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Faery Falls hike near Mount Shasta dimensional noise 230514

Faery Falls near Mount Shasta

The Hike – Sunday May 14, 2023 – Faery Falls near Mount Shasta

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It’s been a few weeks now since my last visit to the Mt Shasta area and there was going to be some evidence I’d be able to share with others of the presence of dimensional energies. This instance, like others I’ve had before will be in the Mt Shasta area. I’m particularly fond of waterfalls and so the opportunity to hike to Faery Falls presented itself. But everything happens for a reason … I’m about to show you what David Wallace explained to me as a “time dilation”. I felt I was definitely in an energetic vortex … who knew I’d capture it on video.  

Faery Falls near Mount ShastaWaterfall conditions in the area (McCloud, Hedge Creek and Faery Falls) were all spectacular – I’ve been here several times but never experienced that amount of water or energy. Finding elevated vibrations (energetic vortexes) in the Mount Shasta area has always been apparent for me from my first visit. Now it is becoming more frequent and as promised – greater contact from higher beings within Inner Earth and surface beings capable of matching that vibration will continue.

More evidence of these conditions will be provided for your own discernment as it is becoming available.

Along the line of things I experience but cant’t explain in terms easily digestible for others … there were strong elemental higher dimensional energies present I’ve sensed before. I have images of sprites in the forest over the course of my visits that some of you have seen. The aura along the trail leading up to the falls just seemed “Lighter”.

Faery Falls near Mount ShastaMy intention was to record the entire hike from the parking area all the way to the falls. For those of you that have been there before, you’ll have an opportunity to see the falls in full-out flow – and for those who have never seen it, here’s how you get to the falls on video. In my experience, I thought the hike would take about 25 minutes. I broke the hike into multiple shorter clips, I knew I’d be stopping often to gather myself as the hike is all about elevation gain, so they would provide the perfect place to stop and then begin recording again. In the end, there were 19 files varying in length from under one minute to the longest being 8:08. According to the time stamp on each video file I had taken, all totaled was 30:56. Made sense at the time – until I went to stitch the files together.

Now it’s important to know that I sensed some dimensionally elevated energy on the trail, but I’ve found that a lot in different areas of Shasta. When I took all those clips and put them end to end as one movie, it’s over 171 minutes long – I did not film it in SloMo 🫨but that’s how each clip behaves after initially starting at normal speed each one slows to a crawl in 3D time … I was using default video settings on my iPhone 13 Pro Max with a gimbal I was practicing with. Dave Wallace suggests it’s captured video evidence of a time dilation. Let that sink in. It was similar to traveling to Telos in Inner Earth in terms of linear time.

When I began to share the experience with a few Tribe I trusted to get some perspective, more than one referred to the scenes at the end of the movie Contact when Dr Arroway was testifying to her experience. There were synchronicities. It’s not like extraordinary experiences haven’t been documented around me before. This was the first time it was in video form.

Contact analogy

Hearing room scene:

Ellie: “I had an experience … I can’t prove it … I can’t even explain it … but everything that I know as a human being … everything that I am tells me that it was real … I was given something wonderful, something that changed me forever … a vision of the Universe that tells us undeniably how tiny and insignificant and how rare and precious we all are  … a vision that tells us that we belong to something that is greater than ourselves … that we are not – that none of us are alone … I wish I could share that … I wish that everyone if even for one moment could feel awe and humility and hope … but – that continues to be my wish. “

Committee member: “I assume you read the confidential findings report from the investigating committee … I was especially interested in the section on Arroway’s video unit … the one that recorded the static … that fact the it recorded static isn’t what interests me .. what interests me is that it recorded approximately 18 hours of it … “

Final iMovie project is 171 min 21 sec

19 files – last four unaffected by the phenomenon in the first 15

[ From Dave Wallace

The following link “appeared” on my phone immediately after (linking up with KYMJYM telepathically. I asked him about soft metal coverings for a ship..

News flash from Taurus science council.

David…time is a particle that is in permanent emanating sequence located within the zeroth point of the known universe.

Time has structures yet no perceived shape.

Tell your friend he was bathed in what we know as


Anti- Chronotons are used by B.E.S. (Beyond Earth Sentients) to observe your species and eliminate observation within a controlled radius of the specimens to be observed….

Well, Lowell, that’s it.

That’s what it’s like for me when I receive a message. ]

Faery Falls near Mount ShastaPlayback during dilations are Immersive – pay attention to nature reflecting sound codes. If you wanted some evidence of dimensional experiences – well here you go. No one was more surprised than me when I captured what I did and this time in a video format. More of these instances will continue in these areas for those vibrating at that level.

The following is an analysis of the video – where each clip began, where each dilation began and when normalcy was restored. It’s the Capricorn in me to understand fully this particular rabbit hole so that I can explain it for others.   

0:00:00 recording commences

0:00:18 time dilation 18 sec in

0:11:19 restored

0:11:37 next clip commences

0:11:48 time dilation 11 sec in

0:19:22 restored

0:19:35 next clip commences

0:20:47 time dilation 12 sec in

1:06:17 restored

1:07:31 next clip commences

1:07:43 time dilation 12 sec in

1:15:38 restored

1:15:51 next clip commences

1:16:27 time dilation 36 sec in

1:39:55 restored

1:40:33 next clip commences

1:41:12 time dilation 39 sec in

2:06:27 restored

2:07:08 next clip commences

2:07:11 time dilation 3 sec in

2:08:11 restored

2:08:13 next clip commences

2:08:17 time dilation 4 sec in

2:10:19 restored

2:10:23 next clip commences

2:10:54 time dilation 31 sec in

2:30:35 restored

2:31:06 next clip commences

2:31:13 time dilation 7 sec in

2:35:54 restored

2:36:02 next clip commences

2:36:05 time dilation 3 sec in

2:38:08 restored

2:38:12 next clip commences

2:38:22 time dilation 10 sec in

2:45:06 restored

2:45:16 next clip commences

2:45:20 time dilation 4 sec in

2:47:30 restored

2:47:30 next clip commences

2:47:35 time dilation 5 sec in

2:49:16 restored


Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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