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“When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” 

Aquarius, The Fifth Dimension

The Ascension Handbook

Section Three: The Law of One

The following information is a brief summary of the Law of One. The Law of One states that it is the only primary law in the Universe. The Law of One simply acknowledges, “all things are one and all spiritual beings are one”, which originated from the “Infinite Creator”. In other words, all souls, each universe and everything that exists or the collective consciousness that exists within the multiverse stem from the same conscious energy, known as “Infinite Consciousness”. Therefore, the Creator is plural, meaning the totality of all forms and degrees of consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse, which originated from the one single source of energy. Hence, the name “Law of One”.

Infinite consciousness divided itself into many parts, but we are all one. Each soul is an individual unit of consciousness (co-creator) is a personification of the Creator. We are responsible for evolving our consciousness through the space/time continuum, so eventually we can return home and rejoin the Creator, but we can only join in solidarity after having learned “All that is”. Every soul is taking the same journey back to Creator in his/her own way, but each soul has evolved at a different level. The teachings of the “Law of One” describe the spiritual laws that govern our spiritual evolution for each dimension. It is a single philosophical system, which merges cosmology, science and spiritualism. 

The main principles of the Law of One are summarized below:

(1) Infinite Consciousness:

  • The Law of One is the universal law that acknowledges that all things exist (All that is) within the multiverse stem from the one source, known as Infinite Consciousness,
  • The Creator can also be called “Infinite Creator”, “Supreme Being” and the “Source”,
  • The Creator is the “Infinite Intelligence” behind creation,
  • There is only one supreme consciousness in the multiverse,
  • The Creator is Omni-Intelligent (all-knowing) Omnipresence (everywhere all at once) Omnipotence (all powerful).



(2) Individual Consciousness:

  • Each soul is an individual unit of consciousness that originated from one source known as Infinite Consciousness, 
  • Each soul has a universal kinship with one another, because all things in the universe stem from the same infinite consciousness,
  • Each soul has a divine purpose – to evolve and experience all aspects of creation, learn everything that is, and eventually rejoin the Creator and become part of infinite consciousness.



(3) The Soul’s Divine Mission:

  • Committed to the Law of One and the desire to evolve into the higher dimensional realms,
  • Embody the divine qualities of unity, love, compassion and respect as part of your being,
  • Consciously practice and demonstrate divinity (unconditional love and compassion),
  • Respect yourself and others,
  • Awareness of the Creator in yourself and others,
  • Accept all experiences are lessons for spiritual growth,
  • To love, respect and honor all spiritual beings including Earth, nature and all living things,
  • Accept that you are connected and part of the human family, so what affects one, affects all,
  • Accept that each spiritual being has taken a different spiritual path to your own,
  • Advance one’s own spiritual wisdom,
  • Dedicate yourself to the service of others by sharing and teaching your knowledge & wisdom, without hesitation.



Dimensional Laws for Spiritual Development

As a soul, it is your divine mission to evolve your consciousness and to experience everything that exists in the universe. To do this, your consciousness must master a range of different spiritual lessons that define each dimension, before you can ascend to the next dimension. Each dimension or reality is a place for experiencing ourselves for evolving our consciousness. Each dimension has a specific “spiritual curriculum” that we must master, before we can graduate. This is known as the “Law of Progress”. All consciousness has a divine purpose to evolve, explore and ascend through the 12 dimensions. Our human experience is the first path for our spiritual growth and we have scripted and restricted each lifetime to master those 3D lessons. Your evolutionary path can be pictured as a ladder or spiral of spiritual growth over the entire universal spectra or space/time continuum. We come to the end of our exploration (completed lessons) and consciously experience everything that exists or “All that is” before finally rejoining the octave of infinite knowledge and infinite consciousness. 

Your rank or position within the “Hierarchy of Consciousness” (or Spiritual Hierarchy) defines your degree of spiritual development. Your spiritual advancement refers to your level of intellect, wisdom and knowledge you have accumulated over many incarnational lifetimes. This hierarchy can be visualized as a spiral consisting of the primary colors that correspond to the visible light spectrum. Your consciousness or soul has a unique frequency signature, which means your position corresponds to a specific color and overtone within this hierarchy. Each incarnation aims to progress your consciousness to a higher frequency. Your frequency determines what dimension you can consciously experience, so currently, the frequency of your consciousness permits you to only experience the 3rd dimension. The ascension program is designed to help raise the frequency of your consciousness, which provides you the opportunity to ascend and consciously experience a higher dimension. 

The following table represents the stages of spiritual laws for each dimension. For example, for eons, all human souls, in the form of mass consciousness experienced the 1st dimension. Later, we spiritually progressed to the 2nd dimension as a basic life form eg: animal, and then graduated into a higher or more intelligent animal, before finally evolving into the 3rd dimension to become a self-aware human being. From here, we started the process of experiencing endless incarnational cycles in the 3D time/space continuum to continue our spiritual advancement, until we have the opportunity to graduate or ascend to the next dimension and keep continuing the path of evolving our consciousness.



8th-12th Dimension

Service to the Cosmos (Infinite Love and Infinite Light)

7th Dimension

Service to All (Universal Love and Universal Light)

6th Dimension

Service to One (Divine Love and Divine Wisdom)

5th Dimension

Service to Love (Unconditional Love and Unconditional Wisdom)

4th Dimension

Service to Others (Unconditional Love, Compassion and Unity)

3rd Dimension

Service to Self (Duality, Ego, Love, Divine Separation and Self Awareness)

2nd Dimension

Service to Growth (Conscious, Sentient, Reproduction and Instinct)

1st Dimension

The Creation of Matter and Individual Consciousness

It should be noted that your household pets are sentient life forms with 2D consciousness (known as elementals), which coexist in the 3D time/space continuum. They have not yet spiritually progressed to the level of 3D consciousness. Elementals are destined to incarnate into 3D life forms (human), so they can explore and experience 3D consciousness. New Earth will have animals and plants, but you need to spiritually understand that elementals are spiritual beings and like humans, they also have their own spiritual path to follow. From a spiritual point of view, household pets selected their owners for a reason. You already know deep within yourselves that they have a soul. Animals do not have an ego; they live on love and instinct. They know no other way. Household pets have elected their owners for a spiritual reason – to learn the 3D law of unconditional love and friendship. In other words, you agreed in this incarnation, to spiritually help every household pet you owned to evolve closer to 3D consciousness. More importantly, if you make the decision to participate in personal ascension, then you have your answer – your household pets will most likely be joining you, but you must prepare yourself in the same manner as you would for friends and family who have decided not to participate in the ascension process. 

The 3rd Dimensional Law: Service to Self

“Service to Self” (STS) governs the spiritual path for the 3rd dimension.  STS is a polarized reality created by the collective consciousness of humanity, which permits souls to reincarnate and explore either positive or negative human experiences. This dimensional law means that humankind collectively created a 3rd dimensional negative planet, which is based on the spiritual lesson of “Duality and Ego”.

“Ego” refers to pursuing human activities to support your human existence, such as materialism, wealth, status, sabotage and power preoccupation (power over others, control & enslavement). Duality was created by humanity. “Duality” means humanity created the polar opposite in human conditions that can be consciously experienced. For example, living standards are polarized between poverty to wealth or public vs private education. You have been reincarnating to emotionally explore duality or a range of negative & positive human experiences including fear (pain, remorse, guilt), judgement, greed, selfishness, love, survival, etc.

Our civilization existing here right now, is the fourth root race that has existed on Earth to learn the same 3D spiritual lessons (Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, Humanity). Earth has always been used as a planet to seed infant souls. Earth is a school for learning duality and understanding “opposites”, which has helped you fast track your spiritual growth. For every fantastic lifetime of love, joy and happiness, there has been an equally strong and negative emotional experience of devastation, hardship, pain and suffering. This is the purpose of duality – to fast track spiritual development. There are no such things as Hell, the Devil or Satan; these are false man made beliefs, which were created for explaining away the unloving attributes of suffering, chaos, and destruction created by our early civilization (infant souls). Most of humanity thinks we are born; you live, and then die. This is incorrect. As souls, each one of you has had a multitude of different lifetimes on Earth. Before each incarnational cycle, you decide exactly what lessons you want to learn, the basic requirements for your life and the type of polarized experiences you want to explore on Earth.

Reincarnation has helped you master your lessons in duality. You have killed and been killed by others; you have been male and female including a mother, father, son, uncle, grandmother, etc. We have been a soldier, warrior, villain, farmer and artist. We have experienced suffering, disease, illness, poverty, pain, joy, love, freedom and fear. To learn from all the possible lessons of duality that has been possible on Earth, we have experienced every different human aspect available on the planet. Today, many souls have now come to the end of their cycle of duality. After thousands of lifetimes, many of you have nothing left to learn on Earth. The major purpose of reincarnation involves the clearing of ”uncompleted” life lessons from previous lifetimes. However, after you have mastered your lesson, you do not repeat them in another lifetime. The number of experiences or reincarnated lives is completely a matter of choice for each soul. Some souls may choose to experience several hundred incarnations or others may master that same lesson after five incarnations. There is only one rule – it is all about spiritual development. This is the purpose of your divine mission; you have put yourself through many lifetimes and polarized experiences to acquire and progress your wisdom (intelligence and knowledge) and spiritual self.

Back home, before you incarnated from the spirit world, a group of 6D spiritual advisors helped you decide exactly the lessons you wanted to experience in this lifetime. The term “Heaven & Hell” are human terms – these places do not exist. Between incarnations, all souls return to the “Spirit World”, which is located in the middle level overtones of the 4D. Your spiritual advisors are known as your “Council of Elders”, which includes your best friend you selected to manage your incarnational contract when you arrive on Earth. This spiritual being is known as your “Master” (or primary guide). The Council reviewed your spiritual lessons and further refined those lessons. This is known as your “Incarnational Contract”, which serves the purpose for each incarnation. Your contract also involved the need to teach and/or learn from other individual(s) or groups of souls, thus you established mutual contracts with others. Situations / events were formulated, which would be the catalyst to bring the group of souls together to learn these lessons. Once the soul contract was finalized, you then selected the secondary aspects such as the time and place of your birth, your parents, siblings, sexuality, health status, etc and then you finally incarnated into the body during gestation ready to begin a new incarnation. When you were born, you had amnesia (known as the Veil of Forgetfulness). You started your life without any recollection of previous incarnations nor understood the lessons you had to master in this lifetime.

Each spiritual being has taken a different spiritual path to your own. There is no right or wrong. Every good and bad experience has been one step closer to perfection. Your spiritual development has been dependent on your ability to consciously evaluate each human experience, understand those lessons, and accept the consequences of your actions. Otherwise, your soul will replay the same script using different actors during the next lifetime. That’s the purpose of your life lessons – you elect to have certain experiences that enable you to overcome your weaknesses, until you perfect those lessons. Under duality, peace and unity was not the spiritual lesson for you. Duality was designed to allow you (self) to explore polarized experiences. The question now is, do you want to remain in duality or graduate and continue your spiritual growth, advancement, and evolution in the 4th dimension. 


Reincarnation is a misunderstood concept. There is a segment within humanity that believes the concept of “one life and body”, while others believe in judgment / punishment, sin and hell. These concepts are false and incorrect. Let’s begin with some basic definitions:

  • Soul – consciousness that chooses to experience itself on the Earth plane in a human body,
  • Reincarnation – after the death of the physical body, the soul returns home to the spirit world and begins planning for its next incarnational cycle,
  • Incarnation – the rebirth of the soul on the Earth plane in a human body to continue developing or advancing its consciousness,
  • Spirit World – located in the mid level overtones of the 4th dimension or the upper astral plane around the Earth plane, where your soul or consciousness exists between each incarnational cycle. (Note: Heaven is simply a another name that refers to a higher dimension).

Many people believe that nothing exists after each lifetime. Reincarnation does exist. It is the tool for developing your consciousness and for learning a polarity of 3D human experiences. Your consciousness is YOU. Reincarnation has defined who you are – your level of intellect, wisdom and morality. If you do not accept this, then you do not know who you are. Each soul plans the experiences it needs to learn before it recommences a new incarnational cycle on Earth. In the spirit world, your Council of Elders helped you develop your incarnational contact and mapped out life experiences, lessons and events. According to your level of development, each of you is positioned within the “Hierarchy of Consciousness”. Every soul has a singular and unique frequency (position) that corresponds to a specific color and overtone. Your rank has nothing to do with power struggle, privileges or special rights in the spiritual world. Your frequency or “soul song” is the result of your personal achievement, selecting difficult incarnational lessons, the number of incarnations, wisdom, and working with individuals on a lower level who have contributed to your spiritual development and position in the hierarchy. For example, a high rank means a soul has a higher frequency. Reincarnation aims to increase the vibrational frequency of your consciousness. Your rank is a measure of all your incarnational experiences in the 3rd dimension. Thus you are considered a multidimensional being, because you have experienced many lifetimes on Earth and other 3D planets for your spiritual advancement. Each incarnation is simply a way of exploring a range of frequencies (highly polarized experiences create new wisdom and newer and intense emotions, which generates a higher frequency). 

Souls are indigenous to this planet. You could say that your soul – the conscious part of you is eternal and survives beyond death, but the physical body is a vehicle for consciousness to experience itself, hence incarnations are mortal, and this is the reason why souls create a new contract and repeat / learn a new human experience. The number of lifetimes a soul needs is completely a matter of choice. There are no rules. Reincarnation is a tool for spiritual development, because souls cannot fit all the possible lessons and experiences into one lifetime. This life is only one of them. A soul’s “rank” is characterized by its personal character (emotional maturity and spiritual IQ), wisdom (knowledge and level of intelligence) and moral standards that it has acquired from its accumulated incarnations. For example, celebrities, leaders and royalty are not occupied by higher ranked souls. Older souls have previously learned their lessons in power over others, control, and greed from previous lifetimes. In addition, the various religious ceremonies such as canonization, papacy, clergyman, and ordinations are human belief systems, and those religious titles do not exist in the spirit world. The success of those souls of completing their incarnational lessons in those roles would certainly influence their rank or position in the spiritual hierarchy. 

Death is a human belief system that has been created to invoke fear and suggests that nothing exists after your life, but ironically, many beliefs support the notion that a soul “goes to heaven”. Yes, there is an afterlife. It is known as the spiritual world. There is no such thing as sin, judgment, punishment or hell. These are again, false man made beliefs. When you return to the spiritual world, you are not punished for any sin, and a soul certainly does not cease to exist after a person dies. Regardless of what each soul has done on Earth, every soul returns to the spirit world. Souls are authentically adored for selecting difficult life experiences, because those lessons have helped them to advance their consciousness (and the consciousness of the collective). From a spiritual viewpoint, sin really means selecting a human experience(s) which lowers the frequency of your energy signature or avoided completing a particular experience during your incarnation, which was designed by you for the purposes of increasing your frequency. More importantly, never mourn the loss of a person, rather celebrate the release of their soul, so they can reincarnate again on Earth, or remain behind and work as a guide to assist your incarnated friends and family on Earth (Service to Others). Your physical body dies, not your soul.

Your spiritual contract consists of two components: 

  • Lessons are new emotional experiences and situations, including those not completed from previous incarnations, which help you increase your wisdom or knowledge (frequency). 
  • A Trial means you interfered and changed the frequency of someone’s lesson during a previous incarnation from your mental, body or verbal actions & behavior which hurt, harmed or caused pain to another soul. That experience and situation will continue to be replayed in successive incarnations, until that energy you created between and that person has been healed. A trial is also known as “Karma”. Karma can only be healed when you consciously realize that you caused the situation, and then forgive your actions, otherwise the same people and situation that caused the pain will be repeated in the next incarnation. Karma is simply emotional energy in action that remains attached to you until healed, which stems from your actions and behavior that affected the welfare of another soul.

The key principle for “Service to Others”, means dedicating yourself (your soul) to assist other souls with their spiritual advancement, by sharing and teaching any spiritual aspect from your accumulated knowledge. Therefore, your spiritual contract incorporates both “Service to Others” and “Service to Self” components. This is why certain people come into your life and later leave – you have helped them with a specific lesson or vice versa. “Service to Self” refers to ego and duality. In addition, “Service to Others” lessons are not restricted to helping human souls. Household pets and/or domestic animals that have been in your life were for a spiritual reason. They selected you, so you could help them progress from 2D consciousness (instinct) and learn the early lessons in 3D consciousness (love and compassion). Your spiritual service means these souls can progress and eventually ascend and reincarnate into a 3rd density body to fully experience 3D consciousness. Every soul has a divine role to assist in the spiritual development of other souls. 

When you look back and review all the terrible events in the history of humanity, understand that all those souls chose to participate in these shocking events. There is no such thing as bad people, villains, or victims – every single soul volunteered to participate in any given human experience for a particular spiritual reason. Every soul agrees to have that situation happen to them. Polarized human experiences help souls evolve. Each soul will select what it wants to experience on Earth during its incarnation. Souls may wish to experience being controlled by another, being abandoned, feeling isolated, being dependent on others or killed. For example, lessons in “Control” could include slavery, marriage with an abusive spouse, or a member of your family, or being a member of a military organization. 

You carefully selected the details for your incarnation including your family, sexuality, place of birth, and geographical events, and then established mutual contracts with other souls who would participate in the same human experiences. One soul may undertake a simple lesson, while another will engage in all the possible complexities of the same lesson. The polarization of emotional experiences simply advances their frequency. On the Earth plane, this concept is very important, because many people “judge” and “criticize” others including their friends and family, when those individuals make a mistake or suffer, but actually, those human experiences are unique to that person. Those spiritual lessons were selected as pre-incarnational arrangements that they wanted to consciously experience during this lifetime. Compassion means that no person has the right to judge another person’s decisions, choices, or wrongdoings, because you do not know what the spiritual lessons and/or karma that those souls are here to experience. 

It is very important before entering the next dimension that you understand and accept the following spiritual concepts:

  • Reincarnation is a tool that advances the frequency of your consciousness (soul),
  • The frequency of your consciousness determines your rank in the spiritual hierarchy,
  • Every human experience, situation, and new emotions helps your consciousness to evolve (new frequency),
  • A soul’s rank or level of spiritual development determines the individual’s overall spiritual IQ or knowledge, degree of wisdom (level of intelligence) and degree of morality,
  • During each lifetime, every soul has an incarnational contract, which determines what situations happen to them, the people they learn from, who they will assist, and what experiences they wish to emotionally learn,
  • Every soul can exercise freewill, which changes their incarnational parameters while existing on Earth,
  • The frequency of the planet’s consciousness determines the types of soul groups that can reincarnate. For example, Earth can only support physical life forms that can reincarnate in the frequency range from 2D to 4D levels of consciousness,
  • Before reincarnating, you carefully select your parents, to ensure your soul’s frequency will be compatible the frequency of the baby’s ethereal body (energy signature),
  • The human conditions that exist on Earth (ego & duality) have been established for the purpose for souls to learn their 3D lessons (Service to Self) and later progress to learn 4D lessons (Service to Others),
  • You must never judge another soul’s decision and what they wish to experience, because you do not understand the full reasons, why a soul has made that incarnational decision.


In accordance to the Law of One, you have the divine righteousness to experience anything you choose. The Law of Freewill means every individual can consciously decide to participate in any given human experience. In other words, you have the right to do whatever you want, you are the boss of your mind and body; you have the right to feel any emotion and participate in any event, activity or situation, as long as it does not violate the same right of others. You have the right to suffer or feel happy.

Freewill encompasses the complete idea, that whatever it is that you want to pursue, you may do so. You can decide the course of action you wish to take, at any point in your human life. The path you choose is what you have decided to experience. You are the boss of your freewill, unless you give it away. From a spiritual perspective, because you are consciousness, your mission involves experiencing yourself in order to evolve. For this reason, freewill is not a spiritual infringement, rather alternative life decisions create new emotions and experiences, which generate new frequencies. This is the aim of your divine mission – to explore all possible 3D emotions and experiences. 

Freewill refers to the rational mind deciding to consciously participate or not in any given human experience eg: responding to someone’s questions, having a relationship, etc. Of course, we are not talking about the small day-to-day decisions, like “what will I eat for lunch?” These are situational decisions that have little or no influence on your incarnational contract. Freewill means you consciously accept or deny any positive or negative energy from your physical reality. Freewill manifests as a thought and when you take action over your consciousness, you create your reality and this brings about a new human experience. Freewill is your divine right to consciously decide what energy you want to accept that you believe is best for your life.

Many people often blame others or God for their negative experiences, misadventures and mistakes. You and only you have been responsible for creating your human life. You can choose to experience the infinite possibilities that exist on Earth. Here is the truth – your reality right now was created from your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, and only you can take action to participate, stay, or stop experiencing a particular aspect that you are experiencing in your life. 

Freewill is not divine justice. This intentional – it is about spiritual progression. You have complete control over everything. Until you discover and until you truly believe it, you are not powerless nor are you a victim. You have the creative potential to stop or undo any situation you are currently experiencing. You are the one, that consciously decides to participate or not in any given human experience. No person controls your freewill, unless you consciously give it away. Each person is a master of one’s existence. 

Before you embarked upon this incarnation, you made mutual contracts with other souls to have come into your life to assist you at some point during your lifetime. You selected those souls as experts in specific areas of learning. You also researched all the possible things you needed to experience for this incarnation. These situations are called life lessons. Some of the incidents were positive and others were negative. The very purpose you always incarnate has been to commence either new lessons or complete unfinished lessons. When people exercise freewill, they make a choice and decide the course of action they take in any given situation. Every new experience creates new conscious energy (thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc) and this vibrationally adds to the uniqueness of your consciousness. Freewill is totally honored and spiritually respected, because the decisions you make are for the the purpose of your higher good – you are 100% responsible for choosing what you want to consciously experience. 

Freewill is your divine power. It is your decision to feel fear, love, pain or hurt. Freewill is also a reflection of something you have manifested. This is not seen as judgment or criticism, but you are living by the law of “service to self”. Regardless of what souls planned to experience during this incarnation, everyone has the freedom to change his or her script in any given lifetime.

Your current and past experiences are unique lessons you created for your spiritual growth. More importantly, your thoughts, dreams, and desires are not random or misguided; you have them for a spiritual reason. Those things are what your soul wants you to consciously explore during this lifetime. However, when when you decide not to consciously act upon that energy, you have exercised your freewill. In addition, to exercise your freewill and release from any spiritual lesson, you need to consciously declare that you are finished with that human experience (including the emotions you are feeling from that situation) and take the appropriate action to move on.

Understanding the Nature of Angels and the Angelic Realm

Personal ascension involves the transition from “Dark” (deceptions and lies) to the “Light” (truth), which means removing the cultural illusions that were engineered under the 3D spiritual law of “Duality” and clearing away the misconceptions and myths that have been historically created by humanities’ past. For this reason, the truth about the “Angelic Realm” was omitted from humanity, which is why ‘Angels” are greatly misunderstood including their nature and role. 

On Earth, Angels can be found in many mainstream religions including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. However, the term “Angels” and “Archangels” are human concepts. The word “Angel” is a 3rd dimensional phenomenon exclusive to planet Earth. It is an idea that originated from humanity’s past and at a time when people had little or no understanding of the Law of One. This distortion has become engrained in humanity, as a form of cultural programming. Angels are certainly “Messengers”, but more importantly, they are multidimensional beings of light that serve a far greater function than protectors, guardians and messengers. 

To understand the nature of “Angels”, lets first summarize the evolution of the soul.  

You are a spiritual being, or a soul currently having a human experience. Presently, you are experiencing the 3rd dimension as a human being for your spiritual growth on Earth. However, you have been reincarnating for thousands of years and selected a wide variety of different lives to advance your consciousness, by experiencing the 3D spiritual lesson of “Duality”, where you have emotionally experienced and explored the highs & lows of every different aspect as a human being. 

All the souls that participate in the reincarnation process on a particular 3D planet create an energetic sphere, home or family in the upper astral planes around the planet in the 4th dimension. A “Sphere” is simply a dimensional realm, which vibrates at a specific frequency (each dimension has their own frequency). This home is commonly known as the “Spirit World”. After each physical death on Earth, you return home to the spirit world and either work as a “guide” for friends and family or begin planning your next incarnation. 

Within the spirit world, every soul has a specific rank or position, which refers to your overall level of intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge you have accumulated from many incarnational lifetimes you have had on 3D planet. The term “Spiritual Hierarchy” refers to your position within the spirit world. This hierarchy can be visualized as spiral consisting of primary colors that correspond to the visible light spectrum. Your consciousness or soul has a unique frequency signature, which means your position corresponds to a specific color and overtone within this hierarchy. This means that you or your soul signature has a unique frequency. Each incarnation aims to advance your consciousness or soul signature to a higher frequency. 

The spiritual hierarchy is the home for a wide variety of souls that incarnate on the planet for growth, learning, for undertaking the role of service to others, but more importantly, it is the anchor point for evolving to the higher dimensions. The spiritual hierarchy around Earth today consists of different classes of souls, namely human and elementals (animals), and most human souls are 3rd dimensional and are here to ascend or raise their frequency to the 4th dimension. However there are souls from higher dimensions including 5th and 6th dimension and above. There are many souls that originated from different galaxies, densities, and universes that joined Earth’s spiritual hierarchy to participate in ascension or assist humanity with ascension. These are called “Starseeds”. “Souls from other spiritual hierarchies” is not absurd. There are an infinite amount of souls and an infinite amount of spiritual hierarchies each following different paths of evolution depending on the lessons and experiences they have chosen and those souls have been ready to evolve to the next dimension to continue their spiritual growth came to Earth for that reason. 

The highest frequency that you can progress within the spiritual hierarchy is to the level of a 5th dimensional frequency. In the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension, you evolve your consciousness by experiencing different lessons in a physical body. After you have mastered all those life lessons in the lower dimensions including the 5th dimension, your soul signature finally achieves a higher frequency, which means you can finally graduate and ascend to the 6th dimension. At this point, your soul does not need to experience itself any further in a human body; rather you (or your soul) exclusively exist as a soul. In soul or spirit form, you exist as energy; it is pure consciousness, which rejoins the universal consciousness or “Source”, which means you are free to be everywhere and anywhere at once. Hence, the term “Omni”, this refers to consciousness existing in “many places at once”. 

This is the evolutionary process for all souls within every spiritual hierarchy. All souls progress and return to the pure consciousness. Simply visualize this evolution as the upward movement within this spiral of consciousness. When your soul reaches the 6th dimension, your learning has not yet finished. A new law governs your spiritual advancement.

As a soul, you now exist and work together in unity within a single group, or as one large sphere of consciousness, with the shared understanding that you all agree to perform the same task, job description, and role together as one. Within this group, you completely see and feel each other’s thoughts, feelings and motives.

The souls that have evolved and ascend above the planet’s spiritual hierarchy create for themselves their own home around the spiritual hierarchy to undertake their “contract of service”. This sphere, which houses these higher frequency souls or consciousness is known as the “Celestial Council”, or sometimes called the “Cosmic Council of Light”. Just as there are many spiritual hierarchies across the universe, there are just as many Celestial Councils located around different planets, in different galaxies, dimensions, and universes beyond the 3rd dimension. Celestial Councils are consciously and energetically connected with a number of spiritual hierarchies in their own particular solar system and galaxy, and they are interconnected with all the Celestial Councils across the multiverse – they are linked multi dimensionally with spheres “above and below” outside of their dimension. This interconnected grid, gestalt, or “Metatronic matrix” of spheres (6D to 12D and beyond) represents “Infinite Consciousness”. 

Each Council represents a single “group complex” or one sphere of consciousness and each Council is responsible to function as the guardians, guides, and protectors for the souls that exist within any spiritual hierarchy. 

At this special time, Earth has literally several galactic Celestial Councils supporting, protecting, and assisting Earth and the spiritual hierarchy, including incarnated souls on the planet (human & elemental/animal), non incarnated souls and disincarnated souls. This “Family of Light” is also known as the “Confederation of Light”, which is simply a galactic cooperative of spiritual beings that operate under the Law of One, who work in service for the Creator and follow one simple rule: “All things, all life, all of the creation is part of one prime consciousness”

From a human perspective, the titles given to souls that have spent many lifetimes incarnating and have evolved to a higher frequently have been termed “Angels”. These spiritual beings or “Angels” are without physical form and do not exist on the Earth plane. They are fully integrated and coexist as a unified group consciousness in the higher dimensions. They are androgynous, neither male nor female. They are our Brothers and Sisters, they are “Beings of Light”, that exist in a vibration just outside of our own frequency, where they live as one and assist humanity to spiritually evolve. 

Law of One states that there is no separation between you and any other spiritual being. There is no soul greater than another, and no person greater than another. Therefore, the notion of a “Higher Order of Angels” denotes “hierarchy, superiority and rank”. So do “Angels”, “Archangels”, and the “Angelic Realm / Kingdom” actually exist? No, they do not. Like the terms “Heaven”, and “God”, these are all simply human labels, names and descriptions, which implies “separation” or the existence of something superior or “divine entities” greater than us. Any degree of separation is a manifestation of the humanity’s ego. When you truly accept and realize that that every soul is equal and a divine expression of the Creator, then you do not need to use labels to describe “higher frequency” spiritual beings for the purpose of their identification. You, like every other spiritual being have your own single energetic personality, but all of us are not separate, rather we are All One. Likewise, Angels do not have wings, feathers, or have grandiose physical forms. Again, these images are a result of humanity’s misconceptions and the continuing theme that everything “Celestial” should be portrayed as “patriarchal males”. 

There is both a plural and singular aspect within the higher dimensions. In regard to the singular aspect, when you call or invoke an Angel or Archangel for guidance, healing and/or support, you are actually calling forward a single energetic expression, an individual fragment, or totem from the source energy to assist you. You are invoking or speaking to an individualized portion of consciousness with a distinct personality that matches your faith and beliefs. The Angelic Realm is simply plural for Source, or the divine consciousness. This energy is devoid of ego and negative emotions. You may call these beings “Angelic” if you prefer, but their divine role is to support us, and their fundamental purpose is to offer unconditional love at all times.

When you consciously summon an archangel by name, such as Michael, Ariel or Gabriel, this energy comes to you from the Celestial Council – the group consciousness from around the planet. Their energy can separate and manifest as a distinct personality based on your faith and beliefs, but the energy is truly one and from the same source. They manifest depending on the qualities you request, such as protection, healing, peace, and wisdom.

Understand that when you call on any higher entity by name, you are not summoning an individual, you are summoning a particular aspect or quality you want from within this one soul, known as “Source” (or “Oneness”).

Just like you, and all other souls on this planet, you are simply “baby Angels”, who are taking the same journey to evolve to a higher frequency. You are destined to work within a 6D group / sphere to assist, protect, and guide new and infant souls on a planet, or work independently and incarnate as a “Lightworker” on a planet and become a messenger of truth. A Lightworker is simply a higher frequency soul from a higher dimension, or what you call an “Angel”. It should also be noted, that most Lightworkers on Earth are from your “future”. In the past, several groups of human souls previously ascended from Earth, or what humanity would understand as ancient civilizations. In other words, those souls ascended off the 3D timeline (timeline or time/space matrix refers to a cycle you experience for your growth aka to expand or advance your consciousness), which humanity is currently experiencing, and shifted to the 4D timeline to continue their spiritual path. Many souls decided to return to Earth and reincarnate on the previous 3D timeline, and help humanity with their ascension, assist old friends who missed the previous ascension “express trains”, and to help Mother Gaia shift to the 4th dimensional timeline. 

Ascension requires you to move your thinking and beliefs into 5th dimensional consciousness. It requires you to start thinking that everything is “One”. This Lightworker is not asking you to abandon your faith and beliefs about “God”, or “Angels”. Rather, it requires you to accept that different groups that humanity have labeled as angels, guardian angels, ascended masters (Jesus, Buddha, Merlin, Isis, Mary, etc) and archangels do not actually exist as separate individuals. They are “Beings of Light” that are multi dimensional forms of integrated conscious energy. You are calling forward consciousness that manifests and takes the personality of an entity that is quite capable of interacting with you in the form that you believe. To accept this concept of “Oneness” is frightening for many of you, however it is your freewill to support, agree or deny the truth about the nature of “Angels”. Compassion means that no person can judge you for your beliefs, because you are also responsible for your spiritual growth. You have the divine right and total freedom of choice to follow the many beliefs from the mainstream religions.

With regard to spirit protectors and guardians, a powerful team of spiritual beings constantly surround you. Your own team consists of your “Master” (or primary guide). Your Master is your very best friend from within the spiritual hierarchy that you selected to manage your incarnational contract before you came to Earth. Your Master has been with you since birth and always with you night & day. They have many roles, but they really make sure you accomplish the lessons that you agreed to complete, and they watch over you and act as “Spirit Protectors” (known as “Guardian Angels”). Your “Secondary Guides” include both specialist spiritual beings, and/or departed family/friends who work along side your Master to mainly assist with healing (to give love and support). Every single one of you will have different guides work with you, at different times during your life. Your Master and guides reside from both the spiritual hierarchy and some guides come from the higher dimensions, which may be called the “Angelic realm”. When you invoke the help from your spirit protector, you do not need to know their name. The simple rule to follow: “Give them any name you please”. Your Master or guides will answer your request. This rule also applies to all spiritual beings within the family of light – names and labels are irrelevant, because it is everyone’s divine duty in the higher dimensions to assist. 

My last point regards my own personal experience during ascension. At the beginning, I found it difficult to change my old behavior and “break away from cultural programming”, so this Lightworker would like to provide you with the following tip: When I needed help with aura healing, ethereal balancing, protection, etc, I found it much easier to summon the help from my brothers and sisters with a divine / angelic name that spiritually resonated with me, for example “Archangel Metatron”. Later, they asked me to remove the formality (don’t need to use a ritual or any complicated prayer), but simply state “dear Brothers and Sisters, can you please help me with _________.” Feel free to use any divine name that gives you that spiritual feeling that you are personally connecting with them and your Creator. 


When you declare your intent to undertake ascension, it will be important for you to invoke and call on the higher dimension to assist you. For that reason, when you need protection, guidance, healing, etc. don’t be concerned about the mechanics of the higher dimensions. You only need to call on an entity, which resonates with your inner being, for example an archangel, guardian angel, guides or your Master. There is no right or wrong. Follow this simple rule: use a name that resonates with you, because you are simply connecting your “Being” and conscious energy with the higher dimensions. In addition, the greatest gift you can give your Brothers and Sisters is your actual personal acknowledgment that they do exist and are always helping you. Remember, they are very happy to help you at any time, but you must have a genuine need for assistance, and secondly, they can not interfere with your life, unless you consciously ask for help, because freewill prevents them from interfering with your incarnation on Earth.

The 4th Dimensional Law: Service to Others

“New Earth” will be a 4th dimensional positive planet. The spiritual framework that governs this dimension is called “Service to Others” (STO). The basic principles of Service to Others include:

  • Every person is committed to experiencing the same positive reality (frequency) with others,
  • Each person is dedicated to their spiritual growth and helping others with their spiritual development,
  • Each person seeks to share information and knowledge freely with others,
  • Each person has a complete lack of concern for satisfying their “ego” (materialism, power, judgement, control over others, competition, etc),
  • Each person acknowledges that every person is a spiritual being on their own path of spiritual growth,
  • Each person sees the love in all things, and radiates unconditional love and compassion towards others.

New Earth will be founded on the spiritual lesson called “Unity Consciousness”. New humanity will be a brotherhood of man, a united world, and every single person will experience the same living conditions, everyone demonstrates compassion and equality towards one another. We are moving from “duality, inequality, and diversity”, to “unity, freedom and solidarity”. New Earth will operate as a worldwide alliance, which functions on love, peace, cooperation, equality, and harmony. New humanity will live as one family. The Confederation of Earth will be a one-world government consisting of apolitical communities, councils and regions. The new planetary consciousness has only one charter: the common goal and shared understanding that everyone is responsible for managing the welfare of every single person on the planet. 

Mother Gaia is shifting into the green ray of the universal spectrum. STO is associated with green, which represents the heart center. To live on new Earth, you need to move into the higher vibrations of love and compassion and dissociate yourself from the lower vibrations of ego and duality. Unity consciousness means everyone experiences the same positive world and new humanity operates as one. World unity means everyone understands and supports this goal. On new Earth, we are moving from the old 3D vibration of ego and duality consciousness, or “I/Me/MyNeeds”, to “We/Us”, it is a cultural shift, because we stop thinking in terms of “what’s good for me” (self/ego), but rather we function on “what will be good for all of us”. 

STO means, “desire to serve all”. Everyone freely volunteers and without hesitation, shares their personal service to help others. The best way of providing your service to others is constantly sharing your being. People work together to find solutions that reflect the highest good for all concerned in every situation. The new Earth paradigm means caring for the welfare of (1) Planet, (2) Humanity, and (3) You. There is no punishment or segregation according to age or racism. It will be a “heart centered” world. You do not have to give unconditional love 24/7, but it does mean that you are prepared to learn and practice divinity, for example you freely volunteer/ barter your expertise, knowledge & skills, to help the good of all (the desire to serve others / self). All the things we associate with anger, aggression, greed, hate, selfishness, poverty, are ego inspired. These 3D experiences and the socio economic separation among humanity will cease. All 3D things we associate with “power preoccupation” including control, and enslavement will not exist, such as the military / armed forces, police, legal / taxation systems, religions and churches, multi national companies, and State or Federal governments. There will be no personal debts, taxes, land ownership, mining, fisheries, deforestation, homelessness, nuclear devices, poor health care, weapons / firearms, copyright restraints, banking and financial sector, etc. World unity is based on solidarity, which means destroying prejudices of sects, elitism, castes, and discrimination.

Our 3D world was designed for you to explore the ego, which has resulted in the establishment of various 3D belief systems and institutions that have been driven by gross materialism, exclusivity, domination, and greed. On new Earth, none of that will exist. There will be no capitalism and commercialism, and no person works to earn a wage, salary or profit. Wealth will not exist, that is a form of selfishness. Money is a 3D illusion, and only served the spiritual purpose for learning duality. On new Earth, there will be no money system, because abundance is a common right and everyone will be entitled to the same luxuries. You are freely provided everything to support basic human needs, without having to buy or pay for things. Everyone is supplied what they want. Why would you want to pay to live on new Earth that you have volunteered to experience? A world without money, impossible you say? Imagine doing your current job without a wage, but your time and labor serves everyone. Trade is based on the free exchange of goods and services without payment. New Earth means living in a positive based society, or Unity, Peace and Love; and not Duality and Fear. Everyone is equal. You freely give your time and assistance without obligation, and you lead without controlling others (no ego). You trust each other utterly and rely on each other to assume the role they volunteered. Every person in the community takes responsibility for the entire welfare of the community. Of course, new Earth, does have some elements of duality, rather “positive duality”, for example, different levels in education and training to cater for different age groups, eg children and adults. 

A Glimpse into Life on New Earth

Here is a quick overview of your life on new Earth. New Earth is structured on unity consciousness and the following “Service to Others” principles:

  • Every individual has the right to express their freedom of thoughts, without ridicule, judgement, or enslavement,
  • Every person will be freely provided food, clothing, housing and education,
  • All life forms have a right to exist and no individual can physically, mentally, or spiritually harm or injure another,
  • All acts of criminality, greed, violence, and aggression will be decided by the members of the community,
  • Every person must live in harmony with the environment, and not abuse the natural resources of the planet,
  • Every person has the right to participate in all choices and possibilities available to the individual or community without hesitation,
  • Every person takes responsibility for their own behavior and actions and must take personal responsibility to resolve any conflict and grievance, and accept retribution without fault or blame,
  • Each person must not publicly judge or criticize the actions or behavior of another individual or group,
  • Each community is responsible for their own agricultural and cultivation needs,
  • All land, property, buildings and infrastructure is the common property of everyone,
  • Each person has the right to live anywhere on the planet without restriction,
  • Each person must not devote their life to the acquisition of materialism or undertake acts of greed & selfishness,
  • New Earth will utilize free energy, sciences, and technology in a manner that advantages all of humanity. 

The Confederation of Earth operates on the charter of unity, peace, and love, so the need for establishing formal political and administrative systems to regulate people’s lives will not be required. Instead, new Earth is a one-world alliance, consisting of communities and regions. Each region will establish a local consultative council and/or advisory group, which consists of people who volunteer to manage the welfare of the community at large, but this is not a formal government structure, with a formal leadership system. New Earth has no resemblance to your current life in any form, or shape whatsoever.

The greatest change for you will be spiritually accepting that All are One. New Earth will not have religions, church system, or temples. Humanity only acknowledges and worships the Creator. Each person is taught to seek the Creator through his or her own spiritual development and to learn, demonstrate, and practice divinity. Joy, love, abundance, health, happiness, peace, wisdom, enlightenment are the social values on the new Earth. There is but one law, on new Earth – the law of unconditional love, equality, and faith in the Creator. We are switching from a separation based societal mindset, to a spiritual based society that operates on divinity and unity consciousness. There will be no nationalism and no protectionism. There will be no political parties, policy maker, rules, or leaders; rather, the new societal system will function on the universal law of one. 

You will enjoy a longer life span, because you will experience a relaxed, stress free and healthier lifestyle, the ability to heal, and a dietary shift away from low vibrational items (meat, seafood, alcohol, etc) are the main reasons for longevity. Lifespans in the next dimension will actually be tenfold. Understand that we spiritually respect the integrity of all souls, and for this reason humanity will not be dependent on farming animals as a main food source. Living in the lower vibrations on this 3D Earth, has meant you become tired very easily. On new Earth, you do not require long periods of sleep, because rest is sufficient for re- energizing your mind and body. 

The old paradigm of greed, ego, material possessions, and building wealth, which determines your rank, elitism, and social status, will not exist. Your new world will not operate on ego consciousness, where one person or group has established themselves as superior over another, or where a person uses their talents for wealth, social prestige, or rank. In addition, no systems of power (rules, laws, institutions) will exist that differentiates people based on status, physical attributes, or other aspects that separate, judge, disadvantage or create divisions among people. Intellectual property is free for everyone to use. It is for this simple reason that new Earth will not have Christmas, monarchies, religions, taxes, gambling, professional sports, celebrities / movie stars, tabloids, patent & copyright, privacy laws, stock markets, police, military, etc.

On new Earth, there will be no need to “own” anything personally. Everybody has access to everything. There is no need for personal possessions. Everything belongs to everybody. Everybody contributes their service and time freely to benefit the community. All types of artists freely offer their gifts and talents, because they recognize the joy and happiness they give others. The negativity that is rooted on fear, greed, dishonor, and violence will vanish. The only vibration on new Earth will be love. The Law of Freewill will also continue to apply – it is universal, so you still have the freedom to choose whatever experience you want. You will not have human rights; rather you will have universal rights. There will be no strict laws or rules for living. Peace, respect, self responsibility, for one’s actions, and accepting everyone as equal, replaces the need for law enforcement agencies and legal institutions. 

New Earth will have a worldwide supply system, which consists of immense warehouses located around the planet, to support multiple communities and larger regions. In addition, each community will establish their own local distribution or supply depots, which operate as both a cooperative to supply local supermarkets. These supply depots will be filled with a huge variety of products and goods, including food, clothing, and other essential items that everyone can freely access. Regions may specialize in the production and/or manufacturing of specific products, articles, or materials. The entire race on new Earth is a cooperative. These items will be stored in regional warehouses, which connect to the worldwide supply system. This global logistical system is the common property of everyone. The simple law of “supply and demand” determines how regions measure how much they need to produce at particular times of the year. When you need a particular commodity that your supply depot does not have, it is supplied and transported from another depot or warehouse and delivered to your depot. New Earth does not operate under a commercial system and as such, there will be no competitors, trade restrictions, tariffs, or taxes. New technology and smarter food processing systems will ensure humanity will always have abundance. Everything on new Earth is “unified” including architectural design, cultural values, and social order, clothing products and technology. 

Marriage is optional, but the Law of One states that every individual has the right to enter agreement to perform and experience any relationship with another individual (freedom to experience any type of sexuality). To make an agreement, the two individuals must consent; the relationship must be founded on mutual affection, acknowledging the relationship will bring the highest form of happiness and joy to each being and the mutual understanding that they wish to have the experience for a spiritual reason. 

Until the age of six (6), the immediate family and/or other members of the family circle are directly responsible for the spiritual development of children. After this, children begin primary education. The role of a teacher is not to fully immerse a child in the teachings of a formal curriculum, but help bring out the wisdom or knowledge that remains latent in the child’s soul. School & work hours are based on a 4- day week / 6- hour day. The rest is free time, which can be devoted to studying, recreation, community work, and spiritual development. 

Every child attends school until the age of 16, at which time they are formally recognized as an adult. At this point, the individual can either enroll to higher education to commence a tertiary discipline, or undertake a vocational education program. Each community offers a selected range of tertiary and vocational programs based on the industrial requirements and workforce needs of the community and region. This is based on the simple principle that the educational skills of the individuals will benefit the community and/or entire region. For example, the “vocational skills portfolio” has a major benefit for the individual. This system offers them portability, which means they can relocate to another community / region anywhere on the planet that may require the same vocational skills and knowledge. So no matter where a person lives, they understand the importance of their vocation training, because their role within humanity means they are simply one unit of the whole, and no position is less important than the rest. 

Spiritual education for adults will also be very important. The ongoing development of a person’s spirituality from early childhood into adulthood, will prepare them for their entire life. People will be encouraged to learn and explore 5D consciousness (Law of Love) which includes advanced spiritualism, telepathy, telekinesis, and ethereal healing.

New Earth is much like the 3rd dimension without the concepts of duality, ego, and fear. New humanity will simply operate like the top end of our 3D culture. There will be homes, food, education and jobs for everyone, but you no longer have to focus on survival, because there is no money. Another person cannot rule you, or the old paradigm of “power over others” and “service to self” does not exist, because we are all One and work together as a unified world. Every individual on new Earth indisputably will have the same high quality of life, including housing, food, employment, health care, education and recreational & leisure time, and no longer do you have to struggle to exist and survive.

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