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Andara Crystals – Truths vs tales

Andara Crystal Myths, Legends and Truths.

I have been interested in rocks, stones, crystals, etc since I was young. That could be explained away as what my Capricorn earth sign would imply, but that interest over time became a passion and now I know why.  As everything is energy, crystals in particular hold higher frequency and if you can match their frequency you can effectively program / imbue / ask the crystal to amplify your intent. Being around crystals as much as I have over the years gave me ample opportunity to put them to the test and when I was in alignment with a crystal it definitely worked for me. I spent an enormous amount of time and resources to learn about each crystal, found the right books and internet sites detailing each particular stone, learned crystal impact on chakra alignment and acquired many pieces, most to pass along to others who needed them. I consider myself well-versed in crystals and the power they possess.

As my journey continued, my interest in crystals became more metaphysically entangled. So my extensive collection of various types of crystals became more focused on Moldavite (dimensional connections), Labradorite (magick), Quartz (super amplifier), Sugilite (violet ray- type unconditional love).

And then Andara Crystals crossed my path.

As much as I had a wide-spread awareness of crystals, I had no knowledge of Andaras. In July of 2018, my divinely inspired education was about to begin.

I have a dear friend we’ll call Shannon, who among her skills is a gifted Reiki healer. Her sensitivities to energies (holding crystals and feeling their energy for example) was something I envied. So, I thought given our common appreciation for crystals I would find something special that would compliment her reiki environment. I don’t recall why it was green that I searched for but near the top of the eBay results was an “Emerald Shift Andara”. It was beautiful to see. As I read the description about what an Andara crystal was a capable of, I thought – this sounds like just the thing. I had no frame of reference about Andara costs (nor anything else about Andaras for that matter) so the $175.00 the seller was asking didn’t seem unreasonable. So I bought my first Andara … or so I thought.

When it arrived it was a beautiful piece and the color was vivid. I saw Shannon within a few days and I was eager to see her reaction especially as it pertained to whatever energy she could report it exchanged with her. When the moment finally arrived, pretty as it may be, she didn’t really sense anything. That certainly wasn’t inconclusive as neither of us had any experience with them before and so maybe we weren’t on the right same vibration. But something just felt off.

Upon further research on Andaras in general, there was plenty of scuttlebutt on the Internet regarding fake Andaras being sold. “Slag glass” was being passed off as Andaras. I didn’t want to believe that I got taken so I let it simmer for a few days and at the end of that time my intuition was saying: Yes, you got taken. Regardless of these unpleasant circumstances, I had a drive, that became a quest, to find out about what Andaras are. So when I want to learn everything I can about a subject, you can be assured that at the end – comprehensive due diligence has been completed, ask anyone who knows me. Between the feeling of being taken advantage of and the drive to learn everything – the dog was let off the leash.

It would take almost two years for the circle of knowledge to fully illuminate my comprehension of Andara Crystals. (See the results of my research here:

What my journey was directing me to remember is that this exercise wasn’t so much about the crystals themselves as it was about rediscovering Etherium, the mineral rich deposit in which it is formed and what it can do.

I performed an exhaustive search of everything I could find on Andaras, their history, the people associated with them, their metaphysical properties, color variations, availability … everything. It took a while for my research to gel and patch together what we have a record of. Remember, this substance wasn’t even on the radar until 1967, obviously it has been here MUCH longer than that. Among the names synonymous with Andaras are Lady Nellie and Magic Mickey. There are others who have had relationships with Nellie during her life, but I have had the opportunity to spend quality time with Mickey and his son Alex to hear about 25 years around Nellie, the property, Andara crystals and Etherium. Much of what I’m sharing came from Mickey’s extraordinary life around these relics. His book will be coming out soon and Andaras are only one fascinating dimension of this dear brother of mine.

Let’s correct some misconceptions so that we can fully appreciate what Andaras and etherium are.

  • Andaras were found in the Mount Shasta area. As much as I love Mt Shasta and I would love this to be true, it is not accurate. By the time you read this I will have had a chance to put my feet on the terra firma where they were found, I can share with you that it is not in that area of the Sierra Mountains. More than that, I am understandably not allowed to share.
  • The property is located is in high desert area, meaning summers are triple digit hot and winters are cold with snow. Mickey shared that the way Nellie found her first seafoam Andara was when she was hit with it inside a snowball one of her kids chucked at her.



If you know the story of how moldavite came to form on Earth, then it’s reasonable to understand how matter with a unique energetic signature can find its way to our planet. This of course happened during a meteor strike with such mass and force that the resulting melted earth/space dust spewed back out from the core and scattered  near the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia where it cooled into the forms you see today.  I mention Moldavite because of the similarities they share with Andara material in that both were created under great heat-stress fusing material not originating from the planet. As such, there is a finite amount of said material. That however, is where the similarities between Andaras and Moldavite (or any other crystal for that matter) end. The energetic signatures that these two crystals have are HIGH frequency and they are meant to be portals to dimensional access given the correct alignment. But the monatomic material in Andara matter is prima matra … like nothing else on Earth.

So as for authenticity (and pleading ignorance to the existence of Andara matter in South Africa,) there is only one place that Andara crystals and Etherium can come from and it’s this deposit in the Sierra Mountains. Without etherium, Andaras don’t exist as that is the matter they are created from. Again, I cannot speak to the existence of Andaras in South Africa, but the Northern California deposit – that is only other possible source of this crystal and substance.

If you have the least amount of sensitivity toward energy you will immediately connect to the strong presence of an Andara. It really shouldn’t be called a crystal because it carries consciousness of connectedness to higher dimensions. When you connect to an Andara you are not asking it to imbue and amplify your intent upon it as you would a crystal, you actually exchange energy – yours and its. Now can you appreciate what kind of universal network of Akashic information you are connected with? And by now the Andaras have been gridded around the Earth.

Sadly, if you have been sold on the idea that an Andara came from anywhere else than that I’ve described, you’ve been mislead. That doesn’t begin to address all the pretty glass that people who know better have been selling as Lady Nellie property crystals. I can see how it happened over time as there is only a finite amount of Andaras in the world at this time, without breaking larger pieces into smaller. So when you can’t get more to sell … how do you backfill to meet demand? By selling something that looks similar. But there is no mistaking the energy of an authentic Andara vs anything else. That is the true test. My advice for those who seek to adopt and steward an Andara (they are not museum pieces, they are healing tools), is to visit a source and let them speak to you because they will. Andaras however, have a stunning visual presence that can jump off the screen at you when you connect to a picture of them.


The going wholesale price of Andaras today is:

($600/lb) $37.50 oz

($800/lb) $50.00 oz – Elders

Expect to pay somewhere between $2-3 retail per gram, depending on the quality and uniqueness of the crystal.

So let’s use the two I bought online as examples (told ya the dog was off the leash):

I’ve made a habit of copy and pasting the information about crystals mainly to learn myself what features the crystal possesses, but its a habit I’ve developed for things I have bought on eBay.

(1) What follows is the description of the Emerald Shift Andara as it was listed on eBay:

[ This color of Lady Nellie Monatomic Andara crystal has chosen the name Emerald Shift. Emerald is the color of the deep, verdant forest, untouched and abound with hidden secrets. Emerald Shift unveils our inner world of sacred wisdom and insights, ushering in the “Age of Transparency”. This crystal has been a part of my personal collection and healing practice for years, and I am sad to see her go, but she tells me that it is time for her to move on to help others. She has brought much abundance, joy, understanding and healing to all of the lives that she has touched. She has always been charged under the full moon and cleansed ritually with sage to keep her vibrations at the highest level.

This crystal weights 290g. She is a showstopper and a marvelous display piece of museum quality. The heliocentric swirls in this crystal pull you deep down into her crystal clear depths, glittering like a diamond and filling you with love and cosmic wisdom. The clarity of this piece is just stunning. Words fail to do her any justice. She is breathtaking. The swirls and rainbows in her just make her even more heavenly with shimmering iridescence. Andaras are used to access to higher dimensions of consciousness. Andaras will open and cleanse each chakra and will detoxify any form of negativity. The healing vibrations are amazing and truly from another world. The Andaras will help increase your access to all Universal knowledge and will greatly accelerate your spiritual development. Andara is one of the best crystals for giving one the ability to channel. Andaras are also powerful healers and activators. Andara crystals are ancient healing crystals that have been around for many moons and are believed to have been used in the healing temples of Atlantis & Lemuria, but only now in recent years are they being recognized in the western world as a powerful healer and ascension tool for spiritual advancement.

They are all Heliocentric which simply means they absorb and reflect light which is why they have become such a popular choice for healers and collectors. (Human reasoning was close with that conclusion: however, Andaras have consciousness – they absorb and exchange Light energy.) In 1995, a unique mineral deposit was discovered near one of earth’s high-energy vortex sites in the High Sierra Mountains of northern California. Monatomic Elements of Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium,

Chromium, Platinum, and other monatomic minerals were found in this deposit. This natural mineral complex exhibits extraordinary properties that strengthen and stabilize the electromagnetic fields of the human body. Discovered within the deposit were glass-like crystals of exceptional power and beauty. Andara crystal is a glass-like transmuted mineral complex from this naturally occurring mineral deposit high in monatomic minerals. The modalities of these crystals interact with the individual electromagnetically, restoring physical and metaphysical health through energetic equilibrium.

The Andara crystal is very special. In confirmed scientific testing of the location where they were originally found, the soil that Andara crystals were discovered in contain high levels of monatomic metallic elements. Monatomic metallic elements are single atom metal elements that behave very differently than normal metals. First, as an example, monatomic gold is a fine white powder with very little weight, where metallic gold is very heavy. The atomic electron spin rate “frequency’ in monatomic gold is much higher than gold. Very specialized equipment is needed to even test monatomic gold, as normal testing procedures produce inconclusive results or unknown substance.

When monatomic metallic elements are heated to high temperatures, they transmute during fusion into a glass-like material, Andara crystal. Monatomic elements have the following confirmed properties:

· Very high atomic spin rate or vibrational energy

· Like light photons, they pop in and out of existence

· Their vibrational energy can be passed to other objects

· They are first-matter elements, “prima matra”

· They have been used throughout history to heal and raise / expand consciousness.

Being heliocentric, the Andara crystal tends to draw the individual’s consciousness into the center of the energy spiral within when they gaze into the crystal, thus bringing that person’s consciousness into more intimate contact with the Andarean consciousness. Andara crystal also creates a double vortex, in other words they have zero point energy and they have super-conductive monatomic energy.

It has been our experience that the field associated with the Andara Crystal represents a very large kinetic potential. It works quite differently than regular crystals like quartz, where one may amplify their intention through the crystal. Instead, one inserts their intention into the kinetic field associated with the Monatomic Andara Crystal and the ENTIRE field moves in response to that intention. ]

Clearly, the seller had done their homework on the content relating to Andara crystal characteristics with a sentimental twist. Had I known more about the value of Andaras at the time … the price should have been a red flag.

Let’s compare shall we?

If this were an authentic 290g piece I should have expected to pay $2-3 per gram retail: thus making the value = $580-870. Knowing what I know the lower of the two value would have been in line with fair market … why only $175.00?

(2) This piece is a blue Andara I purchased online through a site that had convinced me of their authenticity and although I am satisfied that the crystal is authentic – I have to wonder why such a piece weighing 18 oz would be priced as listed and then deeply discounted. This source’s content would demonstrate  the expertise that they know an Andara from a non-Andara.

This 18 oz piece @ wholesale should have been $675.00 as opposed to the $494.00 it was listed at for sale.





Now would be a good time to tell you about how synchronicities magically aligned and put me in places to see authentic Andaras from Nellie’s parcel with people that have been around the crystals and Nellie for years.

By the time I arrived in Mt Shasta that Sunday last July it was mid-afternoon so the remainder of the day would be checking in and settling in at the place I was going to stay in Weed, CA. Then I thought I would drive to the town of Mt Shasta and get familiar with what was where. Main Street had a stretch of storefronts, restaurants and miscellaneous services – this would be a good place to start. You don’t have to ask me twice if I’d like to visit a crystal shop and there were a few to explore. I started at the north end and worked my way south, stopping at each crystal shop, making note of Blue Star Child Gallery (I chose not to stay that day, but knew I would return to explore Haruko’s gallery space soon).

The Crystal Room was the last place I visited as it was not directly on the main drag (and someone had to tell me it’s whereabouts). High on my list of places to visit, my research had resulted in learning that authentic Andaras from Lady Nellie’s property were within this shop. It was later in the afternoon when I finally arrived at the shop. There were people in pockets throughout the nine rooms that make up the footprint. Some admiring the crystals, some the artwork, some the crystal bowls, there was a brisk amount of activity of some interesting variety. I wandered by myself taking in all the positive energy in this place. The crystals were stunning and there is something for everyone here. But I was in search of something specific … Andaras. The last corner of the last room I explored had a rather small display of mostly seafoam and root beer Andaras of various sizes. My mind hoped … there certainly must be more. I could see that trying to attract the attention of someone from the shop with whom I could ask questions … this was not the time.

Two days later, I returned around noon. I wandered around the shop scoping out maybe a section of Andaras I had missed while trying to catch the eye of Bev. By now I’d learned that Beverly is the owner and manager of the shop and has been an institution for years. When I finally got the chance to ask her about Andaras, she said “Oh, I have lots of Andaras, they are down in the Shire. I’m the only one in the shop today, but I’m taking a customer and a few of his friends down there tonight at 6PM after I close the shop. If you’d like to come along, you are more than welcome”.  I was there at 5:55PM, if there was an opportunity for me to see a collection of authentic Andaras – just tell me where to be and when – I will be there. I can only imagine that there probably not a lot of people who had the opportunity to see what I got to see. Beverly had acquired a collection that filled rows of shelves filled with boxes of every kind of Andara, not to mention the larger elder pieces that sat on the floor. From the moment the door to Shire opened … I felt a surge of energy like a breeze as I passed through. It turns out that her customer that day was Ted Mahr. At the time I didn’t know Ted and he certainly didn’t know me, but I owe him thanks because without his visit the opportunity to tag along probably wouldn’t have come along. (Or would it have?)

Bev couldn’t have been more patient with the small entourage with Ted, I was looking for a violet or indigo colored crystal (or so I thought). While I went through box after box, Bev handed me a just smaller than fist sized “root beer shaman” Andara, shaped like a wedge. It had a beautiful amber highlighted eye in the center with amber Easter eggs everywhere when the light hit from different angles. Almost as though it was a predetermined outcome, the crystal was going with me and I was definitely connected. The energy was grounding, clearly what I needed from this visit … so Starbuck’s wedge has kept me grounded (and so much more) on every adventure I’ve been on ever since.

You don’t have to dig very deeply into Andaras before you come across the name Mickey Magic. What I learned about Mickey from his website, YouTube interviews and other sources confirm that Mickey (and his son Alex) have been as integral in Andaras finding their way around the globe as was Nellie. Mickey and only a very few others had visited the property itself, but he had helped her harvest and distribute what was discovered in the deposit on her land when Nellie realized exactly it was that she was given stewardship of. Her higher self had given her guidance that the time for Andaras to grid the planet was upon us … and that is what she and Mickey set out to do.

Originally, Mickey and I had connected by way of mutual connections and when Telos became a topic of high common interest, I was invited to his compound in the Santa Cruz mountains where he had maintained a crystal spiral of Andara Elders with such an energetic state – this is either a play land of consciousness energy or a minefield for the uninitiated. So I had been finishing up restoring the Ascension Handbook on the website and needed a break after two solid days of coding. Mickey popped up as some FB reminder on my phone and I thought to myself … “let’s see about visiting Mickey this weekend”. Within a few hours on Thursday, I was heading for Santa Cruz to spend the weekend potentially in a tent next to the Andara Spiral. I spent four days that went like a blur with Mickey, his family and members of the tribe who came around while I was there. There is magic here in the Enchanted Forest.

Here on this property is what remains of Mickey’s collection of relics and archive of pieces yet to be adopted. There is no more to be extracted from the place where they were found at this time. Aside from some private collections … Mickey and Bev remain the only two places where authentic can be found and handled. There are other sources to buy them online and I will list those that I know have acquired them from Mickey or Bev in order to be certain that you are actually purchasing an Andara. By now, I am sure you can appreciate that they didn’t cross your path by accident and they are not for everyone.

Anyway the trip was magical and the compound felt like home. Mickey and I didn’t meet as much as we gladly reconnected from some other time. I spent another four days around the Memorial Day with Mickey and a smaller circle of tribe members and continued exploring the Akash regarding Etherium. That is a topic that deserves separate focus, but critical for you to understand what is an Andara.

Here is a list of sites that I can confirm you can find authentic Andaras:

Mickey’s site is undergoing a facelift, but in the meantime you can contact Mickey through the website. You can also make arrangements to visit the compound near Santa Cruz, CA

The Crystal Room is available at their brick and mortar location in Mt Shasta, CA.

Beverly Wilson is well established in the metaphysical community and is well-known throughout the world for her experience with crystal bowls as well as a depth of knowledge on Mt Shasta and the energy in that space.



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