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ShiftWatch 240516 – JTT ROD24, Earthquakes on the radar, extreme weather, AramisCreativeLearning

ShiftWatch with Starbuck 240516

V.240516 – Episode 7

ShiftWatch 240516 – JTT ROD24, Earthquakes on the radar, extreme weather, AramisCreativeLearning

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Starbuck’s Mystery School presents: ShiftWatch with Starbuck

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240516 – Episode 7


A recap of current multidimensional conditions

3:37 News  – Today’s Energy shifts focus is on

Just returned from presenting at Journey to Truth’s Rebels of Disclosure 2024 event and as they say “if you missed it, you MISSED it”. I received activations from that Tribe that finally revealed an ability that Kumu had asked me about when we sat together and she said “can you move energy yet?” … I can confirm the answer to that is yes – along with performing some magick that Merlin had showed me one night in late July 2021 – one week prior to meeting Kumu for the first time. I need a bit more time to fully assimilate how it came about and then I’ll ask Dave if he’ll record it with me.

8:47 Space Weather

Back six weeks ago when I started this effort, I listed a number of space weather related resources that I referenced, hoping that I would fit them into the reporting. Up until now earthquakes hadn’t received the same amount of space in my field – but what happened yesterday in So Cal certainly got my attention. So here is a quick update from Ben at Suspicious0bservers and then you’ll finally get your hear from The Earthmaster and his observations couldn’t be more timely.


The Earthmaster:

16:10 Vibration matching

All of this extreme weather has ratcheted up and here are a few examples of the power of nature within the past 7 days.

19:16 P.S.

I am still on a vibrational high that has been quite emotional. I spent yesterday trying to acclimate to some new energies while I was assembling the features for this ShiftWatch. On the plane ride home I started to think of what to use for each section and because of the wave of vibration the conference had started on Monday and progressively elevated by Friday – I knew  exactly what to share for the P.S. Extraordinary Experiencers close for this ShiftWatch. Once you see it, you can’t help sensing the vibrations of the event. How awesome that this offering by some gifted giving Tribe carries the power of that conference. It’s been long over a year since I saw Sheri Divband last and she is a marvel. She is behind Aramis Creative Learning and I trust you will be as moved by what you’re about to experience because it gets me every time. 🤗😎


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