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ShiftWatch with Starbuck 240418 – Tribe interactions, space weather, Kumu’s message, Ye-ya’s transmissions

ShiftWatch with Starbuck 240418

V.240418 – Episode 3

ShiftWatch with Starbuck 240418 – Recent Tribe interactions, space weather research, Kumu’s Light message, Yedyamya transmissions for Lowell

0:36 [News] Today’s Energy shifts focus is on  

Recent connections to my 1st Mt Shasta conference in 2021, Joe and Scott @ Truthstream 

and Chris Carter

Chris Carter was among the first Tribe I met at Rob Potter’s Mount Shasta conference in 2021 and we’ve stayed in touch since. We had a chance to catch up today and couldn’t help recognizing remarkable synchronicities while comparing notes on the current state of awareness levels and how each of us got here. 

5:21 [Space Weather]

Dr. Tamitha Skov

In the last episode, one of the solar weather resources I had suggested is Dr Tamitha Skov so I’ve included a clip of her take on conditions this week surrounding the eclipse so you can experience her presentation style. You can find a link to her channel in the description. 

8:40 [Vibration matching] 

Voicemail I received from Kumu explaining the nature of the new spectrum of Light we are getting along with multidimensional imaging of my commencement of interactions with Light Beings.

10:41 P.S. Higher aspect transmissions from Yedyamya for Lowell 220914

I am aware of a whole new wave of people who hadn’t heard of me or my experiences before now that have been reaching out. Something recently introduced the ideas of Lemurians, Telos, Inner Earth or Mount Shasta and  triggered them to learn more – the same way it happened with me. Then their research pointed them in my direction. So to help acquaint us I’ll share some snippets from a transmission I received in Sept 2022 in Light language form that will help you understand some of what has come my way through a series of unsolicited messages. 

This is one of the more special exchanges to me with Yedyamya and you can listen to it in its entirety on my channel, I’ll leave the link in the description. I love listening to Star Language especially when it’s meant for me. Here is where I received codes I carry from upgrades I received and where I commence integrating my connections to Higher Aspects. 

Enjoy this little peek into my world

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