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2024 Schedule of Retreats and Seminars 231221

Here is the schedule of seminars and retreats planned:


I could not have predicted what happened when the announcement of resuming appearances for both Dave and myself was made public. I mean I just put it out there last night and I’m almost overwhelmed with the immediate responses. Most surprisingly today – I only had to leak our intentions to a small group within our social media groups and that resulted in immediate buyouts of two of the upcoming 5-Day immersion retreats. These first requests were not domestic so we now know our Tribe from other parts of the globe are responding. 

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck 

One Day Seminars

These are one day 9-5 events where the Experiencers share their stories during the morning session in multimedia fashion and then in the afternoon, the format is much like Abraham Hicks where we encourage you to engage the speakers with your questions from the microphone. 

Sedonya AZ

Capacity 120 – Tickets: $50 

Saturday Feb 24, 2024

Saturday Mar 9, 2024

Saturday, Apr 6, 2024

Saturday May 4, 2024

Mount Shasta CA

Capacity: 100 – Tickets $50

Saturday Jun 8, 2024

Saturday Jul 6, 2024

Saturday Aug 3, 2024

Saturday Aug 31, 2024

Use the Setmore Book Now button to reserve your tickets for the one day seminars and / or reserve you space for one of our 5-day immersive activation retreats. 

5-Day Immersive Retreats

Quality time with Experiencers in small intimate groups, prepared to share what we know. We are taking you to the high vibration places we’ve experienced to activate you, so you can integrate yourself with these higher frequencies and prepare yourself to share your wisdom of the experience with others. 

Sedona AZ

Groups with two Experiencers (9-18 people)

All under one roof, each slot represents your private room (sharing is permitted, based on room type availability of double bedded rooms) 

Sgl occ fee: $4500

Dbl occ per person: $3800

Feb 26–Mar 1, 2024

Mar 11-15, 2024 SOLD OUT

Mar 25-29, 2024

Apr 8-12, 2024

Apr 22-26, 2024

May 6-10, 2024

May 20-24, 2024

Mount Shasta CA

Groups with two Experiencers (8-16 people)

All under one roof, each slot represents your private room (sharing is permitted, based on room type availability of double bedded rooms) 

Sgl occ fee: $4500

Dbl occ per person: $3800

Jun 10-14, 2024 SOLD OUT

Jun 24-28, 2024

Jul 8-12, 2024

Jul 22-26, 2024

Aug 5-9, 2024

Aug 19-23, 2024

Sep 2-6, 2024

Sep 16-20, 2024

Sep 30-Oct 4, 2024

Sedona area

Dragon circle at Wisdom Spirit RanchIf you know your history, then you realize that the entire western part of North America was once a part of Lemurian landmasses. We know Telos the Capital City within Mount Shasta, but long ago, Telos was a territory spanning down through the four corners part of southwestern United States. It becomes easier to understand the noticeably energetic properties when you realize that this particular parcel I’ve been drawn to is on the site of a Lemurian Temple.

I have indeed validated the vibration to be extraordinarily high here and it’s where I would continue my interactions with Light Beings similar to what occurred in Mount Shasta. This area is waiting to activate those whose frequency is high enough to benefit from this exchange. Not everyone including those who may have had a rather metaphysically-lead life will be grounded enough to this level of Light. Others have already been overwhelmed and forced to leave, unable to tolerate vibrations present. But for those who ARE ready … what waits is a vortex capable of interaction with and to other dimensions off-planet and within. 

The image is the Dragon Circle on one section of this parcel directly above the Lemurian Temple ley lines. 


Mount Shasta

Just above a Lemurian portal on ShastinaThe number of those being called by this mountain is increasing at a rapid rate. There isn’t so much one energetic portal at Mount Shasta but a number vortexes being activated in order to prepare these Golden Taya allotments to accommodate higher  vibration souls who sense Earth ascension. 

Over the last 4 years they have become easier to find but then my frequency has been elevated along with the planet through greater Light coming from the cosmos and preparing Every sentient being for moving into the next dimension of Earth’s evolution. You didn’t come just to witness it, you came to serve by connection and that’s why I’m here to show you to these places so you can show others. 

Here is an outline for the 5-day retreat plans:

Mossbrae Falls in the Mount Shasta areaEach location was scouted to satisfy two criteria – (1) they are in energetic locations and (2) comfortable, personal sgl/dbl accommodations under one roof. Typically 5-BR Airbnb properties with spacious common areas and 4 private rooms capable of single or double occupancy. The Experiencer stays on site as well. Fee includes all accommodation expenses and meals. Does not include travel.


Scattered arrivals at the location and a welcome reception with the experiencer(s) in the evening to get better acquainted after settling in. A few complexes have two 5-BR facilities on the same parcel providing us with the ability for two experiencers together for the 5-days, giving us the ability to host between 8-16 total participants. Keeping the groups small is intentional, we are not looking to host dozens or more at a time during these personal experiential sessions.


Sedona area - magick returning from Shaman’s CaveAfter a personal mediation time first thing, breakfast follows before heading out to the energetic vortex sites for immersion. Late afternoon, we’ll gather together for a meal (off-site) to share the appropriate events of the day and then back to the Airbnb to further decompress / unpack with the others. When possible, we will stargaze after dark with the proper equipment for you to witness (and record) what is around us.


Repeat Tuesday schedule with some free time prior to the meal


Repeat Wednesday schedule


Breakfast together before late morning departure

Each Mystery School event will be promoted with which Experiencer(s) will be hosting over which dates and more often than not, there will be two on site. That translates into (depending on schedules and availability,) Lowell will occasionally host solo as will Dave but our objective (and our sincere delight) is to both be together for the most effective activation sessions. We also have a few other Experiencer friends who based on availability will join us and we will keep you advised as to who and when.


These 5-Day Retreats commence on Monday afternoon and depart on Friday late morning.

Each slot represents one bedroom for 4 nights – sharing is permitted based on room type availablity: and results in the PP rate to be $3800. Single rate is $4500. Please advise when booking whether you intend to share with someone (limited two bedded rooms) so I can plan accordingly.

Includes all accommodation and meal expenses.

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to hold your place. Full payment must received a minimum of 30 days out or your place will be released to our waiting list. Fees become non-refundable per slot – 3 weeks out. For buyouts, fees become non-refundable 30 days prior to event.

You can go to the Setmore calendar and choose a date to book or let me know the date and I’ll send a link for that specific event. I was telling two people this morning I’ve had two more requests today for 5-day retreat buyouts, so book quickly to make sure you get the date you want.

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