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Starbuck’s Dimensional Adventures

Books available now including my adventures and inspired illustrations 

Sometimes it feels as though I’ve been in neutral waiting for the Universe to reveal what it has in mind for me next … and then you stop to look around and you find you’ve somehow knocked out three books. One – an accounting of my journey (so far) through my journaling and pictures from these adventures. Then – two 300-page “coffee table” books full of Inner Earth illustrations that were Divinely inspired through me.  Many people have already been triggered with what they experienced when they gazed upon these images and more than one used the term “magickal”. 

As these creations were meant to be shared with everyone, here are the direct links to each book and the redbubble site full of images with multiple options to print for on your wall or on your person.

Starbuck’s Dimensional Adventures  

Starbuck’s Dimensional AdventuresHere is my story and it’s still a work in progress … I’ve had multidimensional experiences which you’ll read about in the following pages … and see the pictures that demonstrate this is not fiction. Welcome to the next level of consciousness. I’m your host Starbuck and if your eyes are fixed upon these words – you have enough interest in our common topics for me to consider you an Initiate. One of my roles is to serve as a Mentor to others realizing the Light they carry within them, thus came Starbuck’s Mystery School, a place to hand down the sacred magick knowledge a few of us hold.’s-dimensional-adventures/948736

Images of Inner Earth – an Illustrative Journey  

Images of Inner EarthEver since I was invited to see Telos in July 2020. I have looked for was to show others who resonated with my experience what I saw during that amazing day. What you are about to page through is the culmination of a series of extraordinary events that had to come together for this book of illustrations to come to life. There are a few people in this endeavor that I iust have to recognize as without their role. none of this would have materialized … I’ll only use their first names (to protect the innocent) but they know who they are. So here’s my sincere gratitude to Luis, JimBob, Michaela and Sherri … thank you Tribe – you know I mean it when I say, “I couldn’t have done it without you”.

As this expression was meant to trigger your imagination with images only … there is no narration or descriptions other than the category so as to allow you to connect to spaces many of vou have already indicated vou recognized without anyone else’s interpretation.

So we have Divine inspiration to point out gratitude towards for the contents of this book. I am just the vessel.

Inner Earth Elementals – Children of Gaia connected to the Light

Inner Earth ElementalsElementals are those dimensional beings that have been in our field of awareness always. Elves, Druids, Faeries, Mermaids, Priestesses, Wizards and Light beings are the ones you would be most familiar with. They are innately connected to the Earth and as such, the magick they wield draws upon the power of Gaia through that symbiosis for the protection and prospering of the planet. Their presence was much more vivid when we were young and our visions were not impaired with the limitations of our 3D conditioning. I see them returning into my field, showing up in droves as they sense the next level of consciousness for New Earth is upon us. Everyone within the elemental worlds is answering the clarion call that is vibrating through dimensions, to put their gifts to use for the highest good of all during this transition.

The common thread throughout all these images is the Light. You will see it in every one. See how it impacts the landscape and the beings. There are activations in these pictures waiting for you.

As these expressions were meant to trigger your imagination with images only … there is no narration or descriptions other than the category so as to allow you to connect to spaces many of you have already indicated you recognized without anyone else’s interpretation.

It’s truly an honor and my absolute delight to bring these inspirations forward to share. I am just the vessel.

StarbuckLight on


StarbuckLight on

Someone suggested I should put my images on redbubble because they wanted to buy one to put on their wall … then someone put one on a dress … who knew? To date, there are over 440 of these original designs to choose from and a variety of ways to display or wear them. Thank you for your encouragement and support. I now consider myself a dimensional illustrator.

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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