ZanAffirmation: 220630 – CANVAS


ZanAffirmation: 220630 June 30, 2022 CANVAS In every realm through All the Multiverses, there is One common thread, and that common thread is the Omnipotent Presence that created everything seen and unseen from Pure Love. I Am a part of this Pure Love and I allow It to be expressed through me as me. There […]

ZanAffirmation: 220629 – EQUAL


ZanAffirmation: 220629 June 29, 2022 EQUAL All the names, All the symbols that represent the One, are All a part of knowing and understanding my connection to Christ Consciousness. It is here where the Truth of my existence was made manifest as I continue to walk with my Creators Love. My embracement of the word […]

ZanAffirmation: 220628 – PERIPHERALS


ZanAffirmation: 220628 June 28, 2022 PERIPHERALS I Am that which I seek, as It is always within me urging me forward into more greatness.  This Greatness is my Birthright as I was created to be the Light, Love, Ambassador of Peace, Grace, Empowerment, as well as The Protector of Gaia Herself. What a complete joy it […]

ZanAffirmation: 220627 – TRUST


ZanAffirmation: 220627 June 27, 2022 TRUST There is a certain Energy that is the Energy of the Omnipresent Being of Light that is with me every step of my Life. This resounding Energy has Its own Powerful vibration the calls me forth to be All I was created to be, I Am One. For me […]

ZanAffirmation: 220626 – PHOENIX RISING


ZanAffirmation: 220626 June 26, 2022 PHOENIX RISING No matter the Source of Life, I Am clear this very Source is the Creator of Love. I Am One with this Benevolent Goddess/God, and I Am always urged to lean into All the magnificence that is me, and allow my Light to be a beacon of Hope […]

ZanAffirmation: 220625 – EXPERIENCES


ZanAffirmation: 220625 June 25, 2022 EXPERIENCES I Am Present with the Presence of the Divine. In this Divinity All is well with my Soul. I Am always part of the Whole, as I was created from Perfect Love that is me, as me, in me, and flows from me into my most spectacular Life right […]

ZanAffirmation: 220624 – OPENNESS


ZanAffirmation: 220624 June 24, 2022 OPENNESS In me I know, feel, and embody the Triune nature of the One. I Am a part of this Trinity and I Am always empowered to be more and greater each day. Knowing I can never be separate from that which Created me, I Am limitless potential, as the […]

Who is THOTH the Atlantean

THOTH the Atlantean

Who is THOTH the Atlantean Link to THOTH Gallery  Here are many of the references made to THOTH’s authority: The Scientist of Kemet The Great Collector of Knowledge Long before the time of the Pharoahs God of Knowledge and Wisdom The God who brought humans Math, Science and Magick Inventor of the 365 day calendar […]

ZanAffirmation: 220623 – DIVERGENT


ZanAffirmation: 220623 June 23, 2022 DIVERGENT The entirety of everything that I Am is in complete unison with Source Energy as It is here that I Am always in direct alignment with that which created me to be a pure expression of Light. I radiate and literally glow with the Divines Love in me as […]

ZanAffirmation: 220622 – CARPE DIEM


ZanAffirmation: 220622 June 22, 2022 CARPE DIEM The heart beat of Gaia is palpable as she too was created from Love as was I. It is in this true nature of Love, that lives and breathes Source Energy, that encapsulates All of the wondrous miracles here on earth and beyond. CARPE DIEM is a perfect […]