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Rebels of Disclosure 2024 – interpretations

Angels vision of a Vision

V.240529 – Multidimensional images from the Journey to Truth conference 

On the first day of the conference while the vendors were getting settled, prior to the opening session, I had a chance to catch up with lots of familiar faces and met many new ones. 

Regretfully, I don’t have a command of remembering every face and name yet and this is about one of those currently anonymous Tribe members. 

I was heading into the reception center to familiarize myself with the layout. It was only then, that I’ll learn I am the opening session. 🫨

As I was going into the reception center, he was coming out. I would guess he was close to my age, maybe 5’5”, tanned with white hair like mine. As he did, he made eye contact and I could tell he wanted to engage so I stopped to chat and he immediately said he had some things he was guided to give me, so off he went to get them. 

A few minutes later he found me in the vendor area where he handed me these three pictures. As these just passed through him, he was hoping I could interpret them as I was the one he was instructed to give them to. 



Visualize your Merkabah connected to the Earth Grid

None of these images came with the creator’s name or contact information on them except this one has this inscribed in the upper left corner: “Angels vision of a vision”. 

This one speaks to the Merkabah in the center and illustrates it’s connection to the Earth Grid.

You are the merkabah.  

This one is all about multidimensional energies. Notice the landscape and how powerful this Mountain range is. Notice there is just the one tree – healthy as anything but shaped by the vortex energies she is in. I sense an Inner Earth portal in the area around this tree.

Dimensional overlap

And finally this one will require some more scrutiny because it shows a dimensional overlap. At least one person has suggested San Francisco and I can see that. We are of course watching this area closely because of its proximity to fault lines. 

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