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ShiftWatch 240523 – Lemurians return, Solar System in space, dimensional activity, WisdomSpiritRanch

ShiftWatch with Starbuck 240523

V.240523 – Episode 8

ShiftWatch 240523 – Lemurians return, Solar System in space, dimensional activity, WisdomSpiritRanch

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Starbuck’s Mystery School presents: ShiftWatch with Starbuck

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240523 – Episode 8


A recap of current multidimensional conditions

0:36 News  – Today’s Energy shifts focus is on

I am still riding an energetic high I picked up last week at the Rebels of Disclosure conference that doesn’t seem to be subsiding. It feels like we’ve reached a heightened awareness plateau that we can’t go backward from. In the next few days I’ll record the magick incident to share with you that happened during last Friday’s shuttle ride back from the airport.

Lemurians are returning and I know one of the reasons why

A series of people have been reaching out to me over the past few weeks – not that this was the only aspect of themselves they shared but most were mainly curious about their Lemurian experiences.

As the Observer, I’ve been watching these reactions during our sessions. There is a common thread I’ve witnessed that I now recognize and it’s so beautiful I want to make sure others sense what is going on.

Picture this as dimensional space beneath Mount Shasta but in this “room” you have stepped into a dimensional overlap where you walk right into the same Halls of Amenti we understand as being beneath the Great Pyramid. During your initial reacclimation in this space, the records you “see” on the shelves are all blurry and behind a veil. As you approach your section, your soul energy dissolves the veil covering your “books” and when you reach out to touch one – everyone of those records is immediately activated and fires back into life on the shelf.

When the individual’s records are activated in these Halls – they exchange energies with all other records collectively who have also been reactivated and you can see them all clearly.

Here’s what I can report is happening at the same accelerated rate as these people are showing up around me. Each time a Lemurian steps up to reclaim his or her “power” it contributes to the collective access to each individual’s unique records of Lemurian culture, history, wisdom as technology.

I see these “bookshelves” coming back online and they are being activated quickly.

Can you feel the elevating Lemurian collective energy because it’s unmistakable.

5:09 El from Hawaii is the latest Lemurian to show and I’ve included a clip of our session heavily influenced by Lemurian energies

El Herington

QSR – Quantum Soul Retrieval

10:44 Space Weather

How our Solar System really moves through space

I found two excellent illustrations of this phenomenon and this is to share it with the rest of you – it’s fascinating.


15:26 Vibration matching

The technology exists to record multidimensional events

Ring devices are perfectly capable of capturing dimensional activity – here’s some fun.

17:15 P.S.

Wisdom Spirit Ranch

I’ve been teasing for months now about this energy I suggested to have identified in the greater Sedona area. Like the other energetic areas I’ve found I’m torn between telling everyone about what exists here and clamming up about them to protect the sacredness of what I’ve found.

Well the time to be cryptic and vague about Wisdom Spirit Ranch is over. Admittedly there were many details the Universe had to fill in to complete the picture and render the ranch fully operational from a metaphysical perspective. And so when I saw yesterday’s release of this first acclimation video of the Ranch that Julie and Tim produced, I knew the manifestation period was complete and now on to the experiences

Julie Valentin

Wisdom Spirit Ranch

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