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Sam the Illusionist: Lemurian feedback on Telos and Lowell Johnson

Sam the Illusionist: Lemurian feedback on Telos and Lowell Johnson

Messages I can’t ignore: you’re either paying attention – or you’re not.

I’ve received a number of unsolicited messages recently in a variety of modes that I just can’t dismiss. I’ll continue to journal these experiences so that others can begin to understand the rapid rate at which knowledge and wisdom of dimensionality is being downloaded.

I just returned from a conference in Mount Shasta and as always … magick happens there. Here is one of those dimensional reassurances that came along for me to embrace and for others to look forward to.

It’s a bit disconcerting at first, when you hear your name being uttered by a Lemurian channel, but that’s what I heard coming from a YouTube video courtesy of an Australian filmmaker and a channeler from India …

Adam Rikys, Australian Filmmaker has been traveling around the world and documenting extraordinary things … among his travels was crossing the path of a man who goes by Sam the Illusionist. Sam lives in India and channels higher beings, with Lemurians among them. Now, I’ve never met and didn’t know anything about Sam before Adam reached out, but Sam was going to bring a Lemurian perspective of Lowell Johnson forward.

This will give you a brief frame of reference on Sam’s accounts of Mount Shasta and the Lemurians:

May 20, 2022

SAM on Mount Shasta and the Lemurians

After meeting Adam face-to-face at the Mt Shasta conference (and waaay too briefly), Adam offered to reach out to Sam and asked if there was anything specific I would ask. Nothing really came to mind other than a curiosity of what they would have to say about me. This is what Adam sent post-channel with Sam:

July 15, 2022

[ Hey Lowell, 

Thanks again for taking the time to chat with me up in Shasta. 

I got Sam to channel the Lumerians while I was up there and thought it might be of interest. 

I asked a few different things:

– If it was OK for me to visit Telos

– I asked them to describe what it is like

– Then I asked how best you can help with ascension. 

Here’s the link if you’re interested :

July 10, 2022  ]

Hope all is well – chat soon 


Adam Rikys

Creative Director

This is what I came away with:

  • Telos exists – requires inner awareness, does not exist in 3D density
  • Adam is permitted to visit Telos anytime astrally
  • Telos is created from a crystalline grid
  • Here there is only unity consciousness, peace, serenity and positivity. The only aspect we have here which is of value is our own consciousness. We consider consciousness to be the most valuable aspects since without consciousness, there cannot be any creation.
  • In our social memory complex, there are a total of 4.8 million beings who are primarily working for alignment of realizing the pathway of space and time and the experience of reality creation is primarily the main objective for us to learn fully and manipulate love and compassion for such aspects. 
  • Our consciousness is also expanding rapidly. Our societal system primarily is consistent of entities from different levels of  experiences who have graduated into the  later-4th density and exist in the form of Lightbody forms.
  • Understanding how the system of inner vibration works and the system of wisdom, which is to be learned at this time. Our society functions primarily on the basis of freewill and love and unity and compassion.

Concerning Lowell Johnson (transcribed from the video):

“The other query which relates to any information about Lowell Johnson and how can he assist with ascension?

  • The entity known as Lowell Johnson as we can sense, is primarily trying to work for the attainment of more freedom in terms of consciousness and freewill … and has been in contact with us through its inner self many times. Since our vibrations match, it can assist in the ascension by transferring our information, which primarily does not exist in the form of your language, but in the form of vibration which can be transmitted and translated by its mind in a pure form – for allowing the people of earth to understand fully our information much like this channel is performing.“


The Lemurians via Sam – July 10, 2022

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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