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Hiking to energetic portals with me at Mt Shasta

Hiking to energetic portals in Mt Shasta

Private energetic vortex hike to the Telos portal on Shastina with Lowell Johnson

These 4-hour events are scheduled from 8:30A – 12:30P and is limited in number of participants to no more than 4. 6-hour hikes: 8:30A – 2:30P. 

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My plans are to be there around July 10th through the end of the month. 

Hiking to energetic portals in Mt Shasta Last year during the Summer Conference when Rob first asked me about conducting a workshop tour with a group larger than 4, I had serious concerns. I sensed that what people would want to get out of it, is the same elevated vibration energies that connect me to higher dimensions. That requires the proper setting – quiet, meditative, introspective and respectful of the energy exchange you seek. If your vibration is high, I promise you will connect with the energies around you, but we will be there as a group – and so collectively the higher each one of us comes into this experience with, the better chance we have of sharing what is around us all. If you have meditated as part of a group before, you already know the power of collective intent. All the more reason for those who are still looking for proof of multidimensionality, this workshop is not for you … but if you are ready to palpably connect to higher energies, I can show you where I found them.

Hiking to energetic portals in Mt ShastaBefore you plan on participating in this adventure, consider this: the trailhead to Old Ski Bowl Trail is where we start the hike, by the first of July it should be open and accessible (the road from Bunny Flat is closed for the snow season and typically opens July 1st). I suggest you dress in layers, we will meet up at the Gateway Peace Garden at 8:30A and spend some time connecting to the area. Then we will make our way up Everitt Memorial Highway as far as you can drive and reassemble the group for the hike. You will have to provide your own method of transport. The hike will take about 30-40 minutes to reach the spot I’ve been guided to acclimate others to after stopping by another energetic vortex that has been anchored with Light.

I’d suggest you wear comfortable shoes meant for hiking as you will be hiking uphill through scree (loose rock). Bring enough water for a moderate hike for yourself, as we will spend some time at the entrance where I’ll be calling in the same Light beings that I connected with last summer at the sculpture gardens. It will be important for the group vibration to match theirs. I recommend you be physically up to the task – this is a part of your personal journey and will have to endure it on your own.

As a participant in the event myself, I want to contribute to the right circumstances for this Light integration to manifest for everyone present. Be mindful about what you want to get out of this opportunity.

Given last year’s results … I’m quite excited for you all.


Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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