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ShiftWatch 240509 – light code exchanges, multiple CMEs coming, BES in NASA flight logs, Daves 2017 visit

ShiftWatch with Starbuck 240509

V.240502 – Episode 5

ShiftWatch 240509 – light code exchanges, multiple CMEs coming, BES in NASA flight logs, Dave’s 2017 visit

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Starbuck’s Mystery School presents: ShiftWatch with Starbuck

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240509 – Episode 6


A recap of current multidimensional conditions

5:06 News  – Today’s Energy shifts focus is on

Finally recognizing that I’m here to exchange the Light codes I’ve received – with others who resonate as ready. I recognized that physical sensation I got during my first few interactions with Light beings and it heightened my awareness of the Light expansion in my aura. Now I see how it has attracted others to what’s in my field and I know about my obligation to share it with them – once they recognize it. Over the last few weeks there have been many people new to my circumstances that were compelled to connect after hearing me somewhere. Although unmistakably I channel higher wisdom these days, I don’t see myself as a channeler and therefore had to go through the process of connecting with new people ready to receive what I was carrying before I would comprehend the actual transmission. More than one told me after a few days of assimilating the session, they experienced a variety of purges followed by an elevated level of peace and familiarity with higher dimensional aspects. They shared what their expectations were prior to going into the session based on past channeling experiences they’ve sought out. Those sessions were guided meditations lead by a facilitator of some repute to either connect with higher energies or astral travel to some destination. That shaped their perception of what was going to take place between us. The sessions I’m guided to facilitate I believed, are meant to be exchanges to satisfy curiosities about dimensional phenomena. And yet as each one confirmed, some other Light code download had been exchanged at the end that they received from me. I know what those codes are, what purpose they serve, when I received them with the promise that they would blossom when the time was right. Clearly we have reached that place on the timeline.

8:38 Space Weather

I had prepared to share current startling evidence of the weakening magnetic field from Ben @ Suspicious0bservers and the resulting extreme weather. This one – marks a tornado this week that looked more like a Cat 5 hurricane echo. Then on Wednesday just before this recording was about to render … multiple earth-facing CME’s began sprouting and so I’ll lead this section with that

15:15 Vibration matching

Beyond Earth Sentients – Now that I have a firm grasp of interstellar conveyances, what they look like and the beginnings of contact with them … past evidence of this kind of activity within Earth’s atmosphere is becoming recognized. Some of you have heard of and seen footage from NASA’s STS-75 mission flight logs from 1996.  Here is that recording of interstellar conveyance traffic – they DO compare with the kinds of vehicles I’ve seen.

19:33 P.S.

David Wallace on Infinite Star Connections with Viviane Chauvet and Jeff Demmers

I was fortunate enough to spend three days with Dave just about one year ago when he shared – in full, his 2017 experience with me one-on-one (it took all that time to assimilate all his writings and collection of artist renditions describing that timeline). Among the things that happened during his visit included an accidental head injury and the consequential healing he sustained. Here’s a clip from his interview with Viviane Chauvet and Jeff Demmers on their Infinite Star Connections podcast where Dave describes what happened along with the resulting imaging of the repair to his skull

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