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More upgrades since activations at Wisdom Spirit Ranch

Solarians presence evidence



More upgrades from Wisdom Spirit Ranch

Last week I posted an update about the current rising energetic circumstances I experienced at Wisdom Spirit Ranch … it seems now that I wasn’t finished with the changes taking place. So in order for you to look for similar occurrences in your environment, I’ll share mine.

Timelines are accelerating. I’m fairly certain that you too notice how quickly we got to this date when it seems as though the New Year started just a moment ago.

I keep waiting to see this elevated level of dimensional contact I’d been advised about happen with others. I know my awareness is light years ahead of most and I saw this as my chance to observe it happen with others while they “catch up” vibrationally. I forget that I am still evolving as well and that advice I keep giving others to “tend to their own flame” was meant for me as well.

As I consider the conditions affecting this change there are cosmic cycles to keep in mind – the date of the most recent leveling up coincides with the Lunar New Year – year of the (Wood) Dragon, a new moon on Feb 8th, not to mention the spikes in solar influence Earth experienced over the last two days …

While I’ve been assimilating this “leveling up” there are some changes I can identify and they are manifesting physically:

I feel lighter, my appetite seems as though it’s been pulled back and heavy foods are simply unappetizing. Since my first visit to Sedona in March 2021, there has been a frequency present that I am fully aware of that resides in the left back of my neck. It was quite active for a few years and I chalked this up to the downloads I was receiving. It seemed to wane over the last several months and then during that weekend at WSR, it fired up again – it’s been active ever since. I know now that yes, in fact, I do receive my downloads there but it’s actually my beacon – my unique frequency that connects to everything else.

When the conditions are right, I experience higher dimensions. My five senses are highly acute and my sixth sense is wide open accepting phenomena beyond this density. Wider bands of visual and aural spectrums come to me – and I experience dimensional activity going on around us because my vibration matches it – it’s certainly evidence that the veil between dimensions is indeed thinning. The visual spectrum I have been experiencing since the activation at the Ranch has translated into higher dimensional things I can “see” when the conditions are right. This is new for me as I’ve had these experiences before but only in quiet, solemn places – now it’s happening more in historically unlikely scenarios and doesn’t stop like it used to. I have to close my eyes in a meditative state for a bit to “reset” my normal vision. It was unsettling the first two times it happened as it felt like my vision would get stuck in this broadband dimensional experience and it wouldn’t return to normal. When I could assimilate this new “upgrade” – there were new gateways being opened up (and staying open) after this leveling up. I was still in an adjustment period – vibration matching.

It’s already been established that there is orb activity on the property where I’m staying. The owners had confirmed that such activity has taken place before. I’ve been able to capture them on video while stargazing for BES activity.

Last week two of the orbs made their way into my room in the wee hours of the morning and just floated in the space for hours. It felt comforting and benevolent and I was waiting for some kind of communication – but it wasn’t going to come from them. That communication would come but it would come the third night when a Higher Aspect appeared and revealed what was being shown. The orbs that visited me prior to that night were Solarians returning to assist with the Earth’s consciousness transition. I have been familiar with the Solarians since the information regarding the Golden Taya allotments came my way over a year ago ( ).  I’ve had conflicted feelings about sharing the Taya information because of its time sensitivity, but now I know it’s time for others to get it and decide for themselves what to do with the information.

The Blue Star Rigel - Orion constellation If you recall, a few weeks back I had been given instructions to point my infrared camera at the Blue Star Rigel in the Orion constellation one night and capture what I’d see. I would be reminded the Solarians (the Sun Bow Clan) hail from Rigel. I would notice right away that when I viewed the video, it would seem as though the star was blinking at me. I remembered the protocol Dave Wallace had shared with us and it certainly seemed to me that this was an example of CLPT (Continuous Light Pulse Transmission) / CLPF (Continuous Light Pulse Frequencies) coming my way, intended for me to receive. After the encounter with the Solarians, I would go back to view the recording again and when I zoomed in … it was as though I could see each symbol one after another in the light stream. After I had a chance to unpack these downloads, I’ll come to comprehend them as the entirety of the location of all the Golden Taya allotments on the planet (Inner Earth as well as surface areas) as well as the grid work of the Lemurian 7th dimensional grid as well as the Atlantean 5th dimensional grid. 

I know without a doubt that I am supposed to share what I know. I’ve been working on transcribing my book to Audible format and wouldn’t you know – I had come to the section on the Golden Taya allotments when all this was happening so again, there are no coincidences.

Solarians presence evidenceWhat I’ve been told about the Solarians (the Lords of Light) is that they will be returning and in greater numbers to assist with the transition. They are open to communicating with others in alignment with their vibration. They also wanted to demonstrate how thin the veil is between their dimensional presence and ours by leaving evidence of their visit. It was explained that they leave behind round flat rocks as indication that they are present. I found a few that caught my attention on the property before this was communicated, and the day that I found one when I got out of the car it would all hit me as true. Immediately when I opened the door – there unmistakably was a flat, round stone so different from the rest of the rock in the driveway that you couldn’t help to see it. A few days later Tim would validate seeing the same unusual stone so different from all the others.

I was also informed that I will be doing more traveling, some international I’m told, so I will be updating the dates of the retreats to more along the lines of one a month rather than twice. That will give me an opportunity to travel when necessary. It appears as though Glastonbury, Romania and Ireland are among the places on my itinerary I’m lead to visit.

My awareness has been rising so quickly and unusually since the beginning of the year, that I’m inclined to stop reporting on them. We’ll see how much I share outside the Tribe moving forward but I did agree to share about the Solarians presence at this time. I do see others finally coming forward in their awakening process that were oblivious to what changes are taking place and that can certainly keep me busy answering questions.


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