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Faery Falls hike near Mount Shasta dimensional noise Images

The Hike – Sunday May 14, 2023 – Faery Falls near Mount Shasta Click here to link to the video on my YouTube channel Thanks to Dave Wallace, we have some screenshots of a dimensional being in the footage I captured. Dave has a lot more experience with unusual phenomena and knows what to look […]

Faery Falls hike near Mount Shasta dimensional noise 230514

Faery Falls near Mount Shasta

The Hike – Sunday May 14, 2023 – Faery Falls near Mount Shasta Click here to link to the video on my YouTube channel It’s been a few weeks now since my last visit to the Mt Shasta area and there was going to be some evidence I’d be able to share with others of […]

Peter Roth: Power vs Force, David Wallace, Berlin

Energetic spiral at the Lemurian vortex: Mount Shasta, CA

Another compelling resource was placed in my path and … I learned a little more about myself Peter Roth: “you are 725”. Last September during a transmission from guides with Yedyamya, I was told in no uncertain terms “You must embody more”. Not fully comprehending what that meant at the time, I assumed in time […]

Affirmations for Activations cards from Starbuck

Affirmations for Activations cards

So many Tribe have been activated in some way by the Inner Earth / New Earth images that are coming through me – here’s one way how my guides suggest I remedy that, so more people could actually hold more of those images in their hands. I have created a deck of high quality, full […]

Books and Illustrations from Starbuck

Starbuck’s Dimensional Adventures

Books available now including my adventures and inspired illustrations  Sometimes it feels as though I’ve been in neutral waiting for the Universe to reveal what it has in mind for me next … and then you stop to look around and you find you’ve somehow knocked out three books. One – an accounting of my […]

Hiking to energetic portals with me at Mt Shasta

Hiking to energetic portals in Mt Shasta

Private energetic vortex hike to the Telos portal on Shastina with Lowell Johnson These 4-hour events are scheduled from 8:30A – 12:30P and is limited in number of participants to no more than 4. 6-hour hikes: 8:30A – 2:30P.  Click here to book your appointment – My plans are to be there around July […]

BOOK: Starbuck’s Dimensional Adventures

Starbuck’s Dimensional Adventures

BOOK: Starbuck’s Dimensional Adventures is available now You can stop asking me when a book may be coming … it’s here. Telos, the Lemurians, Mt Shasta’s magic, Light Beings, and more are included in this work of non-fiction. Lots of images showing proof of my experiences are in the book as well. I chose to […]

Who is THOTH the Atlantean

THOTH the Atlantean

Who is THOTH the Atlantean Link to THOTH Gallery  Here are many of the references made to THOTH’s authority: The Scientist of Kemet The Great Collector of Knowledge Long before the time of the Pharoahs God of Knowledge and Wisdom The God who brought humans Math, Science and Magick Inventor of the 365 day calendar […]

The Protector of Gaia Has Awakened – Why Now?

At this stage of my Life – Why am I coming forward with this? It’s called holding space. For a lot of you. I’m waiting for you to catch up. Some of you realize it now, some of you don’t – yet. 🤗 Fact is, I too am catching up to a lot of things […]