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The Craft of the Brazen Serpent – Class in Session 231221

Craft of the Brazen Serpent

Last October, I committed to the private Answers from Thoth’s Wisdom FB group to:

activating the school once again and under my direction here – Apprentices of the Craft of the Brazen Serpent – expect to hone your abilities to command the elements, elevate your knowledge of alchemy and remember your magick.

[ Maia: Was there a specific plan by the hierarchical agencies to introduce the Orme / Etherium substances to the planet at this time to assist with the preparations for LP-40 (the ascension)?

Tehuti: This is so. It is brought forth under the Craft of the Brazen Serpent (The Craft Of The Brazen Serpent is an Illumined order on the inner planes which incorporates the wisdom and knowledge of the Master Alchemists of the Ages. Those within the Craft created the “Holy of Holies”, or spiritual centers within the most sacred Temples on the planet.) ]

The time has come for the rubber to meet the road. One level at a time we will validate your journey from Initiate to Mastery to unlock your own extraordinary connections to Higher Aspects of yourself.

Initiate ranks

There are four levels of alignment to achieve – all associated with your chakras. We don’t need to focus on the lower three chakras as that part is the true  human part of you. It is representative of your physical being. You BEGIN at the Heart. This is where humanity was severed from their higher being and consequently – Source. Now you know why so much emphasis is placed on opening your heart core – to begin reestablishing your lower physical self to your higher connections to Spirit. Your acceptance within this Craft signifies the demonstration of your heart connection. As your awareness expands you will find yourself organically progressing through the Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown levels of Mastery.

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck 

Craft of the Brazen Serpent Initiate Level – Heart Core

Heart Core (Level 1 of 4) – If you look at the image of this level, it signifies the flame of your heart awareness is activated, but it has not yet begun to blossom from its more “embryo” stage. Thats why it looks to be more of a seed … and perhaps it is.


  • Self Love and connection to all

Craft of the Brazen Serpent

Initiate Level – Throat

Throat (Level 2 of 4) – The flame has broken through its outer seed and it is beginning to emit Light on its own merit.


  • what to expect to connect with

Craft of the Brazen Serpent

Initiate Level – 3rd Eye

3rd Eye (Level 3 of 4)- Now it’s burning brightly and starting to spread.


  • Apprentice to Master

Craft of the Brazen SerpentInitiate Level – Crown

Crown (Level 4 of 4) – Fully activated, eternally flamed and infectiously radiating.

Protocols for contact

  • Inner Earth and BES

Along the way depending on your gifts and interests waiting for you is a remembrance of:


 – transmuting energy


– teleportation, telekinesis, etc

Energy influencing

 – Time, light, gravity and sound

Just above a Lemurian portal on ShastinaFor those whose vibrations are high enough, we are ready to share these energetic locations. Here are the immersive opportunities within small intimate groups we have in mind lead by Experiencers. 

Expect these events to be quite personal for you because they are the precious gifts of our attention that we are willing and able to share. Tribe around the globe has assembled and thats’s why we know we’ll keep busy with finitely limited amounts of time. We send you all Love and Light but that’s why we’ll be quite discerning about who we exchange energy with. We are compelled to expand Light at every opportunity now, all the more reason to be as economic with our resources as possible for maximum impression.

Although we love to tell the stories of our very credible journeys that no one else has heard yet, these retreats are about getting you to our level of awareness so that you, in turn can pass it along …

Here is an outline for the 5-day retreat plans:

Each location was scouted to satisfy two criteria – (1) they are in energetic locations and (2) comfortable, personal sgl/dbl accommodations under one roof. Typically 5-BR Airbnb properties with spacious common areas and 4 private rooms capable of single or double occupancy. The Experiencer stays on site as well. Fee includes all accommodation expenses and meals. Does not include travel.


Scattered arrivals at the location and a welcome reception with the experiencer(s) in the evening to get better acquainted after settling in. A few complexes have two 5-BR facilities on the same parcel providing us with the ability for two experiencers together for the 5-days, giving us the ability to host between 8-16 total participants. Keeping the groups small is intentional, we are not looking to host dozens or more at a time during these personal experiential sessions.


Sedona area - magick returning from Shaman’s CaveAfter a personal mediation time first thing, breakfast follows before heading out to the energetic vortex sites for immersion. Late afternoon, we’ll gather together for a meal (off-site) to share the appropriate events of the day and then back to the Airbnb to further decompress / unpack with the others. When possible, we will stargaze after dark with the proper equipment for you to witness (and record) what is around us.


Repeat Tuesday schedule with some free time prior to the meal


Repeat Wednesday schedule


Breakfast together before late morning departure

Each Mystery School event will be promoted with which Experiencer(s) will be hosting over which dates and more often than not, there will be two on site. That translates into (depending on schedules and availability,) Lowell will occasionally host solo as will Dave but our objective (and our sincere delight) is to both be together for the most effective activation sessions. We also have a few other Experiencer friends who based on availability will join us and we will keep you advised as to who and when.


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