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Andara Crystals

In order to understand Andaras, it will be helpful to understand their composition. Let’s examine what’s behind etherium.

Prima Matra

What is Prima Matra?

Prima Matra is an ancient alchemical term that means prime unviolated first matter, and covers any form of matter that is resonant with the original first matter.

According to Tehuti / Thoth, originally this planet was entirely a spiritual creation without a matter counterpart, in other words it was pure energy with Divine patternings. As it began to slow down its vibrational frequency, matter began to coalesce from the pure energy patternings. The first matter that did coalesce was absolutely pure, as yet untainted by negative intrusions of human thought or feeling as we know it today. 

This first matter was called Prima Matra by the ancients. 

The forms of Prima Matra we have existent today are less in vibrational frequency than the original Prima Matra, but powerful nonetheless for spiritual transformation and physical healing. 

As an example you could see the Original Prima Matra as light just beyond the ultraviolet end of the visible spectrum of the rainbow (high frequency), and the forms of Prima Matra with us today as the visible colors of the rainbow (gradients less in frequency, but all still light). This is a very simplified analogy, but it will suffice to explain the main point here.

What are Etherium-Gold, ISIS WPG, Naturally Occuring Prima Matra? 

They are at this time all coming from the same site.

They are a powdered substance occurring naturally in the Earth. The source we are familiar with is in California from a very sacred site that is part of an energetic complex Tehuti / Thoth refers to as the Shasta Matrix even though its physical location is some distance from Mount Shasta itself. 

Tehuti refers to these powders as a gradient of Prima Matra, or the first unviolate matter. As the Earth condensed from a pure spiritual state into the first stages of matter Prima Matra formed from the ether. Since that time there have been inner planes orders that have ensured there would always be a certain amount of some form of this Prima Matra present within this dimension in order to maintain the bridge from this reality back to our true spiritual heritage. This substance is being revealed at this time to the planet to assist humanity with the transformational process. 

The powder helps the cellular consciousness to assimilate and reorient to the Grace Factor. It is not however a cure-all, nor should it be treated as a normal type supplement. Tehuti / Thoth has impressed upon us that we simply cannot comprehend just how sacred this substance truly is. 

On a more scientific and technical note, the natural powder relates spiritually to a grouping of substances coming forth at this time referred to as monatomics. Monatomics have been exhibiting the properties of superconductors at normal temperatures. The principle behind a superconductor is that it is able to carry electrical energy without any resistance present, thus exhibiting a zero loss in the conduction of that energy. In addition, the process involves the conversion of electrons into a light frequency as they pair off within the super conductive medium. 

One of the keys in these monatomic superconductors is the presence of exotic single atom materials such as rhodium and iridium in the high spin state. At this current time there is a manufactured substance being produced by David Hudson under the name Orme that is nearly 100% rhodium / iridium in the monatomic high spin state according to Hudson.

According to Tehuti / Thoth this is also a viable form of Prima Matra, but works more on the electromagnetic level than do the natural powders. The natural substance contains much smaller amounts of rhodium and iridium, the exact amount not having been decisively determined. Tehuti has indicated that “in alchemy more is not necessarily better”. He has told us that there is an etheric molecule present in the natural powder called “iropiya”, and that it probably cannot be detected at this time by the scientific community. 

The small amounts of rhodium and iridium are in the exact proportion needed to bridge to the etheric molecule iropiya, thus activating its potential within the individual s auric field. Thus the natural powder works more on the etheric levels of reality. Tehuti / Thoth has indicated that many more people will actually be drawn to the Orme than to natural powder as they are in greater need of the electromagnetic level of healing / evolution than the etheric level. It would only be certain groupings of souls that would be most drawn to the natural powder. 
In addition there are several colors or gradients of the natural powders presently available; White, Pink, Red and Black. As far as we know there is only one gradient of the Orme to be made available at some point in the future.
I have personally had some very profound experiences with the natural powders, and have found it to be very profound in the process of Divine integration and all that is involved within that scope. Tehuti has cautioned that it is not to be taken lightly however, for if it is not used properly there is danger of burning out the higher level light body.
The nature of this danger is such, that an individual who was taking too much would perhaps not receive any warning signs, in fact might receive just the opposite, as feelings of euphoria could be quite prevalent. 
Once the physical system has saturated with the light frequencies present in the powder, it would start to build matrices within higher levels of the auric field. If the individual consciousness was not prepared sufficiently to support these higher level consciousness matrices the process would rapidly reverse, causing an implosion within the higher light body. 
The ramifications are that an individual soul could actually become entrapped between incarnations, as the soul was able to experience higher levels of Grace , but not able to truly assimilate those frequencies, and simultaneously would have no desire to return to its alternative karmic pathing of evolution. 

The condition is not irreversible, but would require the assistance of many high level beings resulting in a karmic burden for the soul to balance. It is important to note here, that ironically an excessive intake of Etherium would probably not be responsible for the individuals death transition in this lifetime unless they had taken so much as to impair the function of kidneys, intestines etc … Also, Tehuti / Thoth has said Orme would produce similar effects, but its action would be more pronounced in the brain wave patterns. 

There are safe ways to take the powders for all, although for optimal results each individual has a unique requirement. If an individual who is fairly sensitive to their energy field follows Tehuti’s / Thoth’s recommended minimum dosage for a period of anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months they will start to come into a greater resonance with the superior intelligence of the Prima Matra matrix as received through their own cellular experience via intuition. 

At this point you will begin to receive very strong signals as to when to take it and in what concentrations and colors. By all means listen to these promptings and do not override them with any egoic desires. Another alternative for those who do not entirely trust their intuitive input would be to utilize muscle testing or a pendulum. When using these devices it is imperative to qualify the questioning in a way that takes the long term soul / spiritual effects of the current dosage into account. 

These type of intuitive techniques are easily influenced by questions with insufficient clarification, also emotional energy of any sort, make sure you are in a clear space.

The Different Colors of the Natural Prima Matra 

There are currently 4 different colors available from the California site. These colors are:

  • White
  • Pink (Tan)
  • Red
  • Black


While all colors of the powder are a very high gradient of Prima Matra, according to Tehuti / Thoth, each has a distinct energetic focus. 

We will give the focus for each of these colors here for the reader to be able to better ascertain which may suit them best. A note from Tehuti / Thoth we would like to share before going into that body of information, is that as a general rule of thumb the White is the only color that should be considered for use as long term regular Light body maintenance. 

The other colors can be used sporadically and for shorter periods of time. Additionally, the colors should not be mixed together in the same solution, or taken together at the same time. Tehuti indicated that it would be acceptable to take one color in the morning and another at night, depending on the individual.

It should also be noted, that good scientific procedure would dictate taking only one at a time for a long enough period of time, whereby you could truly ascertain what the effects of that color were for you before moving on to another color. In this way one can make accurate comparisons and assessments based upon their experience. Now for the colors information as given by Tehuti / Thoth. 

White: This is a fine-tuning Light translator. It adjusts subtle body energy flow so that the individual can more readily align the subtle bodies to Light induction factors within the cells It establishes channels of energetic communication between the cells and the subtle bodies. This is crucial for full Light acceptance into the holistic system.

Red: Activates third eye / 6th chakra opening as it penetrates into the primal mind where fear is stored in its most deeply seated center. As the primal mind emits signals that store fear in the cells, the human system becomes a slave to this fear. When the Red permeates the primal mind with it’s Light induction, the third eye is sensitized and begins to out picture patterns needed for the release of fear stored in the cells of the body. Fear can engender many different personality patternings such as anger, timidity, control issues, confusion, feelings of unworthiness, sense of loss or not belonging, etc … All negative human emotion is created through fear on some internal level. 

Black: This gradient has the most powerful effect on the human consciousness. It creates the mirror-web of Spider Woman through which the human being must crack the mirror to see through the web, a paradox of karmic transmutation. The Black powder will cause its host to release all but the One Truth by seeing through the crack in the mirror of illusion. For some few, this powder will move them past the mirror entirely and into no-time where they may experience multi-dimensional existence. Because it effects the time components, Black can produce regeneration at the cellular level more profoundly than the other colors. However, as with all Prima Matra, the full potential of its powers will not be visited upon the host unless that individual fully accepts the process at all levels of consciousness. 

Pink (Tan): This is excellent for the skin. It also resonates especially strong in the heart chakra and therefore will be particularly effective in clearing energetic blockages in the cells relating to issues concerning giving and receiving of Love. It carries the vibration of the Divine Mother and is nurturing to aspects of the self which have been denied. Pink works on the subtle vital body, while the Red is more aligned with the grosser vital activation / clearing of the biosystem. 

Orme and David Hudson 

As many of the you are already aware, David Hudson has undergone an intensive process to understand and develop Orme.

Orme stands for “Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements”, and to date David has identified and been able to produce in a laboratory the following in reportedly monoatomic form: 

  • Rhodium
  • Iridium
  • Osmium
  • Gold
  • Palladium
  • Ruthenium


As many have already been exposed to David Hudson’s material, we will not cover what has already been said in any great detail here, only that which pertains to the information we have to impart from our own knowledge and that which was received by Maia from Tehuti / Thoth. 

Viewers watching the video tapes of David Hudson’s Dallas lecture and workshop reported being able to receive a direct vibrational transmission of the energy of the Ormes from David. It was quite a powerful experience, and afterwards they had some questions regarding some of things David was talking about and doing. 

One of the primary questions in our mind was that of the “initiation” that David spoke of, involving one individual’s undertaking with the monatomic rhodium. He mentioned that this individual had done a 9 day fast, complete with colonics, and had taken 500 mg of the monoatomic rhodium for 30 days after the fast, then quit taking it entirely. 

This was a procedure that purportedly had been gleaned from some ancient alchemical texts, I believe they were Egyptian. He reported that at that time only a few months had passed and that the individual was experiencing some rather amazing things, including an acute sense of telepathy, oneness with all things and interactions with higher dimensional beings who had come to teach him certain knowledge. 

Also being reported at this time is that this individual has been having difficulty being around areas of intense psychic energies, such as cities etc, and has become somewhat withdrawn from interactions with other humans. We felt that this procedure David spoke of had great potential, but intuited that there was a lot more that needed to be understood. With that we went to Tehuti / Thoth for counsel on this matter. 

First Tehuti / Thoth said that in ancient times when Rites of Passage such as this were performed in the Temples, the initiates were prepared through a specific sequencing of consciousness evolution, many times this was accomplished through a series of mini-rites prior to undertaking any such major Rite of Passage. He indicated that there are some souls who were able to go through these procedures without the elaborate preparations, but that even in the ancient times they were very few, and that they are even fewer today. 

Tehuti / Thoth indicated that there was a strong component present in the consciousness of many Lightworkers today which desired to escape this reality and ascend sooner rather than later. The indication was that this was somewhat of an escapist perspective, rather than a true pathing for the soul. 

He did indicate there are some limited number of souls incarnate on the earth at this time that do have a true pathing to blaze the trail into higher dimensions of reality. Most Light bearer souls however, have incarnated for the purpose of remaining on the planet in service to other souls, and were they to take the magic pill and actually escape this reality because they were having difficulty working with the karmic factors here, then they would in effect be usurping the incarnational intention of their soul, with a resulting karmic burden. 

In addition, Tehuti said there were some serious psychological, physical and spiritual ramifications for those who attempted such a sacred Rite of Passage with inadequate preparation. 

Some of these ramifications given by Tehuti / Thoth include

“… breakdown of the psyche, illusions of grandeur, acute feelings of depression and separation from the unenlightened world, non-identity without full cognizance of source, a desire to exit the current incarnation and yet they would not be fully oriented to a direct transition of incarnational flow, etc. The possibilities are extensive. At best, it will be a struggle for most individuals who have undergone the Rite of Passage without the full initiation, to continue to exist in this world.” 

So we ask the question; if the ability to transcend this world is given us, why not take it? 

Tehuti / Thoth responds:

“… the souls who have gone through the Rite of Passage successfully enough to make a transition … would leave the lesser Earth in advance of the planetary ascension movement. It’s now possible not enough of them remain to integrate their now sublime light body force field with the planetary one, which is what is needed to move as many souls as possible into the New Earth Star (ascended reality). 

“We stress that when an embodied soul experiences Prima Matra at the level of the Rite of Passage, there is a tremendous and seductive desire to transcend the density of your sphere and not look back. This is why the ancients carefully chose and prepared the initiate for the this sacred voyage of Self.” 

Tehuti then gives a basic outline he feels would be helpful in selecting and preparing souls for such a Rite of Passage in today’s reality as follows: 

Many incarnated individuals could enter the Rite of Passage with Prima Matra if the following stipulations were adhered to: 

1) People were carefully selected from among those who had a natural and obvious spiritual presence and dedication. Although some would simply be naturals’ without any previous esoteric education, many would be found as initiates in (true) Mystery Schools around the world, as well as the self-initiated. 

2) All those initially selected would then be required to have a brain wave scan to find what percentage of Theta rhythms they naturally produced and under what stimuli. In order to be able to deduce their spirit-to-matter conscious via this means, a whole science would need to be developed to accommodate such research. 

However, once this science was in place each individual could not only be analyzed for selection, but certain variations in the procedures leading up to the Rite of Passage and the Rite itself could be customized for each individual initiate. It does not need to be a tedious process to develop the science, if reliable spiritual channels or source translators were incorporated into the project rather than relying on trial and error (please note that we do not feel this is an appropriate service for this Mystery School to undertake, although we would be open to providing Tehuti’s / Thoth’s evaluation of those in consideration). 

These means would insure that the individuals participating in the Rite of Passage using Prima Matra as the transforming medium, would indeed be embraced into the full Light spectrum (Metatronic Light) rather than the half-light spiral (Oritronic Light, this being the Light spectrum we have been and are currently working in). 

Transformation into higher gradients of the half-Light spiral can create relatively sublime states of consciousness and lift physical boundaries within a wide range of the atomic matter realm (many supernatural phenomena that have been demonstrated over time have occurred within the half-Light spectrum). 

However, this is not the full spectrum needed to ascend out of the limitations of the half-Light spiral and into the New Earth Star ascended reality. If your intention is to go to the 10th floor on top of a building, you do not wish to push the elevator button going to the 5th floor.

The next question that was on our minds, was if from Tehuti / Thoth’s perspective whether or not David Hudson was the soul from the House of David that he alluded to; the one that Nostradamus prophesied would bring the “occult gold” back to humankind before the year 1997. 

Tehuti / Thoth replies:

“David Hudson is indeed the one of whom Nostradamus prophesied. Para-genetically (the higher soul genetics), he has had several incarnations in the House of David and in the House or Family that spawned the House of David. He was one of the Adam Kadmons (near perfected human form) whose body is yet to be discovered, still preserved upon Mt. Ararat in Turkey. Understand that these preserved bodies contain Prima Matra within the desiccated tissues of their internal organs. This particular Prima Matra would be unique to the current time frame …” 

“David is a soul whose destiny is linked with a golden chain to the Temple of Prima Matra, yet he still has much to learn in this incarnation concerning his role and the purpose of the sacred substance to which he has dedicated his life.” 

Another question was regarding the white powder’ purportedly found in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid when it was first opened in historic times. 

David felt that it was most likely the white powder of gold. I (Simeon) had a vision / dream regarding this a day after watching this video. In this vision / dream I saw the King’s chamber, and in it were a large number of sacred golden objects which I knew were used for initiatic ritual, and for the purpose of precipitating’ the white powder of gold out of the ethers to be used in these rituals. I saw this powder lying upon the floor, and particularly in and around the sarcophagus. I wondered about the accuracy of this vision / dream and so asked Tehuti / Thoth for commentary. 

He replies:

“… this is correct. In fact, Rites of Passage and other sacred procedures employing Prima Matra are still ongoing in the Temple (pyramid), yet are within dimensional fields not visible to the uninitiated …” 

We also wondered about David’s hypothesis that the capstone of the Great Pyramid had been a pure crystalline glass created from the white powder gold.

David has seen that the white powder of gold turns into a crystal clear glass when heated to a certain temperature, and there is mention of this gold as clear as glass in the scriptures.

Tehuti /Thoth said that indeed this was true insight, and that the capstone exploded in times past during some misuse, but that there were physical templates’ also employed that still do exist somewhere in a vault.


Superconductivity, Monoatomics and Transcendence 
by Simeon Nartoomid 

With the re-introduction of the white powder of gold, and the other forms of Prima Matra that have been discovered or revealed to us recently as such, there have been many areas of spirituality and science that are being brought together once again.

I say once again, as the separation of spiritual and scientific matters has been a part of the grand illusion we have all participated in for many centuries. With this article I would like to explore some of the scientific findings of late, and correlate these to the esoteric spiritual sciences known to many Masters and Sages throughout time in an attempt to assist the re-unification process between these two realms. 
As some of the forms of Prima Matra that are currently available are exhibiting the properties of a spiritual superconductor as a result of the presence of monatomic elements, it is good that I start with a discussion of superconductivity. 
Super conductivity had been thought by the scientific community until late, to be only possible at temperatures near absolute zero. 
To understand the reason for this we must look at what happens in superconduction. Ordinarily, when an electrical current is traveling along a conductor, such as a copper wire, there is a certain amount of resistance inherent in the conductor to the passage of the electrical energy.
This resistance is caused by the vibratory action of the atoms of the conductor causing the electrons of the electrical energy to encounter unpredictable moving obstacles (I am oversimplifying this discussion to bring the understanding within the grasp of the average reader, so my apologies for those who are more scientifically oriented as this may seem a bit mundane). As these electrons encounter these obstacles a certain number of them are lost in the collisions that result. This loss of electrons is commonly referred to as a voltage drop across the conductor. As the vibratory rate of the atoms of the conductor varies with temperature, so does the number of collisions between the electrons and those atoms. The colder the temperature of the conductor, the less vibratory action present, therefore the less collisions present, therefore the less voltage drop.
Theoretically at absolute zero there is no vibratory action between the atoms of the conductor in materials that exhibit superconductive properties, and therefore the electrical energy passes through it unobstructed with no voltage drop, or loss of electrons at all. This would be an ideal set of circumstances as electrical energy could be sent over great distances without any loss, or very powerful and highly sensitive magnetic devises could be built, as examples of some practical applications. 
The hitch has been that it takes tremendous energy to cool a conductor down to absolute zero, and so there is no true energy gain forthcoming from this approach to superconductivity. In actuality there is far more going on than the simple passing of an electron through matter without resistance, as also the electrons pair off in another phenomena called Cooper pairing’.
David Hudson has stated that when this occurs the electron pairs are converted to a photon, pure light. There has been a search on for some time in the scientific community for materials that exhibit superconductivity at normal room temperatures. Until the recent discoveries of the monoatomic states of certain elements, the results of this search have not produced a substance that has truly exhibited these properties at or near normal room temperatures (there have been numerous compounds that have been discovered to exhibit these properties at temperatures considerably higher than absolute zero however). 

Another property of a superconductor is the way in which they respond to magnetic fields, they are said to be diamagnetic, that is they expel a magnetic field from entering their atoms. A material in a superconducting state is extremely sensitive to very minute magnetic fields, even those as weak as the human auric field. 

David Hudson spoke of this when they observed the Orme material levitate in response to the minute magnetic field of the human hand under certain conditions. This property of a superconductor is called the Meissner effect. The Meissner effect is prominent in Type I superconductors such as monatomics. 
The Meissner effect can be total or partial depending on whether the superconducting material is able to completely or partially expel the magnetic force from its atoms. 

David Hudson has said that science is discovering that the human body has superconducting properties. It has been shown that the cells of the body communicate with each other as do superconductors, even though the mechanism of the superconductivity has remained a mystery. Superconductors are able to communicate or transfer energy to each other irrelevant of distance if their Meissner fields are in resonance. If we assume that David Hudson is correct in his hypothesis that the human aura is a Meissner field resulting from the superconductive state of the millions of cells in the body, then we have the perfect scientific explanation for telepathy and distance healing etc.. 

With this in mind we can easily see how raising the percentage of superconductivity within our bodies can easily bring about some spiritual / psychic changes and the ability to achieve what have been considered supernatural phenomena. In actuality we are simply regaining our natural abilities to work with matter without being prisoner to its entrapments. 

This is a process which must be approached cautiously however, as Tehuti / Thoth’s many words of wisdom in this information have elicited. 

The transcendence of spiritual enlightenment that has been sought after by many, and achieved by few, has it’s scientific basis at this level of reality rooted in the superconductive principles. A superconductor is not bound by the traditional laws of physics known to science, it has the ability to bend space-time, and expel magnetic and gravitational waves of force.

If consciousness achieves the ability to bring the monatomic elements within the body to a high spin energy state, which David Hudson says is required for full superconductive properties to be present, then many things become possible to that consciousness that were not before. I firmly believe that soon science will prove that this is the method whereby bi-location and the other supernatural’ phenomena occurs. 

Once the mind has control over matter in this manner, has it then become enlightened? 

Perhaps, but perhaps not. It is imperative to realize that there have been many displays of supernatural phenomena throughout history by Black Magicians’ and such. Mastery over matter is not a measure of divine realization, albeit the mastery over matter comes hand in hand with divine realization in the end. The point here is that we must be ever vigilant as to our true motivation with any desire to have such mastery over matter. It is all too easy for the egoic mind to insert it’s own agenda amidst the most carefully planned path of enlightenment. Self scrutiny is paramount, responsibility a must. 

We all naturally feel the surge of excitement well up within us when entertaining the possibilities and potential of what these monatomic present to us. It is important to keep ones focus upon the development of divine characteristics within our personality structures as the path to follow. 

The supernatural abilities which are our natural birthright will follow accordingly, and our consciousness will be prepared adequately to handle these types of experiences when they come, if we have successfully cleared the demons which lurk in the shadows from our mind / feeling space.

Let us embrace the gift of the Prima Matras with this heartfelt focus, and allow the evolution of our race to be a successful one.
Starbuck Lightworker


Akashic Contributor

and observer

Join us on our journeys finding miraculous experiences in epic places. 

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