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ShiftWatch 240606 – Reunifying Lemuria-Atlantis, Earth will flip, record volcanic, Who are Solarians

ShiftWatch with Starbuck 240530

V.240606 – Episode 10

ShiftWatch 240606 – Reunifying Lemuria-Atlantis, Earth will flip, record volcanic, Who are Solarians

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240606 – Episode 10


A recap of current multidimensional conditions


Ultra terrestrials (those multidimensional beings we recognize) as opposed to extraterrestrials (those we are currently unfamiliar with)

Viviane Chauvet – an Advanced Arcturian Hybrid Avatar who I had the pleasure of meeting a few summers back at a Mount Shasta conference. I believe it’s important for everyone to know about the existence of such souls because if you wanted evidence of ultra terrestrial help that’s been afforded Earth and humanity – get to know Viviane.

This was from a panel discussion in preparation for the Lemurian Awakening Retreat in Mount Shasta July 11 through the 13th. And here she talks about reunification and highlights the efforts to reunify Lemurian and Atlantean energies.

Solar Weather

According to Ben @ Suspicious 0bservers, the Earth will flip over … I agree and truth be told – she’s actually overdue.

Vibration matching

The latest extreme seismic activity was yesterday – June 3, 2024 in the Philippines. The Kanlaon Volcano eruption was the largest on record with plumes of ash reaching a height of 25,000 feet



Who are the Solarians? My awareness of them first came in October of 2022 while I was in my hotel room during the GSIC Conference. That evening I poured out AI images of Light beings that I couldn’t identify at the moment – but they came into my awareness nonetheless. I would soon come across information meant for me from Maia Nartoomid at Maia has been receiving and archiving messages from Thoth since at least the 1970’s. On three different occasions I was lead to her archives for answers I was waiting to collect. Andaras and Etherium, Thoth in his earlier human incarnations and the Golden Taya allotments. The dots would connect over time as the information assimilated. I always sensed there was something beyond what I believed were my Pleiadian starseed beginnings because I had cosmic memories of visiting Taygeta, as well as Rigel, Antares, Vega, Sirius and Alcyone.

Maia sheds some Light on this topic and I sense if you have been assisting in the clearing process for either Gaia or others … chances are good that you resonate with being Solarian of some form or at least using your energetic clearing mastery on their behalf.

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