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The Example is now available in paperback and kindle on Amazon

The Example in paperback and kindle on Amazon


The Example – in paperback and Kindle on Amazon

For those of you that have been waiting, I’ve made a change in publishing so you may now find the latest book in something other than a hardcover format. 

The Example: One Man’s Journey into Multidimensional RealmsThe Example takes all my journal notes on my trips to energetic places including Mount Shasta and Sedona, it also includes the transcriptions for the transmissions and activations that took place. I share these experiences so that you can begin to raise your awareness of changes taking place and make some sense of how it is affecting you. It also serves to show some of you, that the experiences you’ve had and never talked about – here is a safe place for more information on how to assimilate these conditions. 

From my visit to Telos in Inner Earth to connections to Light Beings to integrating Higher Aspects … many of which have been documented – I’ve laid it out in a timeline fashion so that you can follow along and see the progression of my multidimensional experiences. If you haven’t had your own already (and are open to such) you should fully expect meaningful contact when you are in alignment.

I am also working on producing The Example in Audible format and it will be available shortly. 

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