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Discerning Sound and Vibration energies at Wisdom Spirit Ranch

Zion at Wisdom Spirit Ranch



The power of sound and vibration.

This past weekend I was asked to participate in an inaugural retreat at Wisdom Spirit Ranch near Sedona AZ. If you recall, this was the area I was drawn to in early November to validate high energy in this location. The ranch is coming along in stages, but this “rehearsal” with a small group of connected souls was the perfect vehicle to see how what Julie had envisioned actually would execute. By the end of the weekend, the importance of this collaboration of souls would become clear.

I hadn’t presented publicly (aside from podcasts) in over a year as after doing it for a few years and seeing what the “spiritual community” really was, I wasn’t interested in the rehashing of stagnant 3D ideas. There are people awakening having extraordinary experiences in the Now and I’m more interested in the latest information (seeing how it’s coming at an advanced rate) rather than discussing books written a decade or more ago or listening to theories from talking heads. It’s preferable for me to do my metaphysical work in quiet and solitude so I can reach the level of connectedness I can achieve without distractions. My tolerance for guided meditation is low because of that – I find it difficult to get to that quiet place with someone speaking in the background … but that’s just me – I’ve advanced past it to connect to higher aspects. But I’d be doing a huge disservice to the practice if I didn’t point out that it was one of the tools along the way that helped me achieve a level of inner peace in the first place. Until someone helps you at the outset, you have no idea how to get there. That is what the collective does for us during these collaborative opportunities and I have to be reminded that in every energy exchange … there was something meant for me.

The process of activation

Over the last few years, I had transmission sessions in which I had been given codes that I now carry from my visit to Telos that Yedyamya had picked up on the first time we connected … she felt something in my field that she knew validated my connection to Lemurian energies.  I’ve had several sessions since that exchanged Light codes I hold for purposes I’ll come to understand down the road. Those codes are meant for humanity not just myself, so I have come to fully appreciate collaborations with other Tribe members as clearly I am holding codes for them to receive when the time and purpose present themselves.

It’s amusing to me now how there are no coincidences and the things that are meant for you will cross your path regardless of my 3D conditioning. You see inherently, I’d rather be alone in nature because historically, it’s where my connection to higher aspects happens easily. I’ve been in groups where the energy was lowered and frankly, I have no time I care to waste that way. I vibrate at a high level consistently and I’m not about to give any ground to lowering it. Given my experiences, I would tend to fall away from group meditations and activations, but that’s where I’ve learned we need that collaboration in order to pick up keys or codes from our Tribe necessary for our evolution. Having been asked to present, I originally saw myself outside the others and there just to share. But I felt I needed to be supportive of the efforts there as I have a protective attitude about the energies at the ranch, so I planned to be present at the other sessions.

What I would experience (again) is that there were exchanges in these sessions meant for me and some that required me. Each one left a lasting impression but three individuals were so impactful that I’m compelled to share them and the extraordinary souls I got to know better.

The first is Julie (sometimes referred to as Julie and Tim). I know Julie as a fellow Minnesotan and a real estate professional on this plane. To say Julie has shamanic abilities doesn’t fully do justice to her gifts and abilities. She is highly empathic with an unmistakable connection to Spirit and everything else, that guides her and gives her command over ethereal space. She can “read” a corporeal body, assess its metaphysical state with its relationship to physicality and know what energetic adjustments to make in order to achieve balance. She is a master of alchemy with a command of all the energetic tools around her. What do I mean by that?

I witnessed Julie, Casey (Cody 😎) and Roxy performing activations for each person that was there. I’m certain that the three of them had not come together in this way to assist in the transformation of others before this opportunity. I had read about these events mentioned in the agenda in advance and thought to myself that they were designed for the others and I would be an Observer holding space. I watched as Julie would energetically assess the vibratory level of each person while Casey was “toning” them. Casey is an Adept when it comes to playing crystal bowls and at his earthly age to me he is a marvel. I was certainly familiar with people playing crystal bowls before and know the meditative experience aspect of it. I was totally unfamiliar with using the bowls on the corporeal body to tone it and didn’t fully appreciate it until my turn came. These efforts fit in with Julie’s original idea that we are beyond the time of healing and on to actual transformation. When it was their turn, some of the group stood in the large bowl and some sat in a chair with their feet inside (the toning effect was the same). Then Casey would place a ring on the top of the person’s head and a bowl would be placed there in a cap-like manner. When he struck the bowls the person would feel those vibrations go through them (toning). He would also engage other bowls and instruments using their frequencies in the periphery. While this was occurring, Julie was energetically assessing the individual. She is another marvel to witness her work. After watching each person, no one’s transformation was the same. I want to underscore Julie’s observation for the weekend in that we weren’t there for healing to be done … we were already healed and now headed toward transformation. Upon reflecting on Julie’s role for each person, I could see the alchemist side of her as each person required a different set of tools. She would occasionally dash off quickly to fetch a different crystal or introduce another person (or persons) into the circle who possessed codes helpful (necessary) for the moment. It was transformational for me indeed and reminded me to remain open to methods of receiving information from higher aspects outside of solitude.

Roxy was added to this effort after the first activation to add her abilities to change the frequency in the space and elevate its vibration. Now I’ve had experience for a few years now with sound bowl events I’ve been invited to and they were all pleasant in their own way but I was about to be impacted in a new way to appreciate truly the nature of sound and vibration through Roxy and Casey.

I had been invited to the property back during the holidays as a kind of Christmas party with a few dozen of Julie and Tim’s friends and colleagues. Part of it was to introduce them to the space and part of it would be some activations so there had been some of that activity here prior to this weekend. The activations that took place this weekend however, elevated some features (like Zion’s dragon circle) to higher levels of energy exchange that required the collaboration of those present.

As I observed each activation taking place, I appreciated more at each person’s completion that Julie’s approach was not cookie cutter. No one was watching the clock as we witnessed each soul receive what they needed. It was satisfying for the part of me riding in each one of them that the individual needs to achieve mastery were being addressed and those watching (and participating as needed) were honored to be an Observer of the event. None of this divinely designed outcome was going to be achieved without this collaboration and it really was needing to happen. I won’t go into the details of those activations as (1) they are unique, sacred, personal moments (2) my interpretation would be just that and my account wouldn’t truly do the event justice (3) my advice is busy yourself preparing for your own activations (i.e. stop listening to others’ stories and get in the game yourself. As George Harrison in an interview once said: “you can’t believe anything until you have direct perception of it”). Look for the Experiencers, they will be your touchstones.

After the activations were over and we took a little time to assimilate, Casey was scheduled to play his crystal bowls for the group as the last event of the day. To me he had already demonstrated a command of the power of crystal bowls when he used them to help physically tone us one on one. But playing crystal bowls to me, is a whole other skill set and gift. Casey had several bowls of various materials (metal, crystal and others) laid out before him. The vision I had while I was watching him tune and position the bowls in a way suitable to him was that he was the conductor of this “orchestra”. That’s when it struck me that he would be also be playing all the instruments to the score for this particular performance. My Capricorn mind started to kick in to assess what I was experiencing – I wondered:  Who taught him how to position the bowls? How to play them? Who taught him this particular piece of music? Although he was certainly mentored along the way like all of us who find a passion for something … his mastery came from within and was his alone. When he finished performing, the gravity of what I had Observed kicked in and I saw him for the marvel he is in one silly thought at the end – “Where can I get the sheet music?” – knowing that what I just heard was neither learned nor rehearsed. Casey played what flowed through him and it was an incredible once in a lifetime concert unless it was recorded. It’s my nature the first time I experience someone new to observe what and perhaps how they do what they do, as well as see the effect it had on the other sentient souls in the space. I felt like I had listened to a concert that I was disappointed when it ended. Then I looked toward Casey and saw his aura expand proportionate to the talent he just expressed. I stood in amazement to be in the presence of someone who had such advanced gifts at such an early linear age. Yes … now I know that retail store that he has is just a cover for who he really is and what he is here to do.

I would also come to know (remember) Roxy. It’s abundantly clear to me that more Tribe is showing up with their own unique assets and Roxy’s aura precedes her into whatever space she occupies. Having not known her (in this incarnation) prior to this weekend, I had no frame of reference of her abilities, her connections or her “work”. I instantly loved her demeanor in that she can easily sway those around her because of her command of sound and vibration, but has a firm grasp on what is truly right for others with no judgment. No small task to hold that space in helping others navigate their way through awareness without influencing it with your own. She demonstrates that delicate balance and authentically knows it’s not about her – it’s definitely about you. I have been around a variety of people over the last few years, claiming to have this ability to connect and assist others. I’ve seen past those who have turned their experiences into enterprises and I can almost always see back to the moment it became more about likes and clicks to them and I could see the place on their timeline where their evolution stopped and their ego stepped in. I shared that perspective so that I can confirm that Roxy with her gifts and abilities is authentic and sooo connected to the galactics. She is a cosmic conduit to other dimensions among other responsibilities she has assumed. I’m looking forward to being a part of the next collaborations together.

So I told you that story about Roxy to tell you this one …

Dragon’s egg from Inner Earth Sunday morning would begin as a group with Roxy guiding us through what I’ll call – a meditative sound bath. Now before she begins and while she is setting up, Julie has brought out a box that we will later learn came from Mazebah’s Matrix Crystal Gallery in Mount Shasta. It was almost gift wrapped inside another bag with tissue as well and after it was out – Julie headed straight for me, gave me the “stone” and asked me my thoughts on what I was holding. It fit in my palm but proportionately seemed to feel heavier than stones or crystals of a similar size. I was searching all over the surface of it for signs of materials included in it. Julie said just sit with it. I’d have about another 15 minutes with it before Roxy would begin and so I pondered over the piece until then.

Roxy had positioned herself at the head of the room with all the tools she would be using including four crystal bowls. Now I consider myself to be an appreciator of this type of sound as opposed to someone who would have the level of familiarity and expertise that would know the differences in material and pitch between the bowls she was energizing. I say energizing rather than “playing” crystal bowls as what the “player” is doing is exchanging and flowing their energy through these instruments, not off any kind of sheet music. Thats why Roxy (and Casey) are such marvels to me. I can’t do what they can do, but it matters not because the Tribe has them

Roxy the Galactic conduitWe are all waiting for Roxy to finish setting up her station while she is positioning her bowls and toning them. She begins to explain her process for the guided meditation she has in mind for us and frankly as my colleagues know, my impulse knows it vibrates differently than anyone else. I don’t want to follow the rest to this “trip” – I want to see what connections to higher vibrations gets me that others aren’t capable of experiencing yet. While I am processing what Roxy is explaining, she begins to tell us the characteristics of each bowl and their significance. It will become clear shortly that the only one I will recall the details of later will be the F#, second from her left. As she was beginning to tone the bowls while instructing us to close our eyes, she played the two on her right off and on until she finally moved over to the F# bowl.

If you recall, I was still holding the “stone” cupped in both my hands, resting on my lap. When Roxy rung that F# bowl for the first time, the “stone” vibrated unmistakably and it caught me off guard making me internally do a double-take of: Huh .. what? I was fairly certain it happened when I watched her circle that bowl. So I started to laugh to myself waiting for her to go back and tone that bowl again so I could validate what I thought I felt … I felt like it took her forever to return to that bowl while she was coaxing everyone else to close there eyes and drift into the energy of the moment, I was waiting on the edge of my seat …waiting for her to play it again and see if I was right. It felt like she somehow knew and was playfully stretching out the time. (You’re killin’ me Smalls 😎).

Roxy began explaining the course she would be guiding the group through while she began her sound and vibration contributions through the bowls. When she came around to F# the stone in my hands began to vibrate and consequently, I began to vibrate. As she extended the vibration from the F# bowl, she was raising the frequency in the room that allows me clear passage into higher dimensions. All the while the vibration came from that bowl’s source – the vibration expanded from my hands, through my arms, until it flooded my heart core and made my teeth vibrate. By now I recognized that Roxy was still talking the others through and I did hear a reference to Castle Lake in Mount Shasta, but I was busy with other activities waiting to see where she would take me. It turns out that the higher connection she facilitated for me had nothing to do with going to a “place”. I was waiting to go “somewhere”. No, what my awareness was unpacking was a restoration of powers / abilities from higher dimensions and today it was going to be managing gravity. I began bilocating over the room in that dimensional overlap by floating above the others to show them it can be done. Of course when I looked at everyone else their eyes were closed and they were deeply engaged with Roxy who was busy guiding them to their destination at their particular vibration level, so she didn’t notice my activity either. Regardless, I witnessed Roxy – this rather diminutive but powerful being raise the frequency of that space I was in and unquestionably connected me with even higher vibration levels. This is why we collaborate. Because oftentimes someone else is holding a key or a code for us. Thanks to Roxy and Casey I have a higher level of respect and appreciation for the power of sound and vibrations. Both of them were capable of raising conditions to higher levels without uttering a word. Now that I’ve experienced the sensation of it for myself, we’ll begin to spend some more time focusing on learning how to … not so much manipulate conditions but rather influence raising your own vibration in order to for example, time travel or straddle dimensions. When you understand the relationship between the particles of Time, Light, Gravity and Sound, you can influence them – hence manifesting a change in your reality.

At the end of the process when the group came back around, I first looked directly at Julie and blurted the F bomb as my hands were so fatigued from the energy going through them that they ached and I nearly dropped the stone.

BTW, the “stone” turned out to be a dragon’s egg from Inner Earth and given the proper vibratory conditions, has a resonance to access higher planes when exposed to the F# frequency.

I’ll leave it here for now so you can catch up and assimilate that idea into your own intent. But there is energy to take advantage of at Wisdom Spirit Ranch for those who are ready.

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