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Starbuck’s Mystery School

The time has come for me to step up and share with others outside the comfort of my Tribe:

so as to do what I came here to do: help the planet through her ascension to the next dimension and advise humanity at a critical time in its evolution. My visits to higher dimensions were accelerated because Earth’s imminent rise in consciousness is upon us – it was to occur during this final 3D incarnation of mine and the clock is ticking. Other Experiencers would find their way to me with the same mission, but gifted with extraordinarily varied abilities: they were Lightworkers too, here to anchor Light on the planet to raise frequencies in order to match where Earth’s vibration is headed.

Since 2016, I followed my intuition to know a connection to 

The Examplesomething greater than this human form. I began researching the energetic areas I had heard about and looking back, I can now see all the dots connect. One of my purposes is to validate the energetic level of specific areas by actually visiting and immersing myself into those spaces. Enough time has passed embedded in these areas so when I tell you that an area is indeed high vibration … consider it authoritative. I was there. Now what is more important isn’t that I found it, rather that these areas aren’t meant to be a secret. As some of you already know, I have discovered several Golden Taya vortexes in the Mount Shasta area already and most recently was sent to validate another high vibration location in the Sedona area. If you can wrap your head around the idea – this parcel is within the former site of a Lemurian temple. To say the conditions are right for higher dimensional interaction would be an understatement. It already occurred a few times for me over the last few weeks, once I adjusted to the vibration – Light beings showed themselves.

For over a year now, another Experiencer’s path would be parallel to mine

and we would find so many similarities and synchronicities it would become uncanny. You see some time has to pass in order to peek back to realize what has transpired.

It is clear that Dave Wallace and I made a past agreement to bridge different realms of dimensionality that we never saw coming. I understood my connection to Inner Earth, the Lemurians and that realm – that connection is what I believed at the time, I was going to continue to enhance. Enter David Wallace, with his own extraordinary experiences with Beyond Earth Sentients – he continues to be visited by his friends and some new species, while unlocking more advanced scientific downloads that he is still in the process of restoring.

It would be Dave who would activate me

when he began to explain to us, how he first established contact in order for us to pursue contact of our own. I’m not sure if Dave recognized that part of his role as an Ambassador would be to facilitate others’ connection to the BES realms. But he most certainly did. He’s been explaining to all of us for awhile now how to go about establishing contact. Clearly on my accelerated journey I would get there faster, after Dave opened the door for communication with his cosmic family and I. He was given instructions to pass along to me on where in the sky to focus my intent and they would be there with downloads for me as well.  My comprehension of CLPT will come in handy (thanks Dave).

After he and I have sat with the meaning of our experiences we’ve concluded it’s time for others to know – because every human is capable of reaching this level of vibration. More importantly, the 3D physical world that you have within your reality will soon no longer exist on earth. Earth’s vibration is already straddling dimensions and about to reach a point where it no longer supports lower 3D densities. You will have to make a choice and an awareness of what is transpiring around you whether you are paying attention or not, will certainly help expand your thoughts out of your ignorance.

Therefore, Dave and I will be sharing a schedule of small one-day seminar appearances (< 150 ppl) in different locations beginning in February.


Typically Saturdays, these venues are more intimate (less than 150 ppl) to make for more interaction between the audience and ourselves. We see these as the places initiates first show to begin to satisfy their curiosity about topics within our lanes of wisdom. We will share our experiences in multimedia fashion to show you what we have discovered. 

Craft of the Brazen SerpentSimultaneously we will be hosting some small (4-8 person) 5-day retreats in the Sedona, Mount Shasta and a few other areas TBD also beginning in February. These Monday through Friday events are immersive and meant for those who are ready for activation of their own higher connections. 

Under the umbrella of Starbuck’s Mystery School (The Craft of the Brazen Serpent) these activities will take place in these energetic areas. We will take you to the areas we know to be high vibrational so that you can establish your own connections. Mystery Schools don’t find themselves in a classroom with a curriculum – they are meant as a living experience of learning a symbiosis with the Earth and the Universe to nurture your connection to your Higher Self – while discovering your individual gifts and abilities. 

The nature of these retreats is meant for those with more advanced levels of awareness and not for those who are curious. We would point you toward the one-day seminars and our podcast channels.

If your vibration is high enough I can promise you after I have been taking others out to these energetic locations and witnessing them have their own experiences beyond mine – that you will also have your own.

We’ll be posting the schedule of events and locations commencing in the Sedona area shortly.  We look forward to hearing from you and we know we will fill up quickly.

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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