starbuck’s Mystery School presents: ShiftWatch with Starbuck

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Neo Dreams, The Big Let Down

240704 – Episode 14


A recap of current multidimensional conditions

2:26 News

Jeanne found her way here by way of El in Hawaii. This clip is from a session we had together where she was explaining how she had finally connected her dots from 1997 including Starseeds stargating through her and her trip inside Mount Shasta in 2005 with its limitations. It illuminates the real challenge moving forward – dealing with one’s fear reflex to experiences foreign to them. Because there is leveling up awaiting us.

5:55 Space weather effects

Just as that Geostorm brushed Earth last week with its unparalleled result, the evidence is pointing to that solar activity as the cause for hurricane Beryl. So far the hurricane is setting records for the furthest storm east to develop this time of year, the earliest Category 4 storm on record and the strongest to ever hit those Caribbean islands. Never mind the pace at which it accelerated and it’s not over yet.

Suspicious 0bservers

12:04 Vibration matching

With all the Lemurians re-assembling I thought I would bring more Life in Telos to light – so here is the section regarding communications and computers in Telos  as narrated by Sharula Dux, Lemurian Princess

17:30 P.S. Crystals of Atlantis

Atlantean crystals that have been dormant are activating. They have been waiting for the right energetic conditions to be met and here we are. Maia describes the different variations of crystals still embedded in the original veins in the Earth as well as those on your altar or in your hand.

Maia Nartoomid

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