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Ascension Handbook:

I recommend starting your learning process at the beginning. The information is organized in a way that maximizes your comprehension levels for the ascension phenomenon. Having said that, I wanted to make it easy for those that want to jump around the content to do exactly that.

The Earth is ascending with or without us. Learn what that means.

The Ascension Handbook

Table of Contents

Section One - Introduction to Ascension

  • Introduction
  • Personal ascension
  • Introduction to the Law of One
  • Infinite Consciousness
  • The Ethereal Body

Section Two - The Multidimensional Universe

  • The Multidimensional Universe
  • Dimensions and Densities
  • The Space/Time Continuum
  • Planetary Ascension
  • Planetary Ascension and Earth Changes
  • The Planetary Shift and 2012
  • Are We Ascending to the 4th or 5th Dimension?

Section Three - The Law of One

  • The Law of One
  • Dimensional Laws for Spiritual Development
  • The 3rd Dimensional Law: Service to Self
  • Reincarnation
  • Freewill
  • Understanding the Nature of Angels and the Angelic Realm
  • The 4th Dimensional Law: Service to Others
  • A Glimpse into Life on New Earth

Section Four - The Human Energy System

  • The Human Energy Body
  • The Human Chakra System
  • Chakras and Healing and Balancing
  • Chakras and Energy Signatures
  • Chakras and Energy Transference
  • Chakras and Personal Ascension
  • Chakras and Expanding Your Consciousness
  • Chakras and Emotional Healing
  • Chakras and Physical Attachments
  • Chakras and Ascension Symptoms
  • Chakra Consciousness

Section Five - Additional Information About Ascension

  • Christ Consciousness
  • Ascension Questionnaire
  • Ascension Consciousness Grid
  • False Ascension Information
  • How Your Body Ascends During a Planetary Shift
  • Your Ascension Options
  • The Bottom Line

Section Six - Personal Ascension Program - Adult

  • The Personal Ascension Program (over 12 years of age)
  • Step 1: The Ascension Journal
  • Step 2: Your Body and Routine Exercise
  • Step 3: Declare Your Spiritual Intent
  • Step 4: Emotional Healing
  • Step 5: Releasing Your Physical Ego
  • Step 6: Chakra Balancing
  • Step 7: Giving Unconditional Love to Others
  • Step 8: Giving Unconditional Love to Yourself
  • Step 9: Third Eye Activation
  • Step 10: The Ascension Chamber
  • Personal Ascension Timetable

Section Seven - Personal Ascension Program - Children

  • The Personal Ascension Program (under 12 years of age)
  • Script for Children: Planetary Ascension
  • Script for Children: Understanding Chakras
  • Script for Children: Life in New Earth

Section Eight - Conclusion

  • Summary of Ascension Concepts
  • Acknowledgments and Final Comments


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