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ShiftWatch 240530 – Activating Lily Nova, nature doesnt play nice, Solarians show, Starseeds advice

ShiftWatch with Starbuck 240530

V.240530 – Episode 9

ShiftWatch 240530 – Activating Lily Nova, nature doesnt play nice, Solarians show, Starseeds advice

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Starbuck’s Mystery School presents: ShiftWatch with Starbuck

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Neo Dreams, The Big Let Down

Energized Morning – Airae

240530 – Episode 9


A recap of current multidimensional conditions

News  – Today’s Energy shifts focus is on

Lily and I were meant to intersect at this point in our timelines, she and Rev Carol came along to validate these energies and codes I’ve been carrying for months. Activators of Activators. Follow this link for the entire session, if your curiosity was peaked – chances are good you are meant to be activated as well

Space Weather

Sunspot update from Ben at Suspicious0bserversRecord tornadoes in Iowa

Latest example of Nature’s Power on display … sometimes she doesn’t play well with humans 🫨

Tornadoes within the tornado

Powerful – fueled by the evolving cosmic cycle Earth is experiencing and amplified by the increased solar generated energies pounding on our weakening magnetic field

Reed Timmer, Weather Chaser

Vibration Matching

Calling the Solarians

Who are the Solarians, you ask? Here’s where you can find the answer within the first two paragraphs.

If you like to see evidence of recent multidimensional activity, this is the latest in my realm.

a series of events lead me to call on the Solarians tonight

who have been around me in the Sedona area for months now

so when I opened the door to the apartment I’m in

this is what appeared 10 feet away

Quite surprisingly from close allies I trust,

their initial reaction to what I shared – projected a fear response

understand that my purpose for sharing is to get you beyond

the 3D reflex of fear to one of excitement and wonder

to prepare you for this imminent benevolent contact

that is waiting for you to reach out, ask and receive too

I’ll just shut up now and let you enjoy their presenceP.S. Speaker Panel, JTT ROD24

Jackie Kenner

Abundance in the Starseed community.

So the topic of manifesting abundance came up and yes, of course this volley was meant for Jackie …

… not surprising given the increased number of Starseeds …

… ready to leave the 3D matrix behind and serve their purpose.

How do we do that?

by first recognizing that money in this dimension is just another form of energy.

We only need to achieve balance.

Our empathic nature to give sometimes prevent us from receiving.

And therein lies the lesson.

Your time and experience have value. Allow others to compensate you for sharing.

They sincerely want to.

It’s a part of their expression of gratitude

– you don’t want to get in the way of that …

…do you?

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