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Ascension Mastery Course Outlines

Here is an outline of each session’s content for the Ascension Mastery courses.

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Each one of the four courses will be broadcast as a Live Zoom event with the recorded session accessible through NEO’s archive post-session. Each course is two hours in length and what follows is the material we will cover in depth: 



  • The soul of every human being on the planet will ascend at the time of the planetary shift. At the time of this great event, your frequency or energy signature determines your destination. Humanity has two ways to go: (1) those people who choose to embrace personal ascension, achieve a higher frequency and ascend to New Earth in the 4th dimension. (2) alternatively, the people who choose not to participate in personal ascension and choose to remain in the lower frequency will die naturally during the Shift and later reincarnate on an alternative 3rd dimension planet in the Universe, to complete their 3D lessons.


Personal ascension

  • Planetary ascension is different from personal ascension. Earth has been undergoing planetary ascension for decades, where the planet’s magnetic fields have slowly adjusted to a higher frequency, which prepares the planet for a planetary shift. Ascension means to “move up, evolve or progress”. Earth’s ascension is a separate evolutionary process to human souls, but we are all invited to accompany Mother Gaia. This knowledge is to assist you to prepare for personal ascension before Earth moves into her new home.


Introduction to the Law of One

  • The “Law of One” is the universal law of Love, which explains the spiritual and scientific principles of the multiverse (multiple universes). It acknowledges that your soul is a unique portion of the Creator.


Infinite Consciousness

  • Creation is composed of two materials. The first is known as “Consciousness”and the other is “Light”.  Consciousness is the basic building block of creation in the Cosmos; it is your soul, it is energy and you are a unit of consciousness.


The Ethereal Body

  • The first layer of the human energy body that exists just beyond the biological body is called the “Ethereal Body” (or Etheric). The ethereal body extends about 2-6 inches in front and around the biological body. This is your life force body, which maintains, energizes and interacts with the biological body.


The Multidimensional Universe

  • With regard to ascension, this section will briefly outline the structure of the multidimensional universe, which will help you understand the term “dimension”. Note there is no requirement that you need to believe and accept this model for understanding the universe and dimensions.


Dimensions and Densities

  • The multidimensional universe has the structure of the visible light spectrum. The visible light spectrum consists of several primary colors, for example red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet are abbreviated as ROY-G-BIV, but other colors exist beyond gamma.


The Space/Time Continuum

  • Time and space are aspects of the same mechanism. “Time/Space Matrix” is simply another name for “Density”. Therefore, each of the 12 sub frequencies or overtones in the 3rd dimension is collectively known as our “Time/Space Matrix” (or the 3D frequency band). The cycles of time on the cosmic clock allows a planet to gradually spiral through the time/space matrix or through each of the 12 overtones within the dimensional frequency band over eons of years. When the planet reaches the top of the next frequency band, it interconnects and overlaps with the above dimensional frequency band (or the next time/space matrix), which creates a natural gateway to that density. This allows a planet and its inhabitants to continue spiraling into the next time/space matrix.


Planetary Ascension

  • “Planetary Ascension” refers to the modulation of the planet’s frequency to a higher level. The process occurs when our Sun receives varying densities of electromagnetic energy from specific locations in the cosmos, as it orbits through the universe on its predestined cycles of time. Our Sun then modulates and transmits packets of frequency across our solar system. The in-streaming of electromagnetic energy enters the Earth’s outer electromagnetic field or magnetosphere, which is the process that gradually increases or modulates the outer frequency. The magnetosphere has a direct frequency relationship with the planet’s core or inner electromagnetic grid, which must also modulate itself to remain synchronized with the outer frequency.


Planetary Ascension and Earth Changes

  • Earth has been undergoing planetary ascension for several decades, and currently everything in our solar system is in a major state of flux. Linear time as we know it has been accelerating (or collapsing), as we approach “zero time” when everything will reboot. That signifies the completion of the grand cycle, the beginning of the golden age (new Earth) and the start of Earth’s next grand cycle on the 4D timeline.


The Planetary Shift and 2012

  • Like all cycles of time, they start at one point and orbit full circle to return to their original position. This is what happened in 2012. The completion of the grand cycle means our Milky Way galaxy is spiraling back to the original start position to commence the next grand cycle. From a geo-mathematical point of view, ascension operates on base 12. The end of the grand cycle occurred when our solar system entered the 12th and final ascension cycle. The 12th wave of ascension began in late January 2012 and completed in mid December 2012. This milestone coincided with the completion of the 26,000 year “Procession of the Equinox” cycle aligning along the same equinox and solstice dates.


Are We Ascending to the 4th or 5th Dimension?

  • Presently, Earth’s vibrational environment already comprises of both 3D and 4D planes of existence. The first dimension is infinite consciousness (energy), which exists everywhere in the universe. The second dimension is where the vibration for new physical worlds (space and energy) manifests. Everything that exists physically in the 3rd dimension (time and space) stemmed from the second dimension. The third dimension is where you are consciously experiencing yourself at a physical level. The vibration that exists above the third dimension is called the fourth dimension (time and energy). Energy, space and motion are all principles of infinite consciousness.


The Law of One

  • The Law of One states that it is the only primary law in the Universe. The Law of One simply acknowledges, “all things are one and all spiritual beings are one”, which originated from the “Infinite Creator”. In other words, all souls, each universe and everything that exists or the collective consciousness that exists within the multiverse stem from the same conscious energy, known as “Infinite Consciousness”.


Dimensional Laws for Spiritual Development

  • As a soul, it is your divine mission to evolve your consciousness and to experience everything that exists in the universe. To do this, your consciousness must master a range of different spiritual lessons that define each dimension, before you can ascend to the next dimension.


The 3rd Dimensional Law: Service to Self

  • “Service to Self” (STS) governs the spiritual path for the 3rd dimension.  STS is a polarized reality created by the collective consciousness of humanity, which permits souls to reincarnate and explore either positive or negative human experiences. This dimensional law means that humankind collectively created a 3rd dimensional negative planet, which is based on the spiritual lesson of “Duality and Ego”.



  • Many people believe that nothing exists after each lifetime. Reincarnation does exist. It is the tool for developing your consciousness and for learning a polarity of 3D human experiences. Your consciousness is YOU. Reincarnation has defined who you are – your level of intellect, wisdom and morality.



  • In accordance to the Law of One, you have the divine righteousness to experience anything you choose. The Law of Freewill means every individual can consciously decide to participate in any given human experience. In other words, you have the right to do whatever you want, you are the boss of your mind and body; you have the right to feel any emotion and participate in any event, activity or situation, as long as it does not violate the same right of others. You have the right to suffer or feel happy.


Understanding the Nature of Angels and the Angelic Realm

  • Personal ascension involves the transition from “Dark” (deceptions and lies) to the “Light” (truth), which means removing the cultural illusions that were engineered under the 3D spiritual law of “Duality” and clearing away the misconceptions and myths that have been historically created by humanities’ past. For this reason, the truth about the “Angelic Realm” was omitted from humanity, which is why ‘Angels” are greatly misunderstood including their nature and role.


The 4th Dimensional Law: Service to Others

  • “New Earth” will be a 4th dimensional positive planet. The spiritual framework that governs this dimension is called “Service to Others” (STO).


A Glimpse into Life on New Earth

  • The greatest change for you will be spiritually accepting that All are One.


The Human Energy Body

  • The human energy system consists of different layers of energy fields. Our biological body vibrates at the lowest frequency, but as you move beyond the physical body, the layers of the human energy system progressively increase to the higher frequencies.


The Human Chakra System

  • A strong understanding of the chakra system is very important. However, it must be noted that there are various interpretations and models to describe the science of chakras. For this writer, the purpose here is to simply give you a basic understanding of the seven (7) primary chakras, and their role as a frequency interface between your biological body and your ethereal body.


Chakras and Healing and Balancing

  • The chakra system is an energetic organism. The seven (7) chakras have their own areas of responsibility and are each connected to different parts of the endocrine system. The chakras with the highest frequency are positioned above the heart chakra through to the crown. When the seven primary chakras are functioning normally, they work together as one system.


Chakras and Energy Signatures

  • Each chakra has a number of incoming nadi channels that are responsible for receiving and transmitting (input / output) electromagnetic energy from that chakra or energy center. Each chakra simply consists of a bundle of nadi channels that link together and work as one node. As the result of their electromagnetic nature, that node or energy center creates a rotating vortex, which is projected outwards on both sides of the body (front and rear).


Chakras and Energy Transference

  • There is a direct energetic relationship between Consciousness” (You) and “Matter” (ethereal body). Consciousness and matter are forms of frequency. How we think and feel generates electrical impulses, which travel from the brain down the spine. The frequency nature of that electrical energy changes the electromagnetic nature of the chakras, which influences the over all frequency of your ethereal body.


Chakras and Personal Ascension

  • In regard to personal ascension, your primary goal involves (a) healing and balancing the lower chakras, (b) aligning the chakras, (c) the activation and balancing of the upper chakras, and (d) strengthening the auric field. After steps are taken to heal and balance the lower chakras, you increase the kundalini current. A stronger kundalini current means a higher ethereal frequency. This frequency expansion starts the process of altering the biological body. Presently, the number of activated chakras determines the over all frequency of your energy signature.


Chakras and Expanding Your Consciousness

  • There is a direct energetic relationship between “consciousness” and “matter”. How does this work? Your thoughts, intelligence, beliefs, behavior, and emotions are collectively known as your consciousness (YOU). Your consciousness is energy that feeds directly into the chakra system. Therefore, your energy signature and status of your chakras is a direct result of your consciousness. For most of humanity, their 3D consciousness is not compatible with the higher frequency (you are not yet thinking and acting 4th dimensionally).


Chakras and Emotional Healing

  • To heal the energetic imbalances in the sacral plexus (Orange) chakra, you will be required to heal or release old emotional baggage including resentments, unfinished business, and old grudges you are still holding onto against other people. Remember, the sacral plexus relates to “emotional attachments and relationships”. This healing process is called ”Emotional Clearing” and the most common approach is known as “Karmic Cord Cutting”. The ascension program contains the instructions for conducting this activity.


Chakras and Physical Attachments

  • To heal the energetic imbalances in the solar plexus (yellow) chakra you will be required to release yourself from physical / man made attachments from within your 3D reality. Blockages and/or over stimulation often manifest with the preoccupation towards materialism, greed, selfishness, power over others, social status, and cultural belief systems. Remember, the solar plexus relates to “physical attachments, ego, fear and beliefs”. In regard to healing this chakra, you need to understand how the mechanics of negative transference directly influences this chakra.


Chakras and Ascension Symptoms

  • Personal ascension is designed to help you gradually raise the frequency of your energy signature. During this process, you will experience a number of different physical, emotional, and mental symptoms. These symptoms directly relate to frequency expansion. During ascension, you will experience two different types of frequency changes to the body and both are interwoven. The first frequency change occurs after healing, balancing, and aligning each of the primary chakras, which increases the frequency of the kundalini circuit. The second frequency change is caused from the in streaming of high frequency astral energy entering the ethereal body via the auric field.


Chakra Consciousness

  • The term “Chakra Consciousness” refers to “chakra self-awareness” or your personal knowledge and understanding of the human chakra system.


Christ Consciousness

  • “Christ Consciousness” means “a person who outwardly embraces divinity” (Law of One). Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with Christ as a person. Christ refers to your “understanding & awareness” of divinity and your primary purpose as a spiritual being. When you have found your own spiritual connection with the universe and the Creator, this will manifest outwardly as unconditional love, joy and compassion. When an individual consciously demonstrates these divine attributes, this is known as “Christ Consciousness”.


Ascension Questionnaire


Assess your current consciousness status


Ascension Consciousness Grid


See where you fit with regard to the Law of One


False Ascension Information


Some perspectives to be mindful of


How Your Body Ascends During a Planetary Shift


What happens to our 3D physical form


Your Ascension Options

Options for ascension – Sovereign Being


The Bottom Line




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