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Peter Roth: Power vs Force, David Wallace, Berlin

Energetic spiral at the Lemurian vortex: Mount Shasta, CA

Another compelling resource was placed in my path and … I learned a little more about myself

Peter Roth: “you are 725”.

Map of Consciousness Last September during a transmission from guides with Yedyamya, I was told in no uncertain terms “You must embody more”. Not fully comprehending what that meant at the time, I assumed in time I would understand what that was. I have been relatively sequestered for the last several months waiting to see what the Universe had in store for me. Now that many things are lining up – and fast – it’s time to bring the Tribe up to speed.

This past week I did a few podcasts – one with Peter Roth in New York. It was the 3rd or 4th interview I’ve done for Peter’s weekly show on PRN. As happens prior to recording during the pre-show chatting phase in the Green Room, something always comes up that was meant for me and this day was going to be no exception.

A moment or so into the zoom session Peter states “you are 725” and holds up a chart with a scale from 100 to 1000. When I asked what he meant by that he went on to tell me about Dr David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness from his book Power vs Force. His knowledge of breaking down levels of consciousness in humans is fascinating and accurate. Peter has been working with consciously aware individuals for decades and has had years of experience helping others come to terms with multidimensionality. He shared that when he became involved with the process, Peter rated at 570. This was considerably over the average of those who had previously been evaluated as even on the high end – those individuals peaked at around 400. He was told then by the organizers of this effort to bring the consciousness contents of Dr Hawkins’ book into the mainstream “you clearly have things to teach us”.

Peter has informed me – apparently so do I. For greater comprehension of consciousness in humanity do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with Dr. Hawkins’ book: Power vs Force. It will bring to light the Map of Consciousness. His work has been heralded as ground-breaking and I found a YouTube interview he had done with Oprah (she has had an interest in the metaphysical for some time now).

David Wallace: an experiencer with some remarkable gifts.

David WallaceWithin me I know Dave and I have been a part of the same soul tribe always. Not quite a year has passed since we first re-acquainted in this plane at the Conference in Mt Shasta but it wasn’t until when I returned from Berlin and spent a few days with Dave (and his son William) that we both got to share our experiences with each other. We’ve always been busy with everyone else. Now he knows all about the details of my Inner Earth visit to Telos with the Lemurians there – but more importantly – I got to hear (and see) from Dave through his journaling and illustrations of his initial event in 2017, how he arrived at the level of awareness he currently holds. For two days Dave shared his experiences and the levels of science / physics he was “upgraded” in order to be able to comprehend the abilities his ultra terrestrial friends were about to give him. Gifts that would benefit humanity indeed. I have always had an aptitude for math and physics but what Dave showed me were advanced formulas that made sense to us both. He will be sharing what he has been assimilating soon as he also senses the Shift in Earth’s consciousness is imminent and we’ve been given this information to share with others ready to listen. I’m anxious to see the reaction of plugged in Tribe members when Dave explains understanding the nuts and bolts of reality through the 4 aspects that form it – and when you know how they interact with one another – you can influence the outcome.

When the day comes, Dave will blow you away with what he knows (polametry, cosmic cartography, etc)  – he blew me away with his proof – and I’ve been in Inner Earth.

Stay tuned – he will be revealing some of this in future podcasts.

Me and Mount Shasta

During those few days I spent with Dave, he had a message from my guides for me and where I’m supposed to be – that was the first thing on his agenda of topics for us to catch up on. Of course, I didn’t see it at first but he carefully laid out the case for me to be in Mount Shasta immediately after leaving his place in So Cal. Here is another moment on the timeline to connect dots I had been advised of in the recent past. The Golden Taya, the Lemurians expressing their interest in making greater contact with the surface (for those who vibrate at their level) and a Lemurian vortex which was shown to me last week where I was directed to build an energetic spiral that would act as a beacon for this vortex that would support ascending into the 4th dimension for us – and for Inner Earth beings to visit this space cleared for higher frequencies. This space has not yet been activated as there had been distortion in this field during my visit, but soon it will be.

In the end, the vision and intent I had of being in Mount Shasta after my very first visit seems to be playing out as I’ve been informed that I am to be based there while I travel some to Europe with other projects in the mix. I had asked for a home base and Mount Shasta will be it so I can be close to monitor this particular Golden Taya allotment and the vortex upon it.


Something very exciting is coming. It brings to reality a vision I had in November of 2020 of my experiences and how they would help explain the nature of multidimensionality to others. That vehicle and some of the Tribe are assembling to bring it to life. It is a vast undertaking but I’ve seen this in my field and with every passing moment more of it comes into clarity.

This will remain secret for now but of all the aspects of ascension I’m involved with – this is the most exciting, eye-opening and palatable for humans on a large scale.

Stay tuned.


Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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