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The Ascension Handbook

Section Five: Additional Information about Ascension

“Christ Consciousness” means “a person who outwardly embraces divinity” (Law of One). Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with Christ as a person. Christ refers to your “understanding & awareness” of divinity and your primary purpose as a spiritual being. When you have found your own spiritual connection with the universe and the Creator, this will manifest outwardly as unconditional love, joy and compassion. When an individual consciously demonstrates these divine attributes, this is known as “Christ Consciousness”. 

Spirituality is the process of proactively discovering your personal connection with the Creator from a path of inner seeking. It is a self assessment of your own thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, the ability to consciously close off some of those things you have previously accepted and open yourself to new spiritual concepts. This is known as spiritual advancement. When a person is willing to learn and apply the principles of divinity in their life, they have spiritually evolved. Divinity helps you outwardly perceive the love and compassion in others you recognize that each person is a spiritual being and understand that all people are at different levels of spiritual growth. When you incorporate divinity as an integral part of yourself, and begin to externalize this “Christ” energy, the very nature of your reality changes. In regard to ascension, you do not have to be a master of Christ consciousness. It only requires you to be open to a new way of living and your willingness to learn, incorporate, and practice divinity on new Earth. This is the most important rule to remember when you enter into your ascension program – you only need your conscious intent and a genuine desire towards wanting to experience a world that operates on unity, love, and compassion that will help you achieve the required frequency to shift to new Earth. Christ Consciousness can include your own personal understanding of the Creator / God (“I Am”), your ability to connect to your higher self, how you demonstrate the qualities of divinity and/or your ability to freely share your spiritual wisdom and knowledge to help others with their spiritual growth. 

A) Connection with Your Higher Self   The activation of your body’s 7th chakra (crown chakra) occurs after the previous six primary chakras are activated. Instantly, like a domino effect, the 8th and 9th chakras are triggered. The 8th chakra is located approximately 12 inches above the crown chakra, and this connects you to the higher dimensional planes of consciousness, while the 9th chakra is located approximately two feet under your feet – your ethereal connection to the Earth’s ethereal body. The full activation of the chakra system is a result of the frequency of your consciousness. A person who has activated the upper chakras, namely the heart, throat, third eye, and the crown chakras has achieved “Christ Consciousness”, because that process shifts a person’s frequency into the powerful heart-based qualities which allows them to consciously demonstrate love, empathy, compassion, and the ability to connect and understand people from a deeper emotional level and spiritual viewpoint. In addition, the full activation of the chakras means a person has moved into a higher frequency of consciousness. What is the reward for achieving this higher frequency? You have the ability to telepathically communicate with higher dimensional levels of consciousness within the cosmos. This means, you can directly communicate with your Master, Guides, and the Angelic Realm. With the permission of your Master, you can communicate directly with departed friends, and family: you can ask to receive multidimensional energy for the purpose of healing yourself or others, and likewise, specialist guides can give you information about humanity’s hidden knowledge & secrets or everything you want to know about the universe. Remember two things, everyone’s consciousness is interconnected and a higher frequency means you are moving closer to the Creator.

B) Mastering Divinity   Divinity refers to the highest characteristics, personal qualities and attributes of “Christ”, and Christ Consciousness refers to a person who consciously demonstrates and practices divinity. Therefore, a “Divine person” means an individual that can demonstrate and project the attributes of unconditional love and compassion consciously (thoughts, actions, behavior) in all aspects of their human life. The term “Christ” means a  person who’s conscious of their behavior and actions, and can give / receive love and compassion without wanting anything back in return. Are you a master of divinity? Consider the following questions: Can you freely assist others without judging them? Can you easily communicate and interact with people that are labeled “difficult”? Can you confront a person without thinking negatively of them? If a person made a bad mistake or wrong choice in their life, can you avoid criticizing and judging that person behind their back? Could you avoid reacting emotionally to a person’s hurtful comments? Can you accept a person’s faith without arguing or criticizing them or their belief system? Can you apologize to another person for your bad behavior, actions, or hurtful comments? A non-divine person would criticize, argue, judge, and/or intentionally cause pain (verbal and non verbal) and unhappiness to others. Mastering divinity means you can demonstrate the “heart based” qualities of love and compassion, thus you have achieved Christ Consciousness. Lastly, had humanity mastered divinity and morality – duality would not exist today. Compassion is a state of emotional maturity and necessary for spiritual evolution.

Ascension Questionnaire

The following questions will examine your current attitudes and beliefs against the principles of unity consciousness and the Law of One. Please note that this is not a true and accurate assessment to measure your divinity, so feel free to use your discernment. Note your responses to each statement. 

Strongly Agree - Agree - Disagree - Strongly Disagree

1. I believe in Creator / God / Father / Mother / Source.

SA - A - D - SD

2. I believe there is more than one God.

SA - A - D - SD

3. I believe that when I die, my soul is reincarnated.

SA - A - D - SD

4. I believe that when I die, there is no afterlife and my life is finished.

SA - A - D - SD

5. I believe I have the divine right to explore my sexuality.

SA - A - D - SD

6. I agree with 4D principles of unity consciousness.

SA - A - D - SD

7. I would not be prepared to live in a world based on unity and love.

SA - A - D - SD

8. I think the world should have no religions.

SA - A - D - SD

9. I believe in creation and evolution can be explained by modern science.

SA - A - D - SD

10. I view religion as a human belief system.

SA - A - D - SD

11. I view spiritualism as a true path to follow for gaining immortal life.

SA - A - D - SD

12. I view religion as a set of moral rules, which guide people's behavior.

SA - A - D - SD

13. I view myself as a religious and not a spiritual person.

SA - A - D - SD

14. I do not practice organized religion, but still view myself as spiritual.

SA - A - D - SD

15. I often practice my faith by attending religious events / activities.

SA - A - D - SD

16. I often practice my spiritual path through meditation.

SA - A - D - SD

17. I believe in a book of faith (i.e. the Bible, Torah, Koran, etc).

SA - A - D - SD

18. I believe my religion is the only path that people must follow.

SA - A - D - SD

19. I do not judge others for their religious beliefs.

SA - A - D - SD

20. I believe in Angels.

SA - A - D - SD

21. I believe in psychics, mediums, channellers and clairvoyants.

SA - A - D - SD

22. I believe we are not alone in the Universe.

SA - A - D - SD

23. I view myself as a controlling and dominating person.

SA - A - D - SD

24. I easily judge and criticize people behind their backs.

SA - A - D - SD

25. I believe the world is dangerous and hostile.

SA - A - D - SD

26. I can not tolerate or live with ethnic people.

SA - A - D - SD

27. I have strong verbal communication skills.

SA - A - D - SD

28. I can show compassion to complete strangers.

SA - A - D - SD

29. I find it difficult to work with people I don't know.

SA - A - D - SD

30. I believe wealth determines a person's status.

SA - A - D - SD

31. I can emotionally support others during a time of crisis.

SA - A - D - SD

32. I never apologize to another person for my bad behavior or actions.

SA - A - D - SD

33. I regularly buy expensive personal items for myself.

SA - A - D - SD

34. I am dependent on technology, science and medicine.

SA - A - D - SD

35. I am fiercely independent or introverted.

SA - A - D - SD

Ascension Consciousness Grid

With regard to ascension, the frequency of your consciousness will determine the dimensional frequency you are destined to experience at the time of the shift. The previous assessment was a simple exercise to examine your current attitudes and beliefs and how much you would support or resist divinity and the 4D spiritual principles (Service to Others). You may now wish to reflect upon your responses and consider the four levels of ascension consciousness. For example, for a “3D Positive” (3D+) person to shift to a higher frequency, they need to change their current unloving attitude from “It’s all about me!” (materialism, ego, wealth, etc) and embrace the new Earth concept of “It’s all about us!” which would help them to open up their heart chakra and obviously increase their frequency and shift to the “4D Negative” (4D-) group.

False Ascension Information

When you begin your ascension, many of you may be unsure what information you research will be true, false, or misleading. You must use your discernment. Very often people will simply read online information and assume it is correct, without actually broadening their knowledge to understand the bigger picture. For the past few years, there has been an increasing number of so-called “Lightworkers” releasing their ascension program materials at a cost. As stated by the Law of One, (4D Law: Service to Others), a Lightworker is responsible for providing their spiritual resources for others. Be wary of false lightworkers, con artists, operating on “Service to Self”, driven by their ego and pure greed for the purposes of making money, and personal gain. A true Lightworker operates on compassion and unconditional love. We are here to help humanity spiritually evolve, and we freely share our knowledge and wisdom. A true Lightworker would never place copyright restrictions on their ascension materials. My simple message to those fake Lightworkers: What good is your information anymore, if you are not willing to freely share your knowledge and wisdom to help others? 

This is not to say that your time & attention is not of value and deserves the proper compensation. Until we no longer function in a 3D environment, we still need to use our resources for the highest good and that includes the energy known as money.

Be discerning. Research if you are purchasing ascension products that only focus on the physical ascension process. These “quick fix” methods fail to teach the basic principles of Law of One. Be mindful of the artificial ascension techniques that aim to rapidly increase the frequency in your energy signature such as “DNA activation” programs and Merkaba activation. For beginners, those tools would over stimulate your chakras, this would be like inserting a 110-volt electrical plug into a 220-volt outlet that causes instant shock, which could be fatal or result in some very serious health problems. When reviewing any ascension program, reflect on the following question – do they teach the principles that govern life on new Earth? However, your freewill permits you to use any ascension tool that resonates with you.

Likewise, there are many false ascension stories circulating on the Internet. “Disclosure” is a phenomenon taking place as part of the removal of veils. There will be no arrival of space ships that come to intervene and help humanity. Do not attach yourself to messages that take away your freewill. Be mindful of any messages from a group called the “Galactic Federation”. The Galactic Federation is not associated with the Confederation of Light (Spiritual Hierarchy and Celestial Councils). The GF are entities in the astral plane (lower 4D), which mimic themselves and promote that they work for the Confederation. See this dark energy (dark meaning to invoke fear, deception, and misleading) for what it is. This group has been releasing information to confuse people about Earth’s ascension and use fear propagation to stop people undertaking ascension.

It should also be noted that much of the ascension information on the Internet posted in recent years has been done through different mediums and channellers. Much of this information is not accurate and some material is false. Channellers would receive telepathic messages from the higher astral realm through the crown chakra. This information is processed by the rational mind, which can be strongly influenced by the channellers ego, beliefs, emotions, and their level of intelligence can change the context and meaning of the information they receive. More importantly, the rank of a channeller / medium’s soul in the spiritual hierarchy determines what information they are permitted to receive from their Guides about any particular topic, situation, or person, especially when they are doing a reading for another person who has a higher rank (or frequency) than the channeller. Another problem with channelled information is that the channeller can be subject to receive messages from devious astral beings that masquerade themselves as angels, etc. These entities are known as the “Dark Cabal”. This is the reason why the Internet is full of channelled messages that have no spiritual relevance or teach the mechanics of personal ascension. Please consider, any information you read that invokes fear, anger, or suspicion in your mind has originated from a dark source. “Dark” meaning “an agenda to deceive and generate fear”. Likewise, “Light” means the truth, for example, information from the Celestial Council always talk with love and compassion, and never invoke fear or promote death and destruction.

Likewise, do not get yourself caught up with doomsday messages, such as comets, asteroids, polar reversals, etc. Learn not to feed on the fear they generate. From a spiritual viewpoint, there are two large groups of souls on Earth (Lemuria & Atlantis) who previously experienced wide spread planetary devastation, so unfortunately their karma has transferred onto humanity through their words, behavior, and actions. Always take a dualistic approach when you read any online information or messages. It is up to you to decide what resonates within your heart and what does not. When reading channelled messages, please exercise detachment, and judgment. Empower yourself and teach / learn before accepting any information as the truth.


The information presented in the ascension handbook serves as the official advice to humanity from the “Angelic Realm”. 

How Your Body Ascends during a Planetary Shift

In regard to the planetary shift, how does it feel to move from 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension? For starters, those that lifted their frequency beyond the old vibratory rates do not undergo physical death.  It will be harmless, and there will be no pain for those anchored to the planet. A higher frequency means you get to consciously experience the shift, and you will not be affected by it physically, emotionally, or mentally.  To understand how a 3rd dimension planetary object shifts into the 4th dimension, imagine a figure eight shaped hourglass. 3D is located on one side and the 4D is located in the other side of the hourglass. In the middle of the hourglass, this narrow gap represents the gateway or portal for the planetary shift that occurs when two dimensional planes eclipse each other. This “null zone” separates two-dimensional wavelengths.  It is a highly charged membrane of photons, which acts as the wavelength bridge (or hyper field) to connect one side of the dimensional frequency band with the next highest band. 

All living things on Earth plane have two parallel bodies. The physical body is composed of carbon or “matter” and interfaces with the ethereal body. The ethereal body exists as biological plasma or “anti matter”. It is still classified as physical, because it is composed of a finer and less dense bio molecular structure and has a higher frequency. 

To consciously experience the dimensional shift, your ethereal body needs to be modulated to the same ethereal frequency of the planet. The folks that do not adjust their frequency will not physically handle the wave of high frequency energy as the planet enters through the dimensional gateway. Their ethereal bodies will literally “spin off” and disconnect from the planet’s ethereal body during the shift. During the transition, your body will undergo a drastic change; it will be converted into millions of photonic  particles. Your body becomes fluid during this process; it dematerializes to achieve zero mass. During this disintegration, you will feel like you exist but do not exist. Your consciousness is traveling as energy and you are actually flowing as light energy through the dimensional gateway, but you will not feel this. In a small fraction of a second, you travel through this dimensional gateway and rematerialize on the other side.

The dimensional gateway will also act as an “anti matter” filter. This means that only naturally occurring things within the planet’s biosphere can potentially ascend. Man made objects and items that were constructed from synthetic materials and artificially manufactured materials will not shift to the new Earth. The reason for this: the atomic structure for synthetic materials are only vibrationally in phase with our 3D reality, thus at the quantum level, the 3D frequency & wavelength, which acts as “glue” and bonds the molecular structure together will disintegrate during the shift. Likewise, these 3D objects are not “conscious” and do not have awareness to change their vibration frequency to a higher level. Many of the human structures such as homes / buildings, which have some elements of naturally produced materials may remain intact, but most of humanity’s technology that relies on fiber optics and orbiting satellites, etc will not exist after the shift. Other examples of of synthetic items that will not exist after the shift include plastics, rubber, polyester, acrylic, glass fiber, dyes, inks, paper, nylon, etc.

When you undergo this frequency jump, your ethereal body, which contains the blueprint of your physical body will automatically rematerialize your body. Each of the 12 dimensions has their own unique vibrational property that governs the densification of matter. Your body will have the same physical appearance as it does now, except your new body will be less dense (carbon silica), because your ethereal body has dramatically altered the atomic structure of your body to support the higher frequencies. Your new body will be a pristine copy of what your human body should truly look like in its perfect form (without tattoos, piercings, excess body fat, false teeth, artificial limbs, etc). One of the most important aspects about the planetary shift is your consciousness. Your subconscious mind does not care where it is, but during the shift your conscious mind may react to the energetic chaos it experiences.

Any of your suppressed emotions, fears, and ego will prevent you from ascending. You need to recondition your emotions and thoughts before the planetary shift and have full command of your conscious mind. Any resistance from your conscious mind would be fatal. That is the reason why emotional house cleaning is the second most important task in the ascension process. When the tsunami wave hits the planet and you have not prepared yourself and cleared away the emotional baggage and Earthly attachments, both your emotions and ego will take full control of your mental processes and do whatever it takes to resist the energy. That is a survival mechanism; your fears will kick in, and at this point, you will probably begin to think about family and friends that are not ascending with you. 

Several hours before the planetary shift, you will begin to witness a shift or a change in your mental, physical, emotional bodies. You will certainly observe a visual phenomenon. This occurs when the two dimensional planes begin to eclipse each other. You will know that the shift is close, because you will begin to see different colored objects appear and disappear around you. You will see different configurations of light frequencies that you have never seen before. You will see shades of colors that are brilliant and much brighter. All the space around you will begin to change and warp into different shapes and colors. The magnetosphere in the upper levels of the planet’s atmosphere is the key to understanding this process. This magnetic field is the mechanism for what we see around us and what we think. We need an exterior magnetic field, so our brain can retain our knowledge, memories, etc. It is also known as the “Planetary Consciousness Grid” , “Earth’s Auric Field”, or “Morphogenetic Field”. Our consciousness is connected to the magnetosphere, and when the planet starts to shift across to the next dimension, the planet’s magnetosphere begins to shift into the new dimensional frequency band. That will result in the visual phenomenon.

After the planetary shift, our old 3D world will not have a magnetosphere. It will completely dissolve and this is the reason why life forms cannot exist on our old planet, because the electromagnetic field is the mechanism that allows you to have a conscious experience (self-awareness and perception of this 3D reality). You need this outer planetary field to create and store human memory patterns. Therefore, the people that complete their ascension, means they are protected because their human energy body is electrically compatible with the planet’s magnetosphere, which is the reason why they they will consciously experience the planetary shift. Think of the shift as a carpet cleaner – it will clear away the people that have the old vibration of consciousness, to allow the people that have the new frequency of consciousness to remain behind. However, the days preceding this event, you will start to witness the reaction from the people who did not participate in the ascension process. People may begin to “act out” (mentally, emotionally, and physically). Remember, everyone’s consciousness is connected to Earth’s exterior magnetic field, so when it energetically starts shifting and fluctuating, expect a lot of chaos occurring around the world.

It should take a period of approximately 20 to 26 hours for the planet to fully spiral upwards into the next dimension. The dimensional shift is sort of made up of mini shifts. The earliest indication will be the changes to the planet’s magnetosphere or consciousness grid. In addition to the visual phenomenon, man made / synthetic objects begin to fade out and disappear from your view, but at the same time, new Earth will begin to appear and materialize around you. Just remain calm and do not let your fear and ego try to take control.

During the final stages of the planetary shift, the physical process begins. A tidal wave of high energetic photons will sweep across Earth. Earth and everyone upon the planet will physically shift into the new time / space frequency. This is the moment of truthfulness for every living thing on the planet. Will they choose to allow themselves to be fully immersed and flooded with this higher frequency or reject the energy and be swept away? The bridge to the upper and lower vibrational levels will be in place to collect souls to their appropriate vibrational levels of consciousness. The people, who say no, will ethereally spin off the planet and return to the spirit world. Those of you consciously prepared and are ethereally anchored to the planet, will consciously think that your physical body feels the same, but the subatomic structure has changed. It was converted into light energy, but you will not realize that. You will not be hurt by the energetic tsunami that floods through your body. During the shift, your ethereal body and “crystalline bio plasmic light” (aura) will shift but your biological body “matter” will not. Remember, the wavelength for each dimension determines how “matter” vibrationally exists in each reality. Within a blink of a moment, the planet will be catapulted into the next dimension and then you will begin to consciously perceive this new world around you, unless it happens during the night when you’re asleep, but hopefully most of you will retain the memory of consciously experiencing the dimensional shift.

The dimensional shift will be the catalyst for some major transmutations to the planet. It is a new timeline and a new frequency level. You will notice that everything looks new and brighter. The new shapes and colors are a result of the new dimensional frequency, which now defines our new plane of reality. For most of you, it is highly probable that you will find yourself naked, because any synthetic clothing you were wearing will not make it through the shift. The shift will act as a “3D filter”, so any item or object that has a 3D frequency will spin off the planet and disappear when we move into our 4D timeline. Likewise, you will probably notice that some family and friends are not with you. Please understand that much of the world’s population are classified as both “3D Positive” and “3D Negative” spiritual beings, so for whatever reasons, a greater part of the world’s population from our 3D planet will decide not to join new Earth. For example, the folks who could not maintain or raise their vibration to the higher frequency level, or the people who decided not to participate in the ascension program. 


Your knowledge and wisdom are the only permanent qualities you can take with you to new Earth. Many of your worldly possessions will remain behind when you shift to new Earth.

Your Ascension Options

Regardless of your personal decision to participate in the personal ascension program, everyone will ascend at the time of the planetary shift. Earth’s ascension is unconditional, but personal ascension is conditional. Ascension does not discriminate. It is available to every person on the planet. The frequency you choose at the time of the planetary shift will determine your destiny. 

Each one of you must embrace the “Lightworker’s Code” which involves understanding three (3) important spiritual rules. First, freewill means it is a person’s divine right to participate or not participate in personal ascension. Second, no person can then interfere or intervene with someone’s freewill and change their outcome, and lastly, every person must recognize that every human being is a soul, and right now, each person has reached a different level of spiritual advancement. In summary, each person will choose what he or she wishes to experience and what is best for their spiritual growth. For this reason, some people will decide not to participate in the ascension program: there is no right or wrong. 

More importantly, you do not have to be a “Saint” to participate in ascension, or have mastered Christ Consciousness. Ascension is a personal choice and everyone’s motivations will be different. Some people will choose to ascend, because they wish to advance their spiritual knowledge by exploring 5D consciousness. The majority of you will hopefully choose to ascend, because you do not want to be burdened anymore with your current way of living and therefore, are willing to learn and practice divinity and experience new way of living on new Earth, which operates under the Law of One. Ascension will mean something different to each one of you. Lastly, do not rely on someone else for your happiness and self worth, only you are responsible for that.

The following table summarizes your ascension options:

The Bottom Line

In the near future, Earth will spiral upwards into a new dimensional plane. Earth and humanity will ascend simultaneously, but obviously not everyone will decide to ascend to new Earth. Right now, this is your official invitation to start preparing for the shift into the higher 4th dimensional energies with Gaia should you choose.

You have all incarnated many lifetimes to get to this evolutionary point. Ascension is your graduation to continue either your spiritual advancement or your willingness to experience and live on new Earth that will operate on unity consciousness. At this point, you should have obtained some level of “Ascension Consciousness”. You understand the mechanics of personal ascension, and how new Earth will function. Each of you has the freedom of choice to decide what you wish to experience. Why look to others for the answer or allow others to force, bully, manipulate, or control your decision? Ascension is a personal choice.

Consider the following:

  • There is absolutely no way to fake your ascension, nor can you undertake ascension for the simple reason of surviving the shift. You cannot suddenly pretend to wake up one morning and announce you now have a “high frequency”. You cannot falsify your energy signature, when it is riddled with fear. Personal ascension is not automatic, and no person has a free pass. It requires effort on your behalf.
  • Are you prepared to expose, examine, heal, and release your deepest core issues? This may mean facing and challenging your ego, releasing all forms of emotional baggage, resentments, and old grudges you are holding onto against people, your belief systems, and moving out of your comfort zone. It may also mean that those in your life will challenge your decision and your relationships with family and friends may change. Are you prepared to release and give up many of your worldly possessions, money, and material things, which have been important to you during this lifetime? It does not matter how much land, or property you own, because on new Earth, all land is the common property of everyone, whether you ascend or not and besides many of your Earthly possessions will not exist after the planetary shift.
  • Can you truly live on new Earth without wealth, investment properties, personal debts, shares, monarchies, religion, taxes, gambling, professional sports, sports / music / movie celebrities, antiques, pollution, guns, war, terrorism, homelessness, poverty, famine, nuclear technology, etc.?
  • Could you sincerely live in a world where humanity will be united and everyone is treated as equal? Do you want to live on a world where every person will be provided food, clothing, housing, and education? 
  • Can you honestly move into a new life that follows on simple law – the Law of One, which is based on love and faith in the Creator?
  • Are you happy with your life? Have you made some terrible mistakes during your lifetime? These is no such thing as sin, punishment, or judgement, so ascension offers you the opportunity to start a new chapter in your life on new Earth from scratch? 
  • Your heart chakra is the key to the new kingdom. How much of yourself are you prepared to dedicate to serve humanity and share your time, knowledge, etc to help and support others?
  • Are you prepared to ascend without family members and friends who may decide not to participate in ascension?
  • Would you be prepared to foster and care for the welfare of any orphaned children who will ascend without parents or other family members?
  • Ascension is open to everyone, regardless of your religion, faith, and beliefs. Are you prepared to live on new Earth that operates on peace, love, and unity?
  • Ascension does not discriminate regardless of your age, race, disabilities, medical conditions, sexuality, criminal history, or gender.


If you are unsure about your ascension decision, now is the time for each one of you to invoke the help from the spiritual hierarchy. Trust me when I tell you that your Master, Guides, and Angels are very eager and waiting to help you right now. They will answer you. Before you fall asleep, mentally ask them the following question: “Dear Master, I request your guidance. Please advise me what I should do about personal ascension?” Within less than 24 hours, your divine team will provide you with the answer you seek, for example, through a dream, a thought, or some kind of a visual clue or subtle message that may appear in your life. You will know, because it will resonate with you.

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