Ready to see things from a higher perspective?

This is what to expect from this particular Mystery School

Welcome to Mystery School

You are about to access the infinite of the Akash. You will be astonished where you find it. 

You are an Initiate on an undefinable path, unique to any other. A perpetual student constantly evolving. Your experiential lessons will not be the same or come by the same way as any other’s. Based on the types of training you’ve become accustomed to during your education path … this is nothing like that. You’ve been conditioned to know your course of study, what learning materials are required, the resulting degree or certification … etc. 

Yeah, there’s none of that in Mystery School.

This curriculum is your own. Your learning is the re-acquisition of already accumulated experience – knowledge – wisdom. (Experiences become Knowledge become Wisdom). This personal Akash you’ve collected in your DNA over lifetimes is about to be available to be restored to your awareness. 

One of my Higher Aspects Ne-o, transmuting Light magick is his thingThe role I play is not a teacher per se … more of a Mentor / Connector / Observer. Wisdom without entanglements that is not meant to influence, but to allow you to realize who you are and what gift you carry. Connecting to Light through us – that is what I’m here to illuminate to the degree with which you are ready. You are sensing greater Light and higher frequencies causing you to stop to pay attention to impulses from your Higher Self communicating with you. All of this is associated with this cosmically historic event we refer to as The Shift. 

I am here to support those Lightworkers that are ready, not necessarily the masses.  I can help support you in accessing your Higher Aspect(s) by recognizing the distortions in your field to clear, that prevent you from vibrating at a level to fully embody who you are. 

There are no books to read, no videos to watch, no homework assigned, no grades to satisfy … only your drive to get to the bottom of who you are, what you are here to do and what gifts you have to share. I am here with the rest of the Tribe assembling to support and allow for you to embody your power for the highest good of All.

Lean into who you are and follow those rabbit holes. Your Higher Self and your Guides have your back. 😎 Trust them. 

That Akash of yours … it’s inside of you waiting for you to catch up and put it to Universal good use in the way only you were Divinely designed to do. 

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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