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Starbuck’s Mystery School – Coming out of the Metaphysical Closet

Map of Consciousness

My shit or get off the pot moment has arrived. The Universe says shit well. Here comes what I know: The following is the transcription of the YouTube video I posted declaring the decision to share openly what I know for humanity: I am here to do what I can to help you raise your vibration […]

Affirmations for Activations cards from Starbuck

Affirmations for Activations cards

So many Tribe have been activated in some way by the Inner Earth / New Earth images that are coming through me – here’s one way how my guides suggest I remedy that, so more people could actually hold more of those images in their hands. I have created a deck of high quality, full […]

Books and Illustrations from Starbuck

Starbuck’s Dimensional Adventures

Books available now including my adventures and inspired illustrations  Sometimes it feels as though I’ve been in neutral waiting for the Universe to reveal what it has in mind for me next … and then you stop to look around and you find you’ve somehow knocked out three books. One – an accounting of my […]

This is what to expect from this particular Mystery School

Welcome to Mystery School

You are about to access the infinite of the Akash. You will be astonished where you find it.  You are an Initiate on an undefinable path, unique to any other. A perpetual student constantly evolving. Your experiential lessons will not be the same or come by the same way as any other’s. Based on the […]

You are Light and this is what I’ve been guided to do.

You are Starlight

You are Light and the time to embrace that is Now. Our beings contain trapped starlight. Once this starlight is allowed to reorient towards “Home” we will become liberated entirely from our fallen light spectrum. The Lazarus Manifold ascension matrix will be impacting humanity at the cellular level to restore our stellar orientation, or Universal […]

Starbuck’s Mystery School Podcast Schedule

Starbuck’s Mystery School Podcast Schedule

Live Podcast Zoom sessions – Sat 9A PDT Follow this link for Zoom podcast credentials: Starbuck’s Mystery School – Saturdays, 9AM PDT – Guest interviews and interactions Each week I’ll be following up on topics that have triggered the Tribe in one way or another, where we can find opportunities to talk about the extraordinary […]

Signs of Ascension – 12 Stages

12 Stages of Ascension signs This is a bit long, but may help you understand the stages of your ascension. Give yourself time to read if it interests you. Let’s move onto some symptoms you may be feeling…. Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back. This is the result of intense […]

Mystery School in Session: Initation 221004

Craft of the Brazen Serpent Crest

Mystery School is in session – welcome Initiates  [THOTH] By token of your presence here and at this time, I hereby declare that you each – Sovereign Being, is considered a willing Initiate of the Craft of the Brazen Serpent Mystery School. It was I, THOTH who founded the 1st Mystery School (so I know […]

Creating Your Reality Through Your Vibration


What to consider to keep your vibration high There’s a topic that has taken more of my attention than I would choose and so I’m compelled to address it.  I am asked frequently about “keeping a high vibration” and how I do it. In order to experience the higher dimensional phenomena waiting to connect with […]