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Earth’s Galactic History of Humanity

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Be careful what you ask for because the Universe, in Divine timing will give you an abundance of what you have placed your intent / attention on. I’ve been wondering more and more about my soul’s cosmic roots as have many of my Starseed kin from Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Lyra, Sirius, Orion, etc. 

My guides have responded with more wisdom sent for myself and others regarding humanity’s seeding / colonization on Earth.  It’s been about completing the dot connecting between my Pleiadian self and the renditions of humanity on Earth within each realm / civilization through this moment.

With past life regression help from trusted sources – I’ve gained a working awareness of experiences in Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. Now with downloads of humanity’s experiment since the first star seeding there have been multiple timelines to explore in greater detail especially with what I thought I knew about Lemuria having been to Telos. Now my ignorance is being dissolved to restore who the Lemurians really were and their spot on the timeline originally. Much to take in and assimilate but then in order to complete my souls journey I learned I need to recall first passing through Elysium and Avalon … two human civilizations prior to Lemuria that were paradise at their inception.

This study group was formed to report what my guides have revealed to me so in turn, I can advise others.

After a few weeks now, I’ve come away with a new level of comprehension and confirmation of our extra terrestrial soul beginnings. If your eyes fall upon this message, you already know that you were a star seed and were led to find like minded Tribe.

Come and share in what I learned in a Live environment where I encourage your participation and contributions. 😎

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Many of the dots I have connected on this subject comes from the experiences of Judith Kusel and it all resonates.

I had heard about Judith within the last year. It wasn’t until I was preparing for another interview where I had the opportunity to hear her wisdom. That’s sooo a Librarian. I did some more research on her and I have this image of her as Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weiss in The Mummy), taking her scholarly knowledge on adventures all over the world to broaden the Akash.

Earth has always been part of the Intergalactic Federation (largely 7D beings primarily – holographic beings and craft)

Original Earth which was Inner Earth Agartha was a satellite station for the intergalactic fleet. Was already in a Seventh Dimensional state where masculine and feminine were perfectly balanced.

Outer crust was formed into a planet with the inner core in place (Agartha – a 7th dimensional realm)

Off planet assistance comes with plants and animal species (Pleiadians very involved as they were the botanists)

Nearby motherships are like arks

Earth was an experiment to see how life would evolve here, and first visitors had to sign a contract that you would partake in a experiment of life on earth

8:00 Elysium – first civilization on Earth and literally paradise on earth. Adhered to the Law of One with a beautiful loving environment where we didn’t harm each other or anyone else

8:33 Wars of heaven broke out and those who believed they were greater than Source and did not want to adhere to the Divine – we now call them the Dark Ones

Destructive – Elysium had to be evacuated / earth thrown out of orbit and only the inner earth survived – a planet between Jupiter and Mars blew itself up and caused chaos within the Universe

10:25 Then the Lyrans whose own planet was blown up and uninhabitable – fled to Sirius and then from Sirius received permission from the Intergalactic Federation to come and settle on earth. Built on what was left of Elysium, they were megalithic builders  – the Lion people (very tall / some over 20 ft tall) with reddish hair and coppery skin, Master architects and builders of the hanging gardens, pyramids and the pyramid energy grids

12:00 Two brothers fought over the kingdom around the same wars of heaven

The Lion kingdom was destructive

12:19 Avalon rose (Spain, Portugal, France) peaceful matriarchal society with wizards (Merlin and Melinda) and the Druid high priestesses started there (shape shifters )

13:28 Lemuria rose in the Pacific while Avalon was in its prime

14:00 Lemurians were highly sophisticated and androgynous (male and female within one body that was perfectly balanced)  7D loving gentle race – crystal beings. Built crystalline cities – worked with mother earth in a harmonious state – they knew about oneness never destroyed any forests, incorporated into the environment – living with Prana (life breath) and achieving immortality)more than a thousand years old

16:40 Avalon was invaded by a race from Mars, who never had to defend themselves and focused on the feminine priestesses because they were familiar with elemental energies

Atlantic Ocean appeared because of the destruction of Avalon and the islands of Atlantis began to rise

18:30 Atlantis could not reach that 7th dimensional state of being (that was in a frequency band that was inaccessible to them at their 5th dimensional vibration), this was in the golden age of Atlantis because now there were male and female bodies but balanced needed to be brought back – so that brother won’t fight against brother anymore (remember the Lion kingdom) and when you reach the state where you don’t need to fight anymore you can actually ascend into the 7th again

So that was the whole idea of Atlantis so that humanity would master the lessons of the Lion kingdom and Elysium before it with the wars of heaven and reach that state of oneness again and then ascend back into the 7th so that they would merge with Lemuria again

20:00 So you had the Golden Age of Atlantis where everything was peaceful, beautiful and everyone worked in harmony and did not harm Mother Earth – they built their crystal pyramid temples with their high technology (which is now reawakening) and they worked as one

You had the islands of Atlantis- many of those were the peaks of that were left of Avalon and a lot of them still had the ancient teachings of Avalon and the Lion kingdom and Lemuria, but at the 5th dimensional state they couldn’t quite understand it anymore

The same beings that started the wars in heaven and the destruction of Avalon  – they started to infiltrate the minds of humanity again (like a virus), when they get into your brain (ego) they start to control your brain and once they control your brain begin divorcing your mind from your heart – that’s exactly what happened in Atlantis

21:50 The story of Adam and Eve and the Tree of Life tells you about Atlantis – the Serpent always belonged to the Divine Mother (Sophia) and was always the sign of highly evolved knowing and knowledge which the Divine Feminine held, you see the serpent is everywhere on sacred sites – as is the spiral because that is spiraling energy that the Divine Mother holds which is the energy that holds the electromagnetic currents (the Telluric currents) which is the energy used that was used in their spacecraft and every dwelling – it was actually the power that held Creation together

22:40 When they say that the serpent actually came and asked Adam whatever and then Eve – the truth was that it was Adam who got himself involved with those Ones who were mind controlling him and there the seeds of dissent were sown into Adam’s mind, (do I really need to adhere to the Law of One? am I not greater than my Creator? I am more than the Father that created me, I can do better than he can) That’s a competition of the male that comes into form and being – actually Eve had nothing to do with it – it was Adam that was being seeded the thoughts of dissent, which he swallowed – in other words, he became the dissent. He started to actually divorce himself from the Divine and he divorced himself from the female.  But what Jewish mythology tells us is that he was first married to Lilith because Lilith was his partner he was first given by the Divine, but Lilith was a very strong and able woman – she was absolutely the Divine Feminine because she always said ‘you are not more than me … we are equals’ and she refused to bow down to his wishes if she saw it was not within Divine Will. She stood up and said you are going the wrong way – so what did Adam do? He complained about her in the highest degree and said ‘you gave me the wrong wife’ (see how he was already dissenting against the Divine?)  He was questioning the Divine in all and everything – that is how you start separating your inner knowing from your ego that is questioning everything. It’s not bad to question but you’ve also got to listen to your intuitive voice or inside – he was ignoring that intuitive side and said ‘I want to have another wife’ – so he was given Eve, more pliant and more submissive but then he didn’t like Eve either because he eventually accused her of bringing him into sin which she never did. It was he himself who had this inner turmoil where he could not govern himself – that is where basically patriarchy starts.

26:00 That’s exactly what happened in Atlantis, patriarchy started taking over. Started persecuting the High Priestesses and the feminine influence. The Priesthood stood together and said we will not allow this because they saw what was happening.

26:30 Thoth is there. When the Priests had the fore vision with what would happen to Atlantis (they saw they would destruct themselves and take most of the humankind with them because of mind control by these black maji who originally sowed the seeds of duality in Atlantis) The High Priests who had the gift of prophecy could see what a great calamity this would result in. Humankind is not mastering that lesson. Instead of going up into the 7th they are going to descend into darkness, fall into 3D duality. The Priests knew they had to keep the seeds of enlightenment (illumination) alive – so they dispersed all over the world, they started planting colonies all over the world on places they knew they would be able to survive the floods that they knew would come

28:30 Black maji were planting control boxes in the cranium area of the neck where they actually divorced your higher chakras from your lower chakras so you couldn’t access your heart anymore. You were totally in the mind and controlled with external influence

29:00 in a sense the populous allowed that to happen but still tried to stay true to the Law of One

29:35 Ancient Egypt was very important because Thoth went there. Used arks that were like spaceships that could burrow underground and they created underground tunnels and cities that are still there all over the world

30:13 they knew that when the floods came they had to go underground in some places yet they had in the Himalayas (Tibet), Euro Mts in Russia, Incas, Mt Shasta

32:10 worst part of Atlantis and destroyed Lemuria as well – they were the ones that sowed seeds of dissent into the Lemurians. The Lemurians had everything they wanted and could manifest anything into form and being they liked – they did not have two separate bodies, the male and female form

32:40 black maji actually came up with the idea that if they could convince the Lemurians they lost out on the sexual energy to mate (they said that the Divine didn’t make them perfect, which was a total lie) – they were more perfect than the Atlanteans in their androgynous form

33:10 Lemurians fell for splitting into two forms with help from the Atlanteans to experience physicality

34:00 tragedy of the Lemurians is that they fell for the Atlanteans of idea of separation as once they were separated they could never get back to that Divine Soul level again, they would try desperately to get this with other partners and in that, pain and suffering were created which they never ever knew before

With that the Atlanteans began to enslave them because the Atlanteans wanted their technology but the door was already closed to that within higher dimensional realms but they were trying to get it by force and to use it in self destructive ways

57:20 Crystal Technology – in Atlantis they abused crystals and used them in atomic lasers that blew portions of the planet – the Divine Mother told the High Priestesses of Atlantis and those of Lemuria that stayed true to bury these crystals in the earth and you will seal them off so that nobody can access them until the time when humanity returns to the purity of love, unity and harmony and has the consciousness again to create paradise on earth and not destruction

So those crystals were literally sealed off and so many of the souls that are incarnated now were the ones that sealed them off but the challenge now arises again – are you still going to be in duality or will you be in that unity consciousness field?

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