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Starbuck’s Mystery School is now streaming on Rumble too

Starbucks Mystery School channel is now on Rumble

V.240420 Starbuck’s Mystery School is now streaming on Rumble.  Another audience I learned was waiting for SMS to show up and so over this past weekend, I uploaded several video assets to the new channel.  Included are all episodes of ShiftWatch my new weekly update, all 9 Inner Earth Cities videos, the Sharula Dux – […]

The Example is now available in paperback and kindle on Amazon

The Example in paperback and kindle on Amazon

V.240219 The Example – in paperback and Kindle on Amazon For those of you that have been waiting, I’ve made a change in publishing so you may now find the latest book in something other than a hardcover format.  The Example takes all my journal notes on my trips to energetic places including Mount Shasta […]

More upgrades since activations at Wisdom Spirit Ranch

Solarians presence evidence

  V.240213 More upgrades from Wisdom Spirit Ranch Last week I posted an update about the current rising energetic circumstances I experienced at Wisdom Spirit Ranch … it seems now that I wasn’t finished with the changes taking place. So in order for you to look for similar occurrences in your environment, I’ll share mine. […]

Discerning Sound and Vibration energies at Wisdom Spirit Ranch

Zion at Wisdom Spirit Ranch

  V.240125 The power of sound and vibration. This past weekend I was asked to participate in an inaugural retreat at Wisdom Spirit Ranch near Sedona AZ. If you recall, this was the area I was drawn to in early November to validate high energy in this location. The ranch is coming along in stages, […]

Dimensional Contact protocols

City of Light mothership

V.240107 I’m here for the planet and the cosmic clock is ticking. This incarnation placed me on the surface – and I’m a part of those bridging Inner Earth with Ultra- and Extraterrestrial dimensions. Ultraterrestrial beings are those souls we are aware of who starseeded from elsewhere and participate in the Earth experiment.  (Pleaidians, Arcturians, […]

2024 Schedule of Retreats and Seminars 231221

Here is the schedule of seminars and retreats planned: 231221 I could not have predicted what happened when the announcement of resuming appearances for both Dave and myself was made public. I mean I just put it out there last night and I’m almost overwhelmed with the immediate responses. Most surprisingly today – I only […]

The Craft of the Brazen Serpent – Class in Session 231221

Craft of the Brazen Serpent

Last October, I committed to the private Answers from Thoth’s Wisdom FB group to: activating the school once again and under my direction here – Apprentices of the Craft of the Brazen Serpent – expect to hone your abilities to command the elements, elevate your knowledge of alchemy and remember your magick. [ Maia: Was […]