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I’m here for the planet and the cosmic clock is ticking.

This incarnation placed me on the surface – and I’m a part of those bridging Inner Earth with Ultra- and Extraterrestrial dimensions.

Ultraterrestrial beings are those souls we are aware of who starseeded from elsewhere and participate in the Earth experiment.  (Pleaidians, Arcturians, Lyrans, Taurans, Sirians and such …). Extraterrestrial beings are those off-planet souls that we are currently unfamiliar with, but benevolent in their purpose. All things lead to the influence of Light within the Universe and what is adjusting given the rise in the planet’s core consciousness. Soon, lower frequency environments will have no place there because they fail to reach the level of vibration that exists.

Inherently as connected as we are to everything, you should be feeling more than your five senses can interpret. Humanity’s original DNA blueprint is in the process of being restored to its long forgotten unaltered state – to really see what humans are capable of given New Earth’s reset.

New Earth evolving from the EthersIt’s important for those of you tuned into this frequency of wisdom and are listening for encouragement – I have it to give. The nature of the Universe is to evolve and its a fact that things must be destroyed in order to rebuild new and better. Planets have been destroyed over cosmic history, some by circumstance, some by design. Before Earth was “built out” to sustain life, another planet in our solar system at the time, between Mars and Jupiter was to serve that purpose, but it was destroyed and no longer an option. Some believe it was caused by the wars in heaven, some believe it was struck by a cosmic phenomenon large enough to destroy it and send shockwaves through the galaxy.

My point to make with you is, have you considered: Earth could be next to just “start over”? Before you put too much attention on what I just said and feed that energy, I’m here to assure you from Higher Aspects that the Galactic decision to support Earth’s evolution has been made and they are here to help in every way now. The ethers between the dimensions are getting thinner and when your frequencies are such, you experience wonderous things from beyond the 3rd dimensional awareness. Chances are you already experience these phenomenon and didn’t quite know how to categorize that which is unknown to your current conditioning.

Earth’s sovereign ascension is assured. The rest of the sentient life are on their own to choose. Balancing Karma and raising vibration level are what I’m guided to remind you to pay attention to if your intent is to ascend as well.

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